Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4705 - 4710 Growth and interconversion of ZnO nanostructure films on different substrates
Wang ZG, Wang MQ, Lin ZH, Xue YH, Huang G, Yao X
4711 - 4715 The structure and photoluminescence properties of Cr-doped SiC films
Jin CG, Wu XM, Zhuge LJ
4716 - 4719 Study of the luminescence of H2O and D2O ices induced by charged-particle bombardment
Lee C, Fong YL, Tsai MS, Ip W, Wu R, Lee S
4720 - 4724 Synthesis of Ti-Si-N nanocomposite coatings by a novel cathodic arc assisted middle-frequency magnetron sputtering
Yang ZT, Yang B, Guo LP, Fu DJ
4725 - 4732 Effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on the surface morphology and performance of microporous PES membrane
Li JF, Xu ZL, Yang H, Yu LY, Liu M
4733 - 4737 Effects of deposition rates on laser damage threshold of TiO2/SiO2 high reflectors
Yao JK, Xu C, Ma JY, Fang M, Fan ZX, Jin YX, Zhao YN, He HB, Shao JD
4738 - 4741 Evaluation of the barrier capability of Zr-Si films with different substrate temperature for Cu metallization
Wang Y, Cao F, Ding MH, Shao L
4742 - 4746 Photoluminescence and secondary ion mass spectroscopy characterization of GaAs-AlGaAs quantum wells grown on GaAs (100) substrates with different surface treatments
Guillen-Cervantes A, Rivera-Alvarez Z, Lopez-Lopez M, Koudriavtsev I, Sanchez-Resendiz VM
4747 - 4753 The influence of ligands on the preparation and optical properties of water-soluble CdTe quantum dots
Zhang YH, Zhang HS, Ma M, Guo XF, Wang H
4754 - 4757 Effect of deposition voltage on the field emission properties of electrodeposited diamond-like carbon films
Li RS, Liu B, Zhou M, Zhang ZX, Wang T, Lu BA, Xie EQ
4758 - 4764 Cross-sectional analysis of the graded microstructure in an AISI D2-steel treated with low energy high-current pulsed electron beam
Zou JX, Grosdidier T, Zhang KM, Dong C
4765 - 4772 Molecular functionalization of tantalum oxide surface towards development of apatite growth
Aubry D, Volcke C, Arnould C, Humbert C, Thiry PA, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
4773 - 4778 Grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation of isotherm for hydrogen adsorption on nanoporous siliceous zeolites at room temperature
Rahmati M, Modarress H
4779 - 4781 Charge kinetics in spinel and yttria-stabilized zirconia
Boughariou A, Karray F, Kallel A, Blaise G
4782 - 4786 The HSAB principle as a means to interpret the reactivity of carbon nanotubes
Wisniewski M, Gauden PA
4787 - 4791 Synthesis of silica-pillared clay (SPC) with ordered mesoporous structure by one-step method without preswelling process
Mao HH, Li BS, Li X, Liu ZX, Ma W
4792 - 4795 MOCVD of zirconium oxide thin films: Synthesis and characterization
Torres-Huerta AM, Dominguez-Crespo MA, Ramirez-Meneses E, Vargas-Garcia JR
4796 - 4800 Structural modifications of diamond like carbon films induced by MeV nitrogen ion irradiation
Mathew S, Bhatta UM, Islam AKMM, Mukherjee M, Ray NR, Dev BN
4801 - 4805 Effect of annealing atmosphere on the photoluminescence of ZnO nanospheres
Zhang YH, Liu YP, Wu LH, Li H, Han LZ, Wang BC, Xie EQ
4806 - 4813 Functionalization of carbon nanofibers with elastomeric block copolymer using carbodiimide chemistry
Mapkar JA, Iyer G, Coleman MR
4814 - 4820 Investigation of impurity phase formation for (ZnO)(1-x)(TMO)(x) bulk samples formed by ball milling
Karamat S, Ke C, Tan TL, Zhou W, Lee P, Rawat RS
4821 - 4828 Bio-inspired dual surface modification to improve tribological properties at small-scale
Singh RA, Pham DC, Kim J, Yang S, Yoon ES
4829 - 4835 Structure and optical analysis of Ta2O5 deposited on infrasil substrate
Azim OA, Abdel-Aziz MM, Yahia IS
4836 - 4839 The preparation of lotus-like super-hydrophobic copper surfaces by electroplating
Xi WJ, Qiao ZM, Zhu CL, Jia A, Li M
4840 - 4843 Photoluminescence investigation of ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxN layers with GaN templates grown on sapphire (0001) substrates
Yoon IT, Ham MH, Myoung JM
4844 - 4847 Silver grain boundary diffusion in Pd
Balogh Z, Erdelyi Z, Beke DL, Portavoce A, Girardeaux C, Bernardini J, Rolland A
4848 - 4851 The effect of substrate material on pulsed laser deposition of HgCdTe films
Liu M, Man BY, Lin XC, Li XY, Wei J
4852 - 4858 Investigation of thin TiO2 films cosputtered with Si species
Hsu JC, Lee CC, Chen HL, Kuo CC, Wang PW
4859 - 4862 ZnO-ionic liquid nanostructures
Sanes J, Carrion FJ, Bermudez MD
4863 - 4866 Preparation of Ru-loaded CdS/Al-HMS nanocomposites and production of hydrogen by photocatalytic degradation of formic acid
Zhang YJ, Zhang L
4867 - 4872 Effects of sputtering pressure on the field emission properties of N-doped SrTiO3 thin films coated on Si tip arrays
Bian HJ, Chen XF, Pan JS, Zhu W, Sun CQ
4873 - 4879 The use of contact angle measurements to estimate the adhesion propensity of calcium carbonate to solid substrates in water
Bargir S, Dunn S, Jefferson B, Macadam J, Parsons S
4880 - 4885 Phase-oriented surface segregation in an aluminium casting alloy
Nguyen CL, Atanacio A, Zhang W, Prince KE, Hyland MM, Metson JB
4886 - 4890 Controlling the orientation and coverage of silica-MFI zeolite films by surface modification
Lang L, Liu XF, Zhang BQ
4891 - 4896 The role of pH variation on the growth of zinc oxide nanostructures
Wahab R, Ansari SG, Kim YS, Song M, Shin HS
4897 - 4901 H-1 and P-31 solid-state NMR of trimethylphosphine adsorbed on heteropolytungstate supported on silica
Deleplanque J, Hubaut R, Bodart P, Fournier M, Rives A
4902 - 4906 Modulation of field emission properties of vertically aligned ZnO nanorods with aspect ratio and number density
Gayen RN, Dalui S, Rajaram A, Pal AK
4907 - 4912 Controllable synthesis and highly efficient electrocatalytic oxidation performance of SnO2/CNT core-shell structures
Zhang DS, Pan CS, Shi LY, Mai HL, Gao XH
4913 - 4915 Electrical and optical properties of ZnO films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Wang SP, Shan CX, Yao B, Li BH, Zhang JY, Zhao DX, Shen DZ, Fan XW
4916 - 4920 Preparation and study on radar-absorbing materials of cupric oxide-nanowire-covered carbon fibers
Zeng J, Tao P, Wang S, Xu JC
4921 - 4925 Reactive plasma cladding of TiC/Fe cermet coating using asphalt as a carbonaceous precursor
Liu JB, Wang LM, Li HQ
4926 - 4932 Electrodeposition of Al-Mn alloy on AZ31B magnesium alloy in molten salts
Zhang JF, Yan CW, Wang FH
4933 - 4937 Thin films of silver nanoparticles deposited in vacuum by pulsed laser ablation using a YAG:Nd laser
Alonso JC, Diamant R, Castillo P, Acosta-Garcia MC, Batina N, Haro-Poniatowski E
4938 - 4943 Electrical and photovoltaic characteristics of sodium copper chlorophyllin/n-type silicon heterojunctions
Farag AAM
4944 - 4949 Ultra-fast spreading on superhydrophilic fibrous mesh with nanochannels
Wang LF, Zhao Y, Wang JM, Hong X, Zhai J, Jiang L, Wang FS
4950 - 4954 Protection of iron against corrosion by coverage with Au nanoparticles and n-hexylthiol mixed films
Zhang Z, Chen SH, Ren HP, Zhou JJ
4955 - 4960 Laser assisted removal of synthetic painting-conservation materials using UV radiation of ns and fs pulse duration: Morphological studies on model samples
Pouli P, Nevin A, Andreotti A, Colombini P, Georgiou S, Fotakis C
4961 - 4969 Benzothiazole sulfide compatibilized polypropylene/halloysite nanotubes composites
Liu MX, Guo BC, Lei YD, Du ML, Jia DM
4970 - 4973 Novel W-shaped and straight porous ZnO nanobelts
Zhuang HZ, Shen JB, Xue CS, Wang DX, Zhang XK, Liu H
4974 - 4978 Measurement of UV absorption of single living cell for cell manipulation using NIR femtosecond laser
Cho SH, Chang WS, Kim KR, Hong JW
4979 - 4982 Physical and electrical characteristics of a high-k Yb2O3 gate dielectric
Pan TM, Huang WS
4983 - 4991 Kinetics, thermodynamics and surface heterogeneity assessment of uranium(VI) adsorption onto cation exchange resin derived from a lignocellulosic residue
Anirudhan TS, Radhakrishnan PG
4992 - 4995 Influence of Co doping content on its valence state in Zn1-xCoxO (0 <= x <= 0.15) thin films
Wei L, Li ZH, Zhang WF
4996 - 5002 A simplified predictive model for high-fluence ultra-short pulsed laser ablation of semiconductors and dielectrics
Wu BX, Shin YC
5003 - 5008 Integration and characterization of aligned carbon nanotubes on metal/silicon substrates and effects of water
Zhang Y, Li RY, Liu H, Sun XL, Merel P, Desilets S
5009 - 5015 Improved biological performance of low modulus Ti-24Nb-4Zr-7.9Sn implants due to surface modification by anodic oxidation
Gao Y, Gao B, Wang R, Wu J, Zhang LJ, Hao YL, Tao XJ
5016 - 5020 Photoluminescence and optical properties of He ion bombarded ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
Abdul-Kader AM
5021 - 5024 Growth and properties of YAlO film synthesized by RF magnetron sputtering
Matsunouchi K, Komatsu N, Kimura C, Aoki H, Sugino T
5025 - 5030 Characterization of ultra-fast deposited polycrystalline graphite by a CO2 laser-assisted combustion-flame method
McKindra T, Patil S, O'Keefe MJ, Han YX, Ling H, Lu YF
5031 - 5035 Adsorption performance and mechanism of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene on a novel adsorption material polyvinylbenzyl acid/SiO2
An FQ, Gao BJ, Feng XQ
5036 - 5040 Ablation properties of carbon/carbon composites with tungsten carbide
Yin J, Zhang HB, Xiong X, Huang BY, Zuo JL
5041 - 5047 Removal of naphthalene from petrochemical wastewater streams using carbon nanoporous adsorbent
Anbia M, Moradi SE
5048 - 5051 Activation energies of the acceptor-bound excitons and the donor-acceptor pairs in nitrogen-doped p-type ZnSe, p-type ZnSySe1-y, and p-type Zn1-xMgxSySe1-y epitaxial films grown on GaAs (100) substrates
Kim HJ, Kim BJ, Kim TW, Yoo KH
5052 - 5061 XPS characterisation of plasma treated and zinc oxide coated PET
Ben Amor S, Jacquet M, Fioux P, Nardin M
5062 - 5066 Luminescent characteristics of CaTiO3:Pr3+ thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition method with various substrates
Yang HK, Chung JW, Raju GSR, Moon BK, Choi BC, Jeong JH, Kim JH
5067 - 5070 Transformation mechanism of n-butyl terminated Si nanoparticles embedded into Si1-xCx nanocomposites mixed with Si nanoparticles and C atoms
Shin JW, Oh DH, Kim TW, Cho WJ
5071 - 5078 Coating formation by plasma electrolytic oxidation on ZC71/SiC/12p-T6 magnesium metal matrix composite
Arrabal R, Matykina E, Skeldon P, Thompson GE
5079 - 5087 Influence of nitrogen ion implantation fluences on surface structure and tribological properties of SiC ceramics in water-lubrication
Zhou F, Yuan YG, Wang XL, Wang ML
5088 - 5091 Facile fabrication of novel cyclomatrix-type polyphosphazene nanotubes with active hydroxyl groups via an in situ template approach
Fu JW, Huang XB, Zhu Y, Huang YW, Tang XZ
5092 - 5095 Multiferroic properties of Bi-0.8La0.2FeO3/CoFe2O4 multilayer thin films
Zhang ST, Zhang Y, Luo ZL, Lu MH, Gu ZB, Chen YF
5096 - 5099 Enhancement of carrier mobility in pentacene thin-film transistor on SiO2 by controlling the initial film growth modes
Qi Q, Yu AF, Jiang P, Jiang C