Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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9305 - 9310 Superhydrophobic surface structures in thermoplastic polymers by interference lithography and thermal imprinting
Berendsen CWJ, Skeren M, Najdek D, Cerny F
9311 - 9315 Preparation and characterization of amine-functionalized SiO2/TiO2 films for formaldehyde degradation
Photong S, Boonamnuayvitaya V
9316 - 9322 Evolution of photo-catalytic properties of reactive plasma processed nano-crystalline titanium dioxide powder
Vijay M, Ananthapadmanabhan PV, Sreekumar KP
9323 - 9326 Synthesis and characterizations of AgSCN nanospheres using AgCl as the precursor
Yang M, Ma J
9327 - 9332 Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of uniformly sized core-shell imprinted microspheres for the separation trans-resveratrol from giant knotweed
Zhang ZH, Liu L, Li H, Yao SZ
9333 - 9342 The role of etched silicon channels on the pore ordering of mesoporous silica: The importance of film thickness on providing highly orientated and defect-free thin films
Arnold DC, O'Callaghan JM, Sexton A, Tobin JM, Amenitsch H, Holmes JD, Morris MA
9343 - 9347 Metallic glass coating on metals plate by adjusted explosive welding technique
Liu WD, Liu KX, Chen QY, Wang JT, Yan HH, Li XJ
9348 - 9357 Calculation of the surface energy of hcp-metals with the empirical electron theory
Fu BQ, Liu W, Li ZL
9358 - 9364 Effect of fluorine doping on highly transparent conductive spray deposited nanocrystalline tin oxide thin films
Moholkar AV, Pawar SM, Rajpure KY, Bhosale CH, Kim JH
9365 - 9370 Tuning the morphology of mesoporous silica by using various template combinations
Du L, Song HY, Liao SJ
9371 - 9375 Ferromagnetism and microstructure in Fe+-implanted ZnO
Wang D, Chen Q, Zhou F, Lu W, Maekawa M, Kawasuso A
9376 - 9380 Effect of S- and Sn-doping to the optical properties of ZnO nanobelts
Yousefi R, Kamaluddin B
9381 - 9385 Surface modification of M-Ba-ferrite powders by polyaniline: Towards improving microwave electromagnetic response
Tang X, Yang YG
9386 - 9390 Self-assembly of Ag nanopowder on OTS-patterned glass
Kim JH, Lee BH, Kang H, Kim J, Chae G, Kang I, Chung IJ
9391 - 9395 Effect of DC bias on microstructural rearrangement of a-SiN:H films on PET substrate
Swain BP, Swain BS, Hwang NM
9396 - 9403 Laser melting of carbide tool surface: Model and experimental studies
Yilbas BS, Shuja SZ, Khan SMA, Aleem A
9404 - 9408 Modeling of H2O adsorption-induced curvature of a metal/silicon nanocantilever
Yu H, Huang QA, Liu XX
9409 - 9412 Characterization of microstructures induced in the workpiece of aluminum alloy by excimer laser micromachining
Wu Y, Li IL, Fu L, Zhai JP, Ruan SC
9413 - 9419 The microstructure, optical, and electrical properties of sol-gel-derived Sc-doped and Al-Sc co-doped ZnO thin films
Chen JL, Chen D, He JJ, Zhang SY, Chen ZH
9420 - 9424 Influence of oxygen growth pressure on laser ablated Cr-doped In2O3 thin films
Ukah NB, Gupta RK, Kahol PK, Ghosh K
9425 - 9429 Effect of the Si/Ce molar ratio on the textural properties of rare earth element cerium incorporated mesoporous molecular sieves obtained room temperature
Zhao Q, Xu YH, Li YH, Jiang TS, Li CS, Yin HB
9430 - 9438 Fabrication and tribological properties of super-hydrophobic surfaces based on porous silicon
Liu YH, Wang XK, Luo JB, Lu XC
9439 - 9443 Effect of gamma irradiation on the optical properties of nano-crystalline InP thin films
El-Nahass MM, Farag AAM, Abd-El-Salam F
9444 - 9446 Synthesis of self-assembly BaTiO3 nanowire by sol-gel and microwave method
Fu CL, Cai W, Zhou LL, Chen HQ, Liu ZR
9447 - 9452 Surface plasmon resonance in nano-gold antimony glass-ceramic dichroic nanocomposites: One-step synthesis and enhanced fluorescence application
Som T, Karmakar B
9453 - 9457 The influence of polychromic light on the surface of MDI based polyurethane elastomer
Rosu D, Ciobanu C, Rosu L, Teaca CA
9458 - 9462 Influence of argon/oxygen atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge treatment on desizing and scouring of poly (vinyl alcohol) on cotton fabrics
Peng SJ, Gao ZQ, Sun J, Yao L, Qiu YP
9463 - 9468 Controlled synthesis of pompon-like self-assemblies of Pd nanoparticles under microwave irradiation
Tong X, Zhao YX, Huang T, Liu HF, Liew KY
9469 - 9473 Study on sapphire removal for thin-film LEDs fabrication using CMP and dry etching
Zhou SJ, Liu S
9474 - 9479 Fabrication of cuprous and cupric oxide thin films by heat treatment
Jayatissa AH, Guo K, Jayasuriya AC
9480 - 9486 The effect of cerium oxide argon-annealed coatings on the high temperature oxidation of a FeCrAl alloy
Nguyen CT, Buscail H, Cueff R, Issartel C, Riffard F, Perrier S, Poble O
9487 - 9492 Adsorption of phenolic compounds from aqueous solutions using carbon nanoporous adsorbent coated with polymer
Anbia M, Ghaffari A
9493 - 9497 Facile method to prepare stable superhydrophobic Co3O4 surface
Yuan ZQ, Chen H, Li C, Huang LH, Fu X, Zhao DJ, Tang JX
9498 - 9503 Microstructure, optical and electrical properties of nitrogen doped sp(2)-rich a-C thin films grown by facing-target magnetron sputtering
Wu JQ, Wang XC, Jiang EY, Bai HL
9504 - 9507 Formation of antireflection nanostructure for silicon solar cells using catalysis of single nano-sized silver particle
Nishioka K, Sueto T, Saito N
9508 - 9511 Synthesis of Cr2O3/TNTs nanocomposite and its photocatalytic hydrogen generation under visible light irradiation
Zhang YJ, Wang YC, Yan W, Li T, Li S, Hu YR
9512 - 9521 Laser welding of aluminium alloys 5083 and 6082 under conduction regime
Sanchez-Amaya JM, Delgado T, Gonzalez-Rovira L, Botana FJ
9522 - 9525 Influence of growth pressure on the electrical properties of boron-doped polycrystalline diamond films
Wang ZL, Lu C, Li JJ, Gu CZ
9526 - 9530 Quinoline group grafted carbon nanotube fluorescent sensor for detection of Cu2+ ion
Dong ZP, Jin J, Zhao WF, Geng HM, Zhao P, Li R, Ma JT
9531 - 9538 The mechanism of PEO process on Al-Si alloys with the bulk primary silicon
Xu FT, Xia Y, Li G
9539 - 9542 Thermal decomposition of bioactive sodium titanate surfaces
Ravelingien M, Mullens S, Luyten J, Meynen V, Vinck E, Vervaet C, Remon JP
9543 - 9547 Nitridation of organo-silicate glass: A self-limiting process for PVD Ta1+xN/Ta barrier formation
Wilks JA, Kelber JA
9548 - 9552 Preparation of F-doped titania nanoparticles with a highly thermally stable anatase phase by alcoholysis of TiCl4
Lv YY, Yu LS, Huang HY, Liu HL, Feng YY
9553 - 9556 Angle-dependent ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy of sputter cleaned polycrystalline noble metals
Helander MG, Greiner MT, Wang ZB, Lu ZH