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5127 - 5130 Comments on the seventh international symposium "Effects of surface heterogeneity in adsorption and catalysis on solids"
Rudzinski W, Witko M
5131 - 5136 Adsorption and diffusion of argon confined in ordered and disordered microporous carbons
Moore JD, Palmer JC, Liu YC, Roussel TJ, Brennan JK, Gubbins KE
5137 - 5144 Diffusion in heterogeneous lattices
Tarasenko A, Jastrabik L
5145 - 5152 Application of mixed order rate equations to adsorption of methylene blue on mesoporous carbons
Marczewski AW
5153 - 5156 A new empirical rate equation for adsorption kinetics at solid/solution interface
Azizian S, Fallah RN
5157 - 5163 Applicability of the film-diffusion model for description of the adsorption kinetics at the solid/solution interfaces
Plazinski W
5164 - 5170 Studies of adsorption equilibria and kinetics in the systems: Aqueous solution of dyes-mesoporous carbons
Derylo-Marczewska A, Marczewski AW, Winter S, Sternik D
5171 - 5175 Surface heterogeneity effects of activated carbons on the kinetics of paracetamol removal from aqueous solution
Ruiz B, Cabrita I, Mestre AS, Parra JB, Pires J, Carvalho AP, Ania CO
5176 - 5181 Mechanism and kinetics of lithium vapor capture in a high-temperature packed bed of kaolinite
Yang HC, Eun HC, Cho YZ, Lee HS
5182 - 5186 Effect of outgassing temperature on the performance of porous materials
Figini-Albisetti A, Velasco LF, Parra JB, Ania CO
5187 - 5190 Adsorption and structural properties of soft-templated mesoporous carbons obtained by carbonization at different temperatures and KOH activation
Gorka J, Zawislak A, Choma J, Jaroniec M
5191 - 5197 Characterization of PSD of activated carbons by using slit and triangular pore geometries
Azevedo DCS, Rios RB, Lopez RH, Torres AEB, Cavalcante CL, Toso JP, Zgrablich G
5198 - 5203 Studies on adsorption energy distributions computation from adsorption isotherms by the ansatz method
Arnrich S, Kalies G, Brauer P
5204 - 5209 BET surface area of carbonaceous adsorbents-Verification using geometric considerations and GCMC simulations on virtual porous carbon models
Gauden PA, Terzyk AP, Furmaniak S, Harris PJF, Kowalczyk P
5210 - 5215 Influence of elastic strains on the adsorption process in porous materials. Thermodynamics and experiment
Grosman A, Ortega C
5216 - 5220 Nanostructured carbons for solid phase extraction
Puziy AM, Poddubnaya OI, Gawdzik B, Sobiesiak M, Reinish CA, Tsyba MM, Segeda TP, Danylenko MI
5221 - 5225 Carbon molecular sieves from carbon cloth: Influence of the chemical impregnant on gas separation properties
Rodriguez-Blanco G, Giraldo L, Moreno-Pirajan JC
5226 - 5231 Grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations of hydrogen adsorption in carbon cones
Gotzias A, Heiberg-Andersen H, Kainourgiakis M, Steriotis T
5232 - 5236 Preparation and ozone-surface modification of activated carbon. Thermal stability of oxygen surface groups
Jaramillo J, Alvarez PM, Gomez-Serrano V
5237 - 5242 Factors affecting the adsorption of trichloroethylene onto activated carbons
Erto A, Andreozzi R, Lancia A, Musmarra D
5243 - 5248 Application of clustering based gas adsorption models to analysis of microporous structure of carbonaceous materials
Duda JT, Kwiatkowski M, Milewska-Duda J
5249 - 5253 Synthesis of carbon-encapsulated nickel nanoparticles
Narkiewicz U, Podsiadly M
5254 - 5258 Role of activated carbon features on the photocatalytic degradation of phenol
Velasco LF, Parra JB, Ania CO
5259 - 5262 Variable-temperature FT-IR studies on the thermodynamics of carbon dioxide adsorption on a faujasite-type H-Y zeolite
Arean CO, Delgado MR
5263 - 5269 Morphological, structural and adsorption features of oxide composites with silica and titania matrices
Gun'ko VM, Bogatyrev VM, Borysenko MV, Galaburda MV, Sulim IY, Petrus LV, Korduban OM, Polshin EV, Zaulychnyy YV, Karpets MV, Foya OO, Myronyuk IF, Chelyadyn VL, Dzhura UY, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Blitz JP
5270 - 5274 Influence of structural heterogeneity of nanoporous sorbent walls on hydrogen storage
Kuchta B, Firlej L, Roszak S, Pfeifer P, Wexler C
5275 - 5280 Nonuniformity of starch/nanosilica composites and interfacial behaviour of water and organic compounds
Gun'ko VM, Turov VV, Barvinchenko VN, Turova AA, Rugal AA, Zarko VI, Leboda R
5281 - 5284 Hydrogen adsorption on the faujasite-type zeolite Mg-X: An IR spectroscopic and thermodynamic study
Palomino GT, Arean CO, Carayol MRL
5285 - 5291 Monolayer aspects of high-resolution alpha(s)-plots
Gauden PA
5292 - 5297 Experimental and simulated propene isotherms on porous solids
Navarro MV, Puertolas B, Garcia T, Murillo R, Mastral AM, Varela-Gandia FJ, Lozano-Castello D, Cazorla-Amoros D, Bueno-Lopez A
5298 - 5304 The simplest model of adsorption of molecules with different orientations in adlayer on the stepped surface
Fefelov VF, Gorbunov VA, Myshlyavtsev AV, Myshlyavtseva MD, Evseeva S
5305 - 5310 Evaluation of confinement effects in zeolites under Henry's adsorption regime
Pera-Titus M, Llorens J
5311 - 5315 Studies of intrawall porosity in the hexagonally ordered mesostructures of SBA-15 by small angle X-ray scattering and nitrogen adsorption
Pikus S, Celer EB, Jaroniec M, Solovyov LA, Kozak M
5316 - 5322 Free volumes evolution during desorption of n-heptane from silica with regular pore geometry. Positron annihilation study
Goworek J, Zaleski R, Buda W, Kierys A
5323 - 5328 CO2 adsorption on branched polyethyleneimine-impregnated mesoporous silica SBA-15
Sanz R, Calleja G, Arencibia A, Sanz-Perez ES
5329 - 5333 Determination of the spatial distribution of multiple fluid phases in porous media by ultra-small-angle neutron scattering
Kainourgiakis M, Steriotis T, Charalambopoulou G, Strobl M, Stubos A
5334 - 5342 A metal-ion-assisted assembly approach to synthesize disulfide-bridged periodical mesoporous organosilicas with high sulfide contents and efficient adsorption
Hao N, Han L, Yang YX, Wang HT, Webley PA, Zhao DY
5343 - 5348 An alternative method to remove PEO-PPO-PEO template in organic-inorganic mesoporous nanocomposites by sulfuric acid extraction
Zhuang X, Qian XF, Lv JH, Wan Y
5349 - 5354 Optical, structural and adsorption properties of zinc peroxide/hydrogel nanohybrid films
Sebok D, Janovak L, Dekany I
5355 - 5360 Analysis of structure and properties of active carbons and their copolymeric precursors
Sobiesiak M, Gawdzik B, Puziy AM, Poddubnaya OI
5361 - 5364 Surface heterogeneity of polysiloxane xerogels functionalized by 3-aminopropyl groups
Zub YL, Stolyarchuk NV, Barczak M, Dabrowski A
5365 - 5369 Molecular simulation of C-60 adsorption onto a TiO2 rutile (110) surface
Carvalho AJP, Ramalho JPP
5370 - 5375 Functionalized SBA-15 organosilicas as sorbents of zinc(II) ions
Barczak M, Skwarek E, Janusz W, Dabrowski A, Pikus S
5376 - 5380 Monte Carlo model of CO adsorption on supported Pt nanoparticle
Myshlyavtsev AV, Stishenko PV
5381 - 5387 Mapping charge-mosaic surfaces in electrolyte solutions using surface charge microscopy
Drelich J, Yin XH
5388 - 5394 Deposition of latex particles encapsulated in polyelectrolyte shells at heterogeneous metal surfaces modified by multilayer films
Szyk-Warszynska L, Trybala A, Warszynski P
5395 - 5398 Ordered mesoporous solids as model substances for liquid adsorption
Kalies G, Rockmann R, Tuma D, Gapke J
5399 - 5405 Evaluating the surface density and heterogeneity of a dithiobis (succinimidylpropionate) self-assembled monolayer on gold and its coupling with DNA embedded within a matrix
Rudzinski WE, Francis K
5406 - 5411 Adsorption of Al-13-Keggin clusters to sapphire c-plane single crystals: Kinetic observations by streaming current measurements
Lutzenkirchen J, Kupcik T, Fuss M, Walther C, Sarpola A, Sundman O
5412 - 5415 The effect of electrolytes on the surface potential at the rutile/aqueous interface
Preocanin T, Selmani A, Mazur D, Kallay N
5416 - 5421 Characterization of uranium(VI) sorption by organobentonite
Majdan M, Pikus S, Gajowiak A, Gladysz-Plaska A, Krzyzanowska H, Zuk J, Bujacka M
5422 - 5427 Adsorption and solid phase extraction of 8-hydroxyquinoline from aqueous solutions by using natural bentonite
Erdem B, Ozcan A, Ozcan AS
5428 - 5433 Analysis of adsorption properties of N719 dye molecules on nanoporous TiO2 surface for dye-sensitized solar cell
Hwang KJ, Shim WG, Jung SH, Yoo SJ, Lee JW
5434 - 5438 Removal of recalcitrant pollutants from wastewater
Pasieczna-Patkowska S, Czech B, Ryczkowski J, Patkowski J
5439 - 5443 Adsorption behavior of a textile dye of Reactive Blue 19 from aqueous solutions onto modified bentonite
Gok O, Ozcan AS, Ozcan A
5444 - 5448 Co-adsorption of surfactants and propyl gallate on the hydrophilic oxide surfaces
Drach M, Jablonski J, Narkiewicz-Michalek J, Szymula M
5449 - 5452 Adsorption of biodegradable chelating compounds on inorganic oxides
Debczak A, Ryczkowski J, Patkowski J
5453 - 5457 Regeneration of thiol-functionalized mesostructured silica adsorbents of mercury
Arencibia A, Aguado J, Arsuaga JM
5458 - 5462 Removal of fluoride in aqueous solution by adsorption on acid activated water treatment sludge
Vinitnantharat S, Kositchaiyong S, Chiarakorn S
5463 - 5469 Changes in wetting and energetic properties of glass caused by deposition of different lipid layers
Golabek M, Holysz L
5470 - 5474 Adsorption of paracresol in silicalite-1 and pure silica faujasite. A comparison study using molecular simulation
Narasimhan L, Boulet P, Kuchta B, Vagner C, Schaf O, Denoyel R
5475 - 5481 Effect of different solid matrixes on surface free energy of EGDMA and TRIM polymers
Terpilowski K, Chibowski E
5482 - 5485 Water vapour sorption on hydrophilic and hydrophobic nanoporous materials
Enke D, Ruckriem M, Schreiber A, Adolphs J
5486 - 5491 Simultaneous adsorption of dyes and heavy metals from multicomponent solutions using fly ash
Visa M, Bogatu C, Duta A
5492 - 5497 Development of new composite biosorbents from olive pomace wastes
Pagnanelli F, Cruz Viggi C, Toro L
5498 - 5502 Heats of interaction of hydrogen with gold and platinum powders and its effect on the subsequent adsorptions of oxygen and noble gases
Groszek AJ, Lalik E, Haber J
5503 - 5507 Separation of chiral molecules by temperature programmed desorption
Szabelski P
5508 - 5512 Length dependency of hydrocarbon adsorption on nanostacked MFI zeolite by tracer chromatography
Jin H, Prasetyanto EA, Jiang N, Oh SM, Park SE
5513 - 5519 Mesoporous "core-shell" adsorbents and catalysts with controllable morphology
Barmatova MV, Ivanchikova ID, El'kina EI, Shmakov AN, Mel'gunov MS, Fenelonov VB
5520 - 5527 VPO catalysts synthesized on substrates with modified activated carbons
Skubiszewska-Zieba J
5528 - 5532 Adsorption and desorption characteristics of barium oxide at high temperature
Park JH, Cho YS, Yi KB, Han SS, Cho SH
5533 - 5538 The n-butyl amine TPD measurement of Bronsted acidity for solid catalysts by simultaneous TG/DTG-DTA
Sasca V, Avram L, Verdes O, Popa A
5539 - 5544 Thermal treatment of organoclays: Effect on the aqueous sorption of nitrobenzene on n-hexadecyltrimethyl ammonium montmorillonite
Borisover M, Bukhanovsky N, Lapides I, Yariv S
5545 - 5550 Infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy in catalysis and surface science
Ryczkowski J
5551 - 5558 Nano- and micro-powder of zirconia and ceria-supported cobalt catalysts for the steam reforming of bio-ethanol
Machocki A, Denis A, Grzegorczyk W, Gac W
5559 - 5565 Relation between adsorption and catalysis in the case of NiO and Co3O4
Arvaniti I, Netos V, Siokos V, Metaxa E, Kalantzopoulou FR
5566 - 5571 Heterogeneous adsorption and catalytic oxidation of benzene, toluene and xylene over spent and chemically regenerated platinum catalyst supported on activated carbon
Shim WG, Kim SC
5572 - 5575 Investigation of oxide catalysts activity in the NOx neutralisation with organic reductants
Turek W, Plis A, Da Costa P, Krzton A
5576 - 5580 Modifications induced by potassium addition on chromia/alumina catalysts and their influence on the catalytic activity for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Rombi E, Gazzoli D, Cutrufello MG, De Rossi S, Ferino I
5581 - 5584 Surface and catalytic properties of potassium-modified cobalt molybdenum catalysts for ammonia synthesis
Moszynski D, Jedrzejewski R, Ziebro J, Arabczyk W
5585 - 5589 Studies of catalytic process of complete oxidation of methane by SSITKA method
Rotko M, Machocki A, Stasinska B