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9557 - 9557 Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Photo-Excited Processes and Applications(6-ICPEPA) Preface
Sugioka K, Peled A
9558 - 9561 Interaction of 157-nm excimer laser radiation with fluorocarbon polymers
George SR, Leraas JA, Langford SC, Dickinson JT
9562 - 9565 Two-color laser desorption of nanostructured MgO thin films
Beck KM, Joly AG, Hess WP
9566 - 9571 Early stage expansion and time-resolved spectral emission of laser-induced plasma from polymer
Boueri M, Baudelet M, Yu J, Mao XL, Mao SS, Russo R
9572 - 9575 Influence of additional external pressure on optical emission intensity in liquid-phase laser ablation
Takada N, Nakano T, Sasaki K
9576 - 9580 Emission spectroscopy of laser ablation plume: Composition analysis of a target in water
Sakka T, Yamagata H, Oguchi H, Fukami K, Ogata YH
9581 - 9584 In situ spatial-profile monitoring of beam flux of neutral free radicals produced by photo-deionization of negative ion beams
Hayashi K, Tanaka D, Araki H, Maruyama T, Matsumura D, Toyoda K, Tsuji N
9585 - 9587 Quantum beats in fluorescence for multi-level atomic system
Yano R, Shinojima H, Nakagawa K
9588 - 9591 A technique to study doped ablation in polymethyl methacrylate using molecular dynamics simulation
Conforti PF, Prasad M, Garrison BJ
9592 - 9596 Molecular dynamics simulation of femtosecond ablation and spallation with different interatomic potentials
Zhakhovskii VV, Inogamov NA, Petrov YV, Ashitkov SI, Nishihara K
9597 - 9600 Controlling energy coupling and particle ejection from aluminum surfaces irradiated with ultrashort laser pulses
Colombier JP, Audouard E, Combis P, Rosenfeld A, Hertel IV, Stoian R
9601 - 9604 Enhanced two temperature modeling of ultrashort laser ablation for the investigation of thermionic emission characteristics
Balasubramni T, Kim SH, Jeong SH
9605 - 9612 Atomistic modeling of femtosecond laser-induced melting and atomic mixing in Au film - Cu substrate system
Thomas DA, Lin ZB, Zhigilei LV, Gurevich EL, Kittel S, Hergenroder R
9613 - 9616 Model for UV induced formation of gold nanoparticles in solid polymeric matrices
Sapogova N, Bityurin N
9617 - 9621 Time-resolved measurements during backside dry etching of fused silica
Zimmer K, Bohme R, Vass C, Hopp B
9622 - 9625 Structural characterization of single-wall carbon nanohorn aggregates hybridized with carbon nanocapsules and their formation mechanism
Kokai F, Tachi N, Kobayashi K, Koshio A
9626 - 9629 Preparation of nano-sized functional materials using laser ablation in liquids
Tsuji T, Nakanishi M, Mizuki T, Tsuji M, Doi T, Yahiro T, Yamaki J
9630 - 9633 Fabrication of platinum particles by intense, femtosecond laser pulse irradiation of aqueous solution
Nakamura T, Takasaki K, Ito A, Sato S
9634 - 9637 Synthesis of Ni-doped InTaO4 nanocrystallites by reactive pulsed laser ablation for application to visible-light-operating photocatalysts
Yoshida T, Toyoyama H, Umezu I, Sugimura A
9638 - 9642 Controlled manufacturing of nanoparticles by the laser pyrolysis: Application to cementite iron carbide
Morjan I, Alexandrescu R, Scarisoreanu M, Fleaca C, Dumitrache F, Soare I, Popovici E, Gavrila L, Vasile E, Ciupina V, Popa NC
9643 - 9646 Blue luminescent silicon nanocrystals prepared by short pulsed laser ablation in liquid media
Svrcek V, Kondo M
9647 - 9651 Photo-induced synthesis of DNA-templated metallic nanowires and their integration into micro-fabricated contact arrays
Erler C, Gunther K, Mertig M
9652 - 9654 Hydrogenation of carbon fragments after femtosecond laser ablation of solid C-60
Kobayashi T, Matsuo Y, Kurata-Nishimura M, Hayashizaki Y, Kawai J
9655 - 9658 Position-restricted growth of carbon nanofiber wiring between needle-shaped carbon pairs and various shaped carbons by Ar-ion laser-irradiated thermal decomposition in ethanol
Iwato H, Namiki K, Tamiya K, Tanaka Y, Suzuki K
9659 - 9664 Study of temperature dependence and angular distribution of poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) polymer films deposited by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE)
Caricato AP, Anni M, Manera MG, Martino M, Rella R, Romano F, Tunno T, Valerini D
9665 - 9670 Towards laser-manipulated deposition for atom-scale technologies
Tantussi F, Mangasuli V, Porfido N, Prescimone F, Fuso F, Arimondo E, Allegrini M
9671 - 9675 Aligned growth of ZnO nanowires by NAPLD and their optical characterizations
Guo R, Matsumoto M, Matsumoto T, Higashihata M, Nakamura D, Okada T
9676 - 9679 Growth process of nanostructured silver films pulsed laser ablated in high-pressure inert gas
Fazio E, Neri F, Ossi PM, Santo N, Trusso S
9680 - 9683 Morphology and photoluminescence properties of zinc oxide films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Valerini D, Caricato AP, Creti A, Lomascolo M, Romano F, Taurino A, Tunno T, Martino M
9684 - 9687 Optical properties of ITO/TiO2 single and double layer thin films deposited by RPLAD
Fotsa-Ngaffo F, Caricato AP, Romano F
9688 - 9690 Photocatalytic behavior of heavy La-doped TiO2 films deposited by pulsed laser deposition using non-sintered target
Ando T, Wakamatsu T, Masuda K, Yoshida N, Suzuki K, Masutani S, Katayama I, Uchida H, Hirose H, Kamimoto A
9691 - 9694 Spectroscopic studies of (AsSe)(100-x)Ag-x thin films
Ilcheva V, Petkova T, Petkov P, Boev V, Socol G, Sima F, Ristoscu C, Mihailescu CN, Mihailescu IN, Popov C, Reithmaier JP
9695 - 9698 Preparation of transparent conductive TiO2:Nb thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Tonooka K, Chiu TW, Kikuchi N
9699 - 9702 Radio-frequency assisted pulsed laser deposition of nanostructured WOx films
Filipescu M, Ossi PM, Santo N, Dinescu M
9703 - 9706 Nano- and microdot array formation by laser-induced dot transfer
Narazaki A, Sato T, Kurosaki R, Kawaguchi Y, Niino H
9707 - 9711 Vacancies ordered in screw form (VOSF) and layered indium selenide thin film deposition by laser back ablation
Beck KM, Wiley WR, Venkatasubramanian E, Ohuchi F
9712 - 9716 Two-temperature relaxation and melting after absorption of femtosecond laser pulse
Inogamov NA, Zhakhovskii VV, Ashitkov SI, Khokhlov VA, Petrov YV, Komarov PS, Agranat MB, Anisimov SI, Nishihara K
9717 - 9720 Ablation characteristics of aluminum oxide and nitride ceramics during femtosecond laser micromachining
Kim SH, Sohn IB, Jeong S
9721 - 9723 Optical and ultrasonic monitoring of femtosecond laser filamentation in fused silica
Mizeikis V, Juodkazis S, Balciunas T, Kudryashov SI, Zvorykin VD, Ionin AA, Misawa H
9724 - 9728 The effect of pulse duration on the interplay of electron heat conduction and electron-phonon interaction: Photo-mechanical versus photo-thermal damage of metal targets
Ivanov DS, Rethfeld B
9729 - 9733 Dynamics of ablation plasma induced by a femtosecond laser pulse in electric fields
Kurata-Nishimura M, Kobayashi T, Matsuo Y, Motobayashi T, Hayashizaki Y, Kawai J
9734 - 9737 Subpicosecond laser ablation of copper and fused silica: Initiation threshold and plasma expansion
Axente E, Noel S, Hermann J, Sentis M, Mihailescu IN
9738 - 9741 Investigation of plumes produced by material ablation with two time-delayed femtosecond laser pulses
Noel S, Axente E, Hermann J
9742 - 9744 Femtosecond laser ablation of aluminium
Sonntag S, Roth J, Gaehler F, Trebin HR
9745 - 9749 Formation of amorphous sapphire by a femtosecond laser pulse induced micro-explosion
Mizeikis V, Kimura S, Surovtsev NV, Jarutis V, Saito A, Misawa H, Juodkazis S
9750 - 9753 Microlens arrays of high-refractive-index glass fabricated by femtosecond laser lithography
Nishiyama H, Nishii J, Mizoshiri M, Hirata Y
9754 - 9757 Formation and removal of multi-layered fluorescence patterns in gold-ion doped glass
Shin J, Jang K, Lim KS, Kim YS, Lee YL, Choi JH, Sohn IB, Lee J, Lee M
9758 - 9760 Femtosecond laser-assisted etching of Pyrex glass with aqueous solution of KOH
Matsuo S, Sumi H, Kiyama S, Tomita T, Hashimoto S
9761 - 9763 Liquidly process in femtosecond laser processing
Nakata Y, Tsuchida K, Miyanaga N, Furusho H
9764 - 9769 Ultra fast melting process in femtosecond laser crystallization of thin a-Si layer
Izawa Y, Tokita S, Fujita M, Norimatsu T, Izawa Y
9770 - 9774 Fabrication of microchannels in single-crystal GaN by wet-chemical-assisted femtosecond-laser ablation
Nakashima S, Sugioka K, Midorikawa K
9775 - 9778 Amorphous film thickness dependence for epitaxy of perovskite oxide films under excimer laser irradiation
Nakajima T, Tsuchiya T, Ichihara M, Nagai H, Kumagai T
9779 - 9782 XRD and XPS analysis of laser treated vanadium oxide thin films
Beke S, Korosi L, Papp S, Oszko A, Nanai L
9783 - 9786 Partial crystallization of silicon by high intensity laser irradiation
Azuma H, Sagisaka A, Daido H, Ito I, Kadoura H, Kamiya N, Ito T, Nishimura A, Ma JL, Mori M, Orimo S, Ogura K
9787 - 9790 Rubidium metavanadate formation at room temperature under vacuum ultraviolet irradiation from metal-organic compositions
Nakajima T, Tsuchiya T, Kumagai T
9791 - 9795 Fiber laser annealing of nanocrystalline PZT thick film prepared by aerosol deposition
Baba S, Akedo J
9796 - 9799 Photochemical welding of silica microspheres to silicone rubber by ArF excimer laser
Okoshi M, Iyono M, Inoue N, Yamashita T
9800 - 9803 F-2 laser induced oxidation of inorganic material
Okoshi M, Inoue N
9804 - 9807 Influence of the laser wavelength on the epitaxial growth and electrical properties of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 films grown by excimer laser-assisted MOD
Tsuchiya T, Nakajima T, Kumagai T
9808 - 9812 Direct conversion of a metal organic compound to epitaxial Sb-doped SnO2 film on a (001) TiO2 substrate using a KrF laser, and its resulting electrical properties
Tsuchiya T, Kato F, Nakajima T, Igarashi K, Kumagai T
9813 - 9816 Modification of the surface state and doping of CdTe and CdZnTe crystals by pulsed laser irradiation
Gnatyuk VA, Aoki T, Vlasenko OI, Levytskyi SN, Dauletmuratov BK, Lambropoulos CP
9817 - 9821 Probing the diffusion of vacuum ultraviolet (lambda=172 nm) induced oxidants by nanoparticles immobilization
Khatri OP, Hatanaka T, Murase K, Sugimura H
9822 - 9825 Shape tailoring of hexagonally ordered triangular gold nanoparticles with nanosecond-pulsed laser light
Morarescu R, Sanchez DB, Borg N, Vartanyan TA, Trager F, Hubenthal F
9826 - 9829 Self-organization of thin metal films by irradiation with nanosecond laser pulses
Gedvilas M, Voisiat B, Raciukaitis G, Regelskis K
9830 - 9834 Laser-assisted micro-forming process with miniaturised structures in sapphire dies
Samm K, Terzi M, Ostendorf A, Wulfsberg J
9835 - 9839 Investigation of sidewall roughness of the microgrooves manufactured with laser-induced etching technique
Oh KH, Park JB, Cho SI, Im HD, Jeong SH
9840 - 9842 Ablation process of silica glass induced by laser plasma soft X-ray irradiation
Torii S, Fujimori T, Makimura T, Niino H, Murakami K
9843 - 9846 A new laser direct etching method of indium tin oxide electrode for application to alternative current plasma display panel
Li ZH, Cho ES, Kwon SJ
9847 - 9850 Titanium and aluminum nitride synthesis via layer by layer LA-CVD
Shishkovsky I, Morozov Y, Yadroitsev I, Smurov I
9851 - 9855 Model for laser swelling of a polymer film
Bityurin N
9856 - 9860 Nanosecond and femtosecond UV laser ablation of polymers: Influence of molecular weight
Paun IA, Selimis A, Bounos G, Kecskemeti G, Georgiou S
9861 - 9863 Mass spectrometric study of photo dissociation of organic molecules by vacuum-ultraviolet irradiation for development of analysis technique
Wasamoto M, Katto M, Kaku M, Kubodera S, Yokotani A
9864 - 9868 Photoisomerization dynamics study on cis-azobenzene derivative using ultraviolet-to-visible tunable femtosecond pulses
Yamaguchi A, Nakagawa N, Igarashi K, Sekikawa T, Nishioka H, Asanuma H, Yamashita M
9869 - 9872 Ablation of polymer foils for backside opening of thin film layered flexible polymer substrates
Zimmer K, Bohme R, Stephan T, Scheit C, Braun A
9873 - 9876 Functional polyethylene glycol derivatives nanostructured thin films synthesized by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Cristescu R, Popescu C, Popescu A, Grigorescu S, Mihailescu IN, Mihaiescu D, Gittard SD, Narayan RJ, Buruiana T, Stamatin I, Chrisey DB
9877 - 9879 Polymer heterostructures with embedded carbon nanotubes for efficient photovoltaic cells
Previti F, Patane S, Allegrini M
9880 - 9884 Gene delivery process in a single animal cell after femtosecond laser microinjection
Hosokawa Y, Iguchi S, Yasukuni R, Hiraki Y, Shukunami C, Masuhara H
9885 - 9888 Selective cell culture on UV transparent polymer by F-2 laser surface modification
Hanada Y, Sugioka K, Kawano H, Tsuchimoto T, Miyamoto I, Miyawaki A, Midorikawa K
9889 - 9892 Pulsed laser deposition of hydroxyapatite film on laser gas nitriding NiTi substrate
Yang S, Xing W, Man HC
9893 - 9897 Nano-aquarium with microfluidic structures for dynamic analysis of Cryptomonas and Phormidium fabricated by femtosecond laser direct writing of photostructurable glass
Hanada Y, Sugioka K, Kawano H, Ishikawa IS, Miyawaki A, Midorikawa K
9898 - 9901 Propagation characteristics of laser-induced stress wave in deep tissue for gene transfer
Ando T, Sato S, Takano S, Ashida H, Obara M
9902 - 9905 Stress-strain analysis of porous scaffolds made from titanium alloys synthesized via SLS method
Shishkovsky I
9906 - 9908 Optical manipulation of proteins in aqueous solution
Tsuboi Y, Shoji T, Nishino M, Masuda S, Ishimori K, Kitamura N