Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1269 - 1271 Festschrift for Prof. Sefik Suzer's 60th birthday Foreword
Ertas G
1272 - 1277 Enhancement of catalytic activity by increasing surface area in heterogeneous catalysis
Ozkar S
1278 - 1283 Evaporation rate of PTFE liquid marbles
Tosun A, Erbil HY
1284 - 1288 Nanoepitaxy on quasicrystal surfaces
Erbudak M, Mungan M, Burkardt S
1289 - 1295 Lineshapes, shifts and broadenings in dynamical X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Dana A
1296 - 1298 Impedance-type measurements using XPS
Suzer S, Abelev E, Bernasek SL
1299 - 1303 Sub-Angstrom oscillation amplitude non-contact atomic force microscopy for lateral force gradient measurement
Atabak M, Unverdi O, Ozer HO, Oral A
1304 - 1308 A new interpretation of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to measure accurate doping levels for conducting polymers: Separating Faradaic and capacitive currents
Ulgut B, Grose JE, Kiya Y, Ralph DC, Abruna HD
1309 - 1312 Cobalt coated substrate for matrix-free analysis of small molecules by laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
Yalcin T, Li L
1313 - 1315 Electron spectroscopies for simultaneous chemical and electrical analysis
Opila RL
1317 - 1321 Synthesis and optical properties of tetragonal KTa0.6Nb0.4O3 nanoparticles
Zheng KY, Zhang DM, Zhong ZC, Yang FX, Han XY
1322 - 1328 The effects of temperature on nanocrystalline diamond films deposited on WC-13 wt.% Co substrate with W-C gradient layer
Wei QP, Yu ZM, Ma L, Yin DF, Ye J
1329 - 1332 Formation of Al-N co-doped p-ZnO/n-Si (100) heterojunction structure by RF co-sputtering technique
Kumar M, Kim SK, Choi SY
1333 - 1340 The role of process parameters in plasma surface chromising of Ti2AlNb-based alloys
Wu HY, Zhang PZ, Wang L, Zhao HF, Xu Z
1341 - 1346 Protein imprinting and recognition via forming nanofilms on microbeads surfaces in aqueous media
Lu Y, Yan CL, Wang XJ, Wang GK
1347 - 1354 The effect of surface modification on heavy metal ion removal from water by carbon nanoporous adsorbent
Baniamerian MJ, Moradi SE, Noori A, Salahi H
1355 - 1360 XPS characterization of naturally aged wood
Popescu CM, Tibirna CM, Vasile C
1361 - 1364 Structural, morphological, and magnetic characteristics of Cu-implanted nonpolar GaN films
Sun LL, Yan FW, Zhang HX, Wang JX, Zeng YP, Wang GH, Li JM
1365 - 1371 Hot filament CVD of Fe-Cr catalyst for thermal CVD carbon nanotube growth from liquid petroleum gas
Pasha MA, Shafiekhani A, Vesaghi MA
1372 - 1376 Self-assembling of cyano- and carboxyl-terminated monolayers using short-chain alkylsiloxane
Kong Z, Wang Q, Ding L
1377 - 1381 Plasma dynamics study by fast imaging and Sm1-xNdxNiO3 thin film deposition
Lafane S, Kerdja T, Abdelli-Messaci S, Malek S, Maaza M
1382 - 1390 Low-pressure plasma cleaning of Au and PtIr noble metal surfaces
Fuchs P
1391 - 1394 Growth of ultra-thin TiO2 films by spray pyrolysis on different substrates
Acik IO, Junolainen A, Mikli V, Danilson M, Krunks M
1395 - 1398 Impact and spreading behavior of cluster atoms bombarding substrates
Fang TH, Kang SH, Liao JH
1399 - 1403 Application of thermodynamics and Wagner model on two problems in continuous hot-dip galvanizing
Liu HC, He YL, Li L
1404 - 1408 Preparation, characterization and infrared emissivity study of helical polyurethane@SiO2 core-shell composite
Wang ZQ, Zhou YM, Yao QZ, Sun YQ
1409 - 1412 The effect of the excitation and of the temperature on the photoluminescence circular polarization of AlInAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
Sellami N, Melliti A, Sahli A, Maaref MA, Testelin C, Kuszelewiez R
1413 - 1418 Highly hydrophobic and oleophilic foam for selective absorption
1419 - 1425 Surface evaluation of cardiac angiographic catheters after simulated use and reprocessing
Lucas TC, Orefice RL, Pinotti M, Huebner R
1426 - 1430 Surface modification of copper with 2-dodecylpropane-1,3-dithiol: The key effect of the solvent
Denayer J, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
1431 - 1435 Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ag-containing diamond-like carbon films in mid-frequency dual-magnetron sputtering
Wang CB, Yu X, Hua M
1436 - 1442 Synthesis of CuS thin films by microwave assisted chemical bath deposition
Xin MD, Li KW, Wang H
1443 - 1451 D-2 layers on MgO(001): Simulation study
Dawoud JN, Jack DB
1452 - 1454 Preparation of ZnMgO:Ga thin films on flexible substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Yuan W, Zhu LP, Ye ZZ, Gu XQ
1455 - 1460 Structural, electrical and piezoelectric properties of LiNbO3 thin films for surface acoustic wave resonators applications
Edon V, Remiens D, Saada S
1461 - 1465 Tribological changes on SS304 stainless steel induced by nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation with and without auxiliary heating
Mello CB, Ueda M, Lepienski CM, Reuther H
1466 - 1471 Comparison of diamond film adhesion on molybdenum substrates with different surface morphologies
Wako H, Abe T, Takagi T, Ikohagi T
1472 - 1475 Size effect on the SHG properties of Cu-doped CdI2 nanocrystals
Miah MI
1476 - 1480 Fabrication of chain-like Mn2O3 nanostructures via thermal decomposition of manganese phthalate coordination polymers
Salavati-Niasari M, Mohandes F, Davar F, Saberyan K
1481 - 1485 Fabrication of well ordered Zn nanorod arrays by ion irradiation method at room temperature and effect on crystal orientations
Kutsuna M, Ghosh P, Kudo M, Tanemura M, Hayashi Y
1486 - 1491 Synthesis of a composite consisting of carbon nanotubes and graphite shell-encapsulated cobalt nanoparticles using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Qi JL, Wang X, Tian HW, Liu C, Lu YL, Zheng WT
1492 - 1495 Effect of amorphous C films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering on smoothing K9 glass substrate
Deng SW, Qi HJ, Wei CY, Yi K, Fan ZX, Shao JD
1496 - 1501 Surface modification of a polyamide 6 film by He/CF4 plasma using atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Gao ZQ, Sun J, Peng SJ, Yao L, Qiu YP
1502 - 1506 Reliable lateral manipulation of a single Ag adatom on a Ag(111) surface with a trimer-apex tip
Xie YQ, Shi WZ, Du GP
1507 - 1513 Organosilane self-assembled multilayer formation based on activation of methyl-terminated surface with reactive oxygen species generated by vacuum ultra-violet excitation of atmospheric oxygen molecules
Kim YJ, Han J, Sano H, Lee KH, Noda K, Ichii T, Murase K, Matsushige K, Sugimura H
1514 - 1520 Effects of laser operating parameters on metals micromachining with ultrafast lasers
Cheng J, Perrie W, Edwardson SP, Fearon E, Dearden G, Watkins KG
1521 - 1525 Diffusion of single adatom Cu on Cu (001) and (110) surfaces
Wen YN, Zhang JM, Xu KW
1526 - 1529 A highly effective method for synthesizing hybrid Pt-CdSe nanocomposite
Chen J, Zhao DW, Lei W, Sun XW, Song JL, Deng WQ
1530 - 1533 Hybrid ultraviolet photodetectors with high photosensitivity based on TiO2 nanorods array and polyfluorene
Han YG, Wu G, Wang M, Chen HZ
1534 - 1537 Effect of post-deposition annealing on structural and electrical properties of high-k HoTiO3 gate dielectrics
Pan TM, Yen LC, Su SH
1538 - 1541 Effect of substrate temperature on properties of multilayer thin film based on ZnO and Mo-doped indium oxide
Gupta RK, Ghosh K, Kahol PK
1542 - 1547 Effects of total CH4/Ar gas pressure on the structures and field electron emission properties of carbon nanomaterials grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Qi JL, Wang X, Zheng WT, Tian HW, Liu C, Lu YL, Peng YS, Cheng G
1548 - 1552 Influence of alkali metallization (Li, Na and K) on photoluminescence properties of porous silicon
Esmer K, Kayahan E
1553 - 1559 Studies on interdiffusion in Pd/Mg/Si films: Towards improved cyclic stability in hydrogen storage
Sunitha Y, Reddy GLN, Kumar S, Raju VS
1560 - 1565 Improvement of depth resolution in XPS analysis of fluorinated layer using C-60 ion sputtering
Nobuta T, Ogawa T
1566 - 1572 The influence of substrate temperature on the morphology, optical and electrical properties of thermal-evaporated ZnTe Thin Films
Bacaksiz E, Aksu S, Ozer N, Tomakin M, Ozcelik A
1573 - 1581 Surface free energy of polypropylene and polycarbonate solidifying at different solid surfaces
Chibowski E, Terpilowski K
1582 - 1588 Analysis of oxide formation induced by UV laser coloration of stainless steel
Li ZL, Zheng HY, Teh KM, Liu YC, Lim GC, Seng HL, Yakovlev NL
1589 - 1594 Growth and characteristics of hydrogenated In-doped ZnO thin films by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering
Park YR, Kim J, Kim YS
1595 - 1603 Characterization of N,C-codoped TiO2 films prepared by reactive DC magnetron sputtering
Wu KR, Hung CH
1604 - 1608 Surface characterization of plasma-modified resist patterns by ToF-SIMS analysis
Park JS, Kim HJ
1609 - 1613 Composition design and laser cladding of Ni-Zr-Al alloy coating on the magnesium surface
Wang CS, Chen YZ, Li T, Yao BA
1614 - 1616 Composite electroplating of Cu-SiO2 nano particles on carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites
Li H, Wan YZ, Liang H, Li XL, Huang Y, He F
1617 - 1617 Effect of annealing upon the structure and adhesion properties of sputtered bio-glass/titanium coatings (vol 255, pg 9132, 2009)
Stan GE, Morosanu CO, Marcov DA, Pasuk I, Miculescu F, Reumont G