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803 - 804 Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, SIMS XVI Preface
Kudo M, Oiwa R, Yurimoto H
805 - 812 Semiconductor profiling with sub-nm resolution: Challenges and solutions
Vandervorst W
813 - 815 Predicting secondary ion formation in molecular dynamics simulations of sputtering
Weidtmann B, Duvenbeck A, Wucher A
816 - 818 Fundamental studies of molecular depth profiling and 3D imaging using Langmuir-Blodgett films as a model
Zheng LL, Wucher A, Winograd N
819 - 823 C-60 sputtering of organics: A study using TOF-SIMS, XPS and nanoindentation
Fisher GL, Dickinson M, Bryan SR, Moulder J
824 - 827 Molecular ion yield enhancement induced by gold deposition in static secondary ion mass spectrometry
Wehbe N, Delcorte A, Heile A, Arlinghaus HF, Bertrand P
828 - 830 Trench formation and lateral damage induced by gallium milling of silicon
Russo MF, Maazouz M, Giannuzzi LA, Chandler C, Utlaut M, Garrison BJ
831 - 833 Molecular depth profiling and imaging using cluster ion beams with femtosecond laser postionization
Willingham D, Kucher A, Winograd N
834 - 836 State selective detection of sputtered Al neutrals by resonant laser ionization SNMS
Hayashi S, Kubota N
837 - 840 Simulations of C-60 bombardment of Si, SiC, diamond and graphite
Krantzman KD, Webbb RP, Garrison BJ
841 - 843 Molecular dynamics simulations of sputtering of organic overlayers by slow, large clusters
Rzeznik L, Czerwinski B, Garrison BJ, Winograd N, Postawa Z
844 - 846 Angle of incidence effects in a molecular solid
Ryan KE, Smiley EJ, Winograd N, Garrison BJ
847 - 851 Dynamic SIMS ion microscopy imaging of individual bacterial cells for studies of isotopically labeled molecules
Chandra S, Pumphrey G, Abraham JM, Madsen EL
852 - 855 G-SIMS and SMILES: Simulated fragmentation pathways for identification of complex molecules, amino acids and peptides
Green FM, Gilmore IS, Seah MP
856 - 859 Fragment distribution of thermal decomposition for PS and PET with QMD calculations by considering the excited and charged model molecules
Endo K, Masumoto C, Matsumoto D, Ida T, Mizuno M, Kato N
860 - 862 SIMS depth profile analysis of sodium in silicon dioxide
Yamamoto Y, Shimodaira N
863 - 865 Assessment of the Nd/U ratio for the quantification of neodymium in UO2
Desgranges L, Pasquet B, Roure I, Portier S, Bremier S, Walker CT, Hasnaoui R, Gavillet D, Martin M, Raimbault L
866 - 869 The Storing Matter technique: Preliminary results on PS and PVC
Philipp P, Douhard B, Lacour F, Wirtz T, Houssiau L, Pireaux JJ, Migeon HN
870 - 873 Angular distribution of sputtered matter under Cs+ bombardment with oblique incidence
Verdeil C, Wirtz T, Migeon HN, Scherrer H
874 - 876 Monoatomic and cluster beam effect on ToF-SIMS spectra of self-assembled monolayers on gold
Tuccitto N, Torrisi V, Delfanti I, Licciardello A
877 - 879 Critical distance for secondary ion formation: Experimental SIMS measurements
Kudriavtsev Y, Gallardo S, Villegas A, Ramirez G, Asomoza R
880 - 882 Secondary ion emission from Si bombarded with large Ar cluster ions under UHV conditions
Ninomiya S, Ichiki K, Nakata Y, Honda Y, Seki T, Aoki T, Matsuo J
883 - 885 Desorption of cluster ions from adsorbed methane under cryogenic condition by low-energy ion irradiation
Narita A, Honda M, Hirao N, Baba Y, Yaita T
886 - 889 Controlling energy deposition during the C-60(+) bombardment of silicon: The effect of incident angle geometry
Kozole J, Winograd N
890 - 892 Substrate effects on the analysis of biomolecular layers using Au+, Au-3(+) and C-60(+) bombardments
Kordys J, Fletcher JS, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
893 - 896 Friction model to describe cluster bombardment
Ryan KE, Russo MF, Smiley EJ, Postawa Z, Garrison BJ
897 - 900 Combined simulations and analytical model for predicting trends in cluster bombardment
Russo MF, Ryan KE, Czerwinski B, Smiley EJ, Postawa Z, Garrison BJ
901 - 904 Resonance enhanced multi-photon ionization of neutral atoms sputtered with Ga-FIB
Koizumi M, Sakamoto T
905 - 907 Quantum molecular dynamics simulation for fragmentation of arginine molecule induced by ion impact
Kato N, Kudo M
908 - 911 Effect of residual oxygen on ionization processes of Si+ and Si2+ sputtered from Si(111)-7 x 7 surface
Sakuma Y, Kato M, Shinde N, Yagi S, Soda K
912 - 915 Investigation of molecular weight effects of polystyrene in ToF-SIMS using C-60(+) and Au+ primary ion beams
Piwowar AM, Lockyer N, Vickerman JC
916 - 921 Cluster SIMS using metal cluster complex ions
Fujiwara Y, Kondou K, Teranishi Y, Watanabe K, Nonaka H, Saito N, Itoh H, Fujimoto T, Kurokawa A, Ichimura S, Tomita M
922 - 925 TOF-SIMS investigation of Streptomyces coelicolor, a mycelial bacterium
Vaidyanathan S, Fletcher JS, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
926 - 928 Depth profiling of cells and tissues by using C-60(+) and SF5+ as sputter ions
Malmberg P, Kriegeskotte C, Arlinghaus HF, Hagenhoff B, Holmgren J, Nilsson M, Nygren H
929 - 933 Imaging macrophages in trehalose with SIMS
Parry SA, Kurczy ME, Fan X, Halleck MS, Schlegel RA, Winograd N
934 - 937 Artifacts in the sputtering of inorganics by C-60(n+)
Lee JLS, Seah MP, Gilmore IS
938 - 940 Analysis of TOF-SIMS spectra from fullerene compounds
Kato N, Yamashita Y, Iida S, Sanada N, Kudo M
941 - 943 Metal-assisted SIMS and cluster ion bombardment for ion yield enhancement
Heile A, Lipinsky D, Wehbe N, Delcorte A, Bertrand P, Felten A, Houssiau L, Pireaux JJ, De Mondt R, Van Vaeck L, Arlinghaus HF
944 - 947 MD simulation study of the sputtering process by high-energy gas cluster impact
Aoki T, Seki T, Ninomiya S, Matsuo J
948 - 950 Extremely low-energy projectiles for SIMS using size-selected gas cluster ions
Moritani K, Hashinokuchi M, Nakagawa J, Kashiwagi T, Toyoda N, Mochiji K
951 - 953 The effect of angle of incidence to low damage sputtering of organic polymers using a C-60 ion beam
Miyayama T, Sanada N, Iida SI, Hammond JS, Suzuki M
954 - 958 On the road to high-resolution 3D molecular imaging
Delcorte A
959 - 961 Molecular depth profiling of trehalose using a C-60 cluster ion beam
Wucher A, Cheng J, Winograd N
962 - 965 C-60 ion sputtering of layered organic materials
Shard AG, Green FM, Gilmore IS
966 - 969 Depth profiling of organic materials using improved ion beam conditions
Cramer HG, Grehl T, Kollmer F, Moellers R, Niehuis E, Rading D
970 - 972 Molecular depth profiling of polymers with very low energy ions
Houssiau L, Douhard B, Mine N
973 - 976 MCsn+ cluster formation on organic surfaces: A novel way to depth-profile organics?
Mine N, Douhard B, Houssiau L
977 - 980 ToF-SIMS study of growth behavior in all-nanoparticle multilayer films using a novel indicator layer
Chen BJ, Yin YS, Ling YC
981 - 983 ToF-SIMS study of chemical composition and formation of all-nanoparticle multilayer films
Chen BJ, Yin YS, Ling YC
984 - 986 Three-dimensional molecular imaging using mass spectrometry and atomic force microscopy
Wucher A, Cheng J, Zheng LL, Willingham D, Winograd N
987 - 991 Analysis of surface and bulk polymerization of a thin film using a chemical derivatization technique and TOF-SIMS
Maekawa T, Senga T
992 - 996 Towards quantitative chemical imaging with ToF-SIMS
Wagner MS
997 - 1000 TOF-SIMS analysis of polystyrene/polybutadiene blend using chemical derivatization and multivariate analysis
Kono T, Iwase E, Kanamori Y
1001 - 1005 Lamellar orientation on the surface of a polymer determined by ToF-SIMS and AFM
Lau YTR, Weng LT, Ng KM, Chan CM
1006 - 1010 Nano- and microstructured polymer LB layers: A combined AFM/SIMS study
Torrisi V, Tuccitto N, Delfanti I, Audinot JN, Zhavnerko G, Migeon HN, Licciardello A
1011 - 1014 Photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue and 4-chlorophenol on nanocrystalline TiO2 films under UV illumination: A ToF-SIMS study
Orendorz A, Ziegler C, Gnaser H
1015 - 1017 Comparison of secondary ion intensity enhancement from polymers on silicon and silver substrates by using Au-TOF-SIMS
Kudo M, Aimoto K, Sunagawa Y, Kato N, Aoyagi S, Iida S, Sanada N
1018 - 1021 Influences of water on photoresist surface in immersion lithography technology
Sado M, Teratani T, Fujii H, Iikawa R, Iida H
1022 - 1024 Mapping of the cationic starch adsorbed on pulp fibers by ToF-SIMS
Matsushita Y, Suzuki A, Sekiguchi T, Saito K, Imai T, Fukushima K
1025 - 1028 ToF-SIMS study on the cleaning methods of Au surface and their effects on the reproducibility of self-assembled monolayers
Min H, Park JW, Shon HK, Moon DW, Lee TG
1029 - 1032 Primary ion fluence dependence in time-of-flight SIMS of self-assembled monolayer of alkyl thiol molecules on Au(111)-Discussion of static limit
Ghonaim NW, Nieradko M, Xi L, Nie HY, Francis JT, Grizzi O, Yeung KKC, Lau LWM
1033 - 1036 Investigation of natural dyes and ancient textiles from korea using TOF-SIMS
Lee Y, Lee J, Kim Y, Choi S, Ham SW, Kim KJ
1037 - 1039 Quantitative analysis of mixed self-assembled monolayers using ToF-SIMS
Min H, Jung G, Moon DW, Choi IS, Lee TG
1040 - 1043 Simulation of SIMS for monomer and dimer of lignin under the assumption of thermal decomposition using QMD method
Kato K, Endo K, Matsumoto D, Ida T, Saito K, Fukushima K, Kato N
1044 - 1047 Quantitative analysis of organic additive content in a polymer by ToF-SIMS with PCA
Ito H, Kono T
1048 - 1051 Fragment distribution of thermal decomposition for lignin monomer by QMD calculations using the excited and charged model molecules
Endo K, Matsumoto D, Kato K, Takagi Y, Ida T, Mizuno M, Saito K, Fukushima K, Kato N
1052 - 1054 Improvement of sensitivity using principal component analysis by dual focused ion beam time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Morita Y, Owari M
1055 - 1057 The effect of C-60 cluster ion beam bombardment in sputter depth profiling of organic-inorganic hybrid multiple thin films
Shon HK, Lee TG, Kim DH, Kang HJ, Lee BH, Sung MM, Moon DW
1058 - 1063 Possibilities and limitations of high-resolution mass spectrometry in life sciences
Arlinghaus HF
1064 - 1067 Gold nanoparticle-enhanced secondary ion mass spectrometry and its bio-applications
Kim YP, Oh E, Shon HK, Moon DW, Lee TG, Kim HS
1068 - 1070 The effect of incident angle on the C-60(+) bombardment of molecular solids
Kozole J, Willingham D, Winograd N
1071 - 1074 TOF-SIMS structural characterization of self-assembly monolayer of cytochrome b5 onto gold substrate
Aoyagi S, Rouleau A, Boireau W
1075 - 1078 ToF-SIMS investigation of FIB-patterning of lactoferrin by using self-assembled monolayers of iron complexes
Tuccitto N, Giamblanco N, Marletta G, Licciardello A
1079 - 1083 Imaging subcellular features of a sectioned rat brain using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and scanning probe microscopy
Nie HY, Francis JT, Taylor AR, Walzak MJ, Chang WH, MacFabe DF, Lau WM
1084 - 1087 ToF-SIMS PC-DFA analysis of prostate cancer cell lines
Baker MJ, Gazi E, Brown MD, Clarke NW, Vickerman JC, Lockyer NP
1088 - 1091 Chemical differences between sapwood and heartwood of Chamaecyparis obtusa detected by ToF-SIMS
Saito K, Mitsutani T, Imai T, Matsushita Y, Yamamoto A, Fukushima K
1092 - 1095 TOF-SIMS analysis of the interface between bone and titanium implants-Effect of porosity and magnesium coating
Nygren H, Eriksson C, Hederstierna K, Malmberg P
1096 - 1099 Evaluation of oriented lysozyme immobilized with monoclonal antibody
Aoyagi S, Okada K, Shigyo A, Man N, Karen A
1100 - 1103 TOF-SIMS analysis of magnetic materials in chum salmon head
Yano A, Aoyagi S
1104 - 1106 Evaluation of immobilized-lysozyme by means of TOF-SIMS
Okada K, Aoyagi S, Dohi M, Kato N, Kudo M, Tozu M, Miyayama T, Sanada N
1107 - 1109 Marker experiments to determine diffusing species and diffusion path in medical Nitinol alloys
Lutz J, Lindner JKN, Mandl S
1110 - 1112 Protein quantification on dendrimer-activated surfaces by using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and principal component regression
Kim YP, Hong MY, Shon HK, Chegal W, Cho HM, Moon DW, Kim HS, Lee TG
1113 - 1115 A new approach for preventing charging up of soft material samples by coating with conducting polymers in SIMS analysis
Mise T, Ishikawa M, Nishimoto K, Meguro T
1116 - 1118 Investigation of the cosmetic ingredient distribution in the stratum corneum using NanoSIMS imaging
Tanji N, Okamoto M, Katayama Y, Hosokawa M, Takahata N, Sano Y
1119 - 1122 Differentiation between human normal colon mucosa and colon cancer tissue using ToF-SIMS imaging technique and principal component analysis
Park JW, Shon HK, Yoo BC, Kim IH, Moon DW, Lee TG
1123 - 1125 Behcet brain tissue identified with increased levels of Si and Al
Aranyosiova M, Kopani M, Rychly B, Jakubovsky J, Velic D
1126 - 1130 ToF-SIMS cluster ion imaging of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal rat neurons
Francis JT, Nie HY, Taylor AR, Walzak MJ, Chang WH, MacFabe DF, Lau WM
1131 - 1134 Molecular imaging of enhanced Na+ expression in the liver of total sleep deprived rats by TOF-SIMS
Chang HM, Chen BJ, Wu UI, Huang YL, Mai FD
1135 - 1138 Up-regulation of Na+ expression in the area postrema of total sleep deprived rats by TOF-SIMS analysis
Mai FD, Chen BJ, Ling YC, Wu UI, Huang YL, Chang HM
1139 - 1142 Interaction between diesel exhaust particles and cellular oxidative stress
Suzuki K, Komatsu T, Kubo-Irie M, Tabata M, Takeda K, Nihei Y
1143 - 1147 Application of ToF-SIMS to the study on heartwood formation in Cryptomeria japonica trees
Kuroda K, Imai T, Saito K, Kato T, Fukushima K
1148 - 1150 High sputtering yields of organic compounds by large gas cluster ions
Ichiki K, Ninomiya S, Nakata Y, Honda Y, Seki T, Aoki T, Matsuo J
1151 - 1153 Cesium pre-implantation of embedded biological sections
Galle P, Levi-Setti R, Labejof L, Kaitasov O
1154 - 1157 Accumulations of Ca/P in the core of hairs from Taklamakan desert mummies
Hallegot P, Walter P, Cotte M, Audinot JN, Guillot J, Migeon HN, Tallarek E, Hagenhoff B
1158 - 1161 Relative quantification of cellular sections with molecular depth profiling ToF-SIMS imaging
Kurczy ME, Kozole J, Parry SA, Piehowski PD, Winograd N, Ewing AG
1162 - 1164 Protein fragment imaging using ink jet printing digestion technique
Komatsu M, Murayama Y, Hashimoto H
1165 - 1169 ToF-SIMS and SEM-EDS analysis of the surface of chosen bioindicators
Szynkowska MI, Pawlaczyk A, Rogowski J
1170 - 1173 Quantitative ToF-SIMS studies of protein drug release from biodegradable polymer drug delivery membranes
Burns SA, Gardella JA
1174 - 1176 Introduction of ice protective film for 3D microscale analysis of biological sample
Iwanami T, Kinoshita K, Nojima M, Owari M
1177 - 1180 TOF-SIMS analysis of adipose tissue from patients with chronic kidney disease
Sjovall P, Johansson B, Belazi D, Stenvinkel P, Lindholm B, Lausmaa J, Schalling M
1181 - 1184 SIMS imaging of gadolinium isotopes in tissue from Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis patients: Release of free Gd from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents
Abraham JL, Chandra S, Thakral C, Abraham JM
1185 - 1189 Visualisation of thyroid hormone synthesis by ion imaging
Audinot JN, Senou M, Migeon HN, Many MC
1190 - 1192 Investigating lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions in model membranes by ToF-SIMS
Zheng L, McQuaw CM, Baker MJ, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC, Ewing AG, Winograd N
1193 - 1193 Discussions on fundamentals and bio-imaging chair: Professor Peter Williams and Professor John C. Vickerman
Murase A
1194 - 1200 Formation of atomic secondary ions in sputtering
Wucher A
1201 - 1205 Oxygen O18 method and the search for the ionization mechanism in sputtering of oxygenated surfaces
Lorincik J, Sroubek Z
1206 - 1214 The fate of the (reactive) primary ion: Sputtering and desorption
Vandervorst W, Janssens T, Huyghebaert C, Berghmans B
1215 - 1216 The fate of the (reactive) primary ion: Sputtering and desorption -General discussion
Williams P, Wucher A, Janssens T, Garrison B, Lorincik J, Gnaser H, Janssens T, Williams P
1217 - 1222 Energy dependence of projectiles on ion formation in electrospray droplet impact SIMS
Asakawa D, Mori K, Hiraoka K
1223 - 1228 What do we want from computer simulation of SIMS using clusters?
Webb RP
1229 - 1234 Sputtering of organic molecules by clusters, with focus on fullerenes
Delcorte A, Wehbe N, Bertrand P, Garrison BJ
1235 - 1238 What size of cluster is most appropriate for SIMS?
Matsuo J, Ninomiya S, Nakata Y, Honda Y, Ichiki K, Seki T, Aoki T
1239 - 1240 What size of cluster is most appropriate for SIMS? - General Discussion
Williams P, Urbassek H, Hiraoka K, Boxer S, Wucher A, Matsuo J, Postawa Z, Vickerman J, Webb R, Garrison B, Gillen G, Krantzman K, Hagenhoff B, Delcorte A, Bertrand P
1241 - 1248 Biochemical imaging of tissues by SIMS for biomedical applications
Lee TG, Park JW, Shon HK, Moon DW, Choi WW, Li K, Chung JH
1249 - 1256 The chemical composition of animal cells reconstructed from 2D and 3D ToF-SIMS analysis
Breitenstein D, Rommel CE, Stolwijk J, Wegener J, Hagenhoff B
1257 - 1263 Construction of a novel stigmatic MALDI imaging mass spectrometer
Hazama H, Aoki J, Nagao H, Suzuki R, Tashima T, Fujii K, Masuda K, Awazu K, Toyoda M, Naito Y
1264 - 1270 Uncovering new challenges in bio-analysis with ToF-SIMS
Fletcher JS, Henderson A, Biddulph GX, Vaidyanathan S, Lockyer NP, Vickerman JC
1271 - 1272 Uncovering new challenges in bio-analysis with ToF-SIMS - General Discussion
Boxer S, Moon DW, Breitenstein D, Naito Y, Fletcher J, Heeren, Castner, Setou, Hagenhoff, Gardella, McArthur, Parry, Lockyer
1273 - 1284 Challenges of biological sample preparation for SIMS imaging of elements and molecules at subcellular resolution
Chandra S
1285 - 1288 The cytochemistry of anaplastic thyroid tumour cells and differentiated thyrocytes analyzed by TOF-SIMS and depth profiling
Nygren H, Malmberg P, Nilsson M, Kriegeskotte C, Arlinghaus HF
1289 - 1297 Quality of surface: The influence of sample preparation on MS-based biomolecular tissue imaging with MALDI-MS and (ME-)SIMS
Heeren RMA, Kukrer-Kaletas B, Taban IM, MacAleese L, McDonnell LA
1298 - 1304 Which is more important in bioimaging SIMS experiments-The sample preparation or the nature of the projectile?
Kurczy ME, Piehowski PD, Parry SA, Jiang M, Chen G, Ewing AG, Winograd N
1305 - 1306 Which is more important in bioimaging SIMS experiments-The sample preparation or the nature of the projectile? General Discussion
Vickerman J, Chandra S, Nygren H, Heeren R, Winograd N, Tyler, Moon, Walker, Clode, Breitenstein, Peterson, Setou, Hagenhoff, Vaidyanathan, Heien, Fletcher
1307 - 1310 Ultralow-energy SIMS for shallow semiconductor depth profiling
Chanbasha AR, Wee ATS
1311 - 1315 Accuracy of calibrated depth by delta-doped reference materials in shallow depth profiling
Tomita M, Tanaka H, Koike M, Kinno T, Hori Y, Yoshida N, Sasaki T, Takeno S
1316 - 1319 Cesium near-surface concentration in low energy, negative mode dynamic SIMS
Berghmans B, Van Daele B, Geenen L, Conard T, Franquet A, Vandervorst W
1320 - 1322 Segregation under low-energy oxygen bombardment in the near-surface region
Tada Y, Suzuki K, Kataoka Y
1323 - 1326 SIMS analysis of Kr-83 implanted UO2
Portier S, Bremier S, Hasnaoui R, Bildstein O, Walker CT
1327 - 1330 SIMS depth profiles of alloying elements in surface layers formed in Cu-based alloys during annealing
Suzuki S, Shibata H, Ito M, Kimura T
1331 - 1333 Depth distribution of Cs implanted into Si at steady-state during dual beam ToF-SIMS profiling
Vitchev RG, Brison J, Houssiau L
1334 - 1337 Fluorine-doped SiO2 and fluorocarbon low-k dielectrics investigated by SIMS
Cwil M, Kalisz M, Konarski P
1338 - 1340 Factorial analysis of cluster-SIMS depth profiling using metal-cluster-complex ion beams
Fujiwara Y, Kondou K, Watanabe K, Nonaka H, Saito N, Fujimoto T, Kurokawa A, Ichimura S, Tomita M
1341 - 1344 SIMS characterization of segregation in InAs/GaAs heterostructures
Gallardo S, Kudriatsev Y, Villegas A, Ramirez G, Asomoza R, Cruz-Hernandez E, Rojas-Ramirez JS, Lopez-Lopez M
1345 - 1347 Silicon isotope superlattices: Ideal SIMS standards for shallow junction characterization
Shimizu Y, Takano A, Itoh KM
1348 - 1350 Evaluation of sputtering rate change in the silicon transient region under medium energy O-2(+) sputtering
Takano A, Takenaka H
1351 - 1353 Charge neutralization using secondary electron shower for shave-off depth profiling by focused ion beam secondary ion mass spectrometry
Ishizaki Y, Yamamoto T, Fujii M, Owari M, Nojima M, Nihei Y
1354 - 1356 Highly accurate shave-off depth profiling by simulation method
Fujii M, Nakamura K, Ishizaki Y, Nojima M, Owari M, Nihei Y
1357 - 1359 The optimization of incident angles of low-energy oxygen ion beams for increasing sputtering rate on silicon samples
Sasaki T, Yoshida N, Takahashi M, Tomita M
1360 - 1363 Towards quantitative depth profiling with high spatial and high depth resolution
Vanhove N, Lievens P, Vandervorst W
1364 - 1367 Quantification in dynamic SIMS: Current status and future needs
Stevie FA, Griffis DP
1368 - 1372 Ripple morphologies on ion irradiated Si1-xGex
Sarkar S, Van Daele B, Vandervorst W
1373 - 1376 Micro-area analysis in SIMS depth profiling by mesa-structure preparation
Seki S, Tamura H, Wada Y, Tsutsui K, Ootomo S
1377 - 1380 Quantitative SIMS measurement of high concentration of boron in silicon (up to 20 at.%) using an isotopic comparative method
Dubois C, Prudon G, Gautier B, Dupuy JC
1381 - 1383 SIMS depth profiling and TEM imaging of the SIMS altered layer
Christofi A, Walker JF, McPhail DS
1384 - 1386 Oxygen flooding and sample cooling during depth profiling of HfSiON thin films
Miwa S
1387 - 1390 Influence of primary ion beam irradiation conditions on the depth profile of hydrogen in tantalum film
Asakawa T, Nagano D, Denda S, Miyairi K
1391 - 1394 Investigation of surface morphology of SiC during SIMS analysis
Fukumoto N, Mizukami Y, Yoshikawa S, Morita H
1395 - 1399 Investigations of semiconductor devices using SIMS; diffusion, contamination, process control
Lee JC, Won J, Chung Y, Lee H, Lee E, Kang D, Kim C, Choi J, Kim J
1400 - 1403 Shave-off vector profiling for TEM samples
Nojima M, Fujii M, Ishizaki Y, Owari M, Nihei Y
1404 - 1407 Application of TOF-SIMS for high precision ion implant dosimetry: Possibilities and limitations
Grehl T, Mollers R, Niehuis E, Rading D
1408 - 1411 Characterization of post-etched photoresist and residues by various analytical techniques
Franquet A, Claes M, Conard T, Kesters E, Vereecke G, Vandervorst W
1412 - 1414 Quantification of SiGe layer composition using MCs+ and MCs2+ secondary ions in ToF-SIMS and magnetic SIMS
Marseilhan D, Barnes JP, Fillot F, Hartmann JM, Holliger P
1415 - 1418 Quantitative static Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry analysis of anionic minority species in microelectronic substrates
Ravanel X, Trouiller C, Juhel M, Wyon C, Kwakman LFT, Leonard D
1419 - 1422 Preparation and properties of ZnO layers grown by various methods
Vincze A, Kovac J, Novotny I, Bruncko J, Hasko D, Satka A, Shtereva K
1423 - 1426 SIMS depth profiling analysis of halogens in CdTe/CdS/TSO solar cells using Cs2M+ cluster ions
Koudriavtseva O, Morales-Acevedo A, Kudriavtsev Y, Gallardo S, Asomoza R, Mendoza-Perez R, Sastre-Hernandez J, Contreras-Puente G
1427 - 1429 Long-term reproducibility of relative sensitivity factors obtained with CAMECA Wf
Gui D, Xing ZX, Huang YH, Mo ZQ, Hua YN, Zhao SP, Cha LZ
1430 - 1432 Film thickness determining method of the silicon isotope superlattices by SIMS
Takano A, Shimizu Y, Itoh KM
1433 - 1436 Roughness development in the depth profiling with 500 eV O-2(+) beam with the combination of oxygen flooding and sample rotation
Gui D, Xing ZX, Huang YH, Mo ZQ, Hua YN, Zhao SP, Cha LZ
1437 - 1439 Depth profiling of ultra-thin oxynitride gate dielectrics by using MCs2+ technique
Gui D, Mo ZQ, Xing ZX, Huang YH, Hua YN, Zhao SP, Cha LZ
1440 - 1442 Static time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis of microelectronics related substrates using a polyatomic ion source
Ravanel X, Trouiller C, Juhel M, Wyon C, Kwakman LFT, Leonard D
1443 - 1445 Characterization of ionic migration on CoF substrate by ToF-SIMS
Mogi S, Wada M, Matsumura Y, Tabira Y
1446 - 1450 Isotopic imaging of refractory inclusions in meteorites with the NanoSIMS 50L
Ito M, Messenger S
1451 - 1454 Invisible gold and arsenic in pyrite from the high-grade Hishikari gold deposit, Japan
Morishita Y, Shimada N, Shimada K
1455 - 1457 Investigation of radiation enhanced diffusion of magnesium in substrates flown on the NASA genesis mission
King BV, Pellin MJ, Burnett DS
1458 - 1460 Discovery of O-17,O-18-rich material from meteorite by direct-imaging method using stigmatic-SIMS and 2D ion detector
Sakamoto N, Itoh S, Yurimoto H
1461 - 1464 MegaSIMS: a SIMS/AMS hybrid for measurement of the Sun's oxygen isotopic composition
Mao PH, Burnett DS, Coath CD, Jarzebinski G, Kunihiro T, McKeegan KD
1465 - 1467 NanoSIMS analysis of Archean fossils and biomarkers
Kilburn MR, Wacey D
1468 - 1471 Identification of silicate and carbonaceous presolar grains by SIMS in the type-3 enstatite chondrite ALHA81189
Ebata S, Fagan TJ, Yurimoto H
1472 - 1475 CAMECA IMS 7f-GEO: Specialized SIMS tool for geosciences
Peres P, de Chambost E, Schuhmacher M
1476 - 1478 Calculation of radiogenic Mg-26 of CAI minerals under high precision isotope measurement by SIMS
Itoh S, Makide K, Yurimoto H
1479 - 1481 SIMS-AMS depth profiles for NASA Genesis samples: Preliminary measurements
Cetina C, Grabowski KS, Knies DL, Demoranville LT
1482 - 1485 Mapping hard magnetic recording disks by TOF-SIMS
Spool A, Forrest J
1486 - 1489 ToF-SIMS investigation of the cationization of several lubricant components
Gunst U, Arlinghaus HF
1490 - 1493 TOF-SIMS analysis for thermal effect study of hard disk lubricant
Ji R, Liew T, Chong TC
1494 - 1497 TOF-SIMS analysis of friction surfaces of hard coatings tested in engine oil
Murase A, Mori H, Ohmori T
1498 - 1500 Storing Matter: A new quantitative and sensitive analytical technique
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