Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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581 - 586 Er3+ Doping conditions of planar porous silicon waveguides
Najar A, Lorrain N, Ajlani H, Charrier J, Oueslati M, Haji L
587 - 592 Pore structure analysis on activated carbon fibers-By cluster and watershed transform method
Zhu Y, Zuo T, Jiang LJ, Cai ZT, Yan C, Liu X, Malcolm X, Wu QL
593 - 596 A measurement of elastic moduli for tungsten films on polymer substrate using wrinkling analysis
Moon MW, Han JH
597 - 602 Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activities of rare earth-loaded BiVO4 catalysts
Xu H, Wu CD, Li HM, Chu JY, Sun GS, Xu YG, Yan YS
603 - 607 Microstructure and discharge properties of Mg-Zr-O protective films in plasma display panel
Wang JF, Wu HY, Song ZX, Xu KW, Liu CL
608 - 614 Effect of deposition parameters on structural, optical and electrical properties of nanocrystalline ZnSe thin films
Mehta C, Saini GSS, Abbas JM, Tripathi SK
615 - 618 Epitaxial growth of Nd2Hf2O7(111) thin films on Ge(111) substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Wei F, Tu HL, Du J
619 - 626 Surface nanocrystallization mechanism of a rare earth magnesium alloy induced by HVOF supersonic microparticles bombarding
Xu KD, Wang AH, Wang Y, Dong XP, Zhang XL, Huang ZW
627 - 630 Formation of p-type ZnMgO thin films by In-N codoping method
Gong L, Ye ZZ, Lu JG, Zhu LP, Huang JY, Zhao BH
631 - 635 Efficient and facile one pot carboxylation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by using oxidation with ozone under mild conditions
Naeimi H, Mohajeri A, Moradi L, Rashidi AM
636 - 639 Deduction of a three-phase model for the (root 3 x root 3)R30 degrees-Cu2Si/Cu(111) surface alloy
Shuttleworth IG
640 - 644 The role of surface roughness in total internal reflection ellipsometry of hybrid systems
Balevicius Z, Vaicikauskas V, Babonas GJ
645 - 649 Self-affinity study of nanostructured porous silicon-crystalline silicon interfaces
Escorcia-Garcia J, Cruz-Silva R, Agarwal V
650 - 656 Microstructure, bonding strength and thermal shock resistance of ceramic coatings on steels prepared by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Wang YL, Jiang ZH, Yao ZP
657 - 663 Effects of surface-modification with Bi2O3 on the thermal stability and photoinduced charge property of nanocrystalline anatase TiO2 and its enhanced photocatalytic activity
Jing LQ, Wang J, Qu YC, Luan YB
664 - 667 Superhydrophobic and luminescent methylsilicone resin film
Wang QH, Hou WX, Zhang YM
668 - 673 High-temperature oxidation behaviors of CVD diamond films
Pu JC, Wang SF, Sung JC
674 - 682 Anomalous scaling in surface roughness evaluation of electrodeposited nanocrystalline Pt thin films
Nabiyouni G, Farahani BJ
683 - 687 Laser assisted modification and chemical metallization of electron-beam deposited ceria thin films
Krumov E, Starbov N, Starbova K, Perea A, Solis J
688 - 692 Ru/WCoCN as a seedless Cu barrier system for advanced Cu metallization
Perng DC, Yeh JB, Hsu KC
693 - 697 Preparation and characterization of the amorphous tungsten cone field emitter arrays by Ar+ etching
Xie FY, Gong L, Liu X, Chen J, Xie WG, Zhang WH, Chen SH
698 - 701 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of NiSi formation on shallow junctions
Jiang YL, Ru GP, Qu XP, Li BZ
702 - 709 Modification of magadiite surface by organofunctionalization for application in removing As(V) from aqueous media: Kinetic and thermodynamic
Guerra DL, Pinto AA, Viana RR, Airoldi C
710 - 719 Nanocrystalline nickel films with lotus leaf texture for superhydrophobic and low friction surfaces
Shafiei M, Alpas AT
720 - 725 Electronic structure of the organic semiconductor copper tetraphenylporphyrin (CuTPP)
Reid I, Zhang YF, Demasi A, Blueser A, Piper L, Downes JE, Matsuura A, Hughes G, Smith KE
726 - 736 Promoting effect of tin oxides on alumina-supported gold catalysts used in CO oxidation
Somodi F, Borbath I, Hegedus M, Lazar K, Sajo IE, Geszti O, Rojas S, Fierro JLG, Margitfalvi JL
737 - 743 Reproducibility evaluation and Al doping of sol-gel-derived single- and multi-layer zinc oxide thin films
Copuroglu M, O'Brien S, Crean GM
744 - 748 New tetramer structures in the initial process of Si homoepitaxial growth on Si (001)
Wang CQ, Zhang YS, Jia Y
749 - 756 Study on modes of energy action in laser-induction hybrid cladding
Huang YJ, Zeng XY
757 - 762 The influence of boron content on electroanalytical detection of nitrate using BDD electrodes
Matsushima JT, Silva WM, Azevedo AF, Baldan MR, Ferreira NG
763 - 767 The effect of annealing on the photoluminescent and optical properties of porous anodic alumina films formed in sulfamic acid
Stojadinovic S, Nedic Z, Belca I, Vasilic R, Kasalica B, Petkovic M, Zekovic L
768 - 772 Densely packed Ge quantum dots grown on SiO2/Si substrate
Zhang L, Ye H, Huangfu YR, Zhang C, Liu X
773 - 778 Quantification of a Ti(CxN1-x) based multilayer by Auger Electron Spectroscopy
Guillot J, Wirtz T, Girot T, Penoy M, Migeon HN, Barbier G
779 - 786 Optical reflectivity study of silicon ion implanted poly(methyl methacrylate)
Hadjichristov GB, Stefanov IL, Florian BI, Blaskova GD, Ivanov VG, Faulques E
787 - 791 Synthesis and characterization of silver-polypyrrole film composite
Ayad MM, Zaki E
792 - 796 Relationship between the photoluminescence and conductivity of undoped ZnO thin films grown with various oxygen pressures
Yu CF, Sung CW, Chen SH, Sun SJ
797 - 804 Microstructure and corrosion resistance of the layers formed on the surface of precipitation hardenable plastic mold steel by plasma-nitriding
Wen DC
805 - 814 Self-assembled hemocompatible coating on poly (vinyl chloride) surface
Zha ZB, Ma Y, Yue XL, Liu M, Dai ZF
815 - 818 Tuning the geometry of shape-restricted DNA molecules on the functionalized Si(111)
Zhang XC, Antonopoulos IH, Kumar S, Chen JHEI, Teplyakov AV
819 - 822 Self-limiting growth of ZnO films on (0001) sapphire substrates by atomic layer deposition at low temperatures using diethyl-zinc and nitrous oxide
Lin YT, Chung PH, Lai HW, Su HL, Lyu DY, Yen KY, Lin TY, Kung CY, Gong JR
823 - 829 Study of the surface cleaning of GOI and SGOI substrates for Ge epitaxial growth
Moriyama Y, Hirashita N, Usuda K, Nakaharai S, Sugiyama N, Toyoda E, Takagi S
830 - 837 On the spray-drying deposition of TiO2 photocatalytic films
Uzunova-Bujnova M, Todorovska R, Milanova M, Kralchevska R, Todorovsky D
838 - 841 The interface reaction of high-k La2Hf2O7/Si thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition
Cheng XR, Qi ZM, Zhang GB, Chen YH, Li TT, Pan GQ, Yin M
842 - 846 Weathering of copper-amine treated wood
Zhang J, Kamdem DP, Temiz A
847 - 851 Atomic layer deposition of ytterbium oxide using beta-diketonate and ozone precursors
Bosund M, Mizohata K, Hakkarainen T, Putkonen M, Soderlund M, Honkanen S, Lipsanen H
852 - 856 Nanoparticulate cerium dioxide and cerium dioxide-titanium dioxide composite thin films on glass by aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition
Qureshi U, Dunnill CW, Parkin IP
857 - 861 Laser-induced surface modification of polystyrene
Rytlewski P, Zenkiewicz M
862 - 869 Evaluation for the configurational and electronic state of SO3 adsorbed on Pt surface
Suzuki C, Yamada Y, Nakagiri T
870 - 875 Biaxial stresses, surface roughness and microstructure in evaporated TiO2 films with different deposition geometries
Tien CL
876 - 883 Effects of reactive gas on shear and fracture behaviors of plasma-treated polyethylene/steel joints
Lee JH, Rhee KY, Lee JH
884 - 888 A novel Ce, C-codoped TiO2 nanoparticles and its photocatalytic activity under visible light
Xu JJ, Ao YH, Fu DG
889 - 893 A novel one-step electron beam irradiation method for synthesis of Ag/Cu2O nanocomposites
Lin XF, Zhou RM, Zhang JQ, Fei ST
894 - 899 Microtribological and electrochemical corrosion behaviors of polydopamine coating on APTS-SAM modified Si substrate
Ou JF, Wang JQ, Liu S, Zhou JF, Ren SL, Yang SR
900 - 908 Utilization of light scattering in transmission laser welding of medical devices
von Bulow JF, Bager K, Thirstrup C
909 - 915 Buckle morphologies of wedge-shaped Fe films quenched by silicone oil during deposition
Yu SJ, Zhang YJ, Zhou H, Cai PG, Chen MG
916 - 920 Fabrication of silver-coated silicon nanowire arrays for surface-enhanced Raman scattering by galvanic displacement processes
Sun XZ, Lin LH, Li ZC, Zhang ZJ, Feng JY
921 - 923 Characterization of gadolinium oxide film by pulse laser deposition
Cheng XH, Xu DP, Song ZR, He DW, Yu YH, Zhao QT, Shen DS
924 - 928 Nanostructured sapphire vicinal surfaces as templates for the growth of self-organized oxide nanostructures
Thune E, Boulle A, Babonneau D, Pailloux F, Hamd W, Guinebretiere R