Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3007 - 3009 AES, LEED and PYS investigation of Au deposits on InSe/Si(111) substrate
Abidri B, Ghaffour M, Abdellaoui A, Bouslama M, Hiadsi S, Monteil Y
3010 - 3017 Influence of conductive surface on adsorption behavior of ultrafiltration membrane
Salehi E, Madaeni SS
3018 - 3023 Photo-irradiation effects on the surface morphology of poly(p-phenylene vinylene) films
Marletta A, Vega ML, Rodrigues CA, Gobato YG, Costa LF, Faria RM
3024 - 3030 Effect of ECR-assisted microwave plasma nitriding treatment on the microstructure characteristics of FCVA deposited ultra-thin ta-C films for high-density magnetic storage applications
Wang GG, Zhang HY, Zhou HF, Kuang XP, Wu QB, Zuo HB, Han JC, Ma HT
3031 - 3034 Preparation of cross-linked copolymer microspheres 4VP/St and cobalt tetraphenylporphyrins supported on it
Wang RX, Jiao WZ, Gao BJ
3035 - 3039 Growth process and mechanism of a multi-walled carbon nanotube nest deposited on a silicon nanoporous pillar array
Jiang WF, Jian L, Yang XH, Li XJ
3040 - 3046 Electrochemical and surface characterisation of gold nanoparticle decorated multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Alexeyeva N, Kozlova J, Sammelselg V, Ritslaid P, Mandar H, Tammeveski K
3047 - 3050 Structural characterization and optical properties of UO2 thin films by magnetron sputtering
Chen QY, Lai XC, Bai B, Chu MF
3051 - 3057 The interface structure and band alignment at alumina/Cu(Al) alloy interfaces-Influence of the crystallinity of alumina films
Yoshitake M, Song WJ, Libra J, Masek K, Sutara F, Matolin V, Prince KC
3058 - 3062 Electric characterization of GaAs deposited on porous silicon by electrodeposition technique
Lajnef M, Chtourou R, Ezzaouia H
3063 - 3072 Biocidal action of ozone-treated polystyrene surfaces on vegetative and sporulated bacteria
Mahfoudh A, Barbeau J, Moisan M, Leduc A, Seguin J
3073 - 3076 Effect of heat treatment on bioactivity of anodic titania films
Zhao Y, Xiong TY, Huang WH
3077 - 3080 Reactive Pulsed Laser Deposition of titanium nitride thin film: Optimization of process parameters using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Krishnan R, Mathews T, Balamurugan AK, Dash S, Tyagi AK, Raj B, Jayaram V
3081 - 3085 Filtering performance improvement in V-doped ZnO/diamond surface acoustic wave filters
Luo JT, Zeng F, Pan F, Li HF, Niu JB, Jia R, Liu M
3086 - 3092 In vitro investigation of anodization and CaP deposited titanium surface using MG63 osteoblast-like cells
Lee JM, Lee JI, Lim YJ
3093 - 3097 Re-examination of characteristic FTIR spectrum of secondary layer in bilayer oleic acid-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Yang K, Peng HB, Wen YH, Li N
3098 - 3106 Ni-WC composite coatings by carburizing electrodeposited amorphous and nanocrystalline Ni-W alloys
Latif S, Mehmood M, Ahmad J, Aslam M, Ahmed M, Zhang ZD
3107 - 3115 Effect of ZnO on phase emergence, microstructure and surface modifications of calcium phosphosilicate glass/glass-ceramics having iron oxide
Sharma K, Dixit A, Bhattacharya S, Jagannath, Deo MN, Kothiyal GP
3116 - 3121 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of silver metallized TiO2 particles in the degradation of an azo dye methyl orange: Characterization and activity at different pH values
Devi LG, Reddy KM
3122 - 3127 X-ray diffraction studies on crystallite size evolution of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles prepared using mechanical alloying and sintering
Waje SB, Hashim M, Yusoff WDW, Abbas Z
3128 - 3132 A simple model for the growth kinetics of Fe2B iron boride on pure iron substrate
Keddam M, Ortiz-Dominguez M, Campos-Silva I, Martinez-Trinidad J
3133 - 3137 Substrate temperature influenced structural, electrical and optical properties of dc magnetron sputtered MoO3 films
Uthanna S, Nirupama V, Pierson JF
3138 - 3141 Photoluminescence and charge storage characteristics of silica nanocrystals: The role of stress-induced interface defects
Yuan CL, Lei W
3142 - 3147 Ultra smooth NiO thin films on flexible plastic (PET) substrate at room temperature by RF magnetron sputtering and effect of oxygen partial pressure on their properties
Nandy S, Goswami S, Chattopadhyay KK
3148 - 3154 Construction of europium hexacyanoferrate film and its electrocatalytic activity to tyrosine determination
Liu YJ, Yang ZZ, Zhong YW, Yu JY
3155 - 3159 X-ray photoelectron and X-ray absorption spectroscopic study on beta-FeSi2 thin films fabricated by ion beam sputter deposition
Esaka F, Yamamoto H, Matsubayashi N, Yamada Y, Sasase M, Yamaguchi K, Shamoto S, Magara M, Kimura T
3160 - 3165 Preparation and characterization of L-Leucine-modified amphiprotic bifunctional mesoporous SBA-15 molecular sieve as a drug carrier for ribavirin
Xu ZG, Ji YS, Guan M, Huang HY, Zhao CD, Zhang HX
3166 - 3169 Laser surface micro-drilling and texturing of metals for improvement of adhesion joint strength
Man HC, Chiu KY, Guo X
3170 - 3173 Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 thin films coated on metal substrate
Sun P, Liu HB, Yang HB, Fu WY, Liu SK, Li MH, Sui YM, Zhang YY, Li YX
3174 - 3177 Substrate temperature dependence of the properties of scandium-doped ZnO films deposited by sputtering
Miao CX, Zhao ZX, Zhao L, Ma ZQ
3178 - 3182 Atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition of NbSe2-TiSe2 composite thin films
Boscher ND, Carmalt CJ, Parkin IP
3183 - 3190 Preparation of highly ordered mesoporous AlSBA-15-SO3H hybrid material for the catalytic synthesis of chalcone under solvent-free condition
Li W, Xu KJ, Xu LL, Hua JL, Ma FY, Guo YH
3191 - 3196 Formation process of a strong water-repellent alumina surface by the sol-gel method
Feng LB, Li H, Song YF, Wang YL
3197 - 3203 The melting behaviors of the Nb(110) nanofilm: a molecular dynamics study
Yang XY, Wu D
3204 - 3210 Application of XPS spectral subtraction and multivariate analysis for the characterization of Ar+ ion beam modified polyimide surfaces
Pylypenko S, Artyushkova K, Fulghum JE
3211 - 3215 Microstructure and tribological behavior of pulsed laser deposited a-CNx films
Zheng XH, Tu JP, Song RG
3216 - 3223 Cu-Zn-Al mixed metal oxides derived from hydroxycarbonate precursors for H2S removal at low temperature
Jiang DH, Su LH, Ma L, Yao N, Xu XL, Tang HD, Li XN
3224 - 3227 Synthesis and characterization of Ag/BiVO4 composite photocatalyst
Zhang AP, Zhang JZ
3228 - 3233 Adsorptive removal of anionic dyes by modified nanoporous silica SBA-3
Anbia M, Hariri SA, Ashrafizadeh SN
3234 - 3239 Surface modification and characterization of magnesium hydroxide sulfate hydrate nanowhiskers
Gao CH, Li XG, Feng LJ, Lu SY, Liu JY
3240 - 3244 Synthesis and enrichment of a macromolecular surface modifier PP-b-PVP for polypropylene
Xu M, Shi XH, Chen HJ, Xiao T
3245 - 3248 Interfacial morphology and domain configurations in 0-3 PZT-Portland cement composites
Jaitanong N, Zeng HR, Li GR, Yin QR, Vittayakorn WC, Yimnirun R, Chaipanich A
3249 - 3252 Influence of oxygen on the formation of cubic boron nitride by r.f. magnetron sputtering
Qi G, Le YK
3253 - 3258 Influence of ethylene glycol pretreatment on effectiveness of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of polyethylene fibers
Wen Y, Li RX, Cai F, Fu K, Peng SJ, Jiang QR, Yao L, Qiu YP
3259 - 3264 Sliding behavior of water drops on sol-gel derived hydrophobic silica films
Latthe SS, Dhere SL, Kappenstein C, Imai H, Ganesan V, Rao AV, Wagh PB, Gupta SC
3265 - 3273 Dry sliding wear behaviour of magnesium oxide and zirconium oxide plasma electrolytic oxidation coated magnesium alloy
Srinivasan PB, Liang J, Blawert C, Dietzel W
3274 - 3280 Hydrophilic modification of microporous polysulfone membrane via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization of acrylamide
Qiu JH, Zhang YW, Shen YB, Zhang YT, Zhang HQ, Liu JD
3281 - 3285 Engineering the crystal growth behavior: "On substrate" MOD formation of ZnO hollow spheres
Tafulo PAR, Ferro M, Guerreiro A, Gonzalez-Aguilar G
3286 - 3292 A facile, green, and tunable method to functionalize carbon nanotubes with water-soluble azo initiators by one-step free radical addition
Yang YK, Qiu SQ, Xie XL, Wang XB, Li RKY
3293 - 3298 Effect of RF power on the optical and morphological properties of RF plasma polymerised linalyl acetate thin films
Anderson LJ, Jacob MV
3299 - 3302 Effect of strain relaxation of oxidation-treated SiGe epitaxial thin films and its nanomechanical characteristics
He BC, Wen HC, Chinag TY, Chang ZC, Lian DM, Yau WH, Wu WF, Chou CP
3303 - 3304 2D-isothermal compressibility of deposited gold layer on Au(111) surface
Ayyad AH
3305 - 3308 Fabrication and characterization of Au/SiO2 nanocomposite films
Zhuo BS, Li YG, Teng SY, Yang AC
3309 - 3315 Modification of bamboo-based activated carbon using microwave radiation and its effects on the adsorption of methylene blue
Liu QS, Zheng T, Li N, Wang P, Abulikemu G
3316 - 3320 Structural and electrical properties of (Na0.85K0.15)(0.5)Bi0.5TiO3 thin films deposited on LaNiO3 and Pt bottom electrodes
Zheng XJ, Dai SH, Feng X, Zhang T, Zhang DZ, Gong YQ, Chen YQ, He L
3321 - 3324 H-2 reactivity on the surfaces of In and Sn at 298 K
Terashima M, Yamakawa R, Tani Y, Uchida H, Kato S, Matsumura Y, Uchida HH, Sato M, Yartys VA, Maehlen JP
3325 - 3329 Multiple UV-blue luminescence emissions in electrochemical anodic etched n-type silicon wafer
Zhang YS, Yang ZM, Niu DL, Nie EY, Bai X, Jiao ZF, Jin Y, Gong M, Sun XS
3330 - 3336 Preparation and characterization of branched polymers as postoperative anti-adhesion barriers
Way TD, Hsieh SR, Chang CJ, Hung TW, Chiu CH
3337 - 3341 Sol-gel derived 6SrO center dot 6BaO center dot 7Al(2)O(3) thin films using metal alkoxides
Chavhan PM, Sharma RK, Kaushik NK
3342 - 3345 Diffusion research between Ni3Al coating and titanium alloy produced by plasma spraying process
Wang WM, Yang B, Du LZ, Zhang WG
3346 - 3351 Enhanced catalytic performances by surface silylation of Cu(II) Schiff base-containing SBA-15 in epoxidation of styrene with H2O2
Yang Y, Guan JQ, Qiu PP, Kan QB
3352 - 3356 A study of indium incorporation in In-rich InGaN grown by MOVPE
Guo Y, Liu XL, Song HP, Yang AL, Xu XQ, Zheng GL, Wei HY, Yang SY, Zhu QS, Wang ZG