Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.21 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6139 - 6143 Low-nickel stainless steel passive film in simulated concrete pore solution: A SIMS study
Fajardo S, Bastidas DM, Ryan MP, Criado M, McPhail DS, Bastidas JM
6144 - 6152 Characterization of inhomogeneous colloidal layers using adapted coherence probe microscopy
Halter E, Montgomery P, Montaner D, Barillon R, Del Nero M, Galindo C, Georg S
6153 - 6156 Improved ultraviolet/visible rejection ratio using MgZnO/SiO2/n-Si heterojunction photodetectors
Jiang DY, Zhang XY, Liu QS, Bai ZH, Lu LP, Wang XC, Mi XY, Wang NL, Shen DZ
6157 - 6163 Formation of aligned ZnO nanorods on self-grown ZnO template and its enhanced field emission characteristics
Singh J, Patil SS, More MA, Joag DS, Tiwari RS, Srivastava ON
6164 - 6167 Characterization and aging effect study of nitrogen-doped ZnO nanofilm
Karamdel J, Dee CF, Majlis BY
6168 - 6171 Investigation of magnetic properties for oblique deposited granular films by magnetic field annealing
Zhang BM, Ge SH, Zuo HP, Xiao YH, Wang GW, Zhang L
6172 - 6178 Growth of carbon nanofibers on aligned zinc oxide nanorods and their field emission properties
Gayen RN, Pal AK
6179 - 6185 Characterization of mesoporous VOx/MCM-41 composite materials obtained via post-synthesis impregnation
Bukallah SB, Bumajdad A, Khalil KMS, Zaki MI
6186 - 6190 Transparent ultrathin conducting carbon films
Schreiber M, Lutz T, Keeley GP, Kumar S, Boese M, Krishnamurthy S, Duesberg GS
6191 - 6198 Titania deposited on soft magnetic activated carbon as a magnetically separable photocatalyst with enhanced activity
Wang SH, Zhou SQ
6199 - 6204 Interfacial and mechanical properties of carbon fibers modified by electrochemical oxidation in (NH4HCO3)/(NH4)(2)C2O4 center dot H2O aqueous compound solution
Liu J, Tian YL, Chen YJ, Liang JY
6205 - 6212 Influence of plasma pressure on the growth characteristics and ferroelectric properties of sputter-deposited PZT thin films
Bose A, Maity T, Bysakh S, Seal A, Sen S
6213 - 6218 Microscopic observation of laser glazed yttria-stabilized zirconia coatings
Morks MF, Berndt CC, Durandet Y, Brandt M, Wang J
6219 - 6223 Electrical and optical properties of Ga doped zinc oxide thin films deposited at room temperature by continuous composition spread
Jung K, Choi WK, Yoon SJ, Kim HJ, Choi JW
6224 - 6227 Synthesis and separation property of flower-like Cd(OH)(2) microstructures via a simple solution route
Zhang DE, Xie Q, Cai HX, Zhang XB, Li SZ, Han GQ, Ying AL, Chen AM, Tong ZW
6228 - 6232 Surface segregation in Nb-doped BaTiO3 films
Arveux E, Payan S, Maglione M, Klein A
6233 - 6236 Electrons diffusion study on the nitrogen-doped nanocrystalline diamond film grown by MPECVD method
Hu QA, Joshi RK, Kumar A
6237 - 6245 A theoretical study of c-C5H8 adsorption on Ge (001)-2 x 1 and on dimer vacancies on the surface: Electronic structure and bonding
German E, Lopez-Corral I, Juan A, Brizuela G
6246 - 6253 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of nano-multilayered Zr-O/Al-O coatings deposited by cathodic vacuum arc plasma
Zhitomirsky VN, Kim SK, Burstein L, Boxman RL
6254 - 6258 Effect of radio frequency power on the inductively coupled plasma etched Al0.65Ga0.35N surface
Bai Y, Liu J, Ma P, Li B, Zhu J, Guo LW, Liu XY
6259 - 6261 Band bending at the conducting polymer/indium tin oxide interfaces with and without ultraviolet treatment
Lin YJ, Chin YM, Lin JC, Su YC
6262 - 6268 Effects of N adsorption on the structural and electronic properties of SrTiO3(001) surface
Zhao KL, Chen D, Li DX
6269 - 6278 Surface modification of an epoxy resin with polyamines via cyanuric chloride coupling
Schaubroeck D, De Baets J, Desmet T, Dubruel P, Schacht E, Van Vaeck L, Van Calster A
6279 - 6283 Microscale steps and micro-nano combined structures by anodizing aluminum
Ding GQ, Yang R, Ding JN, Yuan NY, Shen WZ
6284 - 6290 Molecular dynamic simulations of nanoindentation in aluminum thin film on silicon substrate
Peng P, Liao GL, Shi TL, Tang ZR, Gao Y
6291 - 6296 Activation of Zr-Co-rare earth getter films: An XPS study
Petti D, Cantoni M, Leone M, Bertacco R, Rizzi E
6297 - 6303 Fatigue properties of a S45C steel subjected to ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification
Cao XJ, Pyoun YS, Murakami R
6304 - 6312 Influence of (phospho)lipases on properties of mica supported phospholipid layers
Jurak M, Chibowski E
6313 - 6317 Effects of the edge shape and the width on the structural and electronic properties of silicene nanoribbons
Song YL, Zhang Y, Zhang JM, Lu DB
6318 - 6323 Formation of high aspect ratio polyamide-6 nanofibers via electrically induced double layer during electrospinning
Nirmala R, Nam KT, Park SJ, Shin YS, Navamathavan R, Kim HY
6324 - 6329 Quantitative evaluation of scratch visibility resistance of polymers
Jiang H, Browning RL, Hossain MM, Sue HJ, Fujiwara M
6330 - 6339 Assigning chemical configurations to the XPS features observed at pristine (100) Si surface resulting after etching in HF aqueous solution
Cerofolini GF, Romano E, Narducci D, Belanzoni P, Giorgi G
6340 - 6344 A new methodology for the near-surface strain measurement on Pd-Ag-Sn alloy
Carrado A
6345 - 6349 Ab initio calculations of generalized-stacking-fault energy surfaces and surface energies for FCC metals
Wu XZ, Wang R, Wang SF, Wei QY
6350 - 6353 Thermal stability of ZnO thin film prepared by RF-magnetron sputtering evaluated by thermal desorption spectroscopy
Matsuda T, Furuta M, Hiramatsu T, Furuta H, Li CY, Hirao T
6354 - 6358 Microstructure and corrosion properties of thick WC composite coating formed by plasma cladding
Xie GZ, Song XL, Zhang DJ, Wu YP, Lin PH
6359 - 6366 Effect of NaAlO2 concentrations on microstructure and corrosion resistance of Al2O3/ZrO2 coatings formed on zirconium by micro-arc oxidation
Yan YY, Han Y, Li DC, Huang JJ, Lian Q
6367 - 6370 GaN grown on Si(111) with step-graded AlGaN intermediate layers
Huang CC, Chang SJ, Chuang RW, Lin JC, Cheng YC, Lin WJ
6371 - 6374 Formation and growth mechanisms of ion-induced iron-carbon nanocomposites at room temperature
Wang ZP, Yusop MZM, Hihara T, Hayashi A, Hayashi Y, Tanemura M
6375 - 6384 Tough ceramic coatings: Carbon nanotube reinforced silica sol-gel
Lopez AJ, Rico A, Rodriguez J, Rams J
6385 - 6389 Nitrogen plasma-based ion implantation of poly(tetrafluoroethylene): Effect of the main parameters on the surface properties
Kereszturi K, Toth A, Mohai M, Bertoti I, Szepvolgyi J
6390 - 6394 Enhanced adsorption and visible-light-induced photocatalytic activity of hydroxyapatite modified Ag-TiO2 powders
Liu Y, Liu CY, Wei JH, Xiong R, Pan CX, Shi J
6395 - 6398 Influence of laser power on the orientation and microstructure of CeO2 films deposited on Hastelloy C276 tapes by laser chemical vapor deposition
Zhao P, Ito A, Tu R, Goto T
6399 - 6402 Nanocomposite ZnO/Au formation by pulsed laser irradiation
Bajaj G, Soni RK
6403 - 6407 Characterization of diamond-like carbon films by SEM, XRD and Raman spectroscopy
Pang H, Wang XQ, Zhang GL, Chen HA, Lv GH, Yang S
6408 - 6412 Small size TiO2 nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation in water
Barreca F, Acacia N, Barletta E, Spadaro D, Curro G, Neri F
6413 - 6419 Wear properties of compact graphite cast iron with bionic units processed by deep laser cladding WC
Zhou H, Zhang P, Sun N, Wang CT, Lin PY, Ren LQ
6420 - 6426 Deposition and characterization of TiAlSiN nanocomposite coatings prepared by reactive pulsed direct current unbalanced magnetron sputtering
Barshilia HC, Ghosh M, Shashidhara, Ramakrishna R, Rajam KS
6427 - 6432 Growth research of Sn nanoparticles deposited on Si(001) substrate by solid phase epitaxy
Zhao XL, Wang KF, Zhang WF, Huang MJ, Mao YL
6433 - 6436 Low-voltage pulse exciting electron emission from ferroelectric copolymer film cathode: Role of film thickness and emission stability
Li JJ, Lu C, Xia XX, Gu CZ
6437 - 6440 Improvement of high-frequency characteristics of FeCoHfO/AlOx multilayered films
Kuo YM, Lee CC, Duh JG
6441 - 6446 Synthesis and photoelectric characterization of delafossite conducting oxides CuAlO2 laminar crystal thin films via sol-gel method
Ding JA, Sui YM, Fu WY, Yang HB, Liu SK, Zeng Y, Zhao WY, Sun P, Guo J, Chen H, Li MH
6447 - 6453 Effects of corona discharge on the surface structure, morphology and properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Xu LH, Fang ZP, Song PA, Peng M
6454 - 6458 Annealing effects on structural, optical and electrical properties of e-beam evaporated CuIn0.5Ga0.5Te2 thin films
Yilmaz K, Karaagac H
6459 - 6465 Study of the adsorption, electronic structure and bonding of C2H4 on the FeNi(111) surface
Simonetti S, Brizuela G, Juan A
6466 - 6472 Investigating wettability alteration due to asphaltene precipitation: Imprints in surface multifractal characteristics
Amin JS, Nikooee E, Ayatollahi S, Alamdari A
6473 - 6479 Preparation and characteristics of acrylic acid/styrene composite plasma polymerized membranes
Jiang ZQ, Jiang ZJ, Shi YC, Meng YD
6480 - 6487 Formation of Si-m(+) and SimCn+ clusters by C-60(+) sputtering of Si
Lyon I, Henkel T, Rost D