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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Influence of deposition atmosphere on photocatalytic activity of TiO2/SiOx double-layers prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Seong SG, Kim EJ, Kim YS, Lee KE, Hahn SH
6 - 11 Effects of parylene C layer on high power light emitting diodes
He XY, Zhang FJ, Zhang X
12 - 16 Study the effect of striping in two-step anodizing process on pore arrangement of nano-porous alumina
Rahimi MH, Saramad S, Tabaian SH, Marashi SP, Zolfaghari A, Mohammadalinezhad M
17 - 20 Structural and optical properties of Ba(Ti1-x,Ni-x)O-3 thin films prepared by sol-gel process
Yang JT, Zhang T, Ni MM, Ding LH, Zhang WF
21 - 26 Investigation by EELS and TRIM simulation method of the interaction of Ar+ and N+ ions with the InP compound
Berrouachedi N, Bouslama M, Abdellaoui A, Ghaffour M, Jardin C, Hamaida K, Monteil Y, Lounis Z, Ouerdane A
27 - 32 Preparation of chitosan-ethylenediaminetetraacetate-enwrapped magnetic CoFe2O4 nanoparticles via zero-length emulsion crosslinking method
Qin RH, Li FS, Chen MY, Jiang W
33 - 38 Poly(sodium-p-styrenesulfonate) assisted microwave synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbon supported Pd nanoparticles for formic acid electro-oxidation
Sun ZP, Zhang XG, Tong H, Xue RL, Liang YY, Li HL
39 - 42 Synthesis and field emission of diamond-like carbon nanorods on TiO2/Ti nanotube arrays
Chen JB, Wang CW, Wang J, Li Y, Guo RS, Ma BH, Zhou F, Liu WM
43 - 45 Direct current magnetron sputtering deposition of InN thin films
Cai XM, Hao YQ, Zhang DP, Fan P
46 - 51 The effect of defects on the hydrogenation in Mg (0001) surface
Wu GX, Zhang JY, Wu YQ, Li Q, Chou KC, Bao XH
52 - 55 An active nano-supported interface designed from gold nanoparticles embedded on ionic liquid for depositing DNA
Lu LP, Kang TF, Cheng SY, Guo XR
56 - 60 XPS study of the O-2/SF6 microwave plasma oxidation of (001) GaAs surfaces
Monier G, Bideux L, Desplats O, Fontaine C, Robert-Goumet C, Gruzza B
61 - 66 Superhydrophobic surfaces fabricated by microstructuring of stainless steel using a femtosecond laser
Wu B, Zhou M, Li J, Ye X, Li G, Cai L
67 - 75 Fractal characteristics of an asphaltene deposited heterogeneous surface
Amin JS, Ayatollahi S, Alamdari A
76 - 80 An investigation into the effects of high laser fluence on hydroxyapatite/calcium phosphate films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Tri LQ, Chua DHC
81 - 84 Structure, surface morphological and opto-electronic properties of zinc sulphide thin films deposited by dip method
Hankare PP, Chate PA, Sathe DJ, Patil AA
85 - 89 Influence of Fe ions in characteristics and optical properties of mesoporous titanium oxide thin films
Zhang Y, Shen Y, Gu F, Wu MM, Xie Y, Zhang JC
90 - 95 The effect of Si surface nitridation on the interfacial structure and electrical properties of (La2O3)(0.5)(SiO2)(0.5) high-k gate dielectric films
Gao LG, Yin KB, Chen L, Guo HX, Xia YD, Yin J, Liu ZG
96 - 98 Graphite dislocations induced by collision of neutral mercury droplets
Ouseph PJ
99 - 104 Corrosion resistance and blood compatibility of lanthanum ion implanted pure iron by MEVVA
Zhu SF, Huang N, Shu H, Wu YP, Xu L
105 - 111 Four-zone solidification microstructure formed by laser melting of copper thin films
Zhong R, Kulovits A, Wiezorek JMK, Leonard JP
112 - 115 High ductility carbon nanoball
Yoshimura T, Takeda K, Sasaki H, Tatsui M
116 - 119 Photon emission from clean and oxygenated Si and SiO2 surfaces bombarded by 5 keV krypton ions
Kaddouri A, Ashraf I, El Fqih MA, Targaoui H, El Boujlaidi A, Berrada K
120 - 123 Effect of crystallographic orientation on the anodic formation of nanoscale pores/tubes in TiO2 films
Kalantar-Zadeh K, Sadek AZ, Zheng H, Partridge JG, McCulloch DG, Li YX, Yu XF, Wlodarski W
124 - 129 High-temperature oxidation behavior of SiO2 protective layer deposited on IN738LC superalloy by combustion CVD (CCVD)
Oh S, Ryu S, Kim Y, Kim Y, Kim M, Kim D
130 - 135 Ultra-short laser ablation of dielectrics: Theoretical analysis of threshold damage fluence and ablation depth
Lin XH, Yang JK, Sun YZ, Jiang SY
136 - 141 On the influence of a TiN interlayer on DLC coatings produced by pulsed vacuum arc discharge: Compositional and morphological study
Segura-Giraldo B, Restrepo-Parra E, Arango-Arango PJ
142 - 148 Gold nanoparticles having dipicolinic acid imprinted nanoshell for Bacillus cereus spores recognition
Gultekin A, Ersoz A, Hur D, Sariozlu NY, Denizli A, Say R
149 - 155 Elaboration and characterization of crystalline RF-deposited V2O5 positive electrode for thin film batteries
Oukassi S, Salot R, Pereira-Ramos JP
156 - 164 Vibrational spectroscopy characterization of magnetron sputtered silicon oxide and silicon oxynitride films
Godinho V, Denisov VN, Mavrin BN, Novikova NN, Vinogradov EA, Yakovlev VA, Fernandez-Ramos C, de Haro MCJ, Fernandez A
165 - 169 Effect of annealing temperature on the photocatalytic activity of WO3 for O-2 evolution
Xin G, Guo W, Ma TL
170 - 177 Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes for reinforcing of poly(L-lactide-co-epsilon-caprolactone) biodegradable copolymers
Chakoli AN, Wan J, Feng JT, Amirian M, Sui JH, Cai W
178 - 182 Electron emission studies of CNTs grown on Ti and Ni containing amorphous carbon nanocomposite films
Koh ATT, Hsieh J, Chua DHC
183 - 186 UV excimer laser drilled high aspect ratio submicron via hole
Chen KH, Wu WH, Chu BH, Chang CY, Lin JS, Pearton SJ, Norton DP, Ren F
187 - 190 Optical and structural properties of Eu-diffused and doped ZnO nanowires
Pan CJ, Chen CW, Chen JY, Huang PJ, Chi GC, Chang CY, Ren F, Pearton SJ
191 - 193 Study of GaN adsorption on the Si surface
Li W, Chen JF, Wang T
194 - 201 Graphitic encapsulation of micron- and nano-sized Ni particles using ethylene as precursor
Fernandez Y, Menendez JA, Phillips J, Luhrs C
202 - 207 Surface modification of polyvalent element-containing glasses
Smedskjaer MM, Yue YZ
208 - 212 Field emission and room temperature ferromagnetism properties of triangle-like ZnO nanosheets
Li LJ, Yu K, Peng DY, Zhang Z, Zhu ZQ
213 - 216 Optical properties of Cd1-xZnxTe thin films fabricated through sputtering of compound semiconductors
Banerjee P, Ganguly R, Ghosh B
217 - 222 Superhydrophobic silica films by sol-gel co-precursor method
Latthe SS, Imai H, Ganesan V, Rao AV
223 - 230 Microstructures and properties of high Cr content coatings on inner surfaces of carbon steel tubular components prepared by a novel mechanical alloying method
Gu DD, Shen YF
231 - 234 Synthesis and properties of silicon dioxide films prepared by pulsed laser deposition using ceramic SiO2 target
He XL, Wu JH, Li XM, Gao XD, Zhao LL, Wu LN
235 - 238 Synthesis and characterization of Ag/PPy composite films via enhanced redox reaction of metal ions
Li B, Xu YL, Chen J, Chen GR, Zhao CJ, Qian XZ, Wang M
239 - 245 Study on the effect of different acids on the structure and photocatalytic activity of mesoporous titania
Ao YH, Xu JJ, Fu DG
246 - 250 Etching and oxidation of InAs in planar inductively coupled plasma
Dultsev FN, Kesler VG
251 - 255 Influence of interfaces density and thermal processes on mechanical stress of PECVD silicon nitride
Picciotto A, Bagolini A, Bellutti P, Boscardin M
256 - 260 Characterisation of Ni and Ni/Ti contact on n-type 4H-SiC
Siad M, Vargas CP, Nkosi M, Saidi D, Souami N, Daas N, Chami AC
261 - 266 Effect of alpha-Al2O3 on the properties of cold sprayed Al/alpha-Al2O3 composite coatings on AZ91D magnesium alloy
Tao YS, Xiong TY, Sun C, Jin HZ, Du H, Li TF
267 - 273 Ion-bombardment induced morphology change of device related SiGe multilayer heterostructures
Hofer C, Teichert C, Oehme M, Werner J, Lyutovich K, Kasper E
274 - 279 Adsorption of azacrown ethers at solid-liquid interface. Contact angle and neutron reflectivity study
Wojciechowski K, Brzozowska A, Cap S, Rzodkiewicz W, Gutberlet T
280 - 283 Study on humidity sensitive property of K2CO3-SBA-15 composites
Yuan Q, Geng WC, Li N, Tu JC, Wang R, Zhang T, Li XT
284 - 288 Deposition of a-C:H films on UHMWPE substrate and its wear-resistance
Xie D, Liu HJ, Deng XR, Leng YX, Huang N
289 - 293 Transparent conductive ZnO:Ga films prepared by DC reactive magnetron sputtering at low temperature
Bie X, Lu JG, Gong L, Lin L, Zhao BH, Ye ZZ
294 - 297 Surface modification of diamond-like carbon films with protein via polydopamine inspired coatings
Tao CH, Yang SR, Zhang JY, Wang JQ
298 - 304 Synthesis of ZnO2 nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquid and their annealing transformation into ZnO nanoparticles
Gondal MA, Drmosh QA, Yamani ZH, Saleh TA
305 - 310 Pt interlayer effects on Ni germanosilicide formation and contact properties
Xu YJ, Ru GP, Jiang YL, Qu XP, Li BZ
311 - 317 Analyses of vibration responses on nanoscale processing in a liquid using tapping-mode atomic force microscopy
Horng TL
318 - 321 Impact of post-nitridation annealing on ultra-thin gate oxide performance
He YD, Zhang GG
322 - 328 The protective properties of ultra-thin diamond like carbon films for high density magnetic storage devices
Zhong M, Zhang CH, Luo JB, Lu XC
329 - 334 Fabrication and characterization of ZnO and ZnMgO nanostructures grown using a ZnO/ZnMgO compound as the source material
Yousefi R, Kamaluddin B
335 - 341 First-principles molecular dynamics simulation of O-2 reduction on nitrogen-doped carbon
Okamoto Y
342 - 345 Enhanced field emission from PbTiO3 nanodots prepared by phase separation approach
Li JN, Luo M, Weng WJ, Cheng K, Du PY, Shen G, Han GR
346 - 346 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study on surface reaction on titanium by laser irradiation in nitrogen atmosphere (vol 255, pg 7351, 2009)
Ohtsu N, Kodama K, Kitagawa K, Wagatsuma K