Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.21 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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8715 - 8721 Transformation of medical grade silicone rubber under Nd:YAG and excimer laser irradiation: First step towards a new miniaturized nerve electrode fabrication process
Dupas-Bruzek C, Robbe O, Addad A, Turrell S, Derozier D
8722 - 8729 The role of Pb2+ ions doping in the mechanism of chromate adsorption by goethite
Mustafa S, Khan S, Zaman MI, Husain SY
8730 - 8737 Optical emission spectroscopic studies on laser ablated TiO2 plasma
Shukla G, Khare A
8738 - 8742 Towards chemical state resolution in regularized depth profiles derived from ARXPS data taken on plasma-oxidized polystyrene
Paynter RW
8743 - 8749 Formation of single-crystalline TiO2 nanomaterials with controlled phase composition and morphology and the application in dye-sensitized solar cell
Xu YM, Fang XM, Zhang ZG
8750 - 8760 Comparative XPS study between experimentally and naturally weathered pyrites
Cai YF, Pan YG, Xue JY, Sun QF, Su GZ, Li X
8761 - 8768 Effect of deposition temperature on boron-doped carbon coatings deposited a BCl3-C3H6-H-2 mixture using low pressure chemical vapor deposition
Liu YS, Zhang LT, Cheng LF, Yang WB, Xu YD
8769 - 8773 Self-assembled monolayers of radical molecules physisorbed on HOPG(0001) substrate studied by scanning tunnelling microscopy and electron paramagnetic resonance techniques
Krukowski P, Klusek Z, Olejniczak W, Klepaczko R, Puchalski M, Dabrowski P, Kowalczyk PJ, Gwozdzinski K
8774 - 8779 Water-dispersible hydroxyapatite nanorods synthesized by a facile method
Tan JJ, Chen MF, Xia JY
8780 - 8787 Introduction of amino groups on the surface of thin photo definable epoxy resin layers via chemical modification
Schaubroeck D, De Baets J, Desmet T, Van Vlierberghe S, Schacht E, Van Calster A
8788 - 8793 Microstructure and tribological properties of TiN, TiC and Ti(C, N) thin films prepared by closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering ion plating
Zhang GJ, Li B, Jiang BL, Yan FX, Chen DC
8794 - 8797 Structural, optical, and electronic properties of colloidal CuO nanoparticles formed by using a colloid-thermal synthesis process
Son DI, You CH, Kim TW
8798 - 8803 Chemical modification of silica gel with synthesized new Schiff base derivatives and sorption studies of cobalt (II) and nickel (II)
Kursunlu AN, Guler E, Dumrul H, Kocyigit O, Gubbuk IH
8804 - 8808 Crystalline structure of the Au(111) surface revealed by stereographic intensity DEPES maps
Jurczyszyn M, Miszczuk A, Poczesny L, Morawski I, Nowicki M
8809 - 8815 Atomistic simulation of the vacancy diffusion in (001) surface of MoTa alloy
Wang F, Zhang JM, Xu KW, Ji V
8816 - 8823 Influence of the electrical parameters on the fabrication of copper nanowires into anodic alumina templates
Inguanta R, Piazza S, Sunseri C
8824 - 8830 Self-assembled monolayer and multilayer formation using redox-active Ru complex with phosphonic acids on silicon oxide surface
Ishida T, Terada K, Hasegawa K, Kuwahata H, Kusama K, Sato R, Nakano M, Naitoh Y, Haga M
8831 - 8835 CO-H-2-O-2 reaction on a catalytic surface: A computer simulation study
Ahamd W
8836 - 8840 Influence of treating frequency on microstructure and properties of Al2O3 coating on 304 stainless steel by cathodic plasma electrolytic deposition
Wang YL, Jiang ZH, Liu XR, Yao ZP
8841 - 8845 Optical emission analysis of solid samples by decoupled sputtering/excitation using a low fluence laser synchronized with a pulsed glow discharge
Tereszchuk KA, Vadillo JM, Laserna JJ
8846 - 8854 The crack control during laser cladding by adding the stainless steel net in the coating
Wang FJ, Mao HD, Zhang DW, Zhao XY
8855 - 8859 Seebeck and magnetoresistive effects of Ga-doped ZnO thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Wu F, Fang L, Pan YJ, Zhou K, Peng LP, Huang QL, Kong CY
8860 - 8866 Modi. cation of polysulfone membranes via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Dong HB, Xu YY, Yi Z, Shi JL
8867 - 8873 The influence of H-2/(H-2 + Ar) ratio on microstructure and optoelectronic properties of microcrystalline silicon films deposited by plasma-enhanced CVD
Tang ZG, Wang WB, Zhou B, Wang DS, Peng SL, He DY
8874 - 8878 Electrical and optical properties of thin film of amorphous silicon nanoparticles
Khan ZH
8879 - 8882 Formation of zinc sulfide nanoparticles in HMTA matrix
Anand KV, Chinnu MK, Kumar RM, Mohan R, Jayavel R
8883 - 8889 Self-diffusion dynamic behavior of atomic clusters on Re(0001) surface
Liu FS, Hu WY, Deng HQ, Luo WH, Xiao SF, Yang JY
8890 - 8896 Preparation and characterization of activated carbon produced from pomegranate seeds by ZnCl2 activation
Ucar S, Erdem M, Tay T, Karagoz S
8897 - 8901 Effects of synthetic routes of Fe-urea complex on the synthesis of gamma-Fe2O3 nanopowder
Asuha S, Zhao S, Jin XH, Hai MM, Bao HP
8902 - 8906 Plasticity and ab initio characterizations on Fe4N produced on the surface of nanocrystallized 18Ni-maraging steel plasma nitrided at lower temperature
Yan MF, Wu YQ, Liu RL
8907 - 8912 Optical and electrical characterization of aluminium doped ZnO layers
Major C, Nemeth A, Radnoczi G, Czigany Z, Fried M, Labadi Z, Barsony I
8913 - 8916 Surface chemical states of barium zirconate titanate thin films prepared by chemical solution deposition
Jiang LL, Tang XG, Kuang SJ, Xiong HF
8917 - 8925 Impact of an extended source in laser ablation using pulsed digital holographic interferometry and modelling
Amer E, Gren P, Kaplan AFH, Sjodahl M
8926 - 8930 Thickness dependence of optoelectrical properties of tungsten-doped indium oxide films
Gupta RK, Ghosh K, Kahol PK
8931 - 8934 Molecular dynamics of contact behavior of self-assembled monolayers on gold using nanoindentation
Fang TH, Chang WJ, Fan YC, Weng CI
8935 - 8940 Formation of nanocrystalline TiO2 by 100 MeV Au8+
Thakurdesai M, Mohanty T, Kanjilal D, Raychaudhuri P, Bhattacharyya V
8941 - 8946 The interfacial properties of MgCl2 films grown on a flat SiO2/Si substrate. An XPS and ISS study
Karakalos S, Siokou A, Ladas S
8947 - 8952 Shallow surface etching of organic and inorganic compounds by electrospray droplet impact
Hiraoka K, Sakai Y, Iijima Y, Asakawa D, Mori K