Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6941 - 6944 Amino functionalization of carbon nanotube surfaces with NH3 plasma treatment
Yook JY, Jun J, Kwak S
6945 - 6950 Silane treatment of Fe3O4 and its effect on the magnetic and wear properties of Fe3O4/epoxy nanocomposites
Park JO, Rhee KY, Park SJ
6951 - 6955 Effect of change in pulsed DC frequency on indium-tin oxide anode on J-V-L performance of built-up organic light emitting diode during facing-target sputtering
Yoon C, Kim SH
6956 - 6962 Iron and aluminium based mixed hydroxides: A novel sorbent for fluoride removal from aqueous solutions
Sujana MG, Anand S
6963 - 6968 Template occluded SBA-15: An effective dissolution enhancer for poorly water-soluble drug
Fu TM, Guo LW, Le K, Wang TY, Lu J
6969 - 6976 SERS-active substrates based on n-type porous silicon
Panarin AY, Terekhov SN, Kholostov KI, Bondarenko VP
6977 - 6981 A study of modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles for the synthesis of ionic ferrofluids
Li JA, Qiu XY, Lin YQ, Liu XD, Gao RL, Wang AR
6982 - 6985 Surface effect on the coalescence of Pt clusters: A molecular dynamics study
Kayhani K, Mirabbaszadeh K, Nayebi P, Mohandesi A
6986 - 6990 Surface characterization and growth mechanism of laminated Ti3SiC2 crystals fabricated by hot isostatic pressing
Wu QO, Li CS, Tang H
6991 - 6996 Roles of gamma-Fe2O3 in fly ash for mercury removal: Results of density functional theory study
Guo P, Guo X, Zheng CG
6997 - 7000 Effects of in situ plasma treatment on optical and electrical properties of index-matched transparent conducting oxide layer
Lim YH, Yoo H, Choi BH, Kim YB, Lee JH, Shin DC
7001 - 7009 Microstructure and wear resistance of composite layers on a ductile iron with multicarbide by laser surface alloying
Yan H, Wang AH, Xiong ZT, Xu KD, Huang ZW
7010 - 7017 Properties of Cu film and Ti/Cu film on polyimide prepared by ion beam techniques
Ran J, Zhang JZ, Yao WQ, Wei YT
7018 - 7026 Surface characteristic of stainless steel sheet after pulsed laser forming
Yang LJ, Tang J, Wang ML, Wang Y, Chen YB
7027 - 7031 Influence of the hydrothermal temperature and pH on the crystallinity of a sputtered hydroxyapatite film
Ozeki K, Aoki H, Masuzawa T
7032 - 7036 The effect of Ar flow rate in the growth of SiGe:H thin films by PECVD
Tang ZG, Wang WB, Wang DS, Liu DQ, Liu QM, Yin M, He DY
7037 - 7042 Synthesis of highly stable silver colloids stabilized with water soluble sulfonated polyaniline
Krutyakov YA, Kudrinsky AA, Olenin AY, Lisichkin GV
7043 - 7047 Wetting and evaporation behaviors of molten Mg on partially oxidized SiC substrates
Zhang D, Shen P, Shi LX, Lin QL, Jiang QC
7048 - 7055 Functionalization of carbon nanotubes with silver clusters
Cveticanin J, Krkljes A, Kacarevic-Popovic Z, Mitric M, Rakocevic Z, Trpkov D, Neskovic O
7056 - 7061 Fabrication of hydroxyapatite and TiO2 nanorods on microarc-oxidized titanium surface using hydrothermal treatment
Song HJ, Kim JW, Kook MS, Moon WJ, Park YJ
7062 - 7066 Preparation and photo-induced superhydrophilicity of composite TiO2-SiO2-In2O3 thin film
Eshaghi A, Pakshir M, Mozaffarinia R
7067 - 7070 Preparation and characterization of SnO2 nanoparticles using high power pulsed laser
Gondal MA, Drmosh QA, Saleh TA
7071 - 7076 Polypropylene modified with 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate-g-2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorycholine and its hemocompatibility
Zhao J, Shi QA, Yin LG, Luan SF, Shi HC, Song LJ, Yin JH, Stagnaro P
7077 - 7082 Effect of citric acid on photoelectrochemical properties of tungsten trioxide films prepared by the polymeric precursor method
Li WZ, Li J, Wang XA, Ma J, Chen QY
7083 - 7087 Structural properties and diffusion processes of the Cu3Au (001) surface
Wang F, Zhang JM, Zhang Y, Ji V
7088 - 7090 Room temperature synthesis of water-repellent polystyrene nanocomposite coating
Guo YG, Jiang D, Zhang X, Zhang ZJ, Wang QH
7091 - 7095 Growth dynamics of pulsed laser deposited indium oxide thin films: a substrate dependent study
Tripathi N, Rath S, Ganesan V, Choudhary RJ
7096 - 7101 Deposition of Ag nanostructures on TiO2 thin films by RF magnetron sputtering
Zuo J
7102 - 7110 Bioactive glass thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering technique: The role of working pressure
Stan GE, Marcov DA, Pasuk I, Miculescu F, Pina S, Tulyaganov DU, Ferreira JMF
7111 - 7117 Changing the adsorption capacity of coal-based honeycomb monoliths for pollutant removal from liquid streams by controlling their porosity
Gatica JM, Harti S, Vidal H
7118 - 7124 Two routes to polycrystalline CoSi2 thin films by co-sputtering Co and Si
Tsuji Y, Tsuji Y, Nakamura S, Noda S
7125 - 7130 Efficient one-pot synthesis of Ag nanoparticles loaded on N-doped multiphase TiO2 hollow nanorod arrays with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Wu M, Yang BF, Lv Y, Fu ZP, Xu JA, Guo T, Zhao YX
7131 - 7137 Self-assembled bilayers based on organothiol and organotrimethoxysilane on zinc platform
Berger F, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
7138 - 7145 In situ deposition behavior of silica-based layers and its effect on thermal degradation of IN713 turbine blades during operation of a micro-gas turbine
Kim MT, Kim DS, Oh WY
7146 - 7150 Passivation of aluminum with alkyl phosphonic acids for biochip applications
Attavar S, Diwekar M, Linford MR, Davis MA, Blair S
7151 - 7155 Multifractal analysis of fracture morphology of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)/carbon black conductive composite
Zhang YH, Bai BF, Chen JB, Shen CY, Li JQ
7156 - 7159 Surface acoustic wave device properties of (B, Al)N films on 128 degrees Y-X LiNbO3 substrate
Song JH, Huang JL, Wu S, Wang SC, Ruan JL, Lii DF
7160 - 7165 Study of AFM-based nanometric cutting process using molecular dynamics
Zhu PZ, Hu YZ, Ma TB, Wang H
7166 - 7174 The effect of electric current and surface oxidization on the growth of Sn whiskers
Kim KS, Yang JM, Ahn JP
7175 - 7177 Structure and surface characterization of ZrO2-Y2O3-Cr2O3 system
Yashchishyn IA, Korduban AM, Konstantinova TE, Danilenko IA, Volkova GK, Glazunova VA, Kandyba VO
7178 - 7185 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the growth kinetics of biomimetically grown hydroxyapatite thin-film coatings
McLeod K, Kumar S, Dutta NK, Smart RS, Voelcker NH, Anderson GI
7186 - 7193 Effects of oxygen content and postdeposition annealing on the physical and electrical properties of thin Sm2O3 gate dielectrics
Pan TM, Huang CC
7194 - 7199 Investigation the effects of nano golds on the fluorescence properties of the sectorial poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) dendrimers
Zhang ZJ, Rong F, Niu SH, Xie YB, Wang Y, Yang HY, Fu DG
7200 - 7203 Fabrication and characterization of magnetron sputtered arsenic doped p-type ZnO epitaxial thin films
Kumar A, Kumar M, Singh BP
7204 - 7210 Sn doping effects on the electro-optical properties of sol gel derived transparent ZnO films
Ilican S, Caglar M, Caglar Y
7211 - 7216 Natural rubber nanocomposites using polystyrene-encapsulated nanosilica prepared by differential microemulsion polymerization
Chuayjuljit S, Boonmahitthisud A
7217 - 7221 A study on photo-generated charges property in highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays
Zhang Y, Wang DJ, Pang S, Lin YH, Jiang TF, Xie TF
7222 - 7227 Microstructuring of fused silica by laser-induced backside wet etching using picosecond laser pulses
Ehrhardt M, Raciukaitis G, Gecys P, Zimmer K
7228 - 7233 New bioactive hybrid material of nano-hydroxyapatite based on N-carboxyethylchitosan for bone tissue engineering
Lu Y, Zhu AP, Wang WP, Shi HC
7234 - 7241 Combined effects of hydrostatic pressure and electric field on the donor binding energy and polarizability in laterally coupled double InAs/GaAs quantum-well wires
Tangarife E, Duque CA
7242 - 7245 Activation energy of water vapor and oxygen transmission through TiNxOy/PET gas barrier films
Lin MC, Chen MJ, Chang LS
7246 - 7252 Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamics of the sorption of tetrabromobisphenol A on multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Fasfous II, Radwan ES, Dawoud JN
7253 - 7259 Sliding behavior of oil droplets on nanosphere stacking layers with different surface textures
Hsieh CT, Wu FL, Chen WY
7260 - 7264 Wetting of liquid droplets on two parallel filaments
Bedarkar A, Wu XF, Vaynberg A
7265 - 7269 The structural formation of methylthiolate SAMs on Au(111) for short deposition times from solution
Mehring P, Beimborn A, Westphal C
7270 - 7275 Preparation and fluorescent sensing applications of novel CdSe-chitosan hybrid films
Xia HY, He G, Peng JX, Li WW, Fang Y
7276 - 7284 A study of stitch line formation during high speed laser patterning of thin film indium tin oxide transparent electrodes
Harrison PM, Hay N, Hand DP
7285 - 7288 Oxygen pressure dependent interfacial polarization of perovskite oxide multilayers on Si substrates
Zhang YT, Zhang YM, Feng XM, Yuan XQ, Fu L, Ai TT
7289 - 7299 The interaction effects between adsorbed molecules in the Statistical Rate Theory approach to the kinetics of mixed-gas adsorption
Nieszporek K, Banach T
7300 - 7304 Element segregation on the surfaces of pure aluminum foils
Zhang XM, Liu JC, Tang JG, Li L, Chen MA, Liu SD, Zhu B
7305 - 7310 Morphology transition of ZnO films with DMZn flow rate in MOCVD process
Liang JH, Lai HY, Chen YJ
7311 - 7315 Effect of Young's modulus evolution on residual stress measurement of thermal barrier coatings by X-ray diffraction
Chen Q, Mao WG, Zhou YC, Lu C
7316 - 7322 Preparation and characterization of patterned copper sulfide thin films on n-type TiO2 film surfaces
Lu YJ, Yi GW, Jia JH, Liang YM
7323 - 7326 Improved electron emission characteristics of ZnO nano-gap with Pd films
Xiong SL, Song ZX, Wu SL, Zhao LG, Li YH, Zhang JT
7327 - 7330 Valence band offset of MgO/TiO2 (rutile) heterojunction measured by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Zheng GL, Wang J, Liu XL, Yang AL, Song HP, Guo Y, Wei HY, Jiao CM, Yang SY, Zhu QS, Wang ZG
7331 - 7334 Migration of CrSi2 nanocrystals through nanopipes in the silicon cap
Galkin NG, Dozsa L, Chusovitin EA, Pecz B, Dobos L
7335 - 7338 Room temperature preparation of cuprous oxide hollow microspheres by a facile wet-chemical approach
Wang N, He HC, Han L
7339 - 7343 Controlling growth density and patterning of single crystalline silicon nanowires
Chang TH, Chang YC, Liu FK, Chu TC
7344 - 7344 Microstructure evolution during surface alloying of ductile iron and austempered ductile iron by electron beam melting (vol 255, pg 8527, 2009)
Gulzar A, Akhter JI, Ahmad M, Ali G, Mehmood M, Ajmal M