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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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257 - 259 In vitro investigation of protein adsorption and platelet adhesion on inorganic biomaterial surfaces
Huang Y, Lue XY, Ma JW, Huang N
260 - 262 Research of the degradation products of chitosan's angiogenic function
Wang JY, Chen YW, Ding YL, Shi GQ, Wan CX
263 - 266 Surface modification of polyethylene terephthalate with albumin and gelatin for improvement of anticoagulation and endothelialization
Ren JR, Wang J, Sun H, Huang N
267 - 269 Cellular reactions of osteoblast-like cells to a novel nanocomposite membrane for guided bone regeneration
Meng Y, Liu M, Wang SA, Mo AC, Huang C, Zuo Y, Li JD
270 - 272 Crystalline structure and its effects on the degradation of linear calcium polyphosphate bone substitute
Chen FP, Wang K, Liu CS
273 - 275 The effects of hydroxyapatite coatings on stress distribution near the dental implant-bone interface
Jiang W, Wang WD, Shi XH, Chen HZ, Zou W, Guo Z, Luo JM, Gu ZW, Zhang XD
276 - 278 The biomechanical behavior on the interface of tumor arthrosis/allograft prosthetic composite by finite element analysis
Chen HZ, Jiang W, Zou W, Luo JM, Chen JY, Tu CQ, Xing BB, Gu ZW, Zhang XD
279 - 281 Platelet adhesion on phosphorus-incorporated tetrahedral amorphous carbon films
Liu AP, Zhu JQ, Liu M, Dai ZF, Han X, Han JC
282 - 285 Novel tissue-engineered vascular patches based on decellularized canine aortas and their recellularization in vitro
Tu QF, Zhang Y, Ge DX, Wu J, Chen HQ
286 - 289 Effect of surface micro-topography of titanium material on the behaviors of rabbit osteoblast in vitro
Fu J, Hu YY, Guo Z, Zhang YQ, Hao YL, Li SJ
290 - 292 The study of mechanical behavior on the interface between calcar-defect femur and restorations by means of finite element analysis
Shi XH, Jiang W, Chen HZ, Zou W, Wang WD, Guo Z, Luo JM, Gu ZW, Zhang XD
293 - 296 Adhesion comparison of human bone marrow stem cells on a gradient wettable surface prepared by corona treatment
Shin YN, Kim BS, Ahn HH, Lee JH, Kim KS, Lee JY, Kim MS, Khang G, Lee HB
297 - 300 Applications of chitosan-based thermo-sensitive copolymers for harvesting living cell sheet
Chen JP, Yang TF
301 - 303 Cells anchored upon a thin organic film with different nano-mechanical properties
Huang CL, Chang CW, Liao JD, Wu YT, Ju MS, Lin CCK
304 - 307 Osteoblastic cell response on magnesium-incorporated apatite coatings
Qi GC, Zhang S, Khor KA, Lye SW, Zeng XT, Weng WJ, Liu CM, Venkatraman SS, Ma LL
308 - 311 Osteoblast adhesion to clodronate-hydroxyapatite composite
Luo E, Liu X, Wei SC, Cai XX, Hu J
312 - 314 A collagen based vitro model of angiogenesis designed for tissue-engineering material
Feng T, Chen YW, Shi GQ, Yu XX, Wan CX
315 - 319 Adhesion and endothelialization of endothelial cells on the surface of endovascular stents by the novel rotational culture of cells
Tang CJ, Wang GX, Cao Y, Wu X, Xie X, Xiao L
320 - 323 Preparation and anti-tumor evaluation of polyactin A microparticles from supercritical CO2 processing
Bi JH, Zhao JL, Bao L, Liu Y, Wu CS
324 - 327 Attachment, proliferation and differentiation of BMSCs on gas-jet/electrospun nHAP/PHB fibrous scaffolds
Guan DH, Chen ZQ, Huang CP, Lin YH
328 - 330 Characterization and human gingival fibroblasts biocompatibility of hydroxyapatite/PMMA nanocomposites for provisional dental implant restoration
Zhang JC, Liao J, Mo AC, Li YB, Li JD, Wang XJ
331 - 335 Interaction of endothelial cells with biodegradable strontium-doped calcium polyphosphate for bone tissue engineering
Chen YW, Feng T, Shi GQ, Ding YL, Yu XX, Zhang XH, Zhang ZB, Wan CX
336 - 339 Induction of osteoconductivity by BMP-2 gene modification of mesenchymal stem cells combined with plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coating
Wu J, Guo YQ, Yin GF, Chen HQ, Kang YQ
340 - 343 Polymeric barrier membranes for device packaging, diffusive control and biocompatibility
Wasikiewicz JM, Roohpour N, Paul D, Grahn M, Ateh D, Rehman I, Vadgama P
344 - 349 Integration approach for developing a high-performance biointerface: Sequential formation of hydroxyapatite and calcium carbonate by an improved alternate soaking process
Watanabe J, Akashi M
350 - 352 The characterization of mechanical and surface properties of poly (glycerol-sebacate-lactic acid) during degradation in phosphate buffered saline
Sun ZJ, Wu L, Lu XL, Meng ZX, Zheng YF, Dong DL
353 - 356 Surface morphology and in vitro release performance of double-walled PLLA/PLGA microspheres entrapping a highly water-soluble drug
Tan HX, Ye J
357 - 360 Preparation of nano-hydroxyapatite particles with different morphology and their response to highly malignant melanoma cells in vitro
Li B, Guo B, Fan HS, Zhang XD
361 - 364 Chondroitin sulfate template-mediated biomimetic synthesis of nano-flake hydroxyapatite
He D, Xiao XF, Liu F, Liu RF
365 - 367 Synthesis and bioactivity of highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays
Li MO, Xiao XF, Liu RF
368 - 370 Effects of micropatterned surfaces coated with type I collagen on the proliferation and morphology of tenocytes
Chen X, Wang Z, Qin TW, Liu CJ, Yang ZM
371 - 374 New route to form micro-pores on 316L stainless steel surface
Ma XX, Wang YJ, Tang GZ, Chen QF
375 - 378 In vitro biological performance of nano-particles on the surface of hydroxyapatite coatings
Chen YM, Xi TF, Lv YP, Zheng YD
379 - 383 Protein adsorption resistant surface on polymer composite based on 2D-and 3D-controlled grafting of phospholipid moieties
Hoshi T, Matsuno R, Sawaguchi T, Konno T, Takai M, Ishihara K
384 - 387 Effective surface modification by stimuli-responsive polymers onto the magnetite nanoparticles by layer-by-layer method
Yamamoto K, Matsukuma D, Nanasetani K, Aoyagi T
388 - 390 Fabrication of xenogeneic bone-derived hydroxyapatite thin film by aerosol deposition method
Kim SW, Seo DS, Lee JK
391 - 395 Effects of Mg and Zn on the surface of doped melt-derived glass for biomaterials applications
Dietrich E, Oudadesse H, Lucas-Girot A, Le Gal Y, Jeanne S, Cathelineau G
396 - 400 Low-temperature biomimetic formation of apatite/TiO2 composite coatings on Ti and NiTi shape memory alloy and their characterization
Sun T, Wang M
401 - 403 Effect of surface roughness of chitosan-based microspheres on cell adhesion
Zan QF, Wang C, Dong LM, Cheng P, Tian JM
404 - 408 Mechanical performance of apatite/TiO2 composite coatings formed on Ti and NiTi shape memory alloy
Sun T, Wang M
409 - 411 Cell adhesive ability of a biological foam ceramic with surface modification
Zhang Y, Li XY, Feng F, Lin YF, Liao YM, Tian WD, Liu L
412 - 415 Collagen-grafted temperature-responsive nonwoven fabric for wound dressing
Chen JP, Lee WL
416 - 418 Influence of surface treatments on the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets to porcelain
Wang C, Zeng JS, Wang SA, Yang Z, Huang Q, Chen PX, Zhou SJ, Liu XQ
419 - 421 Study on bacteria adherence properties of Mo surface-modified layer in Ti6Al4V alloy prepared by plasma surface alloying technique
Fan AL, Lin Q, Tian LH, Bin T
422 - 425 Study on the preparation of chitosan-alginate complex membrane and the effects on adhesion and activation of endothelial cells
Shi GQ, Chen YW, Wan CX, Yu XX, Feng T, Ding YL
426 - 428 Microstructure and osteoblast response of gradient bioceramic coating on titanium alloy fabricated by laser cladding
Zheng M, Fan D, Li XK, Li WF, Liu QB, Zhang JB
429 - 431 In vitro mineralization of surface-modified porous polycaprolactone scaffolds in simulated body fluid
Ning CY, Cheng HM, Zhu WJ, Yin ZY, Chen H, Zheng HD, Lei SM, Yin SH, Tan GX
432 - 434 The characterization of fluorocarbon films on NiTi alloy by magnetron sputtering
Li L, Zi FT, Zheng YF
435 - 438 Preparation and antibacterial effect of silver-hydroxyapatite/titania nanocomposite thin film on titanium
Mo AC, Liao J, Xu W, Xian SQ, Li YB, Bai S
439 - 441 Complex and new modification techniques of thiocholine detection electrodes with carbon nanotubes
Zhang SP, Zheng Y, Shan LG, Shi LY, Leng KL
442 - 445 Surface modification of titanium by nano-TiO2/HA bioceramic coating
He G, Hua J, Wei SC, Li JH, Liang XH, Luo E
446 - 448 Enhanced cell affinity of poly(L-lactide) film by immobilizing phosphonized chitosan
Ye T, Zhou CR, Zeng QH, Yang JL, Han FX, Tian JH
449 - 451 Surface configuration properties of partially demineralized bio-derived compact bone scaffolds
Mo XT, Yang ZM, Qin TW
452 - 454 Preparation and antibacterial effect of plasma sprayed wollastonite coatings loading silver
Li B, Liu XY, Cao C, Meng FH, Dong YQ, Cui T, Ding CX
455 - 458 Hydroxyapatite/titania composite bioactivity coating processed by sol-gel method
Han JY, Yu ZT, Zhou L
459 - 461 Surface modification with fibronectin or collagen to improve the cell adhesion
Li X, Yao J, Yang X, Tian W, Liu L
462 - 465 Improving the bioactivity of NiTi shape memory alloy by heat and alkali treatment
Wei Q, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Shi J
466 - 468 Preparation and characterization of the sol-gel nano-bioactive glasses modified by the coupling agent gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane
Chen XF, Guo CL, Zhao NR
469 - 472 Study on wettabilities and platelet adhesion behavior of C:H and C:N:H films prepared by DC-MFCVA
Wen F, Huang N, Leng YX, Zhao AS, Jing FJ
473 - 476 Study on the surface of fluorosilicone acrylate RGP contact lens treated by low-temperature nitrogen plasma
Ren L, Yin SH, Zhao LN, Wang YJ, Chen H, Qu J
477 - 479 Surface modification of biphasic calcium phosphate bioceramic powders
Yang WZ, Zhou DL, Yin GF, Li GD
480 - 482 The application with tetramethyl pyrazine for antithrombogenicity improvement on silk fibroin surface
Lian XJ, Wang S, Xu GL, Lin NN, Li Q, Zhu HS
483 - 485 Surface modification of fluorosilicone acrylate RGP contact lens via low-temperature argon plasma
Yin S, Wang Y, Ren L, Zhao L, Kuang T, Chen H, Qu J
486 - 488 The application with protocatechualdehyde to improve anticoagulant activity and cell affinity of silk fibroin
Wang S, Gao Z, Li EL, Su CN, Zhu H
489 - 493 Photochemical immobilization of bovine serum albumin on Ti-O and evaluations in vitro and in vivo
Weng YJ, Qi F, Huang N, Wang J, Cheng JY, Leng YX
494 - 497 Effect of surface modified hydroxyapatite on the tensile property improvement of HA/PLA composite
Li J, Lu XL, Zheng YF
498 - 501 Surface modification with both phosphorylcholine and stearyl groups to adjust hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity
Lv JA, Ma JN, HuangFu PB, Yang S, Gong YK
502 - 504 Influence of silver nanoparticles on neurons and blood-brain barrier via subcutaneous injection in rats
Tang JL, Xiong L, Wang S, Wang JY, Liu L, Li JA, Wan ZY, Xi TF
505 - 508 Study on surface modification of porous apatite-wollastonite bioactive glass ceramic scaffold
Cao B, Zhou D, Xue M, Li G, Yang W, Long Q, Ji L
509 - 511 Influence of surface morphology of cpTi on the adsorption and attachment of collagen/chitosan
He HW, Liu ML, Zhu ZL, Yang MZ, Li QL, Chen ZQ
512 - 514 Enhanced corrosion resistance of Zr coating on biomedical TiNi alloy prepared by plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition
Zheng YF, Liu D, Liu XL, Li L
515 - 518 Comparison of calcium phosphate coatings formed on femtosecond laser-induced and sand-blasted titanium
Liang CY, Yang XJ, Wei Q, Cui ZD
519 - 522 Controlling cell-material interactions with polymer nanocomposites by use of surface modifying additives
Poole-Warren LA, Farrugia B, Fong N, Hume E, Simmons A
523 - 528 Interfacing biomembrane mimetic polymer surfaces with living cells -Surface modification for reliable bioartificial liver
Iwasaki Y, Takami U, Sawada SI, Akiyoshi K
529 - 533 Synthesis of Ca-P nanoparticles and fabrication of Ca-P/PHBV nanocomposite microspheres for bone tissue engineering applications
Duan B, Wang M, Zhou WY, Cheung WL
534 - 537 Immersion behaviour of calcium polyphosphate in simulated body fluid
Ding YL, Wang JY, Chen YW, Shi GQ, Yu XX, Wan CX
538 - 540 Construction of phospholipid anti-biofouling multilayer on biomedical PET surfaces
Xu JP, Wang XL, Fan DZ, Ji J, Shen JC
541 - 544 Design of a novel bioreactor and application in vascular tissue engineering
Zhang ZX, Xi TF, Wang YJ, Chen XS, Zhang J, Wang CR, Gu YQ, Chen L, Li JX, Chen B
545 - 547 In vivo bone regeneration using a novel porous bioactive composite
Xie E, Hu YY, Chen XF, Bai XD, Li D, Ren L, Zhang ZR
548 - 551 Biomimetic synthesis of a novel HA/corncob composite
Ye YM, Huang CP, Wang Q, Li QL, Chen ZQ, Bao CY
552 - 554 Characterization and biocompatibility of fluoridated biphasic calcium phosphate ceramics
Zhu ZL, Yu HY, Zeng Q, He HW
555 - 558 Tunable cell membrane mimetic surfaces prepared with a novel phospholipid polymer
Gong M, Yang S, Ma JN, Zhang SP, Winnik FM, Gong YK
559 - 561 Study on the surface bioactivity of novel magnetic A-W glass ceramic in vitro
Li GD, Zhou DL, Xue M, Yang WZ, Long Q, Cao B, Feng DG
562 - 564 Investigation on bio-mineralization of melt and sol-gel derived bioactive glasses
Chen XF, Meng YC, Li YL, Zhao NR
565 - 567 Effects of surface microstructure of hydroxyapatite on protein adsorption and biological performance of osteoblasts
He HW, Li GD, Li B, Chen ZQ
568 - 570 The surface lubricative properties of PVA/PVP hydrogels treated with radiation used as artificial cartilage
Zheng YD, Huang XS, Wang YJ, Xi TF, Chen XF, Xu H
571 - 573 Adsorption and electrochemistry of hemoglobin on Chi-carbon nanotubes composite film
Zheng W, Chen YQ, Zheng YF
574 - 576 Piezoelectric and bonding properties of a cement-based composite for dental application
Wang Q, Liu JS, Zhu JG, Ye YM, Li X, Chen ZQ
577 - 580 The amplification effect of functionalized gold nanoparticles on the binding of anticancer drug dacarbazine to DNA and DNA bases
Shen Q, Wang XM, Fu DG
581 - 584 Polyaniline films with nanostructure used as neural probe coating surfaces
Li DF, Wang W, Wang HJ, Jia XS, Wang JY
585 - 588 In situ electrochemical contact angle study of the biorecognition based on C60DF monolayer interface
Zhang RY, Gutmann S, Zhou J, Zhao XY, Li HG, Zheng LQ, Wang XM
589 - 592 Dissolution of synthetic and bovine bone-derived hydroxyapatites fabricated by hot-pressing
Kim YG, Seo DS, Lee JK
593 - 596 Surface and interface investigation of aluminosilicate biomaterial by the "in vivo'' experiments
Oudadesse H, Derrien AC, Martin S, Chaair H, Cathelineau G
597 - 599 Influence of the organism interface on the breast cancer detection by UWB
Xiao X, Kikkawa T
600 - 603 Automated detection system of single nucleotide polymorphisms using two kinds of functional magnetic nanoparticles
Liu HN, Li S, Wang ZF, Li ZY, Deng Y, Wang H, Shi ZY, He NY
604 - 606 Influence of water states in hydrogels on the transmissibility and permeability of oxygen in contact lens materials
Wang YJ, Tan GX, Zhang SJ, Guang YX
607 - 609 Stress, mechanical and adhesion properties of multilayer tetrahedral amorphous carbon films
Han X, Zhu JQ, Han JC, Tan ML, Jia ZC, Jiang CZ
610 - 612 The application of new nanocomposites: Enhancement effect of polylactide nanofibers/nano-TiO2 blends on biorecognition of anticancer drug daunorubicin
Song M, Pan C, Chen C, Li JY, Wang XM, Gu ZZ
613 - 615 Nd:YAG Laser-aided ceramic brackets debonding: Effects on shear bond strength and enamel surface
Han XL, Liu XL, Bai D, Meng Y, Huang L
616 - 618 Study on torsional fretting behavior of UHMWPE
Yu J, Cai ZB, Zhu MH, Qu SX, Zhou ZR
619 - 621 The influences of target properties and deposition times on pulsed laser deposited hydroxyapatite films
Bao QH, Chen CZ, Wang DG, Liu JM
XIII - XIII The First International Symposium on Surfaces and Interfaces of Biomaterials
Huang N, Ishihara K, Lee HB, Brown I, Maitz M, Leng YX