Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4859 - 4866 The electrochemical and mechanical properties of Ti incorporated amorphous carbon films in Hanks' solution
Hong CF, Tu JP, Liu DG, Li RL, Gu CD
4867 - 4872 Water and oil repellency of flexible silica-coated polymeric substrates
Hsieh CT, Cheng YS, Hsu SM, Lin JY
4873 - 4878 Morphology and microstructure of patterned nickel incorporated amorphous carbon films by simple pyrolysis
Wan SH, Yu YL, Zhang JY, Wang LP
4879 - 4882 Growth and characterization of Cd1-xZnxTe thin films prepared from elemental multilayer deposition
Ganguly R, Hajra S, Mandal T, Banerjee P, Ghosh B
4883 - 4887 Synthesis and characterization of GaN nanowires by ammoniating Ga2O3/Cr thin films deposited on Si(111) substrates
Shi F, Wang ZP, Xue CS
4888 - 4893 Electrochemical behavior of cobalt from 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid
Su CN, An MZ, Yang PX, Gu HW, Guo XH
4894 - 4901 Prediction of protein interaction behaviour with PEG-grafted matrices using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Damodaran VB, Fee CJ, Popat KC
4902 - 4905 Enhanced dielectric properties of lead barium zirconate thin films by manganese doping
Hao XH, Zhai JW, Zhou J, Li XW, Song XW, An SL
4906 - 4914 Atomic oxygen recombination on the ODS PM 1000 at high temperature under air plasma
Balat-Pichelin M, Beche E
4915 - 4923 Preferred orientations in nano-gold/silica/silicon interfaces
Vasisht S, Shirokoff J
4924 - 4929 The effect of chromic sulfate concentration and immersion time on the structures and anticorrosive performance of the Cr(III) conversion coatings on aluminum alloys
Chen WK, Bai CY, Liu CM, Lin CS, Ger MD
4930 - 4933 Water condensation on zinc surfaces treated by chemical bath deposition
Narhe RD, Gonzalez-Vinas W, Beysens DA
4934 - 4937 Characterization of ZnO thin film synthesized on alumina-rich spinel substrate by magnetron sputtering
Tang HL, Xu J, Li HJ, Dong YJ, Wang YZ, Wu F
4938 - 4944 Microstructures and tribological properties of plasma sprayed WC-Co-Cu-BaF2/CaF2 self-lubricating wear resistant coatings
Yuan JH, Zhu YC, Ji H, Zheng XB, Ruan QC, Niu YR, Liu ZW, Zeng Y
4945 - 4952 Effects of mesoporous structure and UV irradiation on in vitro bioactivity of titania coatings
Guo YP, Tang HX, Zhou Y, Jia DC, Ning CQ, Guo YJ
4953 - 4958 Significant influence of particle surface oxidation on deposition efficiency, interface microstructure and adhesive strength of cold-sprayed copper coatings
Li WY, Li CJ, Liao HL
4959 - 4965 Considerations on the determining factors of the angular distribution of emitted particles in laser ablation
Konomi I, Motohiro T, Kobayashi T, Asaoka T
4966 - 4971 Temperature dependence of the optical band gap and electrical conductivity of sol-gel derived undoped and Li-doped ZnO films
Caglar M, Caglar Y, Aksoy S, Ilican S
4972 - 4976 Heterojunction light emitting diodes fabricated with different n-layer oxide structures on p-GaN layers by magnetron sputtering
Kong BH, Han WS, Kim YY, Cho HK, Kim JH
4977 - 4983 Low energy repetitive miniature plasma focus device as high deposition rate facility for synthesis of DLC thin films
Ghareshabani E, Rawat RS, Verma R, Karamat S, Sobhanian S
4984 - 4989 Protein immobilization capacity and covalent binding coverage of pulsed plasma polymer surfaces
Yin YB, Bax D, McKenzie DR, Bilek MMM
4990 - 4994 Field emission pressure sensors with non-silicon membranes
Badi N, Nair AM, Bensaoula A
4995 - 4999 Study of the morphological evolution of ZnO nanostructures on various sapphire substrates
Kar JP, Das SN, Choi JH, Lee TI, Myoung JM
5000 - 5005 Investigation on biological properties of tacrolimus-loaded poly(1,3-trimethylene carbonate) in vitro
Hou RX, Wu LG, Wang J, Huang N
5006 - 5010 Controllable synthesis of highly ordered Ag nanorod arrays by chemical deposition method
Xu J, Cheng GA, Zheng RT
5011 - 5014 Roughness evolution of Si surfaces upon Ar ion erosion
de Rooij-Lohmann VITA, Kozhevnikov IV, Peverini L, Ziegler E, Cuerno R, Bijkerk F, Yakshin AE
5015 - 5020 Morphology and antimony segregation of spangles on batch hot-dip galvanized coatings
Peng S, Lu JT, Che CS, Kong G, Xu QY
5021 - 5024 Enhancement of photoluminescence intensity from Si nanodots using Al2O3 surface passivation layer grown by atomic layer deposition
Sun E, Su FH, Chen CH, Chen MJ
5025 - 5030 A model for studying the kinetics of the formation of Fe2B boride layers at the surface of a gray cast iron
Keddam M, Chegroune R
5031 - 5034 Stabilization of a very high-k crystalline ZrO2 phase by post deposition annealing of atomic layer deposited ZrO2/La2O3 dielectrics on germanium
Abermann S, Henkel C, Bethge O, Pozzovivo G, Klang P, Bertagnolli E
5035 - 5041 Reflection absorption infrared spectroscopy during atomic layer deposition of HfO2 films from tetrakis(ethylmethylamido)hafnium and water
Sperling BA, Kimes WA, Maslar JE
5042 - 5045 A low temperature surface preparation method for STM nano-lithography on Si(100)
Mol JA, Beentjes SPC, Rogge S
5046 - 5050 Growth of TiO2 coating on wood surface using controlled hydrothermal method at low temperatures
Li J, Yu HP, Sun QF, Liu YX, Cui YZ, Lu Y
5051 - 5055 H2S-sensing properties of Pt-doped mesoporous indium oxide
Tu JC, Li N, Lai XY, Chi Y, Zhang YJ, Wang W, Li XT, Li JX, Qiu SL
5056 - 5060 Optical and electrical properties of nanocrystal zinc oxide films prepared by dc magnetron sputtering at different sputtering pressures
Tanusevski A, Georgieva V
5061 - 5068 Modification of three dimensional topography of the machined KDP crystal surface using wavelet analysis method
Wang HX, Zong WJ, Sun T, Liu Q
5069 - 5075 Structural and electrical characterization of the nickel silicide films formed at 850 degrees C by rapid thermal annealing of the Ni/Si(100) films
Utlu G, Artunc N, Budak S, Tari S
5076 - 5081 Annealing effect on CdS/SnO2 films grown by chemical bath deposition
Metin H, Erat S, Durmus S, Ari M
5082 - 5087 A comparative study of surface energy data from atomic force microscopy and from contact angle goniometry
Lamprou DA, Smith JR, Nevell TG, Barbu E, Stone C, Willis CR, Tsibouklis J
5088 - 5093 A density functional theory study of ethylene adsorption on Ni-10(111), Ni-13(100) and Ni-10(110) surface cluster models and Ni-13 nanocluster
Yilmazer ND, Fellah MF, Onal I
5094 - 5101 Reaction mechanism on reduction surface of mixed conductor membrane for H-2 production by coal-gas
Shen PJ, Ding WZ, Zhou YD, Huang SQ
5102 - 5107 Characteristics of ZnO:Al thin films co-doped with hydrogen and fluorine
Kim YH, Jeong J, Lee KS, Park JK, Baik YJ, Seong TY, Kim WM
5108 - 5115 Detection of algae and bacterial biofilms formed on titanium surfaces using micro-Raman analysis
Ramya S, George RP, Rao RVS, Dayal RK
5116 - 5119 Modulation of the photoluminescence of Si quantum dots by means of CO2 laser pre-annealing
Chen YB, Ren Y, Xiong RL, Zhao YY, Lu M
5120 - 5125 Phase compositions and ferroelectric properties of Pb(Zr-0.52,Ti-0.48)O-3 thin films with different highly orientations prepared by a sol-gel route
Chi QG, Li WL, Fei WD, Xu SC, Feng B