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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3471 - 3479 Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized nickel catalyst supported on SiO2-Al2O3
El Maksod IHA, Hegazy EZ, Kenawy SH, Saleh TS
3480 - 3484 Control of a- and c-plane preferential orientations of ZnO thin films
Cho DH, Kim JH, Moon BM, Jo YD, Koo SM
3485 - 3492 Preparation and characterization of silica-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles used as precursor of ferrofluids
Hong RY, Li JH, Zhang SZ, Li HZ, Zheng Y, Ding JM, Wei DG
3493 - 3498 Structure and transport mechanisms of Si/porous Si n-p junctions prepared by liquid phase epitaxy
Farag AAM
3499 - 3506 Modification of polystyrene-based activated carbon spheres to improve adsorption of dibenzothiophene
Wang Q, Liang XY, Qiao WM, Liu CJ, Liu XJ, Zhang R, Ling LC
3507 - 3512 A novel method to fabricate superhydrophobic surfaces based on well-defined mulberry-like particles and self-assembly of polydimethylsiloxane
Yang JX, Pi PH, Wen XF, Zheng DF, Xu MY, Cheng J, Yang ZR
3513 - 3517 Physical bounds of metallic nanofingers obtained by mechano-chemical atomic force microscope nanolithography
Akhavan O, Abdolahad M
3518 - 3522 Atom beam sputtered Mo2C films as a diffusion barrier for copper metallization
Tripathi CC, Kumar M, Kumar D
3523 - 3529 Adsorption-transport modeling of anions through PVD membrane in the presence of the screen phenomenon
Madaeni SS, Salehi E
3530 - 3533 Green-emission and n-type conductivity of ZnO:Zn films obtained using vapor deposition method
Zhang JY, Cong L, Wan H, Wang TM
3534 - 3543 Computational analysis of effect of modification on the interfacial characteristics of a carbon nanotube-polyethylene composite system
Zheng QB, Xia D, Xue QZ, Yan KY, Gao XL, Li Q
3544 - 3547 Structural and optical properties of zinc nitride films prepared by rf magnetron sputtering
Yang TL, Zhang ZS, Li YH, Lv MS, Song SM, Wu ZC, Yan JC, Han SH
3548 - 3551 The studies of Ge quantum dots on strained Si0.7Ge0.3 layer by photoluminescence and deep level transient spectroscopy
Tao ZS, Zhan N, Yang HB, Ling Y, Zhong ZY, Lu F
3552 - 3557 Annealing effects on the bonding structures, optical and mechanical properties for radio frequency reactive sputtered germanium carbide films
Hu CQ, Zhu JQ, Zheng WT, Han JC
3558 - 3562 Formation of sub-micron size carbon structures by plasma jets emitted from a pulsed capillary discharge
Bhuyan H, Favre M, Valderrama E, Avaria G, Wyndham E, Chuaqui H, Baier J, Kelly H, Grondona D, Marquez A
3563 - 3566 Large-area silica nanotubes with controllable geometry on silicon substrates
Hu MZ, Yu R, MacManus-Driscoll JL, Robinson AP
3567 - 3575 Stoichiometry, contamination and microstructure of MnSb(0001) surfaces
Hatfield SA, Aldous JD, Bell GR
3576 - 3580 Radiation-induced decomposition of the metal-organic molecule Bis(4-cyano-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedionato)copper(II)
Wisbey D, Wu N, Losovyj Y, Ketsman I, Caruso AN, Feng DQ, Belot J, Vescovo E, Dowben PA
3581 - 3585 The sodium diffusion in aluminium-oxide
Lovas H, Josepovits VK, Toth Z
3586 - 3593 The influence of oxidation with nitric acid on the preparation and properties of active carbon enriched in nitrogen
Pietrzak R, Nowicki P, Wachowska H
3594 - 3599 Determination of interfacial energies in the aminomethylpropanediol-neopentylglycol organic alloy
Akbulut S, Ocak Y, Keslioglu K, Marasli N
3600 - 3604 TMOS based water repellent silica thin films by co-precursor method using TMES as a hydrophobic agent
Latthe SS, Nadargi DY, Rao AV
3605 - 3612 Comparative examination of the microstructure and high temperature oxidation performance of NiCrBSi flame sprayed and pack cementation coatings
Chaliampalias D, Vourlias G, Pavlidou E, Skolianos S, Chrissafis K, Stergioudis G
3613 - 3617 Structure and mechanical properties of Ni-P electrodeposited coatings
Yuan XT, Sun DB, Yu HY, Meng HM
3618 - 3622 Electrical conductivity dependence of thin metallic films of Au and Pd as a top electrode in capacitor applications
Nazarpour S, Langenberg E, Jambois O, Ferrater C, Garcia-Cuenca MV, Polo MC, Varela M
3623 - 3628 The role of adsorption of dodecylethyldimethylammonium bromide and benzyldimethyldodecylammonium bromide surfactants in wetting of polytetrafluoroethylene and poly(methyl methacrylate) surfaces
Harkot J, Janczuk B
3629 - 3634 Effect of Cr and V dopants on the chemical stability of AZO thin film
Lin YC, Jiang JH, Yen WT
3635 - 3638 Influence of oxygen plasma treatment on boron carbon nitride film composition
Aoki H, Masuzumi T, Watanabe D, Mazumder MK, Sota H, Kimura C, Sugino T
3639 - 3641 Cu+-codoping inducing the room-temperature magnetism and p-type conductivity of ZnCoO diluted magnetic semiconductor
Cao P, Zhao DX, Shen DZ, Zhang JY, Zhang ZZ, Bai Y
3642 - 3647 Surface-modification of indium tin oxide nanoparticles with titanium dioxide by a nonaqueous process and its photocatalytic properties
Pan RJ, Pan SH, Zhou JY, Wu YC
3648 - 3654 Vacuum ultraviolet-induced surface modification of cyclo-olefin polymer substrates for photochemical activation bonding
Kim YJ, Taniguchi Y, Murase K, Taguchi Y, Sugimura H
3655 - 3658 High temperature ferromagnetism of the vacuum-annealed (In1-xFex)(2)O-3 powders
Jiang FX, Xu XH, Zhang J, Wu HS, Gehring GA
3659 - 3663 Anatase type titania nanotube arrays direct fabricated by anodization without annealing
Xiao XF, Ouyang KG, Liu RF, Liang JH
3664 - 3668 Growth of nonpolar a-plane GaN on nano-patterned r-plane sapphire substrates
Gao HY, Yan FW, Zhang Y, Li JM, Zeng YP, Wang JX
3669 - 3675 Ni/Ni3Al interface: A density functional theory study
Wang C, Wang CY
3676 - 3681 Catalyst-free, low-temperature growth of high-surface area carbon nanoflakes on carbon cloth
Hung TC, Chen CF, Chen CC, Whang WT
3682 - 3686 Morphological characterization of ITO thin films surfaces
Raoufi D
3687 - 3690 Enhanced photoresponse towards visible light in Ru doped titania nanotube
Khan MA, Han DH, Yang OB
3691 - 3695 Stress analysis at the interface between Ni-P coating and SiCp/Al substrate of space mirror
Guo SW, Li LB, Zhang GY, Wang WY, Zhao XZ
3696 - 3700 Characterization of silanization and antibody immobilization on spin-on glass (SOG) surface
Nagare GD, Mukherji S
3701 - 3705 Strain relaxation in SiGe layer during wet oxidation process
Zhang Y, Cai KH, Li C, Chen SY, Lai HK, Kang JY
3706 - 3712 Ni thin films vacuum-evaporated on polyethylene naphthalate substrates with and without the application of magnetic field
Kaiju H, Ono A, Kawaguchi N, Kondo K, Ishibashi A, Won J, Hirata A, Ishimaru M, Hirotsu Y
3713 - 3718 Comparative study of electroless copper deposition based on the seed layers of Pd, PtPd and AuPd
Ma CL, Ye WC, Shi XZ, Chang YL, Chen Y, Wang CM
3719 - 3722 Influence of Cu electroplating solutions on boron carbon nitride (BCN) film
Aoki H, Hara M, Masuzumi T, Mazumder MK, Ooi N, Watanabe D, Kimura C, Sugino T
3723 - 3730 An insight into the KOH activation mechanism through the production of microporous activated carbon for the removal of Pb2+ cations
El-Hendawy ANA
3731 - 3738 Rare earth oxide-doped titania nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activity towards the degradation of partially hydrolysis polyacrylamide
Li JH, Yang X, Yu XD, Xu LL, Kang WL, Yan WH, Gao HF, Liu ZH, Guo YH
3739 - 3744 Surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization from TiO2 nanoparticles
Park JT, Koh JH, Koh JK, Kim JH
3745 - 3751 Structural evolution of electroless Ni-P coating on Al-12 wt.% Si alloy during heat treatment at high temperatures
Vojtech D, Novak M, Zelinkova M, Novak P, Michalcova A, Fabian T
3752 - 3758 Selective formation of silicon nanowires on pre-patterned substrates
Wan LJ, Gong WL, Jiang KW, Li HL, Tao BR, Zhang J
3759 - 3763 Nickel doped indium tin oxide anode and effect on dark spot development of organic light-emitting devices
Hsu CM, Kuo CS, Hsu WC, Wu WT
3764 - 3768 The effect of hydrogen peroxide on polishing removal rate in CMP with various abrasives
Manivannan R, Ramanathan S
3769 - 3772 Structural properties of Al2O3 dielectrics grown on TiN metal substrates by atomic layer deposition
Hsieh CI, Pan TM, Lin JC, Peng YB, Huang TY, Wu CR, Shih S
3773 - 3778 Preparation, characterization of Au (or Pt)-loaded titania nanotubes and their photocatalytic activities for degradation of methyl orange
Zhao Q, Li M, Chu JY, Jiang TS, Yin HB
3779 - 3783 Synthesis and characterization of spherical and narrow size distribution indium oxide nanoparticles
Souza CC, Rey JFQ, Muccillo ENS
3784 - 3788 The effect of powder preparation method on the corrosion and mechanical properties of TiN-based coatings by reactive plasma spraying
Mao ZP, Ma J, Wang J, Sun BD
3789 - 3794 In situ functionalized self-assembled monolayer surfaces for selective chemical vapor deposition of copper
Liu X, Wang Q, Chen LP
3795 - 3800 Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O-3 thin films with different thicknesses obtained at low temperature by microwave irradiation
Bhaskar A, Chang TH, Chang HY, Cheng SY
3801 - 3810 The wettability of polytetrafluoroethylene and polymethylmethacrylate by aqueous solutions of Triton X-100 and propanol mixtures
Zdziennicka A
3811 - 3816 The effect of nanostructured surface layer on the fatigue behaviors of a carbon steel
Li D, Chen HN, Xu H
3817 - 3821 Field emission properties of DLC and phosphorus-doped DLC films prepared by electrochemical deposition process
Wan SH, Wang LP, Zhang JY, Xue QJ
3822 - 3828 Investigation of the microstructure and tribological behavior of cold-sprayed tin-bronze-based composite coatings
Guo XP, Zhang G, Li WY, Gao Y, Liao HL, Coddet C
3829 - 3832 The bias- and temperature-dependent electron transport in a magnetic nanostructure
Lu JD, Wang YH, Hou YL, Hou TP
3833 - 3836 A combined approach to fabricating Si nanocrystals with high photoluminescence intensity
Xie ZQ, Zhu J, Zhang M, Zhao YY, Lu M
3837 - 3842 Ruthenium adsorption and diffusion on the GaN(0001) surface
Lopez CO, Perez WL, Rodriguez J
3843 - 3847 Synthesis of N-deficient GaN nanoparticles and its enhanced dielectric response
Li PG, Lei M, Du YX, Guo X, Tang WH
3848 - 3853 Characterization of tungsten-titanium oxide electrode for electrochromic applications
Weng KW, Han S, Chen YC, Wang DY
3854 - 3858 Antibacterial activities of surface modified electrospun poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) (PVDF-HFP) fibrous membranes
Yao C, Li XS, Neoh KG, Shi ZL, Kang ET
3859 - 3867 Laser shock wave consolidation of nanodiamond powders on aluminum 319
Molian P, Molian R, Nair R
3868 - 3874 Post-annealing effect upon optical properties of electron beam evaporated molybdenum oxide thin films
Lin SY, Chen YC, Wang CM, Hsieh PT, Shih SC
3875 - 3879 Study on low-energy bombardment of Au (111) by noble metal atoms with molecular dynamics simulations
Yan C, Zhang C, Zhang QY, Liu TW, Huang H
3880 - 3883 Growth behavior of electroless Ni-Co-P deposits on Fe
Liu WL, Hsieh SH, Chen WJ, Hsu YC
3884 - 3890 Characterization and catalytic performance of pure and Li2O-doped CuO/CeO2 catalysts
Deraz NM
3891 - 3896 Octanethiolated Cu and Cu2O nanoparticles as ink to form metallic copper film
Dong TY, Wu HH, Huang C, Song JM, Chen IG, Kao TH
3897 - 3901 On the use of a O-2:SF6 plasma treatment on GaAs processed surfaces for molecular beam epitaxial regrowth
Desplats O, Gallo P, Doucet JB, Monier G, Bideux L, Jalabert L, Arnoult A, Lacoste G, Armand C, Voillot F, Fontaine C
3902 - 3903 Comment on "Surface XPS characterization of NiTi shape memory alloy after advanced oxidation processes in UV/H2O2 photocatalytic system'' (R. M. Wang et al., Appl. Surf. Sci. 253 (2007) 8507)
Muller F, Hufner S
3904 - 3907 Superhydrophobic surfaces based on dandelion-like ZnO microspheres
Pan QM, Cheng YX
3908 - 3911 Speedy photoelectric exchange of CdSe quantum dots/mesoporous titania composite system
Shen Y, Bao J, Dai N, Wu J, Gu F, Tao JC, Zhang JC
3912 - 3912 Effect of fluoride-ion implantation on the biocompatibility of titanium for dental applications (vol 254, pg 6305, 2008)
Liu HY, Wang XJ, Wang LP, Lei FY, Wang XF, Ai HJ