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1619 - 1623 Adsorption of Zn(II) and Cd(II) ions onto magnesium and activated carbon composite in aqueous solution
Yanagisawa H, Matsumoto Y, Machida M
1624 - 1635 FTIR, SEM and fractal dimension characterization of lipase B from Candida antarctica immobilized onto titania at selected conditions
Foresti ML, Valle G, Bonetto R, Ferreira ML, Briand LE
1636 - 1640 Optical and electrical properties of SnO2:Sb thin films deposited by oblique angle deposition
Xiao XD, Dong GP, Shao JD, He HB, Fan ZX
1641 - 1646 Analysis of intensities of positive and negative ion species from silicon dioxide films using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and electronegativity of fragments
Chiba K
1647 - 1651 Fabrication and electrochemistry study of multi-thiol coronary molecule monolayers
Chen L, Cao XP, Zhang JY
1652 - 1656 Quantification of the lift height for magnetic force microscopy using 3D surface parameters
Nenadovic M, Strbac S, Rakocevic Z
1657 - 1663 Preparation and characterization of asymmetric polyethersulfone and thin-film composite polyamide nanofiltration membranes for water softening
Rahimpour A, Jahanshahi M, Mortazavian N, Madaeni SS, Mansourpanah Y
1664 - 1667 X-ray diffraction and photoelectron spectroscopy study of swift heavy ion irradiated Mn/p-Si structure
Srivastava MK, Shripathi T, Phase DM, Srivastava PC
1668 - 1674 A sol-gel based surface treatment for preparation of water repellent antistatic textiles
Textor T, Mahltig B
1675 - 1678 Surface roughness analysis and improvement of PMMA-based microfluidic chip chambers by CO2 laser cutting
Huang YG, Liu SB, Yang W, Yu CX
1679 - 1682 Silane decorated metallic nanorods for hydrophobic applications
Kannarpady GK, Sharma R, Liu B, Trigwell S, Ryerson C, Biris AS
1683 - 1688 Effect of additives for higher removal rate in lithium niobate chemical mechanical planarization
Jeong S, Lee H, Cho H, Lee S, Kim H, Kim S, Park J, Jeong H
1689 - 1693 Template function of liquid membranes in the assembly of tube-in-tube carbon nanostructures
Bai SL, Zhao JH, Zhu ZP
1694 - 1697 Influence of negative ion resputtering on Al-doped ZnO thin films prepared by mid-frequency magnetron sputtering
Cai YA, Liu W, He Q, Zhang Y, Yu T, Sun Y
1698 - 1702 Controllable growth of well-aligned ZnO nanorod arrays by low-temperature wet chemical bath deposition method
Li QW, Bian JM, Sun JC, Wang JW, Luo YM, Sun KT, Yu DQ
1703 - 1707 Laser shock forming of aluminum sheet: Finite element analysis and experimental study
Hua D, Yun W, Lan C
1708 - 1713 Direct fabrication of periodic patterns with hierarchical sub-wavelength structures on poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene)-poly(styrene sulfonate) thin films using femtosecond laser interference patterning
Lasagni AF, Shao P, Hendricks JL, Shaw CM, Martin DC, Das S
1714 - 1719 Tribological behavior of in situ Ag nanoparticles/polyelectrolyte composite molecular deposition films
Guo YB, Wang DG, Liu SH
1720 - 1724 Electron beam induced green luminescence and degradation study of CaS:Ce nanocrystalline phosphors for FED applications
Kumar V, Mishra V, Biggs MM, Nagpure IM, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Terblans JJ, Swart HC
1725 - 1730 Bioactivity of SiO2-CaO-P2O5-Na2O glasses containing zinc-iron oxide
Singh RK, Srinivasan A
1731 - 1734 Carbon nanotube field emission cathodes fabricated with trivalent chromium conversion coated substrates
Liu YM, Fan YC, Chen YC, Sung Y, Ger MD
1735 - 1738 Relationship between particle size and deformation in the cold spray process
King PC, Jahedi M
1739 - 1743 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyester/multi-walled carbon nanotube nanocomposites
Wang XY, Wang JJ, Zhao WF, Zhang LW, Zhong X, Li R, Ma JT
1744 - 1748 Single-crystal Al-catalyzed Si nanowires grown via hedgehog-shaped Al-Si aggregates
Jung JY, Jee SW, Lee JH
1749 - 1755 Crystalline orientation effects on conical structure formation in femtosecond laser irradiation of silicon and germanium
Crawford THR, Botton GA, Haugen HK
1756 - 1763 Correlation of optical properties with the fractal microstructure of black molybdenum coatings
Barrera E, Gonzalez F, Rodriguez E, Alvarez-Ramirez J
1764 - 1768 Dependence of reaction pressure on deposition and properties of boron-doped freestanding diamond films
Li LA, Li HD, Lu XY, Cheng SH, Wang QL, Ren SY, Liu JW, Zou GT
1769 - 1773 Surface adhesion between hexagonal boron nitride nanotubes and silicon based on lateral force microscopy
Hsu JH, Chang SH
1774 - 1777 Low temperature deposition of transparent conducting ITO/Au/ITO films by reactive magnetron sputtering
Kim D
1778 - 1783 Crater geometry characterization of Al targets irradiated by single pulse and pulse trains of Nd:YAG laser in ambient air and water
Mahdieh MH, Nikbakht M, Moghadam ZE, Sobhani M
1784 - 1792 Femtosecond laser ablation of silver foil with single and double pulses
Roberts DE, du Plessis A, Botha LR
1793 - 1797 Photocatalytic reduction of potassiumchromate by Zn-doped TiO2/Ti film catalyst
Yao ZP, Jia FZ, Jiang YL, Li CX, Jiang ZH, Bai XF
1798 - 1802 Synthesis and characterization of spherical core-shell particles SiO2@AgEu(MoO4)(2)
Xu Y, Guo CF, Luan L, Ding X
1803 - 1806 Characterization of Si-added aluminum oxide (AlSiO) films for power devices
Komatsu N, Masumoto K, Aoki H, Kimura C, Sugino T
1807 - 1811 The influence of using different substrates on the structural and optical characteristics of ZnO thin films
Prepelita P, Medianu R, Sbarcea B, Garoi F, Filipescu M
1812 - 1816 Band gap energy and bowing parameter of In-rich InAlN films grown by magnetron sputtering
He H, Cao YG, Fu RL, Guo W, Huang Z, Wang ML, Huang CG, Huang JQ, Wang H
1817 - 1824 High temperature oxidation behavior of interconnect coated with LSCF and LSM for solid oxide fuel cell by screen printing
Lee S, Chu CL, Tsai MJ, Lee J
1825 - 1831 The influence of sulfonated polyethersulfone (SPES) on surface nano-morphology and performance of polyethersulfone (PES) membrane
Rahimpour A, Madaeni SS, Ghorbani S, Shockravi A, Mansourpanah Y
1832 - 1836 COOH-terminated SAMs on gold fabricated from an azobenzene derivative with a 1,2-dithiolane headgroup
Siemeling U, Rittinghaus S, Weidner T, Brison J, Castner D
1837 - 1844 Synthesis, characterization and effect of calcination temperature on phase transformation and photocatalytic activity of Cu,S-codoped TiO2 nanoparticles
Hamadanian M, Reisi-Vanani A, Majedi A
1845 - 1848 Structural properties and electrical characteristics of high-k Tm2Ti2O7 gate dielectrics
Pan TM, Yen LC
1849 - 1854 Investigation of initial growth and very thin (11(2)over-bar0) ZnO films by cross-sectional and plan-view transmission electron microscopy
Lee JW, Han SK, Hong SK, Lee JY
1855 - 1860 EPMA-EDS surface measurements of interdiffusion coefficients between miscible metals in thin films
Christien F, Pierson JF, Hassini A, Capon F, Le Gall R, Brousse T
1861 - 1866 Effect of oxygen pressure on structure and properties of Bi1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5O7 pyrochlore thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Zhang XH, Ren W, Shi P, Chen XF, Wu XQ
1867 - 1870 Laser assisted decontamination of metal surface: Evidence of increased surface absorptivity due to field enhancement caused by transparent/semi-transparent contaminant particulates
Nilaya JP, Biswas DJ
1871 - 1877 Ionic liquid-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of three-dimensional hierarchical CuO peachstone-like architectures
Xia JX, Li HM, Luo ZJ, Wang K, Yin S, Yan YS
1878 - 1882 Microcontact printing of BMP-2 and its effect on human chondrocytes behavior
Pan CJ, Nie YD
1883 - 1887 Fabrication of superhydrophobic copper surface with ultra-low water roll angle
Zhang YF, Yu XQ, Zhou QH, Chen F, Li KN
1888 - 1894 Hydrogenation of sp(2)-bonded carbon surfaces using methane plasma
Deslandes A, Jasieniak M, Ionescu M, Shapter JG, Quinton JS
1895 - 1907 Effects of annealing on properties of ZnO thin films prepared by electrochemical deposition in chloride medium
Lupan O, Pauporte T, Chow L, Viana B, Pelle F, Ono LK, Cuenya BR, Heinrich H
1908 - 1912 Photosensitive dyes and self-detoxifying textiles: Degradation products and dye durability
Brewer SA, Artiles CP, Taylor JA, Dennis M
1913 - 1919 An efficient model for laser surface hardening of hypo-eutectoid steels
Orazi L, Fortunato A, Cuccolini G, Tani G
1920 - 1924 Microstructural and surface property variations due to the amorphous region formed by thermal annealing in Al-doped ZnO thin films grown on n-Si (100) substrates
Han JH, No YS, Kim TW, Lee JY, Kim JY, Choi WK
1925 - 1929 Patterning of nanoparticulate transparent conductive ITO films using UV light irradiation and UV laser beam writing
Solieman A, Moharram AH, Aegerter MA
1930 - 1935 Microstructure, magnetic and optical properties of sputtered polycrystalline ZnO films with Fe addition
Wang XC, Mi WB, Kuang DF
1936 - 1945 The influence of surface geometry and topography on the fatigue cracking behaviour of laser hybrid welded eccentric fillet joints
Alam MM, Barsoum Z, Jonsen P, Kaplan AFH, Haggblad HA
1946 - 1950 ToF-SIMS study of gold/phthalocyanine interface
Pakhomov GL, Drozdov MN, Travkin VV
1951 - 1954 Emission properties of Ti-DLC films prepared by unbalanced magnetron sputtering
Liang HF, Liang ZH, Liu CL, Meng LG
1955 - 1960 Effect of nitrogen content on phase configuration, nanostructure and mechanical behaviors in magnetron sputtered SiCxNy thin films
Wang JP, Lu YH, Shen YG
1961 - 1968 Self-assembled structures of alkanethiols on gold-coated cantilever tips and substrates for atomic force microscopy: Molecular organisation and conditions for reproducible deposition
Lamprou DA, Smith JR, Nevell TG, Barbu E, Willis CR, Tsibouklis J