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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1625 - 1630 Epoxy-functionalized mesostructured cellular foams as effective support for covalent immobilization of penicillin G acylase
Xue P, Xu F, Xu LD
1631 - 1636 Effect of annealing temperature on the optical properties of thermally evaporated tin phthalocyanine thin films
El-Nahass MM, Yaghmour S
1637 - 1645 Lead-based titanate ferroelectric thin films fabricated by a sol-gel technique
Wang DG, Chen CZ, Ma J, Liu TH
1646 - 1653 Analysis of crack behavior for Ni-based WC composite coatings by laser cladding and crack-free realization
Zhou SF, Zeng XY, Hu QW, Huang YJ
1654 - 1660 Hydrogen permeation inhibition by zinc-nickel alloy plating on steel XC68
El Hajjami A, Gigandet MP, De Petris-Wery M, Catonne JC, Duprat JJ, Thiery L, Raulin F, Starck B, Remy P
1661 - 1671 Effect of negative dc substrate bias on morphology and adhesion of diamond coating synthesised on carbide turning tools by modified HFCVD method
Chattopadhyay A, Sarangi SK, Chattopadhyay AK
1672 - 1680 Molybdate/phosphate composite conversion coating on magnesium alloy surface for corrosion protection
Yong ZY, Zhu J, Qiu C, Liu YL
1681 - 1685 Anisotropic growth of hydroxyapatite on the silk fibroin films
Li YC, Cai YR, Kong XD, Yao JM
1686 - 1691 Effects of annealing temperature on the crystal structure and properties of electroless deposited Ni-W-Cr-P alloy coatings
Zhang L, Jin Y, Peng B, Zhang YF, Wang XJ, Yang QS, Yu J
1692 - 1698 Laser cladding of SiC reinforced Zr65Al7.5Ni10Cu17.5 amorphous coating on magnesium substrate
Yue TM, Su YP
1699 - 1704 Infrared laser wavelength dependence of particles ablated from glycerol
Fan X, Little MW, Murray KK
1705 - 1711 Hydrophobicity in DLC films prepared by electrodeposition technique
Paul R, Dalui S, Das SN, Bhar R, Pal AK
1712 - 1718 Formation of surface periodic microstructure at laser irradiation of the multilayer Ni/Cu/Cr system
Vasylyev MA, Nischenko MM, Tinkov VA, Sidorenko SI, Voloshko SM
1719 - 1725 Synthesis and characteristics of continuous mesoporous carbon films by a rapid solvent evaporation method
Wang XX, Li TH, Ji YB, Ai YL, Lin QL
1726 - 1735 A comparative study of the growth of octadecyltrichlorosilane and 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane self-assembled monolayers on hydrophilic silicon surfaces
Yang SR, Kolbesen BO
1736 - 1740 Comparative study of compact hexagonal cluster self-diffusion on Cu(111) and Pt(111)
Yang JY, Hu WY, Xu MC
1741 - 1743 Hydrogen termination for extended queue times for low temperature epitaxy
Brabant P, Ferrara J, Pagliaro B, Weeks K, Rittgers M, Scott R, Zhang Y, Landin T, Irving T, Spear J, Italiano J, Thomas SG
1744 - 1749 Pre-doping effects on Ni fully silicided metal gate on SiO2 dielectric
Wang BM, Ru GP, Jiang YL, Qu XP, Li BZ, Liu R
1750 - 1753 Synthesis and characterization of spherical hollow composed of Cu2S nanoparticles
Yang M, Yang X, Huai LF, Liu W
1754 - 1758 Morphological and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoclusters electrodeposited onto HOPG
Rivera M, Rios-Reyes CH, Mendoza-Huizar LH
1759 - 1765 High temperature oxidation of stainless steel AISI316L in air plasma
Vesel A, Mozetic M, Drenik A, Hauptman N, Balat-Pichelin M
1766 - 1775 Nanometer-scale patterning of alkali halide surfaces by ion bombardment
Saeed SR, Sinha OP, Krok F, Szymonski M
1776 - 1781 Fabrication of super-hydrophobic surfaces on aluminum alloy substrates
Fu XY, He XH
1782 - 1789 Interfacial chemistry of organic conversion film on AZ61 magnesium alloy surface
Yang X, Pan FS, Zhang DF
1790 - 1795 Influence of RF power and fluorine doping on the properties of sputtered ITO thin films
Nisha M, Jayaraj MK
1796 - 1800 Easy and versatile functionalization of lithium niobate wafers by hydrophobic trichlorosilanes
Bennes J, Ballandras S, Cherioux F
1801 - 1805 Compositional, structural and mechanical characteristics of nc-TiC/a-C:H nanocomposite films
Wang YH, Zhang X, Wu XY, Zhang HX, Zhang XJ
1806 - 1810 Influence of Ag-doping on the optical properties of ZnO films
Xue H, Xu XL, Chen Y, Zhang GH, Ma SY
1811 - 1818 Adsorption and inhibitive properties of a new synthesized guanidine derivative on corrosion of copper in 0.5 M H2SO4
Khaled KF
1819 - 1823 Studies on electrodeposited silver sulphide thin films by double exposure holographic interferometry
Prabhune VB, Shinde NS, Fulari VJ
1824 - 1829 Investigations on the nanocrystallization of 40Cr using ultrasonic surface rolling processing
Ting W, Dongpo W, Gang L, Baoming G, Ningxia S
1830 - 1835 Catalytic properties of molecular sieves MCM41 type doped with heteropolyacids for ethanol oxidation
Popa A, Sasca V, Halasz J
1836 - 1840 Stress relief patterns of hydrogenated amorphous carbon films grown by dc-pulse plasma chemical vapor deposition
Wang Q, Wang CB, Wang Z, Zhang JY, He DY
1841 - 1849 Diphosphonate thin films on zinc: Preparation, structure characterization and corrosion protection effects
Pilbath A, Bertoti I, Sajo I, Nyikos L, Kalman E
1850 - 1859 Investigation of thermally oxidised Mn-Co thin films for application in SOFC metallic interconnects
Mardare CC, Asteman H, Spiegel M, Savan A, Ludwig A
1860 - 1864 Improvement in the oxidation resistance of a gamma-TiAl-based alloy by sol-gel derived Al2O3 film
Zhang XJ, Li Q, Zhao SY, Gao CX, Wang L, Zhang J
1865 - 1869 Optimization of hybrid PVD process of TiAlN coatings by Taguchi method
Yu DH, Wang CY, Cheng XL, Zhang FL
1870 - 1873 The properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 films prepared by dc magnetron sputtering using nanosized powder compacted target: Effect of substrate temperature
Sahu DR
1874 - 1879 Strong inter-conduction-band absorption in heavily fluorine doped tin oxide
Canestraro CD, Oliveira MM, Valaski R, da Silva MVS, David DGF, Pepe I, da Silva AF, Roman LS, Persson C
1880 - 1887 Processing conditions and microstructural features of porous 316L stainless steel components by DMLS
Gu DD, Shen YF
1888 - 1893 Stereoregular polyacrylamide and its copolymer brushes: Preparation and surface characters
Jiang JG, Wang XS, Lu XY, Lu Y
1894 - 1900 Surface modification of self-healing poly(urea-formaldehyde) microcapsules using silane-coupling agent
Li HY, Wang RG, Hu HL, Liu WB
1901 - 1905 SERS enhancement dependence on the diameter and aspect ratio of silver-nanowire array fabricated by anodic aluminium oxide template
Du YB, Shi LF, He TC, Sun XW, Mo YJ
1906 - 1910 Hydrogen adsorption on carbon nanocone material studied by thermal desorption and photoemission
Yu XF, Tverdal M, Raaen S, Helgesen G, Knudsen KD
1911 - 1915 Gravimetrical and chemical characterization of SiOx structures deposited on fine powders by short plasma exposure in a plasma down stream reactor
Spillmann A, Sonnenfeld A, von Rohr PR
1916 - 1920 Hybrid bulk heterojunction solar cells from a blend of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and TiO2 nanotubes
Wang ZJ, Qu SC, Zeng XB, Liu JP, Zhang CS, Tan FR, Jin L, Wang ZG
1921 - 1928 Formation of dense nitroxide radical layers on the Au(111) substrate for ESN-STM measurement
Krukowski P, Kozlowski W, Olejniczak W, Klusek Z, Puchalski M, Dabrowski P, Kowalczyk PJ, Gwozdzinski K, Grabowski G
1929 - 1933 Real-time kinetic modeling of YSZ thin film roughness deposited by e-beam evaporation technique
Galdikas A, Cerapaite-Trusinskiene R, Laukaitis G, Dudonis J
1934 - 1941 Growth, surface morphology, optical properties and electrical resistivity of epsilon-TiNx (0.4 <= x <= 0.5) films
Kiran MSRN, Krishna MG, Padmanabhan KA
1942 - 1945 Improved performance of organic light emitting diodes by pentacene as hole transporting layer
Zhang FJ, Xu Z, Zhao SL, Zhao DW, Yuan GC, Cheng ZM
1946 - 1958 Deconvolution of SIMS depth profiles: Towards simple and faster techniques
Boulsina F, Berrabah M, Dupuy JC
1959 - 1966 Field emission from strained carbon nanotubes on cathode substrate
Mahapatra DR, Sinha N, Yeow JTW, Melnik R
1967 - 1974 Oxidation behavior and kinetics of SiC/alumina-borosilicate coating for carbon-carbon composites
Li J, Luo RY, Chen YP, Xiang Q, Lin C, Ding P, An N, Cheng JW
1975 - 1981 Thermodynamics of pentachlorophenol adsorption from aqueous solutions by oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Salam MA, Burk RC
1982 - 1987 Hydrothermal self-assembling of ZnO nanorods into sphere-like superstructures and their optical characteristics
Gao YJ, Zhang WC, Wu XL, Xia Y, Huang GS, Xu LL, Shen JC, Siu GG, Chu PK
1988 - 1995 Stability of embossed PEI-(PSS-PDADMAC)(20) multilayer films versus storage time and versus a change in ionic strength
Ladhari N, Hemmerle J, Haikel Y, Voegel JC, Schaaf P, Ball V
1996 - 1999 Effect of silver ions on the structure of ZnO and photocatalytic performance of Ag/ZnO composites
Xu J, Chang YG, Zhang YY, Ma SY, Qu Y, Xu CT
2000 - 2005 Effective biaxial modulus and strain energy density of ideally (h k l)-fiber-textured hexagonal, tetragonal and orthorhombic films
Wu HP, Wu LZ, Wang B, Yu HJ, Du SY
2006 - 2011 Influences of annealing temperature on the optical properties of SiOx thin film prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
Huang F, Song QM, Li M, Xie B, Wang HQ, Jiang YS, Song YZ
2012 - 2019 Morphological and textural characterization of vanadium oxide supported on zirconia by ionic exchange
Gazzoli D, De Rossi S, Ferraris G, Valigi M, Ferrari L, Selci S
2020 - 2025 Attapulgite-Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles via co-precipitation technique
Liu YS, Liu P, Su ZX, Li FS, Wen FS
2026 - 2029 Codoped (AlN) and monodoped (Al) ZnO thin films grown by RF sputtering: A comparative study
Bhuvana KP, Elanchezhiyan J, Gopalakrishnan N, Balasubramanian T
2030 - 2039 Collagen fibrils in UV irradiated poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) films
Sionkowska A, Kozlowska J, Planecka A, Skopinska-Wisniewska J
2040 - 2045 Selective growth of zigzagged and straight GaN nanowires by sublimation sandwich method and their photoluminescence property
Lei M, Song B, Guo X, Tang WH
2046 - 2051 Preparation of bioactive amorphous-like titanium oxide layer on titanium by plasma oxidation treatment
Ou KL, Shih YH, Huang CF, Chen CC, Liu CM
2052 - 2056 Strong room-temperature ultraviolet emission from nanocrystalline ZnO and ZnO: Ag films grown by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Liu KP, Yang BF, Yan HW, Fu ZP, Wen MW, Chen YJ, Zuo J
2057 - 2062 Dependence of N-2 pressure on the crystal structure and surface quality of AlN thin films deposited via pulsed laser deposition technique at room temperature
Shukla G, Khare A
2063 - 2068 Formation of periodic nanostructure network through substrate-mediated assembly
Prabhakaran K, Kurian J, Kumar KNP, Chabal YJ
2069 - 2074 Fabrication of internal diffraction gratings in planar fluoride glass using low-density plasma formation induced by a femtosecond laser
Cho SH, Chang WS, Kim JG, Kim KR, Hong JW
2075 - 2079 Ion beam induced mixing of co-sputtered Au-Ni films analyzed by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry
Datta D, Bhattacharyya SR
2080 - 2086 Probing the role of surface treated montmorillonite on the properties of semi-aromatic polyamide/clay nanocomposites
Zulfiqar S, Kausar A, Rizwan M, Sarwar MI
2087 - 2090 Improvement of carbon nanotube field emission properties by ultrasonic nanowelding
Zhao B, Yadian BL, Chen D, Xu D, Zhang YF
2091 - 2097 Polyaniline-coated halloysite nanotubes via in-situ chemical polymerization
Zhang L, Wang T, Liu P
2098 - 2103 Microstructure and corrosion resistance of phytic acid conversion coatings for magnesium alloy
Cui XF, Li QF, Li Y, Wang FH, Jin G, Ding MH
2104 - 2108 A transmission electron microscopy study on the crystal structure and atomic arrangement of Al-Nd thin films deposited on glass substrates
Park YJ, Kim HN, Shin HH
2109 - 2112 Effect of clay on the surface morphology and field emission properties of screen-printed activated carbon
Lisunova MO, Lisunova YO, Lee S, Kim J, Kim Y, Joo K, Moon H, Zang D
2113 - 2117 Low-temperature hydrothermal formation of a net-like structured TiO2 film and its performance of photogenerated cathode protection
Yun H, Lin CJ, Li J, Wang JR, Chen HB
2118 - 2124 Growth and characterization of the ZnO/ZnS bilayer obtained by chemical spray pyrolysis
Lopez MC, Espinos JP, Leinen D, Martin F, Centeno SP, Romero R, Ramos-Barrado JR
2125 - 2128 Surface treatment of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles to improve their dispersibility in aqueous phase with new fluorine-contain polymers
Tang ZB, Liu P, Guo JS, Su ZX, Yang C
2129 - 2132 Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3/Bi1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5TiO7 multilayer thin films prepared by sol-gel method
Yan X, Ren W, Shi P, Wu XQ, Chen XF, Yao X
2133 - 2138 Effect of substrate temperature on the structural properties of magnetron sputtered titanium nitride thin films with brush plated nickel interlayer on mild steel
Subramanian B, Ashok K, Jayachandran M
2139 - 2142 Modifying the properties of fluorinated amorphous films using argon by filtered cathodic vacuum arc
Lin YH, Syue YC, Lin HD, Chen US, Chang YS, Chen JR, Shih HC
2143 - 2148 Formation of ZnTe by stacked elemental layer method
Bhahada KC, Tripathi B, Acharya NK, Kulriya PK, Vijay YK
2149 - 2152 Analysis of ITO/Mg:GaN interfaces by synchrotron radiation hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy and their electrical characteristics
Toyoshima Y, Horiba K, Oshima M, Ohta J, Fujioka H, Miki H, Ueda S, Yamashita Y, Yoshikawa H, Kobayashi K
2153 - 2158 A systematic study of chemical vapor deposition growth of InN
Cai XM, Ye F, Jing SY, Zhang DP, Fan P, Xie EQ
2159 - 2161 Fabrication of nanoparticle micro-arrays patterned using direct write laser photoreduction
Lau D, Furman S
2162 - 2166 Reinforcement of hydrogenated carboxylated nitrile-butadiene rubber by multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Lu L, Zhai YH, Zhang Y, Ong C, Guo SR
2167 - 2172 A silicon-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays electrode with enhanced photoelectrocatalytic activity
Su Y, Chen SO, Quan X, Zhao HM, Zhang YB
2173 - 2175 Fabrication of As-doped p-type ZnO thin films using As2O3 as doping source material by E-beam evaporation
Kumar M, Choi SY
2176 - 2179 Effects of Yb3+ on the corrosion resistance and deposition rate of electroless Ni-P deposits
Yan M, Ying HG, Ma TY, Luo W
2180 - 2184 Formation of SiC using low energy CO2 ion implantation in silicon
Sari AH, Ghorbani S, Dorranian D, Azadfar P, Hojabri AR, Ghoranneviss M
2185 - 2191 A new approach to the surface modification of polymeric gate insulators for organic thin-film transistor applications
Ahn T, Choi Y, Yi MH
2192 - 2195 Structure and optical properties of Nb2O5 sculptured thin films by glancing angle deposition
Xiao XD, Dong GP, Xu C, He HB, Qi HJ, Fan ZX, Shao JD
2196 - 2199 Ion surface modification for space TWT multistage depressed collectors
Ding MQ, Huang MG, Feng JJ, Bai GD, Yan TC
2200 - 2204 Effects of an external magnetic field in pulsed laser deposition
Garcia T, de Posada E, Villagran M, Ll JLS, Bartolo-Perez P, Pena JL
2205 - 2213 Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 and Fe/TiO2 nanoparticles and their performance for photocatalytic degradation of 1,2-dichloroethane
Hung WC, Chen YC, Chu H, Tseng TK
2214 - 2218 Composition and structure of a-C:Au nanocomposites obtained by physical vapour deposition
Calliari L, Speranza G, Minati L, Micheli V, Baranov A, Fanchenko S
2219 - 2224 Fabrication of glass/Ni-Fe-P ternary alloy core/shell composite hollow microspheres through a modified electroless plating process
An ZG, Zhang JJ, Pan SL
2225 - 2229 Preparation, characteristics and electrochemical properties of surface-modified LiMn2O4 by doped LiNi0.05Mn1.95O4
Yuan YF, Wu HM, Guo SY, Wu JB, Yang JL, Wang XL, Tu JP
2230 - 2236 Plasma plume induced during ArF laser ablation of hydroxyapatite
Jedynski M, Hoffman J, Mroz W, Szymanski Z
2237 - 2243 The effect of polymer matrix on laser microfabrication of Au nanoparticles dispersed polymer resists
Yagyu H, Tabata O
2244 - 2250 Synthesis and characterization of polyurethane/CdS-SiO2 nanocomposites via ultrasonic process
Chen J, Zhou YM, Nan QL, Ye XY, Sun YQ, Wang ZQ, Zhang SM
2251 - 2255 Controlled synthesis of diamond and carbon nanotubes on Ni-base alloy
Li YS, Hirose A
2256 - 2258 Preparation of porous TiO2/Ti composite membrane for immunoisolation
Zhan MJ, Li G, Wei Q, Cui HL, Lin L
2259 - 2264 Investigation of NO dissociation and reduction by H-2 on nanosized W2N surface with transient-response techniques
Yao ZW, Dong HT
2265 - 2269 Focused ion beam imaging of laser ablation sub-surface effects on layered materials
Tellez H, Vadillo JM, Chater RJ, Laserna JJ, McPhail DS
2270 - 2275 UV-vis-DR study of VOx/SiO2 catalysts prepared by sol-gel method
Moussa N, Ghorbel A
2276 - 2283 Microtribological properties of molecularly thin carboxylic acid functionalized imidazolium ionic liquid film on single-crystal silicon
Mo YF, Yu B, Zhao WJ, Bai MW
2284 - 2289 High throughput diffractive multi-beam femtosecond laser processing using a spatial light modulator
Kuang Z, Perrie W, Leach J, Sharp M, Edwardson SP, Padgett M, Dearden G, Watkins KG
2290 - 2294 Mechanism of the etching rate change of aluminosilicate glass in HF acid with micro-indentation
Saito Y, Okamoto S, Inomata H, Kurachi J
2295 - 2302 Preparation of polystyrene brush film by radical chain-transfer polymerization and micromechanical properties
Zhao J, Chen M, An YQ, Liu JX, Yan FY
2303 - 2311 Effect of two typical focus positions on microstructure shape and morphology in femtosecond laser multi-pulse ablation of metals
Wang WJ, Mei XS, Jiang GD, Lei ST, Yang CJ
2312 - 2315 Hydrostatic pressure effects on the impurity states in InAs/GaAs coupled quantum dots
Xia CX, Liu YM, Wei SY
2316 - 2321 Observation of silane coupling agents adsorbed on silica by solid state H-1 NMR under fast magic angle spinning
Han JL, Zuo CW, Gu Q, Li DW, Wang XL, Xue G
2322 - 2328 An organic chromium-free conversion coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy
Chen XM, Li GY, Lian JS, Jiang Q
2329 - 2332 Semi-circular shaped ZnO nanowhiskers assemblies deposited using an aqueous solution
Hu XL, Masuda Y, Ohji T, Kato K
2333 - 2337 Surface topography and morphology characterization of PIII irradiated silicon surface
Sharma SK, Barthwal S
2338 - 2341 Lanthanum-based conversion coating on Mg-8Li alloy
Yang LH, Li JQ, Yu X, Zhang ML, Huang XM
2342 - 2346 Heterointerfaces of stable and metastable ZnO phases
Ashrafi A
2347 - 2352 Effects of low-temperature surface-wave plasma treatment with various gases on surface modification of chitosan
Ogino A, Kral M, Yamashita M, Nagatsu M
2353 - 2359 Structural, optical and electrical properties of F-doped ZnO nanorod semiconductor thin films deposited by sol-gel process
Ilican S, Caglar Y, Caglar M, Yakuphanoglu F
2360 - 2364 Surface-phase separation of PEO-containing biodegradable PLLA blends and block copolymers
Lee JW, Jeong ED, Cho EJ, Gardella JA, Hicks W, Hard R, Bright FV
2365 - 2369 Synthesis of Bi2O3-TiO2 composite film with high-photocatalytic activity under sunlight irradiation
Xu JJ, Ao YH, Fu DG, Yuan CW
2370 - 2374 Microstructure and properties of nanocrystalline titanium monoxide films synthesized by inductively coupled plasma assisted reactive direct current magnetron sputtering
Li ZG, Miyake S, Makino M, Wu YX
2375 - 2381 Effect of temperature on the kinetics of acetylene decomposition over reduced iron oxide catalyst for the production of carbon nanotubes
Khedr MH, Halim KSA, Soliman NK
2382 - 2387 Growth and characterization of ZnO nanostructured thin films by a two step chemical method
Kumar PS, Raj AD, Mangalaraj D, Nataraj D
2388 - 2399 XPS and ToF-SIMS analysis of natural rubies and sapphires heat-treated in a reducing (5 mol% H-2/Ar) atmosphere
Achiwawanich S, James BD, Liesegang J
2400 - 2403 The elastic relaxation energy and equilibrium aspect ratio of self-organized pyramidal quantum dot
Zhou WM, Cai CY, Yin SY, Wang CY
2404 - 2407 Influence of evaporation conditions for BCP and Alq(3) on the performance of the PVK:Ir(ppy)(3) emitting system
Li YR, Zhao SL, Zhang FJ, Xu Z, Song DD
2408 - 2413 Preparation of flame sprayed poly(tetrafluoroethylene-co-hexafluoropropylene) coatings and their tribological properties under water lubrication
Feng ZZ, Xu HY, Yan FY
2414 - 2418 Effect of oxygen partial pressure on structural, optical and electrical properties of titanium-doped CdO thin films
Gupta RK, Ghosh K, Patel R, Kahol PK
2419 - 2424 Silica coating of CeO2 nanoparticles by a fast microwave irradiation method
Siddiquey IA, Furusawa T, Hoshi Y, Ukaji E, Kurayama F, Sato M, Suzuki N
2425 - 2432 Surface modification of ceramic matrix composites induced by laser treatment
Costil S, Lukat S, Langlade C, Coddet C
2433 - 2441 Quantum chemical studies on the inhibition of corrosion of copper surface by substituted uracils
Issa RM, Awad MK, Atlam FM
2442 - 2448 Accelerating calcium phosphate growth on NaOH-treated poly-(lactic-co-glycolic acid) by evaporation-induced surface crystallization
Duan K, Tang A, Wang RZ
2449 - 2455 Young's modulus of silicon nanoplates at finite temperature
Wang J, Huang QA, Yu H
2456 - 2460 Immobilization of TiO2 nanofibers on titanium plates for implant applications
Lim JI, Yu B, Woo KM, Lee YK
2461 - 2465 High energy ions and energetic plasma irradiation effects on aluminum in a Filippov-type plasma focus
Roshan MV, Rawat RS, Babazadeh AR, Emami M, Kiai SMS, Verma R, Lin JJ, Talebitaher AR, Lee P, Springham SV
2466 - 2473 Surface morphological, mechanical and thermal characterization of electron beam irradiated fibers
Choi HY, Han SO, Lee JS
2474 - 2477 Controlled variation of the information depth by angle dependent soft X-ray emission spectroscopy: A study on polycrystalline Cu(In,Ga)Se-2
Monig H, Lauermann I, Grimm A, Camus C, Kaufmann CA, Pistor P, Jung C, Kropp T, Lux-Steiner MC, Fischer CH
2478 - 2484 Preparation, characterization and activity evaluation of p-n junction photocatalyst p-ZnO/n-TiO2
Chen SF, Zhao W, Liu W, Zhang SJ
2485 - 2489 H2SO4/HNO3/HCl-Functionalization and its effect on dispersion of carbon nanotubes in aqueous media
Osorio AG, Silveira ICL, Bueno VL, Bergmann CP
2490 - 2493 Sputter damage in Si (001) surface by combination of C-60(+) and Ar+ ion beams
Yu BY, Lin WC, Chen YY, Lin YC, Wong KT, Shyue JJ
2494 - 2499 Preparation of TiO2-doped ZnO films by radio frequency magnetron sputtering in ambient hydrogen-argon gas
Chung JL, Chen JC, Tseng CJ
2500 - 2503 Effects of substrate on morphologies and photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanorods
Yang JH, Lang JH, Li CS, Yang LL, Han Q, Zhang YJ, Wang DD, Gao M, Liu XY
2504 - 2511 Evaluation of surface roughness of a plasma treated polymeric membrane by wavelet analysis and quantification of its enhanced performance
Pal S, Ghatak SK, De S, DasGupta S
2512 - 2516 Ge nanocrystal charge trapping devices fabricated by one-step oxidation on poly-SiGe
Kao CH, Lai CS, Huang CS, Fan KM
2517 - 2523 On the formation of lithium oxides and carbonates on Li metal electrodes in comparison to LiCoO2 surface phases investigated by photoelectron spectroscopy
Ensling D, Thissen A, Jaegermann W
2524 - 2526 Effect of bias voltage polarity on hydrogen sensing with AlGaN/GaN Schottky diodes
Anderson TJ, Wang HT, Kang BS, Ren F, Pearton SJ, Osinsky A, Dabiran A, Chow PP
2527 - 2532 Effect of thickness on structural, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of Co and Al doped ZnO films deposited by sol-gel route
Sharma M, Mehra RM
2533 - 2537 The adsorption of Be on the surface of (0001) InN
Wang JL, Wu XS, Dong JM, Bai DM, Dai XQ
2538 - 2544 Cold spraying of Fe/Al powder mixture: Coating characteristics and influence of heat treatment on the phase structure
Wang HT, Li CJ, Yang GJ, Li CX
2545 - 2549 Study of ferromagnetic, transparent and conductive AZO/Fe/AZO composite films
Wang LS, Chen YZ, Yue GH, She HD, Luo XH, Peng DL
2551 - 2556 Comparative surface and nano-tribological characteristics of nanocomposite diamond-like carbon thin films doped by silver
Zhang HS, Endrino JL, Anders A
2557 - 2560 Investigation of local order of a-SiN:H films deposited by hot wire chemical vapour deposition (HWCVD)
Swain BP, Swain BS, Hwang NM
2561 - 2568 Microscopic studies of spherical particles for nuclear safeguards
Donohue D, Ciurapinski A, Cliff J, Rudenauer F, Kuno T, Poths J
2569 - 2573 XPS analysis of laser transmission micro-joint between poly (vinylidene fluoride) and titanium
Sultana T, Georgiev GL, Auner G, Newaz G, Herfurth HJ, Patwa R
2574 - 2580 Experimental study on the bandgap narrowings of TiO2 films calcined under N-2 or NH3 atmosphere
Mi L, Xu P, Wang PN
2581 - 2590 Comparative study on oxidation behavior of selected MCrAlY coatings by elemental concentration profile analysis
Seo D, Ogawa K, Suzuki Y, Ichimura K, Shoji T, Murata S
2591 - 2595 The role of surface properties of activated carbon in the catalytic reduction of NO by carbon
Xue YY, Guo Y, Zhang ZG, Guo YL, Wang YQ, Lu GZ
2596 - 2602 Characterization of rough interfaces obtained by boriding
Campos-Silva I, Balankin AS, Sierra AH, Lopez-Perrusquia N, Escobar-Galindo R, Morales-Matamoros D
2603 - 2607 Chemically deposited nanocrystalline NiO thin films for supercapacitor application
Patil UM, Salunkhe RR, Gurav KV, Lokhande CD
2608 - 2612 Pd-catalyzed coupling reaction on the organic monolayer: Sonogashira reaction on the silicon (111) surfaces
Qua MN, Zhang Y, He JM, Cao XP, Zhang JY
2613 - 2618 Influence of surface properties of ceramic particles on their incorporation into cobalt electroless deposits
Rudnik E
2619 - 2622 An application of Au thin-film emissivity barrier on Ni alloy
Huang ZB, Zhu DM, Lou F, Zhou WC
2623 - 2626 The electronic properties and electron affinity of the hydrogenated nanodiamonds with surface reconstructions
Zhang ZK, Dai Y, Huang BB
2627 - 2631 The effects of post-treatments on the photovoltaic properties of spray-deposited SnO2:F thin films
Ikhmayies SJ, Ahmad-Bitar RN
2632 - 2640 Ti-MCM-41 supported phosphotungstic acid: An effective and environmentally benign catalyst for epoxidation of styrene
Wang GJ, Liu GQ, Xu MX, Yang ZX, Liu ZW, Liu YW, Chen SF, Wang L
2641 - 2645 A novel preparation method of Sn-modified Pt nanoparticles and application for methanol oxidation
Du YL, Su BQ, Zhang N, Wang CM
2646 - 2650 Low-temperature growth and optical properties of Ce-doped ZnO nanorods
Yang JH, Gao M, Yang LL, Zhang YJ, Lang JH, Wang DD, Wang YX, Liu HL, Fan HG
2651 - 2654 Growth and electrical properties of Ce-doped Bi2Ti2O7 thin films by chemical solution deposition
Jing XY, Huang BB, Yang XN, Wei JY, Wang ZY, Wang P, Zheng LR, Xu ZH, Liu HX, Wang XN
2655 - 2659 Optical characterization of hydrogen-free CeO2 doped DLC films deposited by unbalanced magnetron sputtering
Zhang ZY, Zhou HX, Guo DM, Gao H, Kang RK
2660 - 2664 Promoting strain relaxation of Si0.72Ge0.28 film on Si (100) substrate by inserting a low-temperature Ge islands layer in UHVCVD
Zhou ZW, Cai ZM, Li C, Lai HK, Chen SY, Yu JZ
2665 - 2670 Preparation and characterization of CdO thin films obtained by thermal oxidation of evaporated Cd thin films
Dantus C, Rusu GG, Dobromir M, Rusu M
2671 - 2674 Fabrication of surface self-lubricating composites of aluminum alloy
Zhang WJ, Zhang D, Le YK, Li L, Ou B
2675 - 2681 Interaction of femtosecond laser pulses with tempera paints
Gaspard S, Oujja M, Moreno P, Mendez C, Garcia A, Domingo C, Castillejo M
2682 - 2687 Growth of TiO2 nanorods by chemical bath deposition method
More AM, Gujar TP, Gunjakar JL, Lokhande CD, Joo OS
2688 - 2696 The effect of second-phase on the corrosion and wear behaviors of composite alloying layer
Xu J, Zhuo CZ, Tao J, Jiang SY
2697 - 2703 Microstructure and tribological properties of in situ synthesized TiC, TiN, and SiC reinforced Ti3Al intermetallic matrix composite coatings on pure Ti by laser cladding
Pu YP, Guo BG, Zhou JS, Zhang ST, Zhou HD, Chen JM
2704 - 2709 Size effects in liquid-phase photo-oxidation of phenol using nanometer-sized TiO2 catalysts
Liu S, Jaffrezic N, Guillard C
2710 - 2714 Orientation dependence of electrical properties for Bi4-xNdxTi3O12 (x=0.85) thin film deposited on p-type Si(100) substrate
Yi SW, Kim SS, Kim WJ, Do D
2715 - 2722 Styrene-butadiene rubber/halloysite nanotubes nanocomposites modified by methacrylic acid
Guo BC, Lei YD, Chen F, Liu XL, Du ML, Jia DM
2723 - 2729 Fabrication of high concentration barium titanate/polyvinylpyrrolidone nano-composite thin films and their dielectric properties
Kobayashi Y, Kosuge A, Konno M
2730 - 2734 XPS study of the Cu@Cu2O core-shell nanoparticles
Ghodselahi T, Vesaghi MA, Shafiekhani A, Baghizadeh A, Lameii M
2735 - 2739 Space charge and electroluminescence characteristics of thermally aged LDPE films
Yang K, Zhang GJ, Tu DM, Yan Z
2740 - 2745 Properties of electroless Ni-P deposition of glass substrates using a mercapto organosilanes for functional groups to graft palladium
Chi FT, Jiang K, Li B, Jiang B
2746 - 2751 A variable density model for the interpretation of ARXPS data
Paynter RW, Chanbi Z
2752 - 2758 The surface change of TiO2 film induced by UV illumination and the effects on UV-vis transmission spectra
Liu BS, Wen LP, Zhao XJ
2759 - 2766 Surface defect (Ti3+) controlling in the first step on the anatase TiO2 nanocrystal by using sol-gel technique
Suriye K, Jongsomjit B, Satayaprasert C, Praserthdam P
2767 - 2772 Ion irradiation induced nano granular magnetic Fe5Si3 silicide phase formation in Fe/Si structures
Tripathi JK, Srivastava PC
2773 - 2776 Preparation of (100)-oriented LaNiO3 on Si for the textured Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin films
Zhang CC, Shi JC, Yang CS, Ding GF
2777 - 2781 Extended measurement of crater depths for aluminum and copper at high irradiances by nanosecond visible laser pulses
Gojani AB, Yoh JJ, Yoo JH
2782 - 2786 Effect of moisture content on solid-state interaction at the interface between magnesium stearate and captopril
Cheng WT, Wang SL, Lin SY
2787 - 2790 Field emission properties of nitrogen incorporated DLC films prepared by electrodeposition
Li RS, Xie EQ, Zhou M, Zhang ZX, Wang T, Lu BA
2791 - 2795 Effect of Bi addition on the optical behavior of a-Ge-Se-In-Bi thin films
Sharma I, Tripathi SK, Barman PB
2796 - 2802 Femtosecond laser surface texturing of a nickel-based superalloy
Semaltianos NG, Perrie W, French P, Sharp M, Dearden G, Watkins KG
2803 - 2807 A facile route for the preparation of morphology-controlled NaTaO3 films
Zhou XF, Chen Y, Mei H, Hu ZL, Fan YQ
2808 - 2812 Ag-metallization effects on optical and electrical properties of porous silicon
Kayahan E, Ceylan N, Esmer K
2813 - 2821 The diamond pyramid structure in electroless copper deposit, its atomic model and molecular dynamics simulation
Wu X, Sha W
2822 - 2824 Interfacial studies on the O-3 modified carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide 6 composites
Li J
2825 - 2829 Studies on spin coated PANI/PMMA composite thin film: Effect of post-deposition heating
Yadav JB, Patil RB, Puri RK, Puri V
2830 - 2839 Incorporation of zirconia into coatings formed by DC plasma electrolytic oxidation of aluminium in nanoparticle suspensions
Matykina E, Arrabal R, Monfort F, Skeldon P, Thompson GE
2840 - 2844 Influence of thermal cycling on structural, optical and electrical properties of vanadium oxide thin films
Wu XC, Lai FC, Lin LM, Li YZ, Lin LH, Qu Y, Huang ZG
2845 - 2850 Structural and luminescence characterization of porous anodic oxide films on aluminum formed in sulfamic acid solution
Stojadinovic S, Vasilic R, Belca I, Tadic M, Kasalica B, Zekovic L
2851 - 2858 Effect of addition of pore expanding agent on changes of structure characteristics of ordered mesoporous silicas
Derylo-Marczewska A, Marczewski AW, Skrzypek I, Pikus S, Kozak M
2859 - 2863 Zinc oxide thin film synthesized by combustion chemical vapor deposition
Li ZY, Xu FC, Wu QH, Li J
2864 - 2868 Plasma penetration depth and mechanical properties of atmospheric plasma-treated 3D aramid woven composites
Chen X, Yao L, Xue J, Zhao D, Lan Y, Qian X, Wang CX, Qiu Y
2869 - 2873 Adsorptive property of albumin and streptokinase on sputtered hydroxyapatite films and its antithrombogenicity
Yoshihara H, Ozeki K, Masuzawa T, Aoki H
2874 - 2878 Formation of mesoporous alumina via hydrolysis of modified aluminum isopropoxide in presence of CTAB cationic surfactant
Khalil KMS
2879 - 2884 Improving visible-light photocatalytic activity of N-doped TiO2 nanoparticles via sensitization by Zn porphyrin
Chen DM, Yang D, Geng JQ, Zhu JH, Jiang ZY
2885 - 2889 Characterization of anti-adhesive self-assembled monolayer for nanoimprint lithography
Zhou WM, Zhang J, Liu YB, Li XL, Niu XM, Song ZT, Min GQ, Wan YZ, Shi LY, Feng SL
2890 - 2895 Influence of ejection angle on residual stress and optical properties of sputtering Ta2O5 thin films
Tien CL
2896 - 2902 Functionalization of SU-8 photoresist surfaces with IgG proteins
Blagoi G, Keller S, Johansson A, Boisen A, Dufva M
2903 - 2909 Preferential oxidation properties of CO in excess hydrogen over CuO-CeO2 catalyst prepared by hydrothermal method
Zhu PF, Li J, Zuo SF, Zhou RX
2910 - 2915 Gas doping ratio effects on p-type hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon thin films grown by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition
Luo PQ, Zhou ZB, Chan KY, Tang DY, Cui RQ, Dou XM
2916 - 2919 Au/p-diamond ohmic contacts deposited by RF sputtering
Zhen CM, Wang XQ, Wu XC, Liu CX, Hou DL
2920 - 2924 The surface properties of sepiolite
Helmy AK, de Bussetti SG
2925 - 2931 Growth and characterization of chromium oxide coatings prepared by pulsed-direct current reactive unbalanced magnetron sputtering
Barshilia HC, Rajam KS
2932 - 2941 Nano-phase titanium dioxide thin film deposited by repetitive plasma focus: Ion irradiation and annealing based phase transformation and agglomeration
Rawat RS, Aggarwal V, Hassan M, Lee P, Springham SV, Tan TL, Lee S
2942 - 2946 Preparation of bioactive porous HA/PCL composite scaffolds
Zhao J, Guo LY, Yang XB, Weng J
2947 - 2950 Bead structured nanocrystalline ZnO thin films: Synthesis and LPG sensing properties
Mishra D, Srivastava A, Srivastava A, Shukla RK
2951 - 2957 Low-energy hydrogen ion shower (LEHIS) treatment of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) materials
Salapare HS, Blantocas GQ, Noguera VR, Ramos HJ
2958 - 2962 Synthesis of p-type Al-N codoped ZnO films using N2O as a reactive gas by RF magnetron sputtering
Chou SM, Hon MH, Leu IC
2963 - 2970 Covalent functionalization of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) by nickel(II) Schiff-base complex: Synthesis, characterization and liquid phase oxidation of phenol with hydrogen peroxide
Salavati-Niasari M, Bazarganipour M
2971 - 2977 Internal photoemission study on charge trapping behavior in rapid thermal oxides on strained-Si/SiGe heterolayers
Bera MK, Mahata C, Bhattacharya S, Chakraborty AK, Armstrong BM, Gamble HS, Maiti CK
2978 - 2984 Structure stability and corrosion inhibition of super-hydrophobic film on aluminum in seawater
Yin YS, Liu T, Chen SG, Liu T, Cheng S
2985 - 2988 An effect of As flux on GaAs/AlAs quantum wells: A combined photoluminescence and reflection high-energy electron diffraction study
Pakarinen J, Polojarvi V, Laukkanen P, Tukiainen A, Laakso A, Peng CS, Tuomisto P, Korpijarvi VM, Puustinen J, Pessa M
2989 - 2993 Effect of chemical treatment to hollow carbon nanoparticles (HCNP) on catalytic behaviors of the platinum catalysts
Du JP, Song C, Zhao JH, Zhu ZP
2994 - 2999 pH-dependent 2-amino-5-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole monolayers at the silver surface: Surface enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopic and electrochemical observations
Yang HF, Song W, Ji JH, Zhu X, Sun YP, Yang RY, Zhang ZR
3000 - 3003 First nucleation steps of nickel nanoparticle growth on Al2O3 (0001) studied by XPS inelastic peak shape analysis
Gallardo-Vega C, De La Cruz W, Tougaard S, Cota-Araiza L
3004 - 3010 Surface structure and composition of Ni-Ti alloys and their influence on the temperature-dependent segregation behavior
Bozzolo G, Mosca HO, del Grosso MF
3011 - 3015 Hydride formation on titanium surfaces by cathodic polarization
Videm K, Lamolle S, Monjo M, Ellingsen JE, Lyngstadaas SP, Haugen HJ
3016 - 3018 Nanostructured surface morphology of ZnO grown on p-type GaN and Si by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Hung SC, Huang PJ, Chan CE, Uen WY, Ren F, Pearton SJ, Yang TN, Chiang CC, Lan SM, Chi GC
3019 - 3027 Effect of mixed Catalysts system on TEOS-based silica aerogels dried at ambient pressure
Gurav JL, Nadargi DY, Rao AV
3028 - 3032 Polarization-dependent single-beam laser-induced grating-like effects on titanium films
Camacho-Lopez S, Evans R, Escobar-Alarcon L, Camacho-Lopez MA, Camacho-Lopez MA
3033 - 3039 Carbon monoxide gas-sensing properties of CeO2-ZnO thin films
Al-Kuhaili MF, Durrani SMA, Bakhtiari IA
3040 - 3045 Tribological properties of self-assembled monolayers covalently bonded to Si
Nakano M, Ishida T, Sano H, Sugimura H, Miyake K, Ando Y, Sasaki S
3046 - 3048 Effect of thickness on optoelectrical properties of Mo-doped indium oxide films
Gupta RK, Ghosh K, Patel R, Kahol PK
3049 - 3055 The thermal stability of porous alumina/stainless steel catalyst support obtained by spray pyrolysis
Novakovic T, Radic N, Grbic B, Dondur V, Mitric M, Randjelovic D, Stoychev D, Stefanov P
3056 - 3062 Nanostructured bioglass thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition: CSLM, FTIR investigations and in vitro biotests
Floroian L, Savu B, Stanciu G, Popescu AC, Sima F, Mihailescu IN, Mustata R, Sima LE, Petrescu M, Tanaskovic D, Janackovic D
3063 - 3070 Inferring fractal dimension of rough/porous surfaces-A comparison of SEM image analysis and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy methods
Risovic D, Poljacek SM, Furic K, Gojo M
3071 - 3078 Variation of microindentation hardness with solidification and microstructure parameters in the Al based alloys
Kaya H, Cadirli E, Boyuk U, Marasli N
3079 - 3084 On the argon and oxygen incorporation into SiOx through ion implantation during reactive plasma magnetron sputter deposition
van Hattum ED, Boltje DB, Palmero A, Arnoldbik WM, Rudolph H, Habraken FHPM
3085 - 3089 Improved free-standing GaN Schottky diode characteristics using chemical mechanical polishing
Arjunan AC, Singh D, Wang HT, Ren F, Kumar P, Singh RK, Pearton SJ
3090 - 3096 Novel ceria-polymer microcomposites for chemical mechanical polishing
Coutinho CA, Mudhivarthi SR, Kumar A, Gupta VK
3097 - 3103 Hybrid atomistic-macroscale modeling of long-time phase change in nanosecond laser-material interaction
Zhang LJ, Wang XW
3104 - 3111 High temperature oxidation and corrosion in marine environments of thermal spray deposited coatings
Chaliampalias D, Vourlias G, Pavlidou E, Stergioudis G, Skolianos S, Chrissafis K
3112 - 3116 Fabrication of superhydrophobic ZnO/Zn surface with nanowires and nanobelts structures using novel plasma assisted thermal vapor deposition
Li G, Wang B, Liu Y, Tan T, Song X, Yan H
3117 - 3120 Selective oxidation of cyclopentene to glutaraldehyde over the WO3/SiO2 catalyst
Lu G, Li XY, Qu ZP, Wang YX, Chen GH
3121 - 3125 Interface metallization and electrical characterization of Ta-Pt multilayers on n-type SiC
Yang H, Peng TH, Wang WJ, Wang WY, Chen XL
3126 - 3131 Micro-architecture of nonlinear optical Ba2TiGe2O8 crystal dots and lines on the surface of laser-induced crystallized glasses by chemical etching
Honma T, Hirokawa N, Komatsu T
3132 - 3136 Damage channeling in femtosecond laser micro-structured SBN crystals
Rodenas A, Lamela J, Jaque F, Jaque D, Torchia G, Mendez C, de Aldana JRV, Roso L
3137 - 3140 Preparation of porous titania thin film and its photocatalytic activity
Ao YH, Xu JJ, Fu DG, Yuan CW
3141 - 3148 Roles of oxygen vacancy in the adsorption properties of CO and NO on Cu2O(111) surface: Results of a first-principles study
Sun BZ, Chen WK, Zheng JD, Lu CH
3149 - 3152 Growth temperature dependences of InN films grown by MOCVD
Yang CB, Wang XL, Xiao HL, Zhang XB, Hua GX, Ran JX, Wang CM, Li JP, Li JM, Wang ZG
3153 - 3158 Effects of oxygen plasma treatment power on surface properties of poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) fibers
Chen P, Zhang CS, Zhang XY, Wang BC, Li W, Lei QQ
3159 - 3163 Electroforming of continuous Al-AlN granular films
Liang HF, Meng LG, Liu CL
3164 - 3169 Study of hydrogen adsorption on the Ti (0001)-(1 x 1) surface by density functional theory
Guo JX, Guan L, Wang SB, Zhao QX, Wang YL, Liu BT
3170 - 3174 Microstructure and electrical properties of the conductive Pt-LaNiO3 composite films deposited with co-sputtering
Qiao L, Bi XF
3175 - 3178 Structural, electrical and optical properties of Al-Ti codoped ZnO (ZATO) thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Jiang MH, Liu XY
3179 - 3183 Evaluation of femtosecond laser pulse irradiation of ancient parchment
Walczak M, Oujja M, Crespo-Arca L, Garcia A, Mendez C, Moreno P, Domingo C, Castillejo M
3184 - 3187 Adsorption of iodide and iodate on colloidal silver surface
Zhang AP, Tie XY, Zhang JZ, An YW, Li LJ
3188 - 3194 Pulsed laser synthesis of ceramic-metal composite coating on steel
Du B, Samant AN, Paital SR, Dahotre NB
3195 - 3200 Effect of the thickness and hydrogen treatment on the properties of Ga-doped ZnO transparent conductive films
Lee MJ, Lim J, Bang J, Lee W, Myoung JM
3201 - 3204 Synthesis and photoluminescence property of indium oxide nanowires
Wu P, Li Q, Zhao CX, Zhang DL, Chi LF, Xiao T
3205 - 3209 Effect of yttrium and chromium ion implantation on crevice electrochemical behavior of carbon steel in sodium chloride solution
Liang CH, Huang NB
3210 - 3216 Direct micro-patterning of aluminum substrates via laser interference metallurgy
D'Alessandria M, Lasagni A, Mucklich F
3217 - 3229 Effects of atmospheric plasma activation on surface properties of pigment-coated and surface-sized papers
Pykonen M, Sundqvist H, Jarnstrom J, Kaukoniemi OV, Tuominen M, Lahti J, Peltonen J, Fardim P, Toivakka M
3230 - 3234 Effect of TiO2 buffer layer on the structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films deposited by E-beam evaporation and sol-gel method
Xu LH, Shi LX, Li XY
3235 - 3239 Survival of the excited Mg atoms sputtered from Mg, MgO, MgF2 and oxygen-covered Mg surface
Dogar AH, Ullah S, Hussain S, Qayyum A
3240 - 3250 Multiscale simulation of nanoindentation on Ni (100) thin film
Wang CT, Jian SR, Jang JSC, Lai YS, Yang PF
3251 - 3256 Microstructure and mechanical characteristics of laser coating-texturing alloying dimples
Wan DP, Chen BK, Shao YM, Wang SL, Hu DJ
3257 - 3262 Field emission characteristics of nano-structured carbon films deposited on differently pretreated Mo films
Wang LY, Wang XP, Wang LJ, Zhang L
3263 - 3266 Influence of surface treatment on preparing nanosized TiO2 supported on carbon nanotubes
Wang S, Ji LJ, Wu B, Gong QM, Zhu YF, Liang J
3267 - 3275 Online study of cracks during laser cladding process based on acoustic emission technique and finite element analysis
Wang FJ, Mao HD, Zhang DW, Zhao XY, Shen Y
3276 - 3282 Assembly of octadecyl phosphonic acid on the alpha-Al2O3 (0001) surface of air annealed alumina: Evidence for termination dependent adsorption
Liakos IL, McAlpine E, Chen XY, Newman R, Alexander MR
3283 - 3288 Atomic force microscopy study of fullerene-based colloids
Todorovic-Markovic B, Jovanovic S, Jokanovic V, Nedic Z, Dramicanin M, Markovic Z
3289 - 3293 Enhancement of optical second harmonic generation by nitrogen adsorption on Cu(001)
Sano H, Miyaoka M, Iimori T, Sakiba D, Nakatsuji K, Wolf W, Podloucky R, Kawamura N, Mizutani G, Komori F
3294 - 3299 An efficient route to functionalize singe-walled carbon nanotubes using alcohols
Tian R, Wang XB, Li MJ, Hu HT, Chen R, Liu FM, Zheng H, Wan L
3300 - 3309 Hydrodechlorination of chlorobenzene over NiB/SiO2 and NiP/SiO2 amorphous catalysts after being partially crystallized: A consideration of electronic and geometrical factors
Chen JX, Ci DH, Wang RJ, Zhang JY
3310 - 3317 Adsorption of methane with the presence of water on oxide, polymer and carbon adsorbents studied using H-1 NMR spectroscopy at low temperatures
Turov VV, Turova AA, Goncharuk EV, Gun'ko VM
3318 - 3321 Oxidation of hydrogen terminated Ge(100) surface in the presence of iodine in methanol
Lee Y, Park K, Lim S
3322 - 3327 Depth-sensitive characterization of surface magnetic properties of as-quenched FeNbB ribbons
Zivotsky O, Postava K, Hrabovska K, Hendrych A, Pistora J, Kraus L
3328 - 3331 The impurity Franz-Keldysh effect in 2D photonic macroporous silicon structures
Karachevtseva LA, Ivanov VI, Lytvynenko OO, Parshin KA, Stronska OJ
3332 - 3335 Metal organic chemical vapor deposition growth of Cd1-xFexSe thin films
Ju ZG, Lu YM, Zhang JY, Shan CX, Zhao DX, Zhang ZZ, Li BH, Yao B, Shen DZ
3336 - 3341 Spreading dynamics of functional droplets
Li X, Hu YZ, Jiang L
3342 - 3349 Multi-length scale Monte Carlo simulation of the growth process of SiC film by chemical vapor deposition
Liu CX, Yang YQ, Luo X, Zhang RJ, Huang B
3350 - 3353 High Al-content AlInGaN epilayers with different thicknesses grown on GaN/sapphire templates
Shang JZ, Zhang BP, Wu CM, Cai LE, Zhang JY, Yu JZ, Wang QM
3354 - 3360 Fractal dimension and energetic heterogeneity of gold-modified Al-Fe-Ce pilc's
Carriazo JG, Molina R, Moreno S
3361 - 3370 Chemical modification of silica-gel with hydroxyl- or amino-terminated polyamine for adsorption of Au(III)
Qu RJ, Wang MG, Sun CM, Zhang Y, Ji CA, Chen H, Meng YF, Yin P
3371 - 3374 Superhydrophobic or superhydrophilic surfaces regulated by micro-nano structured ZnO powders
Zhou XF, Guo XF, Ding WP, Chen Y
3375 - 3380 Study of the effect of plasma power on ZnO thin films growth using electron cyclotron resonance plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy
Yang Z, Lim JH, Chu S, Zuo Z, Liu JL
3381 - 3387 Langmuir films of nitro substituted N-benzylidene hexadecylamine Schiff bases at air/water interface-Phase transitions and molecular dynamics simulation
Lakshmanan M, Raman SS, Dhathathreyan A
3388 - 3393 Synthesis and high catalytic properties of mesoporous Pt nanowire array by novel conjunct template method
Zhong Y, Xu CL, Kong LB, Li HL
3394 - 3399 Influence of H13 steel unit on wear behavior of vermicular cast iron
Zhou H, Guo QC, Lin PY, Wei-Zhang, Zhang XL, Ren LQ
3400 - 3406 Fabrication of poly(methyl methacrylate) colloidal monolayer on chemically modified silicon surface and hemispherical platinum nanoshell
Nam HJ, Kwon YU, Jung DY
3407 - 3413 Sub-micron parallel laser direct-write
Othon CM, Laracuente A, Ladouceur HD, Ringeisen BR
3414 - 3420 Rolling and slipping motion of a water droplet sandwiched between two parallel plates coated with fluoroalkylsilanes
Suzuki S, Nakajima A, Sakai M, Hashimoto A, Yoshida N, Kameshima Y, Okada K
3421 - 3425 Surface modification of PE film by DBD plasma in air
Ren CS, Wang K, Nie QY, Wang DZ, Guo SH
3426 - 3433 Structure, mechanical performance and electrochemical characterization of plasma sprayed SiO2/Ti-reinforced hydroxyapatite biomedical coatings
Morks MF, Fahim NF, Kobayashi A
3434 - 3441 First-principles molecular dynamics simulation of O-2 reduction on ZrO2 ((1)over-bar 1 1) surface
Okamoto Y
3442 - 3446 Numerical analysis of second harmonic intensity images of a H-Si(111) surface after UV light pulse irradiation
Miyauchi Y, Sano H, Mizutani G
3447 - 3453 Characterization and nanoindentation testing of thin ZrO2 films synthesized using layer-by-layer (LbL) deposited organic templates
Zlotnikov I, Gotman I, Gutmanas EY
3454 - 3458 Novel application of the electrodeposition on bulk metallic glasses
Qiu SB, Yao KF
3459 - 3462 Preparation of super-hydrophobic surface on stainless steel
Chen LJ, Chen M, Hui HD, Chen JM
3463 - 3465 Room-temperature synthesis of crystallized luminescent CaMoO4 film by a simple chemical method
Cui CH, Bi J, Gao DJ
3466 - 3469 Growth and properties of BiFeO3 thin films deposited on LaNiO3-buffered SrTiO3(001) and (111) substrates by PLD
Zhu J, Luo WB, Li YR
3470 - 3470 Using light to bioactivate surfaces: A new way of creating oriented, active immunobiosensors (vol 254, pg 1126, 2007)
Duroux M, Gurevich L, Neves-Petersen MT, Skovsen E, Duroux L, Borrebaeck CAK, Wingren C, Petersen SB