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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3357 - 3360 Quality of horizontally aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes: Is methane as carbon source better than ethanol?
Gao FL, Zhang LJ, Yang Y, Huang SM
3361 - 3364 Photoluminescence and field emission properties of Sn-doped ZnO microrods
Li LJ, Yu K, Wang Y, Zhu ZQ
3365 - 3368 Effect of Mn doping on the microstructures and photoluminescence properties of CBD derived ZnO nanorods
Lang JH, Han Q, Li CS, Yang JH, Li X, Yang LL, Wang DD, Zhai HJ, Gao M, Zhang YJ, Liu XY, Wei MB
3369 - 3373 Optimization of porous silicon preparation technology for SERS applications
Chursanova MV, Germash LP, Yukhymchuk VO, Dzhagan VM, Khodasevich IA, Cojoc D
3374 - 3379 Thin films of molecular materials synthesized from C32H20N10M (M = Co, Pb, Fe): Film formation, electrical and optical properties
Rodriguez A, Vergara MES, Montalvo VG, Ortiz A, Alvarez JR
3380 - 3385 Preparation of poly-o-phenylenediamine/TiO2/fly-ash cenospheres and its photo-degradation property on antibiotics
Huo PW, Yan YS, Li ST, Li HM, Huang WH
3386 - 3389 Room-temperature deposition of crystalline patterned ZnO films by confined dewetting lithography
Sepulveda-Guzman S, Reeja-Jayan B, De la Rosa E, Ortiz-Mendez U, Reyes-Betanzo C, Cruz-Silva R, Jose-Yacaman M
3390 - 3393 On the origin of intrinsic donors in ZnO
Sun F, Shan CX, Wang SP, Li BH, Zhang JY, Zhang ZZ, Zhao DX, Yao B, Shen DZ, Fan XW
3394 - 3408 Micro- to nanoscale surface morphology and friction response of tribological polyimide surfaces
Samyn P, Schoukens G, De Baets P
3409 - 3412 Generalized-stacking-fault energy and surface properties for HCP metals: A first-principles study
Wu XZ, Wang R, Wang SF
3413 - 3417 Peak overlaps and corresponding solutions in the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of hydrodesulfurization catalysts
Qiu LM, Xu GT
3418 - 3422 Atomic scale mass delivery driven by bend kink in single walled carbon nanotube
Kan BA, Ding JN, Ling ZY, Yuan NY, Cheng GG
3423 - 3426 Stability of hydrogen-terminated vicinal Si(111) surface under ambient atmosphere
Kolibal M, Cechal J, Bartosik M, Mach J, Sikola T
3427 - 3431 Investigation on cell biocompatible behaviors of polyaniline film fabricated via electroless surface polymerization
Liu S, Wang JQ, Zhang D, Zhang PL, Ou JF, Liu B, Yang SR
3432 - 3437 Growth characteristics and properties of ZnO:Ga thin films prepared by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering
Yen WT, Lin YC, Yao PC, Ke JH, Chen YL
3438 - 3442 The role of nitrogen in the preferential chromium segregation on the ferritic stainless steel (111) surface
Yuhara J, Matsui T
3443 - 3447 In situ formation of Al2O3-SiO2-SnO2 composite ceramic coating by microarc oxidation on Al-20%Sn alloy
Wang ZJ, Wu LN, Qi YL, Jiang ZH
3448 - 3452 Electron impinging on metallic thin film targets
Rouabah Z, Bouarissa N, Champion C
3453 - 3458 Laser crystallization of amorphous silicon films investigated by Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy
Jin J, Yuan ZJ, Huang L, Chen S, Shi WM, Cao ZC, Lou QH
3459 - 3463 The epoxy-siloxane/Al composite coatings with low infrared emissivity for high temperature applications
Hu C, Xu GY, Shen XM, Shao CM, Yan XX
3464 - 3467 Nanoindentation characterization of GaN epilayers on A-plane sapphire substrates
Lin MH, Wen HC, Huang CY, Jeng YR, Yau WH, Wu WF, Chou CP
3468 - 3471 Low operating temperature of oxygen gas sensor based on undoped and Cr-doped ZnO films
Al-Hardan N, Abdullah MJ, Aziz AA, Ahmad H
3472 - 3477 Increasing the octane number of gasoline using functionalized carbon nanotubes
Kish SS, Rashidi A, Aghabozorg HR, Moradi L
3478 - 3481 Surface defects and their role in the shock sensitivity of cyclotrimethylene-trinitramine
Bellitto VJ, Melnik MI
3482 - 3492 The positive charging effect of dielectric films irradiated by a focused electron beam
Li WQ, Zhang HB
3493 - 3498 Sunlight photocatalytic activity of CdS modified TiO2 loaded on activated carbon fibers
Zhao WX, Bai ZP, Ren AL, Guo B, Wu C
3499 - 3502 Strain relaxation in nano-patterned strained-Si/SiGe heterostructure on insulator
Liu XY, Liu WL, Ma XB, Lv SL, Song ZT, Lin CL
3503 - 3507 Investigation of interface roughness cross-correlation properties of optical thin films from total scattering losses
Pan YQ, Wu ZS, Hang LX
3508 - 3517 Studies on adhesion characteristics and corrosion behaviour of vinyltriethoxysilane/epoxy coating protective system on aluminium
Bajat JB, Milosev I, Jovanovic Z, Miskovic-Stankovic VB
3518 - 3521 Effect of UV lamp irradiation during oxidation of Zr/Pt/Si structure on electrical properties of Pt/ZrO2/Pt/Si structure
Bae JW, Lim JW, Mimura K, Uchikoshi M, Miyazaki T, Isshiki M
3522 - 3530 Studies on the effect of nozzle-to-substrate distance on the structural, electrical and optical properties of spray deposited CdIn2O4 thin films
Deokate RJ, Moholkar AV, Agawane GL, Pawar SM, Kim JH, Rajpure KY
3531 - 3540 Influence of Cu substrate surface oxides and heating rates during reflow on melting point of Sn-3.5Ag solder
Mittal J, Lin YW, Lin KL
3541 - 3545 The influence of the substrate temperature on the photovoltaic properties of spray-deposited CdS:In thin films
Ikhmayies SJ, Ahmad-Bitar RN
3546 - 3553 Properties of mesoporous tungstosilicic acid/titania composites prepared by sol-gel method
Blanco MN, Pizzio LR
3554 - 3558 Improvement of copper plating adhesion on silane modified PET film by ultrasonic-assisted electroless deposition
3559 - 3562 Effect of annealing temperature on structure, magnetic properties and optical characteristics in Zn0.97Cr0.03O nanoparticles
Liu Y, Yang JH, Guan QF, Yang LL, Liu HL, Zhang YJ, Wang YX, Wang DD, Lang JH, Yang YT, Fei LH, Wei MB
3563 - 3566 Titanium buffer layer for improved field emission of CNT based cold cathode
Srividya S, Gautam S, Jha P, Kumar P, Kumar A, Ojha US, Rawat JSBS, Pal S, Chaudhary PK, Harsh B, Sinha RK
3567 - 3572 Surface modification of plasticized PVC by dry cleaning methods: Consequences for artworks
Munoz CM
3573 - 3580 Synthesis and characterization of a hexagonal mesoporous silica with enhanced thermal and hydrothermal stabilities
AlOthman ZA, Apblett AW
3581 - 3585 Numerical analysis of partially molten splat during thermal spray process using the finite element method
Zirari M, El-Hadj AA, Bacha N
3586 - 3591 In situ Raman spectroscopy of phase transformation in CrOx-Y2O3 system at elevated temperatures
Xing LQ, Lu JQ, Bi QY, Pu ZY, Guo M, Wang YJ, Luo MF
3592 - 3597 Origin of the surface recombination centers in ZnO nanorods arrays by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Yang LL, Zhao QX, Willander M, Liu XJ, Fahlman M, Yang JH
3598 - 3602 Molecular assembly of tetracene on the (2 x 1)O reconstructed Cu(110) surface
Mao HY, Dou WD, Rehman AU, Liao Q, Zhang HJ, Li HY, He PM, Bao SN
3603 - 3606 Surface-stress-induced elongation of beta-Sn metal nanowires: A density-functional study
Kim YS, Lee SM, Song JY
3607 - 3611 Synthesis and characterization of nano-sepiolite by solvothermal method
Darvishi Z, Morsali A
3612 - 3617 Damage mechanism and morphology characteristics of chromium film in femtosecond laser rear-side ablation
Wang WJ, Jiang GD, Mei XS, Wang KD, Shao JY, Yang CJ
3618 - 3623 The effect of Al and Cr additions on pack cementation zinc coatings
Chaliampalias D, Papazoglou M, Tsipas S, Pavlidou E, Skolianos S, Stergioudis G, Vourlias G
3624 - 3629 Transparent water repellent silica films by sol-gel process
Dhere SL, Latthe SS, Kappenstein C, Pajonk GM, Ganesan V, Rao AV, Wagh PB, Gupta SC
3630 - 3635 Effect of laser irradiation on the structure and valence states of copper in Cu-phosphate glass by XPS studies
Khattak GD, Mekki A, Gondal MA
3636 - 3641 Formation of copper islands on a native SiO2 surface at elevated temperatures
Cechal J, Polcak J, Kolibal M, Babor P, Sikola T
3642 - 3646 Effect of silver on antibacterial properties of stainless steel
Liao KH, Ou KL, Cheng HC, Lin CT, Peng PW
3647 - 3652 Surface characterization of Ag/Titania adsorbents
Samokhvalov A, Nair S, Duin EC, Tatarchuk BJ
3653 - 3660 Femtosecond laser-induced concentric ring microstructures on Zr-based metallic glass
Ma FX, Yang JJ, Zhu XN, Liang CY, Wang HS
3661 - 3668 Double-ceramic-layer thermal barrier coatings based on La-2(Zr0.7Ce0.3)(2)O-7/La2Ce2O7 deposited by electron beam-physical vapor deposition
Xu ZH, He LM, Mu RD, He SM, Huang GH, Cao XQ
3669 - 3675 Microstructures, surface bonding states and room temperature ferromagnetisms of Zn0.95Co0.05O thin films doped with copper
Quan ZC, Li D, Sebo B, Liu W, Guo SS, Xu S, Huang HM, Fang GJ, Li MY, Zhao XZ
3676 - 3682 The control of the diameter of the nanorods prepared by dc reactive magnetron sputtering and the applications for DSSC
Meng LJ, Ren T, Li C
3683 - 3687 Study on wetting properties of periodical nanopatterns by a combinative technique of photolithography and laser interference lithography
Yang YL, Hsu CC, Chang TL, Kuo LS, Chen PH
3688 - 3692 Photoluminescence properties of a single tapered CuO nanowire
Huang CY, Chatterjee A, Liu SB, Wu SY, Cheng CL
3693 - 3697 Influence of surface topography and pore architecture of alkali-treated titanium on in vitro apatite deposition
Ravelingien M, Hervent AS, Mullens S, Luyten J, Vervaet C, Remon JP
3698 - 3701 Wetting and superhydrophobic properties of PECVD grown hydrocarbon and fluorinated-hydrocarbon coatings
Sarkar DK, Farzaneh M, Paynter RW
3702 - 3703 Improving the stability of organic light-emitting devices using a solution-processed hole-injecting layer (vol 255, pg 7970, 2009)
Zhang XW, Wu ZX, Wang DD, Wang DW, Hou X
3704 - 3704 Studies on electrodeposition of Fe-W alloys for fuel cell applications (vol 253, pg 2031, 2006)
Tharamani CN, Bera P, Jayaram V, Begum NS, Mayanna SM