Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.20 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5797 - 5802 Reconnaissance of the specific surface of vapour grown carbon micro and nanofibres as a main controller of the sorption of hydrogen
Madronero A, Asenjo A, Gi C, Jaafar M, Lopez A
5803 - 5806 Electrical properties of the CdTe back contact: A new chemically etching process based on nitric acid/acetic acid mixtures
Han JF, Fan CJ, Spanheimer C, Fu GH, Zhao K, Klein A, Jaegermann W
5807 - 5812 XPS study of the surface chemistry on AZ31 and AZ91 magnesium alloys in dilute NaCl solution
Wang L, Shinohara T, Zhang BP
5813 - 5817 Vacancy-induced room-temperature ferromagnetism in ZnO rods synthesized by Ni-doped solution and hydrothermal method
Yu ZH, Ge SH, Zuo YL, Wang GW, Zhang F
5818 - 5823 Formation of titania composite coatings on carbon steel by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Wang YL, Jiang ZH, Yao ZP
5824 - 5827 The fabrication of superhydrophobic copper films by a low-pressure-oxidation method
Pei MD, Wang B, Li E, Zhang XH, Song XM, Yan H
5828 - 5831 Laser Shock Processing of 6061-T6 Al alloy with 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths
Gomez-Rosas G, Rubio-Gonzalez C, Ocana JL, Molpeceres C, Porro JA, Morales M, Casillas FJ
5832 - 5836 Optical and electrical properties of Y2O3 thin films prepared by ion beam assisted deposition
Leng JA, Yu ZN, Li YQ, Zhang DP, Liao XY, Xue W
5837 - 5842 Microstructure and age characterization of Cu-15Ni-8Sn alloy coatings by laser cladding
Zhang H, He YZ, Yuan XM, Pan Y
5843 - 5848 A simple pathway to ordered silica nanopattern from self-assembling of block copolymer containing organic silicon block
Wang Q, Yang JH, Yao WW, Wang K, Du RN, Zhang Q, Chen F, Fu Q
5849 - 5855 Characterization of native and anodic oxide films formed on commercial pure titanium using electrochemical properties and morphology techniques
Fadl-Allah SA, Mohsen Q
5856 - 5861 Catalytic performance of grafted Al-MCM-41 in hydroisomerization of n-dodecane
Chen XY, Jia M, Liu GZ, Zhang XW, Wang L, Mi ZT
5862 - 5866 Preparation of flower-like Cu2O nanoparticles by pulse electrodeposition and their electrocatalytic application
Gu YE, Su X, Du YL, Wang CM
5867 - 5875 Optimization of covalent antibody immobilization on macroporous silicon solid supports
Das RD, Maji S, Das S, RoyChaudhuri C
5876 - 5881 Multilayer growth of BaTiO3 thin films via pulsed laser deposition: An energy-dependent kinetic Monte Carlo simulation
Zhu Z, Zheng XJ, Li W
5882 - 5887 Modified titanium surface with gelatin nano gold composite increases osteoblast cell biocompatibility
Lee YH, Bhattarai G, Aryal S, Lee NH, Lee MH, Kim TG, Jhee EC, Kim HY, Yi HK
5888 - 5897 Mechanical strength and hydrophobicity of cotton fabric after SF6 plasma treatment
Kamlangkla K, Paosawatyanyong B, Pavarajarn V, Hodak JH, Hodak SK
5898 - 5904 TiCN/TiNbCN multilayer coatings with enhanced mechanical properties
Caicedo JC, Amaya C, Yate L, Gomez ME, Zambrano G, Alvarado-Rivera J, Munoz-Saldana J, Prieto P
5905 - 5910 Deposition and microstructure characterization of atmospheric plasma-sprayed ZnO coatings for NO2 detection
Zhang C, Debliquy M, Liao HL
5911 - 5917 Modification of palygorskite surface by organofunctionalization for application in immobilization of H3PW12O40
Zhang LX, Jin QZ, Huang JH, Liu YF, Shan L, Wang XG
5918 - 5923 Sinterability studies on K0.5Na0.5NbO3 using laser as energy source
Tian XY, Dittmar A, Melcher J, Heinrich JG
5924 - 5928 Characteristics of solid aerosols produced by optical catapulting studied by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Fortes FJ, Laserna JJ
5929 - 5934 A density functional theory study of CH4 dehydrogenation on Co(111)
Zuo ZJ, Huang W, Han PD, Li ZH
5935 - 5938 pH-controlled silicon nanowires fluorescence switch
Mu LX, Shi WS, Zhang TP, Zhang HY, She GW
5939 - 5945 Microstructure and mechanical properties of alumina coatings prepared by double glow plasma technique
Liu HB, Tao J, Xu J, Chen ZF, Luo XY
5946 - 5951 Study of n(+) type porous GaAs by photoluminescence spectroscopy: Effect of the etching time on the deep levels
Abdellaoui T, Daoudi M, Bardaoui A, Chtourou R
5952 - 5956 Occurrence of particle debris field during focused Ga ion beam milling of glassy carbon
Hu Q, O'Neill W
5957 - 5960 Effect of source temperature on the morphology and photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanostructures
Al-Azri K, Nor RM, Amin YM, Al-Ruqeishi MS
5961 - 5967 Aqueous phase Ag nanoparticles with controlled shapes fabricated by a modified nanosphere lithography and their optical properties
Song YJ, Elsayed-Ali HE
5968 - 5972 A variable charge molecular dynamics study of the initial stage of nickel oxidation
Garruchet S, Politano O, Arnoux P, Vignal V
5973 - 5977 Fabrication of hydrophobic alumina aerogel monoliths by surface modification and ambient pressure drying
Wu LN, Huang YD, Wang ZJ, Liu L, Xu HF
5978 - 5984 Surface tailoring of SiO2 nanoparticles by mechanochemical method based on simple milling
Lin JB, Chen HL, Yao LC
5985 - 5992 Investigation on cracking behavior of Ni-based coating by laser-induction hybrid cladding
Huang YJ, Zeng XY
5993 - 5997 Atomistic study of deposition process of Al thin film on Cu substrate
Cao YZ, Zhang JJ, Sun T, Yan YD, Yu FL
5998 - 6002 Evaluation of the substrate effect on indentation behavior of film/substrate system
Wang JS, Zheng XJ, Zheng H, Zhu Z, Song ST
6003 - 6006 Ultrathin Mo/MoN bilayer nanostructure for diffusion barrier application of advanced Cu metallization
Zhao B, Sun KF, Song ZL, Yang JH
6007 - 6012 Interfacial reaction of silver ultra-thin film deposited on interpenetrating polymer network substrate by liquor-phase reduction
Tang DY, Guo YD, Zhang XH, Yin YL
6013 - 6017 Electrical and ferromagnetic properties of Tb-doped indium-tin oxide films fabricated by sol-gel method
Zuo YL, Ge SH, Yu ZH, Yan SM, Zhou XY, Zhang L
6018 - 6024 3'-Hydroxy-4-methoxychalcone as a potential antibacterial coating on polymeric biomaterials
Sivakumar PM, Iyer G, Natesan L, Doble M
6025 - 6028 On tuning the orientation of grains of spray pyrolysed ZnO thin films
Vimalkumar TV, Poornima N, Kartha CS, Vijayakumar KP
6029 - 6034 Immobilization of metalloporphyrins on P(4VP-co-St)/SiO2 by the quaternarization reaction
Wang RX, Jiao WZ, Gao BJ
6035 - 6039 Adsorption of nonpolar benzene derivatives on single-walled carbon nanotubes
Chin CJM, Shih MW, Tsai HJ
6040 - 6046 Ferromagnetism driven by cation vacancy in GaN thin films and nanowires
Kuang AL, Yuan HK, Chen H
6047 - 6052 Effect of dielectric barrier discharge on semiconductor Si electrode surface
Wang CQ, Zhang GX, He XN
6053 - 6056 Metal oxide buffer layer for improving performance of polymer solar cells
Zhao ZY, Teki R, Koratkar N, Efstathiadis H, Haldar P
6057 - 6059 Experimental determination of valence band offset at PbTe/Ge(100) interface by synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy
Cai CF, Wu HZ, Si JX, Zhang WH, Xu Y, Zhu JF
6060 - 6064 A facile method to modify carbon nanotubes with nitro/amino groups
Wang L, Feng SA, Zhao JH, Zheng JF, Wang ZJ, Li L, Zhu ZP
6065 - 6071 Influence of process time on microstructure and properties of 17-4PH steel plasma nitrocarburized with rare earths addition at low temperature
Yan MF, Liu RL
6072 - 6075 Controlled growth of superhydrophobic films by sol-gel method on aluminum substrate
Lu SX, Chen YL, Xu WG, Liu W
6076 - 6082 Synthesis and characterization of ZnO-Ag core-shell nanocomposites with uniform thin silver layers
Li F, Yuan YL, Luo JY, Qin QH, Wu JF, Li Z, Huang XT
6083 - 6089 Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of copper and zinc-doped hydroxyapatite nanopowders
Stanic V, Dimitrijevic S, Antic-Stankovic J, Mitric M, Jokic B, Plecas IB, Raicevic S
6090 - 6095 CdS films deposited by chemical bath under rotation
Oliva-Aviles AI, Patino R, Oliva AI
6096 - 6106 Numerical investigation on atomic oxygen undercutting of the protective polymer film using Monte Carlo approach
Liu Y, Liu XE, Li GH, Li T
6107 - 6112 Improved mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite/poly(epsilon-caprolactone) scaffolds by surface modification of hydroxyapatite
Wang Y, Dai J, Zhang QC, Xiao Y, Lang MD
6113 - 6116 Deposition and electrostatic removal of gaseous organic contaminants on substrate surfaces
Shiue A, Tien DC, Den W, Hu SC, Hsu CS
6117 - 6120 Effect of zinc nitrate concentration on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO nanostructures
Yang HY, Lee SH, Kim TW
6121 - 6132 Surface characterization of Pd/Ag23 wt% membranes after different thermal treatments
Ramachandran A, Tucho WM, Mejdell AL, Stange M, Venvik HJ, Walmsley JC, Holmestad R, Bredesen R, Borg A
6133 - 6138 Preparation and atomic oxygen erosion resistance of silica film formed on silicon rubber by sol-gel method
Xing A, Gao YA, Yin JG, Ren GJ, Liu HT, Ma MJ