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623 - 623 11th International Conference on the Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces (ICFSI-11) Foreword
da Silva EF, da Azevedo WM
624 - 627 Low dimensional silicon structures for photonic and sensor applications
Adamo R, Anopchenko A, Bettotti P, Cazzanelli M, D'Amato E, Daldosso N, Ferraioli L, Froner E, Gaburro Z, Guider R, Hossain SM, Navarro-Urrios D, Pitanti A, Prezioso S, Scarpa M, Spano R, Wang M, Pavesi L
628 - 632 Surface passivation technology for III-V semiconductor nanoelectronics
Hasegawa H, Akazawa M
633 - 636 One and two mode behaviors of surface phonon-polaritons of ternary mixed crystal films
Bao J, Liang XX
637 - 639 Electron-phonon interaction effects on the surface states in wurtzite nitride semiconductors
Yan ZW, Li GX
640 - 642 Analysis of interface layers by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Kim TJ, Yoon JJ, Kim YD, Aspnes DE, Klein MV, Ko DS, Kim YW, Elarde VC, Coleman JJ
643 - 645 Monitoring the non-radiative relaxation time of PpIX solution with Au nanoparticles using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
Jimenez-Perez JL, Cruz-Orea A, Alvarado EM, Ramirez JFS, Ramon-Gallegos E, Mendoza-Alvarez JG
646 - 648 A monolithically integrated CMOS labchip using sensor devices
Schafer H, Scholer L, Seibel K, Bohm M
649 - 652 Characterisation of the influence of multi-quantum barrier reflectors within GaInP/AlGaInP quantum well lasers using near-field imaging techniques
Ackland MP, Dunstan PR, Brown MR, Teng KS, Wilks SP, Cobley R
653 - 655 Polarization catastrophe in nanostructures doped in photonic band gap materials
Singh MR
656 - 658 Real-time monitoring of InAs QD growth procedure on InP substrate by spectral reflectance
Ahn E, Park K, Kim B, Kim YD, Yoon E
659 - 661 Metal-semiconductor interface in extreme temperature conditions
Bulat LP, Erofeeva IA, Vorobiev YV, Gonzalez-Hernandez J
662 - 664 Characterization of surface states by SPV-transient
Sinkkonen J, Novikov S, Varpula A
665 - 668 Calculation of electronic spectra of semiconductor nanostructures using the "mirror'' boundary conditions
Vorobiev YV, Horley PP, Gorley PN, Vieira VR, Louvier-Hernandez JF, Luna-Barcenas G, Gonzalez-Hernandez J
669 - 671 Characterization of semiconductor nanostructures formed by using ultrathin Si oxide technology
Ichikawa M, Uchida S, Shklyaev AA, Nakamura Y, Cho SP, Tanaka N
672 - 675 Electrical characterization of high-k gate dielectrics on semiconductors
676 - 678 Proton radiation effects in quantum dot lasers
Gonda S, Tsutsumi H, Ishigami R, Kume K, Ito Y, Ishida M, Arakawa Y
679 - 681 Dissociation of water molecule at three-fold oxygen coordinated V site on the InVO4 (001) surface
Oshikiri M, Boero M, Matsushita A, Ye J
682 - 684 RHEED intensity oscillation of C-60 growth on GaAs substrates
Nishinaga J, Kawaharazuka A, Horikoshi Y
685 - 687 The effect of lanthanide impurities on the physical properties of half-metallic ferromagnet Co2MnSi
Tetean R, Chioncel L, Burzo E, Bucur N, Bezergheanu A, Deac IG
688 - 690 A conducting polymer-silicon heterojunction as a new ultraviolet photodetector
Cardenas JR, de Vasconcelos EA, de Azevedo WM, da Silva EF, Pepe I, da Silva AF, Ribeiro SS, Silva KA
691 - 693 Colloidal semiconductor quantum dots: Potential tools for new diagnostic methods
Farias PMA, Santos BS, Fontes A, Vieira AAS, Silva DCN, Castro-Neto AG, Chaves CR, Da Cunha AHGB, Scordo D, Amaral JCOF, Moura-Neto V
694 - 697 Vacuum ultraviolet ellipsometry investigation of ultrathin organic films and their heterostructures
Sindu J, Rudra S, Lehmann D, Friedrich M, Zahn DRT
698 - 700 Thermal lens investigation in amorphous SiN
Anjos V, Andrade AA, Bell MJV
701 - 702 Enhancement of the thermal transport in a culture medium with Au nanoparticles
Jimenez-Perez JL, Fuentes RG, Alvarado EM, Ramon-Gallegos E, Cruz-Orea A, Tanori-Cordova J, Mendoza-Alvarez JG
703 - 705 Assessment of electronic properties of InNxSb1-x for long-wavelength infrared detector applications
Bhusal L, Freundlich A
706 - 708 Effect of the oxidation process on SiO2/4H-SiC interface electrical characteristics
Palmieri R, Boudinov H, Radtke C, da Silva EF
709 - 711 The effect of additional Si and SiGe layers on the confinement potential of GeMn diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor
Rodrigues SCP, Araujo YRV, Sipahi GM, Scolfaro LMR, da Silva EF
712 - 714 AlGaN/GaN heterostructure-based surface acoustic wave-structures for chemical sensors
Lalinsky T, Rufer L, Vanko G, Mir S, Hascik S, Mozolova Z, Vincze A, Uherek F
715 - 717 Interconnection effects on the performance of basic subcircuits with single-electron tunneling devices
Carneiro VGA, Guimaraes JG, da Costa JC
718 - 721 Metal ion induced room temperature phase transformation and stimulated infrared spectroscopy on TiO2-based surfaces
Gole JL, Prokes SM, White MG
722 - 724 Electronic surface states on the MOVPE-prepared InGa-terminated InGaAs(100) (4 x 2)/c(8 x 2) surface
Seidel U, Sagol BE, Pettenkofer C, Hannappel T
725 - 727 Characterization of semiconductor core-shell nanoparticles by resonant Raman scattering and photoluminescence spectroscopy
Dzhagan VM, Valakh MY, Raevskaya AE, Stroyuk AL, Kuchmiy SY, Zahn DRT
728 - 730 Application of core-shell PEGylated CdS/Cd(OH)(2) quantum dots as biolabels of Trypanosoma cruzi parasites
Chaves CR, Fontes A, Farias PMA, Santos BS, de Menezes FD, Ferreira RC, Cesar CL, Galembeck A, Figueiredo RCBQ
731 - 733 Periodic Mg distribution in GaN:delta-Mg and the effect of annealing on structural and optical properties
Wegscheider M, Simbrunner C, Li T, Jakiela R, Navarro-Quezada A, Quast M, Sitter H, Bonanni A
734 - 736 KDP/PEDOT: PSS mixture as a new alternative in the fabrication of pressure sensing devices
Silva FAR, Silva LM, Ceschin AM, Sales MJA, Moreira SGC, Viana CE
737 - 739 Area-selective epitaxy of GaAs by migration-enhanced epitaxy with As-2 and As-4 arsenic sources
Kawaharazuka A, Yoshiba I, Horikoshi Y
740 - 742 Formation of CdS nanoparticles using starch as capping agent
Rodriguez P, Munoz-Aguirre N, Martinez ESM, Gonzalez G, Zelaya O, Mendoza J
743 - 745 Evaluation of Schottky junction parameters from current-voltage characteristics exhibiting large excess currents
Horvath ZJ
746 - 748 Application of spectral reflectance to the monitoring of ZnO nanorod growth
Ghong TH, Kim YD, Ahn E, Yoon E, An SJ, Yi GC
749 - 751 Effect of gas residence time on the morphology of silicon surface etched in SF6 plasmas
Pessoa RS, Maciel HS, Petraconi G, Massi M, Sobrinho ASD
752 - 754 Electronic, vibrational and related properties of group IV metal oxides by ab initio calculations
Alves HWL, Silva CC, Lino AT, Borges PD, Scolfaro LMR, da Silva EF
755 - 757 A simplified reactive thermal evaporation method for indium tin oxide electrodes
Belo GS, da Silva BJP, de Vasconcelos EA, de Azevedo WM, da Silva EF
758 - 760 Praseodymium silicide formation at the Pr2O3/Si interface
Watahiki T, Tinkham BP, Jenichen B, Shayduk R, Braun W, Ploog KH
761 - 763 Low temperature photoluminescence and photoacoustic characterization of Zn-doped InxGa1-xAsySb1-y epitaxial layers for photovoltaic applications
Gomez-Herrera ML, Herrera-Perez JL, Rodriguez-Fragoso P, Riech I, Mendoza-Alvarez JG
764 - 766 The local electronic structure of tin phthalocyanine studied by resonant soft X-ray emission spectroscopies
Peltekis N, Holland BN, Piper LFJ, DeMasi A, Smith KE, Downes JE, McGovern IT, McGuinness C
767 - 769 Optical properties of ZnTe layers formed over surface-modified ZnSe substrates
Makhniy VP, Mel'nyk VV, Slyotov MM, Gorley PN, Horley PP, Vorobiev YV, Gonzalez-Hernandez J
770 - 774 Preparation and characterization of conducting polymer/silver hexacyanoferrate nanocomposite
de Azevedo WM, de Mattos IL, Navarro M, da Silva EF
775 - 777 Arrangement of metal phthalocyanines on Ge (001) 2 x 1 surfaces
Holland BN, Cabailh G, Peltekis N, McGuinness C, Cafolla AA, McGovern IT
778 - 780 Tuning strain relaxation by surface morphology: Surfactant-mediated epitaxy of germanium on silicon
Wietler TF, Bugiel E, Hofmann KR
781 - 783 Study of thermal diffusivity of nanofluids with bimetallic nanoparticles with Au(core)/Ag(shell) structure
Fuentes RG, Rojas JAP, Jimenez-Perez JL, Ramirez JFS, Cruz-Orea A, Mendoza-Alvarez JG
784 - 786 Improvement of interface properties of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures under gamma-radiation
Vitusevich SA, Kurakin AM, Konakova RV, Belyaev AE, Klein N
787 - 789 Ab initio calculation of optical absorption and reflectivity of Si(001)/SiO2 superlattices with varying interfaces
Seino K, Wagner JM, Bechstedt F
790 - 792 New highly fluorescent biolabels based on II-VI semiconductor hybrid organic-inorganic nanostructures for bioimaging
Santos BS, Farias PMA, Menezes FD, Brasil AG, Fontes A, Romao L, Amaral JO, Moura-Neto V, Tenorio DPLA, Cesar CL, Barbosa LC, Ferreira R
793 - 795 Numerical analysis of gate leakage current in AlGaN Schottky diodes
Osvald J
796 - 798 Semiconductor nanocrystals obtained by colloidal chemistry for biological applications
Santos BS, Farias PMA, Fontes A, Brasil AG, Jovino CN, Neto AGC, Silva DCN, de Menezes FD, Ferreira R
799 - 801 Onion like growth and inverted many-particle energies in quantum dots
Bimberg D