Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.24 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7345 - 7353 Characterization of ZrO2-promoted Cu/ZnO/nano-Al2O3 methanol steam reforming catalysts
Jones SD, Neal LM, Everett ML, Hoflund GB, Hagelin-Weaver HE
7354 - 7364 Modification of hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lens with poly(ethylene glycol) by atmospheric pressure glow discharge: A facile approach
Lin L, Wang Y, Huang XD, Xu ZK, Yao K
7365 - 7370 Annealing effects on the structural and electrical transport properties of n-type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 thin films deposited by flash evaporation
Duan XK, Jiang YZ
7371 - 7376 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of nitrogen incorporated amorphous carbon films embedded with nanoparticles
Ishpal, Panwar OS, Kumar M, Kumar S
7377 - 7383 Development of electroless Ni-Zn-P/nano-TiO2 composite coatings and their properties
Ranganatha S, Venkatesha TV, Vathsala K
7384 - 7388 Atomic oxygen erosion resistance of polyimide/ZrO2 hybrid films
Xiao F, Wang K, Zhan MS
7389 - 7394 A fluorine-contained copolymer ultra-thin film: Stability and electrochemical corrosion behavior
Luo J, Cheng JC, Dong XN, Liu YJ, Huang GS, Zhang JY
7395 - 7399 Microstructure evolution of Fe-based WC composite coating prepared by laser induction hybrid rapid cladding
Zhou SF, Dai XQ
7400 - 7405 A computational study of H-2 dissociation and CO adsorption on the Pt-ML/WC(0001) surface
Ma CA, Liu T, Chen LT
7406 - 7413 Intense laser effects on donor impurity in a cylindrical single and vertically coupled quantum dots under combined effects of hydrostatic pressure and applied electric field
Duque CA, Kasapoglu E, Sakiroglu S, Sari H, Sokmen I
7414 - 7420 Electrodeposition of nickel/SiC composites in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
Rudnik E, Burzynska L, Dolasinski L, Misiak M
7421 - 7427 In situ monitoring the pulse CO2 laser interaction with 316-L stainless steel using acoustical signals and plasma analysis
Khosroshahi ME, Pour FA, Hadavi M, Mahmoodi M
7428 - 7433 Development of hydrogel microstructures on single-walled carbon nanotube films
Li CA, Han KN, Bui MPN, Pham XH, Seong GH
7434 - 7437 GaAs surface passivation by plasma-enhanced atomic-layer-deposited aluminum nitride
Bosund M, Mattila P, Aierken A, Hakkarainen T, Koskenvaara H, Sopanen M, Airaksinen VM, Lipsanen H
7438 - 7441 Co-sensitized quantum dot solar cell based on ZnO nanowire
Chen J, Wu J, Lei W, Song JL, Deng WQ, Sun XW
7442 - 7445 Structural and morphological study of ZnO thin films electrodeposited on n-type silicon
Ahmed NA, Fortas G, Hammache H, Sam S, Keffous A, Manseri A, Guerbous L, Gabouze N
7446 - 7450 Effect of mesh patterning with UV pulsed-laser on optical and electrical properties of ZnO/Ag-Ti thin films
Kao KS, Cheng DL, Chang SH, Hsieh PT, Chin HS, Lin HK
7451 - 7456 Superhydrophobic and transparent ZnO thin films synthesized by spray pyrolysis technique
Tarwal NL, Patil PS
7457 - 7461 A novel surface cleaning method for chemical removal of fouling lead layer from chromium surfaces
Gholivand K, Khosravi M, Hosseini SG, Fathollahi M
7462 - 7471 Formation of Cr-modified silicide coatings on a Ti-Nb-Si based ultrahigh-temperature alloy by pack cementation process
Qiao YQ, Guo XP
7472 - 7477 Synthesis of ZnO compound nanostructures via a chemical route for photovoltaic applications
Zhu YF, Shen WZ
7478 - 7483 The wettability of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) by aqueous solutions of ternary surfactant mixtures
Szymczyk K, Janczuk B
7484 - 7489 Substrate temperature influence on the trombogenicity in amorphous carbon nitride thin coatings
Galeano-Osorio DS, Vargas S, Lopez-Cordoba LM, Ospina R, Restrepo-Parra E, Arango PJ
7490 - 7495 Bias voltage effect on the structure and property of chromium copper-diamond-like carbon multilayer films fabricated by cathodic arc plasma
Jao JY, Han S, Chang LS, Chang CL, Liu YC, Shih HC
7496 - 7503 Influence of preparation conditions on the dispersion parameters of sprayed iron oxide thin films
Akl AA
7504 - 7509 Surface characteristics of coated soft- and hardwoods due to UV-B ageing
Ncube E, Meincken M
7510 - 7515 Oxidation behavior and mechanism of powder metallurgy Rene95 nickel based superalloy between 800 and 1000 degrees C
Zheng L, Zhang MC, Dong JX
7516 - 7521 Efficient field emission from coiled carbon nano/microfiber on copper substrate by dc-PECVD
Banerjee D, Jha A, Chattopadhyay KK
7522 - 7529 Development of nitride-layer of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel during high-temperature ammonia gas-nitriding
Peng DQ, Kim TH, Chung JH, Park JK
7530 - 7534 Interfacial analysis of InP surface preparation using atomic hydrogen cleaning and Si interfacial control layers prior to MgO deposition
Casey P, Hughes G
7535 - 7539 Effect of microgravity and a high magnetic field on hydroxyapatite deposition and implications for bone loss in space
Ye YJ, Yin DC, Shang P
7540 - 7544 Zinc-ion implanted and deposited titanium surfaces reduce adhesion of Streptococccus mutans
Xua JA, Ding G, Li JL, Yang SH, Fang BS, Sun HC, Zhou YM
7545 - 7558 Nanolubrication of sliding components in adaptive optics used in microprojectors
Bhushan B, Lee H, Chaparala SC, Bhatia V
7559 - 7564 Investigation of different liquid media and ablation times on pulsed laser ablation synthesis of aluminum nanoparticles
Baladi A, Mamoory RS
7565 - 7569 Silicon nanowires for'turn-on' fluorescence detection of Zn(II)
Xu WF, Mu LX, Yuan HT, Zhang TP, Shi WS
7570 - 7574 Laser field effect on the nonlinear optical properties of a square quantum well under the applied electric field
Karabulut I
7575 - 7582 Adsorption of parent nitrosamine on the nanocrystaline H-zeolite: A theoretical study
Roohi H, Akbari F
7583 - 7590 Probing mechanical properties of thin film and ceramic materials in micro- and nano-scale using indentation techniques
Charitidis CA
7591 - 7595 Deposition of Ni, Ag, and Pt-based Al-doped ZnO double films for the transparent conductive electrodes by RF magnetron sputtering
Yang WF, Wu ZY, Liu ZG, Kong LM
7596 - 7599 Density functional theory prediction for oxidation and exfoliation of graphite to graphene
Rasuli R, Zad AI
7600 - 7605 Field emission properties of carbon nanotube cathodes produced using composite plating
Wang FH, Lin TC, Tzeng SD, Chou CT
7606 - 7611 Improvement of organic solar cells by flexible substrate and ITO surface treatments
Cheng YT, Ho JJ, Wang CK, Lee W, Lu CC, Yau BS, Nain JL, Chang SH, Chang CC, Wang KL
7612 - 7618 The pack-boronizing of pure vanadium under a controlled atmosphere
Tarakci M, Gencer Y, Calik A
7619 - 7622 Fabrication of an intelligent superhydrophobic surface based on ZnO nanorod arrays with switchable adhesion property
Zhu XT, Zhang ZZ, Men XH, Yang J, Xu XH
7623 - 7627 Defects, stress and abnormal shift of the (002) diffraction peak for Li-doped ZnO films
Lin YJ, Wang MS, Liu CJ, Huang HJ
7628 - 7631 Influence of deposition temperature on the structural and morphological properties of Be3N2 thin films grown by reactive laser ablation
Chale-Lara F, Farias MH, De la Cruz W, Zapata-Torres M
7632 - 7637 Synthesis, characterization and analytical applications of Ni(II)-ion imprinted polymer
Singh DK, Mishra S
7638 - 7642 The pure-shear mode solidly mounted resonator based on c-axis oriented ZnO film
Chen D, Wang JJ, Xu Y, Li DH, Li ZX, Song HW
7643 - 7652 Adsorption and dissociation of molecular hydrogen on Pt/CeO2 catalyst in the hydrogen spillover process: A quantum chemical molecular dynamics study
Ahmed F, Alam MK, Muira R, Suzuki A, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
7653 - 7657 Growth and adhesion failure of diamond thin films deposited on stainless steel with ultra-thin dual metal interlayers
Li YS, Tang Y, Yang Q, Xiao C, Hirose A
7658 - 7667 Effects of moisture absorption and surface modification using 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane on the tensile and fracture characteristics of MWCNT/epoxy nanocomposites
Lee JH, Rhee KY, Lee JH
7668 - 7671 A study of AFM-based scratch process on polycarbonate surface and grating application
Choi CH, Lee DJ, Sung JH, Lee MW, Lee SG, Park SG, Lee EH, Beom-Hoan O
7672 - 7677 Changes in wetting properties of silica surface treated with DPPC in the presence of phospholipase A(2) enzyme
Wiacek AE
7678 - 7683 Synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy and near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure study on oxidative etching of diamond-like carbon films by hyperthermal atomic oxygen
Tagawaa M, Yokota K, Kitamura A, Matsumoto K, Yoshigoe A, Teraoka Y, Kanda K, Niibe M
7684 - 7691 Cobalt-supported alumina as catalytic film prepared by electrophoretic deposition for hydrogen release applications
Chamoun R, Demirci UB, Cornu D, Zaatar Y, Khoury A, Khoury R, Miele P
7692 - 7695 Spatial and electronic structure of the Ni3P surface
Zhou LC, Kong Y, Du Y, Wang JO, Zhou YC
7696 - 7699 Effective method for preparation of oxide-free Ge2Sb2Te5 surface: An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study
Zhang Z, Pan JS, Foo YL, Fang LWW, Yeo YC, Zhao R, Shi LP, Chong TC
7700 - 7705 The use of Reactive Ion Etching for obtaining "free" silica nano test tubes
Buyukserin F, Martin CR
7706 - 7712 Influence of the physico-chemical properties of CeO2-ZrO2 mixed oxides on the catalytic oxidation of NO to NO2
Atribak I, Guillen-Hurtado N, Bueno-Lopez A, Garcia-Garcia A
7713 - 7716 Electrodeposition of novel Sn-Ni-Fe ternary alloys with amorphous structure
Sziraki L, Kuzmann E, El-Sharif M, Chisholm CU, Stichleutner S, Lak GB, Suvegh K, Tatar E, Homonnaya Z, Vertes A