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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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8309 - 8312 The study of low temperature hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanorods on stents and its applications of cell adhesion and viability
Chu BH, Lee J, Chang CY, Jiang P, Tseng Y, Pearton SJ, Gupte A, Lele T, Ren F
8313 - 8318 The application of PCMMcs and SiC by commercially direct dual-complex coating on textile polymer
Koo K, Choe J, Park Y
8319 - 8323 Microstructure and electrical properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin films prepared on copper foils with La2O3 buffer layers
Fan YH, Yu SH, Sun R, Li L, Du RX, Yin YS
8324 - 8327 Effect of H+ irradiation on the optical properties of vacuum evaporated AgInSe2 thin films
Kumar MCS, Pradeep B
8328 - 8333 Preparation of uniform TiO2 nanostructure film on 316L stainless steel by sol-gel dip coating
Barati N, Sani MAF, Ghasemi H, Sadeghian Z, Mirhoseini SMM
8334 - 8342 Effect of substrate temperature on structural, optical and electrical properties of pulsed laser ablated nanostructured indium oxide films
Beena D, Lethy KJ, Vinodkumar R, Pillai VPM, Ganesan V, Phase DM, Sudheer SK
8343 - 8351 Etching and forward transfer of fused silica in solid-phase by femtosecond laser-induced solid etching (LISE)
Banks DP, Kaur KS, Eason RW
8352 - 8358 Growth mechanism and stress relief patterns of Ni films deposited on silicone oil surfaces
Cai PG, Yu SJ, Xu XJ, Chen MG, Sui CH, Ye GXX
8359 - 8362 Field emission characteristics study for ZnO/Ag and ZnO/CNTs composites produced by DC electrophoresis
Yu LM, Zhu CC
8363 - 8371 Chemical nature of phytic acid conversion coating on AZ61 magnesium alloy
Pan FS, Yang X, Zhang DF
8372 - 8376 Surface topography (nano-sized hillocks) and particle emission of metals, dielectrics and semiconductors during ultra-short-laser ablation: Towards a coherent understanding of relevant processes
Bashir S, Rafique MS, Husinsky W
8377 - 8382 Wettability and antibacterial activity of modified diamond-like carbon films
Marciano FR, Bonetti LF, Da-Silva NS, Corat EJ, Trava-Airoldi VJ
8383 - 8389 Improved electrical properties of silicon-incorporated anodic niobium oxide formed on porous Nb-Si substrate
Tanvir MT, Aoki Y, Habazaki H
8390 - 8394 Synthesis and characterization of beta-Ni(OH)(2) up grown nanoflakes by SILAR method
Kulkarni SB, Jamadade VS, Dhawale DS, Lokhande CD
8395 - 8402 The effect of non-contact heating (microwave irradiation) and contact heating (annealing process) on properties and performance of polyethersulfone nanofiltration membranes
Mansourpanah Y, Madaeni SS, Rahimpour A, Farhadian A
8403 - 8408 PMA capped silver nanoparticles produced by UV-enhanced chemical process
Spadaro D, Barletta E, Barreca F, Curro G, Neri F
8409 - 8413 Influences of ultraviolet irradiation on structure and tribological properties of diamond-like carbon films
Ji L, Li HX, Zhao F, Quan WL, Chen JM, Zhou HD
8414 - 8418 The rate of electroless deposition of a four-component Ni-W-P-ZrO2 composite coating from a glycine bath
Szczygiel B, Turkiewicz A
8419 - 8424 Study on the photocatalytic activity of K2La2Ti3O10 doped with zinc(Zn)
Yang YH, Chen QY, Yin ZL, Li J
8425 - 8429 Co-sheathed SiOx nanowires
Kim HW, Kim HS, Kebede MA, Na HG, Yang JC, Koo YS, Jung JH, Hur NJ
8430 - 8434 Electroless copper plating on 3-mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane modified PET fabric challenged by ultrasonic washing
8435 - 8442 Film morphology and orientation of amino silicone adsorbed onto cellulose substrate
Xu YJ, Yin H, Yuan SF, Chen ZR
8443 - 8449 Effects of CO2 activation on porous structures of coconut shell-based activated carbons
Guo SH, Peng JH, Li W, Yang KB, Zhang LB, Zhang SM, Xia HY
8450 - 8457 Preparation and characterization of thin films by plasma polymerization of glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane at different plasma powers and exposure times
Sever K, Seki Y, Gulec HA, Sarikanat M, Mutlu M, Tavman I
8458 - 8463 Development of spin-coated Si/TiOx/Pt/TiOx electrodes for the electrochemical ozone production
Mohammad AM, Kitsuka K, Abdullah AM, Awad MI, Okajima T, Kaneda K, Ikematsu M, Ohsaka T
8464 - 8469 PdSi based ohmic contact on n-InP
Huang WC, Horng CT, Tsai SS
8470 - 8474 Effects of annealing in nitrogen atmosphere and HCl-etching on the photoluminescence spectra of spray-deposited CdS: In thin films
Ikhmayies SJ, Ahmad-Bitar RN
8475 - 8482 Magnesium adsorption and incorporation in InN (0001) and (0 0 0 (1)over-bar) surfaces: A first-principles study
Belabbes A, Kioseoglou J, Komninou P, Evangelakis GA, Ferhat M, Karakostas T
8483 - 8487 Fabrication of micro-gratings on Au-Cr thin film by femtosecond laser interference with different pulse durations
Wang XH, Chen F, Liu HW, Liang WW, Yang Q, Si JH, Hou X
8488 - 8493 Structure evolution of carbon black under ionic-liquid-assisted microwave irradiation
Lei YD, Guo BC, Liu XL, Jia DM
8494 - 8500 Effects of processing parameters on structure of Ni-based WC composite coatings during laser induction hybrid rapid cladding
Zhou SF, Dai XG, Zeng XY
8501 - 8505 Effects of the annealing duration of the ZnO buffer layer on structural and optical properties of ZnO rods grown by a hydrothermal process
Shin CM, Lee JY, Heo JH, Park JH, Kim CR, Ryu H, Chang JH, Son CS, Lee WJ, Tan ST, Zhao JL, Sun XW
8506 - 8510 Effect of vanadium doping on structural, magnetic and optical properties of ZnO nanoparticles
Tahir N, Hussain ST, Usman M, Hasanain SK, Mumtaz A
8511 - 8519 Calculation of the surface energy of bcc-metals with the empirical electron theory
Fu BQ, Liu W, Li ZL
8520 - 8526 Depth-profile investigations of triterpenoid varnishes by KrF excimer laser ablation and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Theodorakopoulos C, Zafiropulos V
8527 - 8532 Microstructure evolution during surface alloying of ductile iron and austempered ductile iron by electron beam melting
Gulzar A, Akhter JI, Ahmad M, Ali G, Mahmood M, Ajmal M
8533 - 8538 Addition reaction and characterization of chlorotris(triphenylphosphine)iridium(I) on silicon(111) surfaces
Shambat G, Deberardinis A, Chen B, Reinke P, Venton BJ, Pu L, Tour J, Bean J
8539 - 8543 Reactivity of lithium exposed graphite surface
Harilal SS, Allain JP, Hassanein A, Hendricks MR, Nieto-Perez M
8544 - 8550 Fabrication and characterization of CuO-core/TiO2-shell one-dimensional nanostructures
Jun J, Jin C, Kim H, Park S, Lee C
8551 - 8555 Growth of apatite on chitosan-multiwall carbon nanotube composite membranes
Yang J, Yao ZW, Tang CY, Darvell BW, Zhang HL, Pan LZ, Liu JS, Chen ZQ
8556 - 8561 Sputtering of silicon by a beamlet of electrosprayed nanodroplets
Gamero-Castano M, Mahadevan M
8562 - 8565 Effect of annealing on electrical resistivity of rf-magnetron sputtered nanostructured SnO2 thin films
Khan AF, Mehmood M, Rana AM, Bhatti MT
8566 - 8570 Massive transfer of vertically aligned Si nanowire array onto alien substrates and their characteristics
Shiu SC, Hung SC, Chao JJ, Lin CF
8571 - 8574 Synthesis of silver nanowires via electroplating technology and its surface enhanced Raman scattering effect
Li ZW, Song HB, Yang ZM, Jin Y, Jiao ZF, Zhang YS, Gao YL, Yu Z, Li WY, Gong M, Sun XS
8575 - 8581 The influence of processing gas on the mechanical properties of sputtered B-C-N-H films
Chen YM, Yang SR, Zhang JY
8582 - 8586 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study on the CrN surface grown on sapphire substrate to control the polarity of ZnO by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Chang JH, Jung MN, Park JS, Park SH, Im IH, Lee HJ, Ha JS, Fujii K, Hanada T, Yao T, Murakami Y, Ohtsu N, Kil GS
8587 - 8592 Highly active V-TiO2 for photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange
Liu S, Xie TH, Chen Z, Wu JT
8593 - 8597 Infrared and photoelectron spectroscopy study of vapor phase deposited poly (3-hexylthiophene)
Wei HY, Scudiero L, Eilers H
8598 - 8602 High-speed energy efficient selective removal of large area copper layer by laser induced delamination
Kmetec B, Kovacic D, Mozina J, Podobnik B
8603 - 8610 Laser surface remelting of plasma sprayed nanostructured Al2O3-13wt%TiO2 coatings on titanium alloy
Wang Y, Li CG, Tian W, Yang Y
8611 - 8615 Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of niobium coating on silicon carbide
Liu QM, Zhang LT, Cheng LF, Liu JL, Wang YG
8616 - 8623 Effect of microarc oxidation coating on fatigue performance of Ti-Al-Zr alloy
Wang YM, Zhang PF, Guo LX, Ouyang JH, Zhou Y, Jia DC
8624 - 8628 Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity of the neodymium-doped TiO2 nanotubes
Xu YH, Chen C, Yang XL, Li X, Wang BF
8629 - 8633 Influence of annealing temperature on microstructure and optical properties of sol-gel derived tungsten oxide films
Sun XL, Cao HT, Liu ZM, Li JZ
8634 - 8642 Fabrication of superhydrophobic silica-based surfaces with high transmittance by using tetraethoxysilane precursor and different polymeric species
Chen YK, Chang KC, Wu KY, Tsai YL, Lu JS, Chen H
8643 - 8647 Structural, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of Co0.2AlxZn0.8-xO films
Tsai CL, Lin YJ, Liu CJ, Horng L, Shih YT, Wang MS, Huang CS, Jhang CS, Chen YH, Chang HC
8648 - 8653 Optical and electrical characterizations of 4H-SiC-oxide interfaces by spectroscopic ellipsometry and capacitance-voltage measurements
Hashimoto H, Hijikata Y, Yaguchi H, Yoshida S
8654 - 8659 Enhanced optical properties of Al-doped TiO2 thin films in oxygen or nitrogen atmosphere
Lin SS, Wu DK
8660 - 8666 One way of surface alloying treatment on iron surface based on surface mechanical attrition treatment and heat treatment
Du HY, Wei YH, Lin WM, Hou LF, Liu ZQ, An YL, Yang WF
8667 - 8671 Synthesis, characterization and optical properties of multipod ZnO whiskers
Feng LB, Liu AH, Wei J, Liu M, Ma YY, Man BY
8672 - 8675 Improved emission uniformity and stability of printed carbon nanotubes in electrolyte
Zou RJ, Zou GN, Wang CR, Xue SL
8676 - 8681 Carbon nanotubes/magnetite hybrids prepared by a facile synthesis process and their magnetic properties
Zhang L, Ni QQ, Natsuki T, Fu YQ
8682 - 8684 The research on the interfacial compatibility of polypropylene composite filled with surface treated carbon fiber
Li J
8685 - 8687 Surface termination of the NdGaO3(110)
Dirsyte R, Schwarzkopf J, Wagner G, Lienemann J, Busch M, Winter H, Fornari R
8688 - 8694 Studies on electrodeposited As2S3 thin films by double exposure holographic interferometry technique
Shinde NS, Prabhune VB, Dhaigude HD, Lokhande CD, Fulari VJ
8695 - 8700 Dependence of the magnetization on the interface morphology in ultra-thin magnetic/non-magnetic films: Monte Carlo approach
Razouk A, Sahlaoui M, Sajieddine M
8701 - 8705 Study on a hydroxypropyl chitosan-gelatin based scaffold for corneal stroma tissue engineering
Wang SL, Liu WS, Han BQ, Yang LL
8706 - 8709 Spectroscopic investigation of the physicochemical origin of the spontaneous delamination of the sputtered amorphous carbon nitride films
Peponas S, Guedda M, Benlahsen M
8710 - 8713 Measurement of non-DLVO force on a silicon substrate coated with ammonium poly(acrylic acid) using scanning probe microscopy
Isobe T, Nakano Y, Kameshima Y, Nakajima A, Okada K
8714 - 8714 Investigation of NO dissociation and reduction by H-2 on nanosized W2N surface with transient response techniques (vol 255, pg 2259, 2009)
Yao ZW, Dong HT