Applied Surface Science

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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3913 - 3917 Structural and tribological properties of nitrogen doped amorphous carbon thin films synthesized by CFUBM sputtering method for protective coatings
Park YS, Hong B
3918 - 3922 Morphology of ablation craters generated by fs laser pulses in LiNbO3
Lamela J, Lifante G, Han TPJ, Jaque F, Garcia-Navarro A, Olivares J, Agullo-Lopez F
3923 - 3926 Synthesis and characterization of cadmium hydroxide nano-nest by chemical route
Salunkhe RR, Patil UM, Gujar TP, Lokhande CD
3927 - 3932 Surface characterisation and electrochemical behaviour of porous titanium dioxide coated 316L stainless steel for orthopaedic applications
Nagarajan S, Rajendran N
3933 - 3939 Characteristics and heat treatment of cold-sprayed Al-Sn binary alloy coatings
Ning XJ, Kim JH, Kim HJ, Lee C
3940 - 3945 Microstructure and interface interaction in laser induction hybrid cladding of Ni-based coating
Huang YJ, Zeng XY, Hu QW, Zhou SF
3946 - 3952 Electrochemical behaviour of gold modified with contaminated TMP amine adlayers studied by STM, CV, EPR
Krukowski P, Kowalczyk PJ, Krzyczmonik P, Olejniczak W, Klusek Z, Puchalski M, Gwozdzinski K
3953 - 3958 A novel approach towards high-performance composite photocatalyst of TiO2 deposited on activated carbon
Wang XJ, Hu ZH, Chen YJ, Zhao GH, Liu YF, Wen ZB
3959 - 3964 The effect of Al doping on the morphology and optical property of ZnO nanostructures prepared by hydrothermal process
Chen JT, Wang J, Zhuo RF, Yan D, Feng JJ, Zhang F, Yan PX
3965 - 3971 Modification of surface properties of polypropylene (PP) film using DC glow discharge air plasma
Pandiyaraj KN, Selvarajan V, Deshmukh RR, Gao CY
3972 - 3976 Growth and properties of ZnO nanorod and nanonails by thermal evaporation
Qiu MX, Ye ZZ, Lu JG, He HP, Huang JY, Zhu LP, Zhao BH
3977 - 3982 Investigations on the invalidated process and related mechanism of PEG during copper via-filling process
Li YB, Wang W, Li YL
3983 - 3988 Structure and gas-barrier properties of amorphous hydrogenated carbon films deposited on inner walls of cylindrical polyethylene terephthalate by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Li J, Gong CZ, Tian XB, Yang SQ, Fu RKY, Chu PK
3989 - 3993 Silver nanoparticle supported on halloysite nanotubes catalyzed reduction of 4-nitrophenol (4-NP)
Liu P, Zhao MF
3994 - 4000 Theoretical characterization of carrier compensation in P-doped diamond
Yan CX, Dai Y, Guo M, Huang BB, Liu DH
4001 - 4004 Determination of sodium migration in sol-gel deposited titania films on soda-lime glass with r.f. glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy
Yuksel B, Sam ED, Aktas OC, Urgen M, Cakir AF
4005 - 4010 Structure and mechanical properties of titanium nitride/carbon nitride multilayers
Wang XC, Mi WB, Jiang EY, Bai HL
4011 - 4014 Investigation of p-type behavior in Ag-doped ZnO thin films by E-beam evaporation
Kim IS, Jeong EK, Kim DY, Kumar M, Choi SY
4015 - 4019 Synthesis and characterization of superhydrophobic functionalized Cu(OH)(2) nanotube arrays on copper foil
Chen XH, Kong LH, Dong D, Yang GB, Yu LG, Chen JM, Zhang PY
4020 - 4026 Microstructures and tribological properties of CrN/ZrN nanoscale multilayer coatings
Zhang ZG, Rapaud O, Allain N, Mercs D, Baraket M, Dong C, Coddet C
4027 - 4032 Reactively sputtered Ni, Ni(N) and Ni3N films: Structural, electrical and magnetic properties
Popovic N, Bogdanov Z, Goncic B, Strbac S, Rakocevic Z
4033 - 4038 The effect of substrate bias voltages on impact resistance of CrAlN coatings deposited by modified ion beam enhanced magnetron sputtering
Yu CY, Tian LH, Wei YH, Wang SB, Li TB, Xu BS
4039 - 4044 Size controlled synthesis of Co nanoparticles by combination of organic solvent and surfactant
Chen Y, Liew KY, Li JL
4045 - 4049 Preparation of Cu-Zn/ZnO core-shell nanocomposite by wire electrical explosion and precipitation process in aqueous solution and CO sensing properties
Zeng Y, Zhang T, Yang HB, Qiao L, Qi Q, Cao F, Zhang YY, Wang R
4050 - 4055 Preparation, optical properties, magnetic properties and thermal stability of core-shell structure cobalt/zinc oxide nanocomposites
Bala H, Fu WY, Yu YH, Yang HB, Zhang YS
4056 - 4060 Effect of contact angle hysteresis on water droplet evaporation from super-hydrophobic surfaces
Kulinich SA, Farzaneh M
4061 - 4065 Effects of acid and alkaline based surface preparations on spray deposited cerium based conversion coatings on Al 2024-T3
Pinc W, Geng S, O'Keefe M, Fahrenholtz W, O'Keefe T
4066 - 4073 Surficial phase-identification and structural profiles from weathered natural pyrites: A grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction study
Cai YF, Pan YG, Xue JY, Su GZ
4074 - 4081 Effects of structure and composition of the CaP composite coatings on apatite formation and bioactivity in simulated body fluid
Wang H, Lin CJ, Hu R
4082 - 4086 Electrodeposition of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films on Ti
Manhabosco TM, Muller IL
4087 - 4092 Fabrication of ZnO nanostructures of various dimensions using patterned substrates
Kar JP, Ham MH, Lee SW, Myoung JM
4093 - 4096 Magnetic and field emission properties of straw-like CuO nanostructures
Shang DJ, Yu K, Zhang YS, Xu JW, Wu J, Xu Y, Li LJ, Zhu ZQ
4097 - 4101 Hydrophobic surfaces of spin-assisted layer-by-layer assembled polyelectrolyte multilayers doped with copper nanoparticles and modified by fluoroalkylsilane
Yang GB, Yu LG, Chen XH, Zhang PY
4102 - 4108 Correlation between the surface chemistry and the atmospheric corrosion of AZ31, AZ80 and AZ91D magnesium alloys
Feliu S, Pardo A, Merino MC, Coy AE, Viejo F, Arrabal R
4109 - 4113 A novel method for immobilization of Co tetraphenylporphyrins on P(4VP-co-St)/SiO2: Efficient catalysts for aerobic oxidation of ethylbenzenes
Wang RX, Gao BJ, Jiao WZ
4114 - 4118 Inhibitors for organic phosphonic acid system abrasive free polishing of Cu
Zhang W, Lu XC, Liu YH, Pan GS, Luo JB
4119 - 4122 Surface modification for the perfluorosulfonate proton-conducting electrolyte membrane
Zhang DF
4123 - 4128 Electronic properties of thin films of laser-ablated Al2O3
Mezzasalma AM, Mondio G, Serafino T, Caridi F, Torrisi L
4129 - 4134 Characterization of gallium-doped CdS thin films grown by chemical bath deposition
Khallaf H, Chai G, Lupan O, Chow L, Park S, Schulte A
4135 - 4139 Surface properties of UV-irradiated poly(vinyl alcohol) films containing small amount of collagen
Sionkowska A, Planecka A, Kozlowska J, Skopinska-Wisniewska J
4140 - 4144 Kinetic and theoretical studies of metal ion adsorption in KDP solution
Asakuma Y, Takeda S, Maeda K, Fukui K
4145 - 4148 Formation of Pt-C films by ion beam assisted deposition for the application of suppression thermo-electron emission
Feng T, Jiang BY, Wang X, Liu XH, Sun Z
4149 - 4152 Electrical and photocatalytic properties of Na2Ti6O13 nanobelts prepared by molten salt synthesis
Zhen L, Xu CY, Wang WS, Lao CS, Kuang Q
4153 - 4158 Structural and optical properties of nano-structured tungsten-doped ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Ngom BD, Mpahane T, Manyala N, Nemraoui O, Buttner U, Kana JB, Fasasi AY, Maaza M, Beye AC
4159 - 4163 Surface structure and adsorption properties of ultrafine porous carbon fibers
Song XF, Wang C, Zhang DJ
4164 - 4170 Influence of ethanol on the electrocodeposition of Ni/Al2O3 nanocomposite films
Thiemig D, Bund A
4171 - 4176 Environmentally friendly surface modification of silk fiber: Chitosan grafting and dyeing
Davarpanah S, Mahmoodi NM, Arami M, Bahrami H, Mazaheri F
4177 - 4179 Structural characterization of beta-V2O5 films prepared by DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Su Q, Lan W, Wang YY, Liu XQ
4180 - 4184 Atomic oxygen resistant behaviors of Mo/diamond-like carbon nanocomposite lubricating films
Ji L, Li HX, Zhao F, Quan WL, Chen JM, Zhou HD
4185 - 4191 Fabrication and electrical properties of metal-coated acrylate rubber microspheres by electroless plating
Gao DL, Zhan MS
4192 - 4196 Electrodeposited ruthenium oxide thin films for supercapacitor: Effect of surface treatments
Patake VD, Lokhande CD, Joo OS
4197 - 4200 Electric and ferroelectric properties of PZT/BLT multilayer films prepared by photochemical metal-organic deposition
Park HH, Lee HS, Park HH, Hill RH, Hwang YT
4201 - 4204 High frequency study of electropolymerised conducting polypyrrole thin film
Jamadade SA, Jadhav SV, Puri V
4205 - 4211 Elimination of surface scratch/texture on the surface of single crystal Si substrate in chemo-mechanical grinding (CMG) process
Tian YB, Zhou L, Shimizu J, Tashiro Y, Kang RK
4212 - 4218 Effect of current density on the microstructure and corrosion behaviour of plasma electrolytic oxidation treated AM50 magnesium alloy
Srinivasan PB, Liang J, Blawert C, Stormer M, Dietzel W
4219 - 4224 Surface modifications induced by the friction of graphites against steel
Jradi K, Schmitt M, Bistac S
4225 - 4231 Electrodeposition of BixSb2-xTey thermoelectric thin films from nitric acid and hydrochloric acid systems
Li FH, Wang W
4232 - 4238 Adsorption characteristics of atomic nitrogen on ruthenium surfaces
Liu SP, Hao C, Li SM, Wang ZX
4239 - 4245 Multifractal analysis of the fracture surfaces of foamed polypropylene/polyethylene blends
Liu C, Jiang XL, Liu T, Zhao L, Zhou WX, Yuan WK
4246 - 4249 Metallic nanosieves formed by ultra-short-pulse laser ablation
Smith C, Christensen BH, Chevallier J, Balling P
4250 - 4254 Double layer oxidation resistant coating for carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide matrix composites
Zheng XH, Du YG, Xiao JY, Zhang WJ, Zhang LC
4255 - 4258 Excitation and emission processes of Tb3+ in porous anodic alumina
Dabboussi S, Elhouichet H, Bouzidi C, Maliarevich GK, Gaponenko NV, Oueslati M
4259 - 4266 Experimental study of the voids in the electroless copper deposits and the direct measurement of the void fraction based on the scanning electron microscopy images
Wu XM, Sha W
4267 - 4270 Antireflective structure imprinted on the surface of optical glass by SiC mold
Yamada K, Umetani M, Tamura T, Tanaka Y, Kasa H, Nishii J
4271 - 4273 Optical transmission loss in tin oxide thin film waveguide
Patil RB, Puri RK, Puri V
4274 - 4278 Effect of the amorphous thin layer on the surface growth of amorphous/crystalline binary multilayer films
Huang XW, Liu ZJ
4279 - 4282 Influence of assisted ion energy on surface roughness and mechanical properties of boron carbon nitride films synthesized by DIBSD
Yang XM, Wu XM, Zhuge LJ, Zhou F
4283 - 4288 On correlation between fractal dimension and profilometric parameters in characterization of surface topographies
Risovic D, Poljacek SM, Gojo M
4289 - 4292 Fabrication and characterization of superhydrophobic thin films based on TEOS/RF hybrid
Tian H, Yang TS, Chen YQ
4293 - 4297 Influence of the substrate on ferroelectric properties of < 1 1 1 > oriented rhombohedral Pb(Zr0.6Ti0.4)O-3 thin films
Leclerc G, Poullain G, Bouregba R, Chateigner D
4298 - 4303 Kinetics and thermodynamics of Pb(II) adsorption onto modified spent grain from aqueous solutions
Li QZ, Chai LY, Yang ZH, Wang QW
4304 - 4308 Supramolecular motif and macroscopic pattern in alpha-methylferrocenemethanol films cast from organic solution
Lei XM, Wu SZ, Zhao JQ, Li R, Zeng F
4309 - 4315 Study on the adhesion mechanism of electrodeposited nickel clusters on carbon substrates
De Riccardis MF, Carbone D, Martina V, Re M, Bozzini B, D'Urzo L
4316 - 4321 Electrodeposition and tribological properties of Ni-SrSO4 composite coatings
Liang XS, Ouyang JH, Li YF, Wang YM
4322 - 4328 Iron oxide nanoparticles supported on ultradispersed diamond powders: Effect of the preparation procedure
Dimitrov M, Ivanova L, Paneva D, Tsoncheva T, Stavrev S, Mitov I, Minchev C
4329 - 4333 Ordered conducting polymer multilayer films and its application for hole injection layers in organic light-emitting devices
Xu JH, Yang YJ, Yu JS, Jiang YD
4334 - 4340 Nanomaterials based upon silylated layered double hydroxides
Tao Q, He HP, Frost RL, Yuan P, Zhu JX
4341 - 4346 Image contrast enhancement in field-emission scanning electron microscopy of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Zhou YS, Yi KJ, Mahjouri-Samani M, Xiong W, Lu YF, Liou SH
4347 - 4350 Competition between surface energy and interphase energy in transition region and diameter-dependent orientation of silicon nanowires
Huang YH
4351 - 4354 Femtosecond laser induced submicrometer structures on the ablation crater walls of II-VI semiconductors in water
Gong WW, Zheng ZH, Zheng JJ, Zhao HF, Ren XG, Lu SZ