Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4411 - 4416 A novel chemical synthesis and characterization of Mn3O4 thin films for supercapacitor application
Dubal DP, Dhawale DS, Salunkhe RR, Pawar SM, Lokhande CD
4417 - 4422 Growth and field emission property of coiled carbon nanostructure using copper as catalyst
Zhang ZJ, He PG, Sun Z, Feng T, Chen YW, Li HL, Tay B
4423 - 4425 Influence of growth temperature of TiO2 buffer on structure and PL properties of ZnO films
Zhang WY, Zhao JG, Liu ZZ, Liu ZJ, Fu ZX
4426 - 4433 Fabrication of polyindene and polyindole nanostructures
Goel S, Mazumdar NA, Gupta A
4434 - 4437 Mechanism of aluminum hydroxide layer formation by surface modification of aluminum
Seo YI, Lee YJ, Kim DG, Lee KH, Kim YD
4438 - 4441 Determination of electrical types in the P-doped ZnO thin films by the control of ambient gas flow
Kim YY, Han WS, Cho HK
4442 - 4446 Fabrication and hard X-ray photoemission analysis of photocathodes with sharp solar-blind sensitivity using AlGaN films grown on Si substrates
Sumiya M, Kamo Y, Ohashi N, Takeguchi M, Heo YU, Yoshikawa H, Ueda S, Kobayashi K, Nihashi T, Hagino M, Nakano T, Fuke S
4447 - 4455 Adsorption of 2-nitrophenol by multi-wall carbon nanotubes from aqueous solutions
Arasteh R, Masoumi M, Rashidi AM, Moradi L, Samimi V, Mostafavi ST
4456 - 4461 Molecular imaging of in vivo calcium ion expression in area postrema of total sleep deprived rats: Implications for cardiovascular regulation by TOF-SIMS analysis
Mai FD, Chen LY, Ling YC, Chen BJ, Wu UI, Chang HM
4462 - 4467 Influence of temperature annealing on optical properties of SrTiO3/BaTiO3 multilayered films on indium tin oxide
Supasai T, Dangtip S, Learngarunsri P, Boonyopakorn N, Wisitsoraat A, Hodak SK
4468 - 4472 Solution-processed p-doped hole-transport layer and its application in organic light-emitting diodes
Zhang XW, Wu ZX, Wang DW, Wang DD, He RL, Hou X
4473 - 4479 Efficient epoxidation over cyanocobalamine containing SBA-15 organic-inorganic nanohybrids
Karimi Z, Mahjoub AR
4480 - 4487 p-Chlorophenol adsorption on activated carbons with basic surface properties
Lorenc-Grabowska E, Gryglewicz G, Machnikowski J
4488 - 4492 Nitrogen doping-mediated room-temperature ferromagnetism in insulating Co-doped SnO2 films
Liu XF, Iqbal J, Yang SL, He B, Yu RH
4493 - 4496 Current-voltage characterization of Au contact on sol-gel ZnO films with and without conducting polymer
Lin YJ, Jheng MJ, Zeng JJ
4497 - 4501 Preparation, characterization and properties of novel covalently surface-functionalized zinc oxide nanoparticles
Sato M, Harada H, Morito S, Fujita Y, Shimosaki S, Urano T, Nakamura M
4502 - 4511 Dependence of surface nano-structural modifications of Ti implanted by N+ ions on temperature
Firouzi-Arani M, Savaloni H, Ghoranneviss M
4512 - 4516 Elastic-plastic analyses on the residual stresses and curvature of the film/substrate bilayer system
Zhang XC, Xuan FZ, Wang ZD, Tu ST
4517 - 4521 Carbon monoxide adsorption on Co deposited Pt(100)-hex: IRRAS and LEED investigations
Wadayama T, Yoshida H, Ogawa K, Todoroki N, Yamada Y
4522 - 4526 Comparison of surface films formed on titanium by pulsed Nd:YAG laser irradiation at different powers and wavelengths in nitrogen atmosphere
Ohtsu N, Kodama K, Kitagawa K, Wagatsuma K
4527 - 4532 Effects of atomic oxygen treatment on structures, morphologies and electrical properties of ZnO:Al films
Wang WW, Li CZ, Zhang JY, Diao XG
4533 - 4537 Improved performance of TiO2 electrodes coated with NiO by magnetron sputtering for dye-sensitized solar cells
Li L, Chen RJ, Jing G, Zhang GY, Wu F, Chen S
4538 - 4542 Influence of the heating temperature on the properties of nickel doped TiO2 films prepared by sol-gel method
Kisand V, Joost U, Reedo V, Parna R, Tatte T, Shulga J, Saar A, Matisen L, Kikas A, Kink I
4543 - 4547 Effect of aging time of ZnO sol on the structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel method
Li YM, Xu LH, Li XY, Shen XQ, Wang AL
4548 - 4553 SiOxNy thin films with variable refraction index: Microstructural, chemical and mechanical properties
Godinho V, de Haro MCJ, Garcia-Lopez J, Goossens V, Terryn H, Delplancke-Ogletree MP, Fernandez A
4554 - 4558 Rubbing effect on surface morphology and thermoelectric properties of TTF-TCNQ thin films
Tamayo E, Hayashi K, Shinano T, Miyazaki Y, Kajitani T
4559 - 4563 Characterization of the surface and the interphase of PVC-copper amine-treated wood composites
Jiang HH, Kamdem DP
4564 - 4569 The impact of annealing temperature and time on the electrical performance of Ti/Pt thin films
Grosser M, Schmid U
4570 - 4581 Surface characterization of acidic ceria-zirconia prepared by direct sulfation
Azambre B, Zenboury L, Weber JV, Burg P
4582 - 4585 Adhesion and stress of magnesium oxide thin films: Effect of thickness, oxidation temperature and duration
Tamboli SH, Puri V, Puri RK
4586 - 4590 The influence of polymer concentrations on the structure and mechanical properties of porous polycaprolactone-coated hydroxyapatite scaffolds
Zhao J, Duan K, Zhang JW, Lu X, Weng J
4591 - 4595 Structural and optical properties of a-Si1-xCx:H films synthesized by dc magnetron sputtering technique
Keffous A, Cheriet A, Belkacem Y, Gabouze N, Boukezzata A, Boukennous Y, Brighet A, Cherfi R, Kechouane M, Guerbous L, Menous I, Menari H
4596 - 4600 Immobilization of cholesterol oxidase to finely dispersed silica-coated maghemite nanoparticles based magnetic fluid
Sulek F, Knez Z, Habulin M
4601 - 4605 Oxygen influence on sputtered high rate ZnO:Al films from dual rotatable ceramic targets
Zhu H, Hupkes J, Bunte E, Huang SM
4606 - 4611 Structure evolution and stoichiometry control of Pb(Zr, Ti)O-3 thick films fabricated by electrospray assisted vapour deposition
Du J, Wu YQ, Choy KL, Shipway PH
4612 - 4620 Mechanics and energy analysis on molten pool spreading during laser solid forming
Yu J, Lin X, Wang JJ, Chen J, Huang WD
4621 - 4625 Characterization and properties of ZnO1-xSx alloy films fabricated by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Pan HL, Yang T, Yao B, Deng R, Sui RY, Gao LL, Shen DZ
4626 - 4632 Composition, morphology and surface recombination rate of HCl-isopropanol treated and vacuum annealed InAs(111)A surfaces
Kesler VG, Seleznev VA, Kovchavtsev AP, Guzev AA
4633 - 4641 Comparison of the laser ablation process on Zn and Ti using pulsed digital holographic interferometry
Amer E, Gren P, Kaplan AFH, Sjodahl M, El Shaer M
4642 - 4646 A comparative study of field emission properties of carbon nanotube films prepared by vacuum filtration and screen-printing
Qian M, Feng T, Wang K, Ding H, Chen YW, Sun Z
4647 - 4655 Influence of hydrogen bonds and double bonds on the alkane and alkene derivatives self-assembled monolayers on HOPG surface: STM observation and computer simulation
Miao XR, Chen CM, Zhou J, Deng WL
4656 - 4660 Optimization of laser patterning of textured gallium-doped zinc oxide for amorphous silicon photovoltaics
Qiao Q, Ma K, Wang YQ, Zhang GC, Shi ZR, Li GH
4661 - 4666 Spectroscopic characterization approach to study surfactants effect on ZnO2 nanoparticles synthesis by laser ablation process
Drmosh QA, Gondal MA, Yamani ZH, Saleh TA
4667 - 4671 Size dependent 2p(3/2) binding-energy shift of Ni nanoclusters on SiO2 support: Skin-depth local strain and quantum trapping
Nie YG, Pan JS, Zhang Z, Chai JW, Wang SJ, Yang CS, Li D, Sun CQ
4672 - 4676 Humidity effect on the interaction between carbon nanotubes and graphite
Chabrier D, Bhushan B, Marsaudon S
4677 - 4681 Excellent stability of plasma-sprayed bioactive Ca3ZrSi2O9 ceramic coating on Ti-6Al-4V
Liang Y, Xie YT, Ji H, Huang LP, Zheng XB
4682 - 4686 Characterization of a-plane orientation ZnO film grown on GaN/Sapphire template by pulsed laser deposition
Han XY, Dai JN, Yu CH, Wu ZH, Chen CQ, Gao YH
4687 - 4691 Micromould based laser shock embossing of thin metal sheets for MEMS applications
Liu HX, Shen ZB, Wang X, Wang HJ, Tao MK
4692 - 4696 Aligned synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with high purity by aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition: Effect of water vapor
Liu H, Zhang Y, Li RY, Sun XL, Wang FP, Ding ZF, Merel P, Desilets S
4697 - 4701 The wetting behaviour of silver on carbon, pure and carburized nickel, cobalt and molybdenum substrates
Hula RC, Edtmaier C, Holzweber M, Hutter H, Eisenmenger-Sittner C
4702 - 4707 Preparation and optical properties of ZnGa2O4:Cr3+ thin films derived by sol-gel process
Zhang WW, Zhang JY, Yuan L, Chen ZY, Wang TM
4708 - 4714 Laser induction hybrid rapid cladding of WC particles reinforced NiCrBSi composite coatings
Zhou SF, Dai XQ
4715 - 4719 CO2 sensing properties of semiconducting copper oxide and spinel ferrite nanocomposite thin film
Chapelle A, Oudrhiri-Hassani F, Presmanes L, Barnabe A, Tailhades P
4720 - 4723 Reversible wettability of nanostructured ZnO thin films by sol-gel method
Lu JG, Kai H, Chen XM, Zhu JB, Meng FM, Song XP, Sun ZQ
4724 - 4728 Low-temperature growth of ZnO nanorods on PET fabrics with two-step hydrothermal method
Zhou ZY, Zhao YP, Cai ZS
4729 - 4733 Molecular modeling study on inhibition performance of imidazolines for mild steel in CO2 corrosion
Liu JX, Yu WZ, Jun Z, Hu SQ, Long Y, Qiao GM
4734 - 4737 Thermal stability of CdZnO thin films grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Li L, Yang Z, Zuo Z, Lim JH, Liu JL
4738 - 4744 Manipulation and behavior modeling of one-dimensional nanomaterials on a structured surface
Sen W, Xing F, Hu XD, Hu XT
4745 - 4756 Surface treatments toward obtaining clean GaN(0001) from commercial hydride vapor phase epitaxy and metal-organic chemical vapor deposition substrates in ultrahigh vacuum
Hattori AN, Endo K, Hattori K, Daimon H
4757 - 4760 Influence of dopant level on structural, optical and magnetic properties of Co-doped anatase TiO2 nanoparticles
Karthik K, Pandian SK, Kumar KS, Jaya NV
4761 - 4761 The effect of lanthanide impurities on the physical properties of half-metallic ferromagnet Co2MnSi (vol 255, pg 685, 2008)
Tetean R, Chioncel L, Burzo E, Bucur N, Bezergheanu A, Deac IG