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347 - 347 Physics at Surfaces and Interface - (Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Physics at Surfaces and Interfaces, PSI2009, February 23-27, 2009, Puri, India) Preface
Dev BN, Satyam PV
348 - 352 Experimental deduction of In/Si(111) 2D phase diagram and ab initio DFT modeling of 2 root 3 phase
Jithesh K, Govind, Waghmare UV, Shivaprasad SM
353 - 355 Scaling laws for spreading of a liquid under pressure
Nag S, Dutta S, Tarafdar S
356 - 360 Ultrasmall Ge islands with low diameter-to-height aspect ratio on Si(100)-(2 x 1) surfaces
Bhattacharjee K, Roy A, Ghatak J, Satyam PV, Dev BN
361 - 364 Growth of oriented crystalline Ag nanoislands on air-exposed Si(001) surfaces
Roy A, Bhattacharjee K, Dash JK, Dev BN
365 - 370 Structure of ultrathin oxide layers on metal surfaces from grazing scattering of fast atoms
Winter H, Seifert J, Blauth D, Busch M, Schuller A, Wethekam S
371 - 375 Oxygen induced facet formation on Rh(210) surface
Govind, Chen WH, Wang H, Madey TE
376 - 379 Electronic structure of PdAg(100) ordered surface alloys using synchrotron radiation
Medicherla VRR, Drube W
380 - 383 Dependence of mesoscopic growth on molecular configuration in Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers
Mukherjee S, Datta A
384 - 388 Low energy oxygen implantation induced improved crystallinity and optical properties of surface modified ZnO single crystals
Giri PK, Kumari S, Goswami DK
389 - 394 Enhanced nonlinear optical responses in metal-glass nanocomposites
Ghosh B, Chakraborty P, Singh BP, Kundu T
395 - 398 Large scale ordered topographical and chemical nano-features from anodic alumina templates
Massou S, Masson L, Ozerov I, Moyen E, Sengupta K, Hanbucken M
399 - 403 Perpendicular-current studies of electron transport across metal/metal interfaces
Pratt WP, Bass J
404 - 406 Magnetic force microscopic study of the magnetic field induced antiferro to ferrimagnetic transition in Mn1.85Co0.15Sb
Lakhani A, Kushwaha P, Rawat R, Chaddah P
407 - 413 Self-assembled and electrochemically deposited mono/multilayers for molecular electronics applications
Gupta SK, Koiry SP, Chauhan AK, Padma N, Aswal DK, Yakhmi JV
414 - 418 Selective functionalization of substrates through assembled nanostructures: From physics to biology
Moyen E, Mace M, Massou S, Sahaf H, Masson L, Sengupta K, Hanbucken M
419 - 422 Microstructural evolution of tungsten oxide thin films
Hembram KPSS, Thomas R, Rao GM
423 - 427 Hierarchical nanoparticle morphology for platinum supported on SrTiO3 (001): A combined microscopy and X-ray scattering study
Christensen ST, Lee B, Feng ZX, Hersam MC, Bedzyk MJ
428 - 430 Numerical study of the thermal relaxation of self-affine surfaces
Botet R
431 - 434 Surface plasmon resonance in near-field coupled gold cylinder arrays fabricated by EUV-interference lithography and hot embossing
Sahoo PK, Vogelsang K, Schift H, Solak HH
435 - 437 InSb quantum dots and quantum rings on InAs-rich surface
Moiseev KD, Parkhomenko YP, Gushchina EA, Kizhaev SS, Mikhailova MP
438 - 442 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic investigations of modifications in plasmid DNA after interaction with Hg nanoparticles
Majumder S, Priyadarshini M, Subudhi U, Chainy GBN, Varma S
443 - 448 Electronic decoupling of surface layers from bulk and its influence in oxidation catalysis: A molecular beam study
Thirunavukkarasu K, Nagarajan S, Gopinath CS
449 - 454 Mixing and magnetic properties of surface alloys: The role of the substrate
Marathe M, Imam M, Narasimhan S
455 - 459 Semiconductor nanocylindrical heterolayer in a radial electrostatic field: The electronic spectrum and optical properties
Harutyunyan VA
460 - 464 Growth of well-aligned Bi nanowire on Ag(111)
Zhang HL, Chen W, Wang XS, Yuhara J, Wee ATS
465 - 468 Modifications in structural and optical properties of Mn-ion implanted CdS thin films
Chandramohan S, Kanjilal A, Strache T, Tripathi JK, Sarangi SN, Sathyamoorthy R, Som T
469 - 474 Observation of the screened potential and the Friedel oscillation by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy
Ono M, Nishio T, An T, Eguchi T, Hasegawa Y
475 - 479 Study of temperature rise during focused Ga ion beam irradiation using nanothermo-probe
Shukla N, Tripathi SK, Banerjee A, Ramana ASV, Rajput NS, Kulkarni VN
480 - 483 Ga-induced superstructures on the Si(111) 7 x 7 surface
Kumar P, Kumar M, Mehta BR, Shivaprasad SM
484 - 488 Surface modification of TiAl alloy via current heating technique
Boonruang C, Thongtem S
489 - 494 XPS study of annealing induced effects on surface and interface electronic properties of Si/Ge nanostructures
Tripathi S, Sharma A, Shripathi T
495 - 498 Adsorption of gold on hydrogen terminated Si(001): Formation of chain structure
Gupta BC, Konar S, Bose RP
499 - 502 Polymer assisted assembling of the semiconductor particles: Structural and electrical studies
Bhattacharya B, Lee JY, Park JK
503 - 507 Imaging elastic property of surfaces at nanoscale using atomic force microscope
Banerjee S, Gayathri N, Dash S, Tyagi AK, Raj B
508 - 512 Growth of (root 3 x root 3)-Ag and (111) oriented Ag islands on Ge/Si(111) surfaces
Roy A, Bhattacharjee K, Dev BN
513 - 516 Observation of magnetic domains in undoped ZnO grains at room temperature
Majumder S, Paramanik D, Gupta A, Varma S
517 - 520 XPS investigation of ion beam induced conversion of GaAs(001) surface into GaN overlayer
Kumar P, Kumar M, Govind, Mehta BR, Shivaprasad SM
521 - 523 Evolution of surface morphology of NiO thin films under swift heavy ion irradiation
Mallick P, Rath C, Majumder S, Biswal R, Agarwal DC, Varma S, Avasthi DK, Satyam PV, Mishra NC
524 - 529 Physics and chemistry of silicene nano-ribbons
Le Lay G, Aufray B, Leandri C, Oughaddou H, Biberian JP, De Padova P, Davila ME, Ealet B, Kara A
530 - 535 X-ray photoelectron study of annealed Co thin film on Si surface
Sharma A, Tripathi S, Shripathi T
536 - 540 Estimation of diffusion coefficient by photoemission electron microscopy in ion-implanted nanostructures
Batabyal R, Patra S, Roy A, Roy S, Bischoff L, Dev BN
541 - 546 Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation in Fe/W multilayer structures
Bagchi S, Anwar S, Lalla NP
547 - 551 Surface and interfacial structural characterization of MBE grown Si/Ge multilayers
Saha B, Sharma M, Sarma A, Rath A, Satyam PV, Chakraborty P, Sanyal MK
552 - 557 X-ray and neutron studies of nanoscale atomic diffusion in thin films and multilayers
Gupta A
558 - 561 Surface roughness and power spectral density study of SHI irradiated ultra-thin gold films
Dash P, Mallick P, Rath H, Tripathi A, Prakash J, Avasthi DK, Mazumder S, Varma S, Satyam PV, Mishra NC
562 - 566 Formation of nanodots on oblique ion sputtered InP surfaces
Som T, Chini TK, Katharia YS, Tripathy S, Kanjilal D
567 - 571 Structural phase transitions in Au thin films on Si (110): An in situ temperature dependent transmission electron microscopy study
Bhatta UM, Dash JK, Rath A, Satyam PV
572 - 575 MeV Au ion induced modifications at Co/Si interface
Ghatak J, Kabiraj D, Satyam PV
576 - 579 Effect of Pb adatom flux rate on adlayer coverage for Stranski-Krastanov growth mode on Si(111)7 x 7 surface
Kesaria M, Kumar M, Govind, Shivaprasad SM