Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.13 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4054 - 4064 Gap states at organic-metal interfaces: A combined spectroscopic and theoretical study
Masuda S
4065 - 4071 Structural, optical and electrochemical properties of TiO2 thin films grown by APCVD method
Quinonez C, Vallejo W, Gordillo G
4072 - 4080 Grease-lubricated tribological behaviour of nitrided layer on 2Cr13 steel in vacuum
Yang JQ, Liu Y, Ye ZY, Yang DZ, He SY, Li XL
4081 - 4083 Theoretical calculation of the temperature coefficient of surface excess entropy of pure liquid metals
Ayyad AH
4084 - 4088 Lateral manipulation of small clusters on the Cu and Ag(111) surfaces with the single-atom and trimer-apex tips: Reliability study
Xie YQ, Liu F, Huang L
4089 - 4094 Corrosion behavior and composition analysis of chromate passive film on electroless Ni-P coating
Mu SL, Li N, Li DY, Xu LY
4095 - 4102 Facile preparation of super-hydrophobic and super-oleophilic silica film on stainless steel mesh via sol-gel process
Yang H, Pi PH, Cai ZQ, Wen XF, Wang XB, Cheng J, Yang ZR
4103 - 4108 Influence of absorbed moisture on desizing of poly(vinyl alcohol) on cotton fabrics during atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment
Peng SJ, Liu XL, Sun J, Gao ZQ, Yao L, Qiu YP
4109 - 4113 Synthesis and magnetic properties of Cu-coated Fe composite nanoparticles
Zhang X, Wang BS, Xu XX
4114 - 4120 Growth and characterization of thin ZnO films deposited on glass substrates by electrodeposition technique
Mouet T, Devers T, Telia A, Messai Z, Harel V, Konstantinov K, Kante I, Ta MT
4121 - 4124 Improving the electrical conductivity of CuCrO2 thin film by N doping
Dong GB, Zhang M, Zhao XP, Yan H, Tian CY, Ren YG
4125 - 4128 A simple method for large-scale preparation of ZnS nanoribbon film and its photocatalytic activity for dye degradation
Wang C, Ao YH, Wang PF, Zhang SH, Qian J, Hou J
4129 - 4135 Effect of ambient gas on structural and optical properties of titanium oxynitride films
Rawal SK, Chawla AK, Chawla V, Jayaganthan R, Chandra R
4136 - 4141 Study of ammonia molecule adsorbing on diamond (100) surface
Ma YD, Jin H, Dai Y, Huang BB
4142 - 4148 Drilling enhancement by nanosecond-nanosecond collinear dual-pulse laser ablation of titanium in vacuum
Krstulovic N, Milosevic S
4149 - 4152 Improvement of corrosion resistance of nitrided low alloy steel by plasma post-oxidation
Li Y, Wang L, Zhang DD, Shen L
4153 - 4156 Nitrogen-doped ZnO prepared by capillaritron reactive ion beam sputtering deposition
Chao LC, Shih YR, Li YK, Chen JW, Wu JD, Ho CH
4157 - 4161 Improvement of interfacial adhesion in vertical GaN-based LEDs by introducing O-2 plasma cleaning and intermediate layers
Kim S
4162 - 4165 The structure and magnetic properties of Cu-doped ZnO prepared by sol-gel method
Liu HL, Yang JH, Hua Z, Zhang YJ, Yang LL, Xiao L, Xie Z
4166 - 4170 Process and performance of hot dip zinc coatings containing ZnO and Ni-P under layers as barrier protection
Hamid ZA, Aal AA, Hassan HB, Shaaban A
4171 - 4175 Formation of amine groups on the surface of GaN: A method for direct biofunctionalization
Stine R, Simpkins BS, Mulvaney SP, Whitman LJ, Tamanaha CR
4176 - 4184 Microstructures and properties of plasma sprayed FeAl/CeO2/ZrO2 nano-composite coating
Yin B, Liu G, Zhou HD, Chen JM, Yan FY
4185 - 4191 Silicon MIS diodes with Cr2O3 nanofilm: Optical, morphological/structural and electronic transport properties
Erdogan IY, Gullu O
4192 - 4195 Switching of hydrophilic to ultra hydrophilic properties of flower-like gold nanostructures
Dhumale VA, Shah PV, Mulla IS, Sharma RB
4196 - 4200 Effect of Fe state on electrocatalytic activity of Pd-Fe/C catalyst for oxygen reduction
Tang YW, Cao S, Chen Y, Lu TH, Zhou YM, Lu LD, Bao JC
4201 - 4205 Synthesis and characterization of Mn-doped ZnO column arrays
Yang M, Guo ZX, Qiu KH, Long JP, Yin GF, Guan DG, Liu ST, Zhou SJ
4206 - 4210 Calculation of temperature fields with a film-substrate interfacial layer model to discuss the layer-pair number effects on the damage thresholds of LaF3/MgF2 high reflectors at 355 nm
Liu GH, Zhou M, Hu GH, Liu XF, Jin YX, He HB, Fan ZX
4211 - 4214 Nitrogen bonding in aluminum oxynitride films
Wang PW, Hsu JC, Lin YH, Chen HL
4215 - 4219 STM/STS characterization of platinum silicide nanostructures grown on a Pt(111) surface
Koczorowski W, Bazarnik M, Cegiel M, Petroutchik A, Wawro A, Czajka R
4220 - 4225 The friction property of super-hydrophobic cotton textiles
Su CH, Li J
4226 - 4230 Formation and bioactivity of porous titania containing nanostructured Ag
Wen M, Zhou LM, Guan WM, Li YQ, Zhang JM
4231 - 4240 Surface treatment of nanoporous silicon with noble metal ions and characterizations
Kanungo J, Maji S, Mandal AK, Sen S, Bontempi E, Balamurugan AK, Tyagi AK, Uvdal K, Sinha S, Saha H, Basu S
4241 - 4245 Characterization of ZnO thin films grown on various substrates by RF magnetron sputtering
Lee KH, Cho NI, Yun EJ, Nam HG
4246 - 4252 A comparison study of scratch and wear properties using atomic force microscopy
Tseng AA
4253 - 4259 How photocatalytic activity of the MAO-grown TiO2 nano/micro-porous films is influenced by growth parameters?
Bayati MR, Golestani-Fard F, Moshfegh AZ
4260 - 4268 Properties of carbon and iron modified TiO2 photocatalyst synthesized at low temperature and photodegradation of acid orange 7 under visible light
Wu YM, Zhang JL, Xiao L, Chen F
4269 - 4271 GaAs(001) planarization after conventional oxide removal utilising self-governed InAs QD site selection
Bastiman F, Cullis AG
4272 - 4279 Tribological properties of the Ti-Al-N thin films with different components fabricated by double-targeted co-sputtering
Li XC, Li CS, Zhang Y, Tang H, Li GW, Mo CC
4280 - 4287 AFM, XPS and RBS studies of the growth process of CdS thin films on ITO/glass substrates deposited using an ammonia-free chemical process
Mazon-Montijo DA, Sotelo-Lerma M, Rodriguez-Fernandez L, Huerta L
4288 - 4291 A simple way to prepare monolayer films of the magnetite nanocrystal by the Langmuir-Blodgett-like technique
Li DG, Yu XJ, Dong YH, Zhang LP, Li ZF, Zhao ZD
4292 - 4298 Facile controlled synthesis of micro/nanostructure MCrO4 (M = Ba, Pb) by using Gemini surfactant C-12-PEG-C-12 as a soft template
Chang WG, Shen YH, Xie AJ, Liu X
4299 - 4303 Optical characterization and determination of carrier density of ultrasonically sprayed CdS:Cu films
Kose S, Atay F, Bilgin V, Akyuz I, Ketenci E
4304 - 4309 The Al-doping and post-annealing treatment effects on the structural and optical properties of ZnO:Al thin films deposited on Si substrate
Ding JJ, Chen HX, Ma SY
4310 - 4316 The comparison of photocatalytic activity of synthesized TiO2 and ZrO2 nanosize onto wool fibers
Moafi HF, Shojaie AF, Zanjanchi MA
4317 - 4321 Evolution of MoTeOx/SiO2 and MoBiTeOx/SiO2 catalysts in the partial oxidation of propane to acrolein
He YM, Wu Y
4322 - 4327 Corrosion and oxidation properties of NiCr coatings sprayed in presence of gas shroud system
Morks MF, Berndt CC
4328 - 4333 Synthesis of SnS thin films via galvanostatic electrodeposition and fabrication of CdS/SnS heterostructure for photovoltaic applications
Ghosh B, Roy R, Chowdhury S, Banerjee P, Das S
4334 - 4338 Deposition of thick and adherent Teflon-like coating on industrial scale stainless steel shell using pulsed dc and RF PECVD
Satyaprasad A, Nema SK, Sinha NK, Raj B
4339 - 4343 Preparation and electrochemistry of one-dimensional nanostructured MnO2/PPy composite for electrochemical capacitor
Li J, Cui L, Zhang XG
4344 - 4349 Morphology and composition on Al surface irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
Li XH, Yuan CH, Yang HD, Li JW, Huang WH, Tang DC, Xu Q
4350 - 4356 Densification behavior of gas and water atomized 316L stainless steel powder during selective laser melting
Li RD, Shi YS, Wang ZG, Wang L, Liu JH, Jiang W
4357 - 4364 Synthesis of micro- or nano-crystalline diamond films on WC-Co substrates with various pretreatments by hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Wei QP, Yu ZM, Ashfold MNR, Ye J, Ma L
4365 - 4369 Ternary semiconductor compounds CuInS2 (CIS) thin films synthesized by electrochemical atomic layer deposition (EC-ALD)
Lin SX, Shi XZ, Zhang X, Kou HH, Wang CM
4370 - 4375 Removal of tarnishing and roughness of copper surface by electropolishing treatment
Awad AM, Ghany NAA, Dahy TM
4376 - 4382 Numerical modeling of laser shock peening with femtosecond laser pulses and comparisons to experiments
Wu BX, Tao S, Lei ST
4383 - 4390 Properties of boron and phosphorous incorporated tetrahedral amorphous carbon films grown using filtered cathodic vacuum arc process
Panwar OS, Khan MA, Satyanarayana BS, Kumar S, Ishpal
4391 - 4396 Simulation of polyurethane/activated carbon surface interactions
Travinskaya T, Perekhrest A, Savelyev Y, Kanellopoulos N, Papadopoulos K, Agiamarnioti K
4397 - 4401 Photoelectrochemical property and photocatalytic activity of N-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays
Xu JJ, Ao YH, Chen MD, Fu DG
4402 - 4407 Atomistic modeling of beta-Sn surface energies and adatom diffusivity
Sellers MS, Schultz AJ, Basaran C, Kofke DA
4408 - 4410 Stoney equation limits for samples deformed as a cylindrical surface
Pureza JM, Neri F, Lacerda MM