Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1969 - 1971 Determination of backbone chain direction of PDA using FFM
Jo S, Okamoto K, Takenaga M
1972 - 1975 Thermal stability of nanocrystalline layers fabricated by surface nanocrystallization
Mai YJ, Jie XH, Liu LL, Yu N, Zheng XX
1976 - 1982 Facile synthesis and characterization of glass/cobalt core/shell composite spheres with tunable shell morphologies
An ZG, Zhang JJ, Pan SL
1983 - 1991 Assessing the equation of state and comparing it with other relationships used for determining the surface tension of solids
Ahadian S, Moradian S, Tehran MA
1992 - 1995 Fabrication and characterizations of a polymer hybrid OA/MA/St-TiO2
Heng ZW, Chen HL
1996 - 1999 Effects of gas pressure and plasma power on the growth of carbon nanostructures
Liu YX, Liu JH, Zhu CC, Liu WH
2000 - 2004 Study on the surface performance of carbon fibres irradiated by gamma-ray under different irradiation dose
Li JQ, Huang YD, Fu SY, Yang LH, Qu HT, Wu GS
2005 - 2008 The enhanced field-emission properties of screen-printed single-wall carbon-nanotube film by electrostatic field
Shang XF, Zhou JJ, Zhao P, Li ZH, Qu S, Gu ZQ, Xu YB, Wang M
2009 - 2012 Preparation of thin Si:H films in an inductively coupled plasma reactor and analysis of their surface roughness
Zhao WF, Chen JF, Meng R, Wang Y, Wang H, Guo CF, Xue YQ
2013 - 2017 Photoluminescent behavior of heat-treated porous alumina films formed in malonic acid
Vrublevsky I, Jagminas A, Hemeltjen S, Goedel WA
2018 - 2024 Effect of frequency on the structure and cell response of Ca- and P-containing MAO films
Wang YJ, Wang L, Zheng HD, Du C, Ning CY, Shi ZF, Xu CX
2025 - 2030 Effects of annealing time on infrared emissivity of the Pt film grown on Ni alloy
Huang ZB, Zhou WC, Tang XF
2031 - 2037 Effect of annealing on structural, optical and electrical properties of nanostructured Ge thin films
Khan AF, Mehmood M, Rana AM, Muhammad T
2038 - 2043 Surface structure of Langmuir-Blodgett films of lipophilic guanosine derivatives
Devetak M, Masiero S, Pieraccini S, Spada GP, Copic M, Olenik ID
2044 - 2051 Analysis of C-60(+) and Cs+ sputtering ions for depth profiling gold/silicon and GaAs multilayer samples by time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Goacher RE, Gardella JA
2052 - 2055 Selective etching of InP in NaF solution
Weng ZK, Zhang WD, Wu CT, Cai HX, Li CL, Wang ZB, Song ZX, Liu AM
2056 - 2060 Preparation and characterizations of amorphous nanostructured SiC thin films by low energy pulsed laser deposition
ElGazzar H, Abdel-Rahman E, Salem HG, Nassar F
2061 - 2065 Superhydrophobic poly(vinylidene fluoride) film fabricated by alkali treatment enhancing chemical bath deposition
Zheng ZR, Gu ZY, Huo RT, Luo ZS
2066 - 2072 Gold nanostructures on chemically reinforced PDMS microwell arrays
Nam HJ, Jung DY, Park YK, Park S
2073 - 2075 XPS study of PBO fiber surface modified by incorporation of hydroxyl polar groups in main chains
Zhang T, Hu DY, Jin JH, Yang SL, Li G, Jiang JM
2076 - 2080 Morphological and optical properties of sol-gel derived 6SrO center dot 6BaO center dot 7Al(2)O(3) thin films
Chavhan PM, Sharma A, Sharma RK, Kaushik NK
2081 - 2091 Composite SiO2/TiO2 and amine polymer/TiO2 nanoparticles produced using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Shearer JC, Fisher MJ, Hoogeland D, Fisher ER
2092 - 2096 Experimental study of infrared nanosecond laser ablation of silicon: The multi-pulse enhancement effect
Fu ZY, Wu BX, Gao YB, Zhou Y, Yu CJ
2097 - 2103 Synthesis and characterization of cadmium selenide nanostructures on porous aluminum oxide templates by high frequency alternating current electrolysis
Sankar PR, Tiwari P, Kumar R, Ganguli T, Mukherjee C, Srivastava AK, Oak SM, Pathak RK
2104 - 2109 Comparison of F-12 aramid fiber with domestic armid fiber III on surface feature
Zhang SH, He GQ, Liang GZ, Cui H, Zhang W, Wang B
2110 - 2114 Electrochemical synthesis of Cu/ZnO nanocomposite films and their efficient field emission behaviour
Sheini FJ, Singh J, Srivasatva ON, Joag DS, More MA
2115 - 2121 Control on wetting properties of spin-deposited silica films by surface silylation method
Rao AV, Latthe SS, Dhere SL, Pawar SS, Imai H, Ganesan V, Gupta SC, Wagh PB
2122 - 2127 Facile fabrication of a lotus-effect composite coating via wrapping silica with polyurethane
2128 - 2131 Effect of microstructure on the nanomechanical properties of Zn1-xCdxSe alloys
Wen HC, Yang CS, Chou WC
2132 - 2137 Role of Cl- ions in photooxidation of propylene on TiO2 surface
Guo JH, Mao LQ, Zhang JW, Feng CX
2138 - 2142 Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods grown on MgxZn1-xO buffer layers
Ji LW, Lin CM, Fang TH, Chu TT, Jiang H, Shi WS, Wu CZ, Chang TL, Meen TH, Zhong JC
2143 - 2146 Comparison of implantation and diffusion behavior of Ti, Sb and N in ion-implanted single crystal and polycrystalline ZnO: A SIMS study
Lee J, Metson J, Evans PJ, Pal U, Bhattacharyya D
2147 - 2154 Functionality of novel black silicon based nanostructured surfaces studied by TOF SIMS
Talian I, Aranyosiova M, Orinak A, Velic D, Hasko D, Kaniansky D, Orinakova R, Hubner J
2155 - 2163 Organic and inorganic discrimination of ballpoint pen inks by ToF-SIMS and multivariate statistics
Denman JA, Skinner WM, Kirkbride KP, Kempson IM
2164 - 2169 Surface texturing of polytetrafluoroethylene by hot embossing
Jucius D, Guobiene A, Grigaliunas V
2170 - 2175 Understanding the solar photo-catalytic activity of TiO2-ITO nanocomposite deposited on low cost substrates
Chorfi H, Zayani G, Saadoun M, Bousselmi L, Bessais B
2176 - 2183 Hydrogen peroxide treatment on Ti-6Al-4V alloy: A promising surface modification technique for orthopaedic application
Karthega M, Rajendran N
2184 - 2188 Field emission characteristics of carbon nanotubes post-treated with high-density Ar plasma
Wang WP, Wen HC, Jian SR, Cheng HZ, Jang JSC, Juang JY, Cheng HC, Chou CP
2189 - 2192 Influence of radiofrequency power on compositional, structural and optical properties of amorphous silicon carbonitride films
Peng YQ, Zhou JC, Zhang ZC, Zhao BX, Tan XC
2193 - 2198 Characterization of cold-sprayed nanostructured Fe-based alloy
Li WY, Li CJ
2199 - 2204 Substrate effect on electronic sputtering yield in polycrystalline fluoride (LiF, CaF2 and BaF2) thin films
Kumar M, Rajput P, Khan SA, Avasthi DK, Pandey AC
2205 - 2209 Gold nano-wires and nano-layers at laser-induced nano-ripples on PET
Siegel J, Slepicka P, Heitz J, Kolska Z, Sajdl P, Svorcik V
2210 - 2214 Comparative study of NH4OH and HCl etching behaviours on AlGaN surfaces
Sohal R, Dudek P, Hilt O
2215 - 2222 Additive-free controllable fabrication of bismuth vanadates and their photocatalytic activity toward dye degradation
Guo YN, Yang X, Ma FY, Li KX, Xu L, Yuan X, Guo YH
2223 - 2227 Effects of nitrogen doping on the properties of Ge15Sb85 phase-change thin film
Zhang Y, Feng J, Cai BC
2228 - 2231 NaCl islands decorated with 2D or 3D 3,4,9,10-perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride nanostructures
Sun XN, Silly F
2232 - 2235 Current transport through InP/InSb heterojunction: Effect of lattice mismatch
Sharma R, Paul B, Banerji P
2236 - 2240 Anisotropic defect reduction in non-polar a-plane GaN grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy on maskless patterned templates
Zhao LB, Yu TJ, Wu JJ, Dai T, Yang ZJ, Zhang GY
2241 - 2244 Novel Pd-Cu/bacterial cellulose nanofibers: Preparation and excellent performance in catalytic denitrification
Sun DP, Yang JZ, Li J, Yu JW, Xu XF, Yang XJ
2245 - 2251 Characterization of Y2O3 gate dielectric on n-GaAs substrates
Das PS, Dalapati GK, Chi DZ, Biswas A, Maiti CK
2252 - 2258 Characteristics of electron beam evaporated nanocrystalline SnO2 thin films annealed in air
Khan AF, Mehmood M, Aslam M, Ashraf M
2259 - 2262 Effect of Mn doping on the nanostructure and optical properties of ZnO films synthesized by magnetron sputtering
Wu ZF, Wu XM, Zhuge LJ, Hong B, Yang XM, Yu T, He JJ, Chen Q
2263 - 2268 Influence of substrate hardness transition on built-up of nanostructured WC-12Co by cold spraying
Gao PH, Li CJ, Yang GJ, Li YG, Li CX
2269 - 2275 Shape-controlled synthesis of Cu2O microcrystals by electrochemical method
Zhao WY, Fu WY, Yang HB, Tian CJ, Ge RX, Wang CJ, Liu ZL, Zhang YY, Li MH, Li YX
2276 - 2283 UV light induced surface modification of HDPE films with bioactive compounds
Daniloska V, Blazevska-Gilev J, Dimova V, Fajgar R, Tomovska R
2284 - 2288 Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical behavior of polypyrrole/carbon nanotube composites using organometallic-functionalized carbon nanotubes
Mi HY, Zhang XG, Xu YL, Xiao F
2289 - 2292 Ag-N doped ZnO film and its p-n junction fabricated by ion beam assisted deposition
Yan Z, Ma YP, Deng PR, Yu ZS, Liu C, Song ZT
2293 - 2298 Surface modification of porous poly(tetrafluoraethylene) film by a simple chemical oxidation treatment
Wang SF, Li J, Suo JP, Luo TZ
2299 - 2303 A novel method for elimination of the gold-islands formed in the self-assembled monolayers of benzeneselenol on Au(111) surface
Azzam W
2304 - 2307 Carbon dendrite formation induced by pulsed laser irradiation
An WW, Zhao XL, Zhang ZG, Su RZ