Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.22 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6489 - 6494 Naproxen drug delivery using periodic mesoporous silica SBA-15
Halamova D, Badanicova M, Zelenak V, Gondova T, Vainio U
6495 - 6498 Theoretical study of Ni adsorption on the GaN(0001) surface
Gonzalez-Hernandez R, Lopez W, Ortega C, Moreno-Armenta MG, Rodriguez JA
6499 - 6505 Ageing of plasma-mediated coatings with embedded silver nanoparticles on stainless steel: An XPS and ToF-SIMS investigation
Zanna S, Saulou C, Mercier-Bonin M, Despax B, Raynaud P, Seyeux A, Marcus P
6506 - 6511 Structure evolution from nanocolumns to nanoporous of nitrogen doped amorphous carbon films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Zhang B, Yu YL, Wang Z, Zhang JY
6512 - 6517 Low-temperature oxidation of SiC surfaces by supercritical water oxidation
Futatsuki T, Oe T, Aoki H, Komatsu N, Kimura C, Sugino T
6518 - 6525 Synthesis of anodizing composite films containing superfine Al2O3 and PTFE particles on Al alloys
Chen SY, Kang C, Wang J, Liu CS, Sun K
6526 - 6530 Optical and structural studies on Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O-3 thin films obtained by radiofrequency assisted pulsed plasma deposition
Scarisoreanu ND, Galca AC, Nedelcu L, Ioachim A, Toacsan MI, Morintale E, Stoica SD, Dinescu M
6531 - 6535 Microstructure and electrical properties of Mn-doped barium strontium titanate thin films prepared on copper foils
Fan YH, Yu SH, Sun R, Li L, Yin YS, Wong KW, Du RX
6536 - 6542 Functional and optical properties of Au:TiO2 nanocomposite films: The influence of thermal annealing
Torrell M, Cunha L, Cavaleiro A, Alves E, Barradas NP, Vaz F
6543 - 6549 One step synthesis of vertically aligned ZnO nanowire arrays with tunable length
Meng G, Fang XD, Dong WW, Tao RH, Zhao YP, Deng ZH, Zhou S, Shao JZ, Li LA
6550 - 6563 New bio-cleaning strategies on porous building materials affected by biodeterioration event
Valentini F, Diamanti A, Palleschi G
6564 - 6568 Investigation of growth mechanism of nano-scaled cadmium sulfide within titanium dioxide nanotubes via solution deposition method
Pan RJ, Wu YC, Liew K
6569 - 6573 Origin of HfO2/GaAs interface states and interface passivation: A first principles study
Wang WC, Xiong K, Lee G, Huang M, Wallace RM, Cho K
6574 - 6579 Effect of solid surface on the formation of thin confined lubricating film of water with micro-content of oil
Ma LR, Luo JB, Zhang CH
6580 - 6585 Preparation and characterization of antibacterial Au/C core-shell composite
Gao YH, Zhang NC, Zhong YW, Cai HH, Liu YL
6586 - 6591 Electrical, structural and surface properties of fluorine doped tin oxide films
Bilgin V, Akyuz I, Ketenci E, Kose S, Atay F
6592 - 6595 Inter-diffusion study in MgO tunneling magneto-resistive (TMR) system by XPS
Yu GH, Peng XL
6596 - 6600 Enhanced field emission properties of screen-printed doubled-walled carbon nanotubes by polydimethylsiloxane elastomer
Ding H, Feng T, Zhang ZJ, Wang K, Qian M, Chen YW, Sun Z
6601 - 6606 Characterization of nanocrystalline SnO2 thin film fabricated by electrodeposition method for dye-sensitized solar cell application
El-Etre AY, Reda SM
6607 - 6611 Influence of substrate temperature on structures and dielectric properties of pyrochlore Bi1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5O7 thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Zhang XH, Ren W, Shi P, Tian AF, Xin H, Chen XF, Wu XQ, Yao X
6612 - 6617 Characterization of amorphous organic thin films, determination of precise model for spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements
Farahzadi A, Beigmohamadi M, Niyamakom P, Kremers S, Meyer N, Heuken M, Wuttig M
6618 - 6625 Improved electrical and interfacial properties of RF-sputtered HfAlOx on n-GaAs with effective Si passivation
Das PS, Biswas A
6626 - 6629 Synthesis of nanoporous silicon carbide ceramics by thermal evaporation process
Wei JA
6630 - 6633 Au nanoparticles in PMMA matrix: In situ synthesis and the effect of Au nanoparticles on PMMA conductivity
Yilmaz E, Suzer S
6634 - 6640 Structure and corrosion resistance of nickel foils deposited in a vertical gravity field
Liu T, Guo ZC, Wang Z, Wang MY
6641 - 6648 XPS analysis for degraded Y2SiO5:Ce phosphor thin films
Coetsee E, Terblans JJ, Swart HC
6649 - 6654 Phase explosion induced by high-repetition rate pulsed laser
Han JH, Li YG, Zhang QH, Fu YQ, Fan WX, Feng GY, Yang LM, Xie XD, Zhu QH, Zhou SH
6655 - 6659 Growth of Ni-Mn-Ga high-temperature shape memory alloy thin films by magnetron sputtering technique
Liu C, Mu HW, Gao LX, Ma WJ, An X, Gao ZY, Cai W
6660 - 6666 Development of TREN dendrimers over mesoporous SBA-15 for CO2 adsorption
Bhagiyalakshmi M, Do Park S, Cha WS, Jang HT
6667 - 6672 Effect of surface roughness on leakage current and corrosion resistance of oxide layer on AZ91 Mg alloy prepared by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Yoo B, Shin KR, Hwang DY, Lee DH, Shin DH
6673 - 6677 Effect of a LaSrCoO3 buffer layer on Pb1-xLaxTi1-x/4O3 films studied by polarized Raman spectroscopy
Zhu WL, Zhu JL, Luo YS, Zhu JG, Xiao DQ, Li RT, Pezzotti G
6678 - 6682 Catalytic performance of Mn3O4 and Co3O4 nanocrystals prepared by sonochemical method in epoxidation of styrene and cyclooctene
Askarinejad A, Bagherzadeh M, Morsali A
6683 - 6687 Preparation and dispersive mechanism of highly dispersive ultrafine silver powder
Guo GQ, Gan WP, Luo JA, Xiang F, Zhang JL, Zhou H, Liu HA
6688 - 6693 Platinum catalyst on ordered mesoporous carbon with controlled morphology for methanol electrochemical oxidation
Kong LB, Li H, Zhang J, Luo YC, Kang L
6694 - 6698 Enhanced light output of InGaN LEDs with a roughened p-GaN surface using different TMGa flow rates in p-AlGaN layer
Tsai PC, Chen WR, Su YK, Huang CY
6699 - 6704 Hydrophobic vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on Corning glass for self cleaning applications
Bu IYY, Oei SP
6705 - 6709 Preparation and enhanced visible light-driven catalytic activity of ZnO microrods sensitized by porphyrin heteroaggregate
Li XQ, Cheng Y, Kang SZ, Mu J
6710 - 6716 Surface modification of polyacrylonitrile film by anchoring conductive polyaniline and determination of uricase adsorption capacity and activity
Bayramoglu G, Metin AU, Arica MY
6717 - 6722 Solvent effects on adsorption of CO over CuCl(111) surface: A density functional theory study
Zhang RG, Ling LX, Wang BJ, Huang W
6723 - 6728 Multi-walled carbon nanotube supported Pd and Pt nanoparticles with high solution affinity for effective electrocatalysis
Ye WC, Hu HY, Zhang H, Zhou F, Liu WM
6729 - 6735 Characteristics and self-cleaning effect of the transparent super-hydrophobic film having nanofibers array structures
Lee K, Lyu S, Lee S, Kim YS, Hwang W
6736 - 6742 Superhydrophobic cotton fabric fabricated by electrostatic assembly of silica nanoparticles and its remarkable buoyancy
Zhao Y, Tang YW, Wang XG, Lin T
6743 - 6747 Epitaxial ZnO films grown on ZnO-buffered c-plane sapphire substrates by hydrothermal method
Shan HY, Li J, Li SA, Zhang QY
6748 - 6752 Electronic states of a hydrogenic impurity in a zinc-blende GaN/AlGaN quantum well
Pattammal M, Peter AJ
6753 - 6763 Experimental, density function theory calculations and molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the adsorption of some thiourea derivatives on iron surface in nitric acid solutions
Khaled KF
6764 - 6769 In situ investigation of ice formation on surfaces with representative wettability
Yin L, Xia Q, Xue JA, Yang SQ, Wang QJ, Chen QM
6770 - 6774 Influence of high-pressure hydrogen treatment on structural and electrical properties of ZnO thin films
Li CY, Liang HW, Zhao JZ, Feng QJ, Bian JM, Liu Y, Shen RS, Li WC, Wu GG, Du GT
6775 - 6781 Effects of pulse electrodeposition parameters on the properties of Ni-TiO2 nanocomposite coatings
Lajevardi SA, Shahrabi T
6782 - 6786 Microstructure and microhardness analysis of the hexagonal oxides formed on the surface of the AISI 304 stainless steel after Nd:YAG pulsed laser surface melting
Cui CY, Cui XG, Zhang YK, Luo KY, Zhao Q, Hu JD, Liu Z, Wang YM
6787 - 6794 Film forming kinetics and reaction mechanism of gamma-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane on low carbon steel surfaces
Yang LX, Feng J, Zhang WG, Qu JE
6795 - 6800 Pyridine-thermal synthesis and high catalytic activity of CeO2/CuO/CNT nanocomposites
Zhang DS, Mai HL, Huang L, Shi LY
6801 - 6804 Chemical quenching of positronium in Fe2O3/Al2O3 catalysts
Li C, Zhang HJ, Chen ZQ
6805 - 6813 Self-assembled octadecyltrichlorosilane monolayer formation on a highly hydrated silica film
Poda A, Anderson A, Ashurst WR
6814 - 6818 Photoluminescence and Raman analysis of novel ZnO tetrapod and multipod nanostructures
Peng ZW, Dai GZ, Zhou WC, Chen P, Wan QA, Zhang QL, Zou BS
6819 - 6823 Crystallization and surface segregation in CuIn0.7Ga0.3Se2 thin films on Cu foils grown by pulsed laser deposition
Jo YH, Mohanty BC, Cho YS
6824 - 6828 Surface hydrophobic modification of ultra-fine aluminum silicate by mechanically grinding and heating
Li LS, Ren X, Jia WX, Liu JB, Zhu J
6829 - 6833 Effect of nickel doping on structural, optical and electrical properties of TiO2 nanoparticles by sol-gel method
Karthik K, Pandian SK, Jaya NV
6834 - 6837 Growth of b-axis oriented VO2 thin films on glass substrates using ZnO buffer layer
Chiu TW, Tonooka K, Kikuchi N
6838 - 6842 Light radiation through a transparent cathode plate with single-walled carbon nanotube field emitters
Jang ES, Goak JC, Lee HS, Lee SH, Han JH, Lee CS, Sok JH, Seo YH, Park KS, Lee NS
6843 - 6849 Ammoxidation of carbon materials for CO2 capture
Plaza MG, Rubiera F, Pis JJ, Pevida C
6850 - 6858 The influence of sputtering procedure on nanoindentation and nanoscratch behaviour of W-S-C film
Roy M, Koch T, Pauschitz A
6859 - 6864 Surface modification of polypropylene non-woven fabric using atmospheric nitrogen dielectric barrier discharge plasma
Wang KL, Wang WC, Yang DZ, Huo Y, Wang DZ
6865 - 6870 A combined experimental and theoretical analysis of Fe-implanted TiO2 modified by metal plasma ion implantation
Yen CC, Wang DY, Shih MH, Chang LS, Shih HC
6871 - 6875 ZnS thin film deposited with chemical bath deposition process directed by different stirring speeds
Zhang Y, Dang XY, Jin J, Yu T, Li BZ, He Q, Li FY, Sun Y
6876 - 6880 The effect of working pressure on the chemical bond structure and hydrophobic properties of PET surface treated by N ion beams bombardment
Ding WY, Ju DY, Chai WP
6881 - 6886 Optimization of VI/II pressure ratio in ZnTe growth on GaAs(001) by molecular beam epitaxy
Zhao J, Zeng YP, Liu C, Cui LJ, Li YB
6887 - 6892 Deposition of hydrogenated amorphous carbon nitride films by dielectric barrier discharge plasmas
Niu JH, Zhang LL, Zhang ZH, Liu DP, Liu YH, Feng ZQ
6893 - 6898 High-temperature application of the low-emissivity Au/Ni films on alloys
Huang ZB, Zhou WC, Tang XF, Luo F, Zhu DM
6899 - 6907 Calculation of the surface energy of fcc-metals with the empirical electron surface model
Fu BQ, Liu W, Li ZL
6908 - 6913 5-(Perfluorooctylthio)acetamidofluorescein (5-FOAF) as a convenient tag for inspecting the surface coverage of fluorinated coatings
Li YT, Chen HH, Babu BH, Hsieh YY, Chen SH
6914 - 6917 Ni-P alloy-carbon black composite films fabricated by electrodeposition
Suzuki Y, Arai S, Endo M
6918 - 6922 Laser ablation synthesis of indium oxide nanoparticles in water
Acacia N, Barreca F, Barletta E, Spadaro D, Curro G, Neri F
6923 - 6927 Effect of calendering on paper surface properties
Vernhes P, Dube M, Bloch JF
6928 - 6931 Novel ultraviolet photoluminescence of ZnO/ZnGa2O4 composite layers
Yang Q, Saeki Y, Izumi S, Nukui T, Tackeuchi A, Ishida A, Tatsuoka H
6932 - 6935 Novel synthesis and electrophoretic response of low density TiO-TiO2-carbon black composite
Tan TF, Wang SR, Bian SG, Li XG, An Y, Liu ZJ
6936 - 6940 Thermal stability of SiGe films on an ultra thin Ge buffer layer on Si grown at low temperature
Chen CZ, Zhou ZW, Chen YH, Li C, Lai HK, Chen SY