Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.18 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7835 - 7840 SLM-based maskless lithography for TFT-LCD
Kim KR, Yi J, Cho SH, Kang NH, Cho MW, Shin BS, Choi B
7841 - 7845 Effect of humidity on subcritical crack growth of indentation crack under sustained electric field in PZT ceramics
Li LW, Sun X, Li JX, Qiao LJ, Su YJ, Chu WY
7846 - 7850 Fabrication of carbon nanoflowers by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Ma XY, Yuan BH
7851 - 7857 Characteristic and microstructure of the microarc oxidized TiO2-based film containing P before and after chemical- and heat treatment
Wei DW, Zhou Y, Yang CH
7858 - 7863 Effect of N content on phase configuration, nanostructure and mechanical behaviors in Ti-C-x-N-y thin films
Lu YH, Wang JP, Shen YG
7864 - 7870 Characterization of copper SERS-active substrates prepared by electrochemical deposition
Cejkova J, Prokopec V, Brazdova S, Kokaislova A, Matejka P, Stepanek F
7871 - 7877 Correlation between interfacial interactions and mechanical properties of PA-6 doped with surface-capped nano-silica
Li DL, Liu Q, Yu LG, Li XH, Zhang ZJ
7878 - 7892 Some aspects on 3D numerical modeling of high velocity impact of particles in cold spraying by explicit finite element analysis
Li WY, Gao W
7893 - 7897 Influence of phytic acid concentration on coating properties obtained by MAO treatment on magnesium alloys
Zhang RF, Zhang SF, Duo SW
7898 - 7904 Electrostatic forces in micromanipulation: Experimental characterization and simulation including roughness
Tam E, Lhernould MS, Lambert P, Delchambre A, Delplancke-Ogletree MP
7905 - 7911 Synthesis and field emission properties of carbon nanotubes grown in ethanol flame based on a photoresist-assisted catalyst annealing process
Yang XX, Fang GJ, Liu NH, Wang C, Zheng Q, Zhou H, Zhao DS, Long H, Liu YP, Zhao XZ
7912 - 7917 Self-assembly of human plasma fibrinogens on binary organosilane monolayers with micro domains
Lee SH, Saito N, Takai O
7918 - 7924 Visible-light-activated Ce-Si co-doped TiO2 photocatalyst
Chen QF, Jiang D, Shi WM, Wu D, Xu Y
7925 - 7936 Surface analysis, TEM, dynamic and controlled rate thermal analysis, and infrared emission spectroscopy of gallium doped boehmite nanofibres and nanosheets
Yang J, Zhao YY, Frost RL
7937 - 7941 Covalent immobilization of glucose oxidase onto Poly(St-GMA-NaSS) monodisperse microspheres via BSA as spacer arm
Du TX, Liu BL, Hou XH, Zhang BT, Du CM
7942 - 7945 Influence of post-annealing on the properties of Sc-doped ZnO transparent conductive films deposited by radio-frequency sputtering
Liu XQ, Bi WH, Liu ZL
7946 - 7950 Linear dichroism, produced by thermo-electric alignment of silver nanoparticles on the surface of ion-exchanged glass
Nahal A, Shapoori K
7951 - 7958 Surface behavior during abrasive grain action in the glass lapping process
Belkhir N, Bouzid D, Herold V
7959 - 7965 Improvement in tribological properties of atmospheric plasma-sprayed WC-Co coating followed by Cu electrochemical impregnation
Yuan JH, Zhu YC, Zheng XB, Ruan QC, Ji H
7966 - 7969 XPS and SRUPS study of oxygen adsorption on Cd0.9Zn0.1Te (111)A surface
Bai XX, Jie WQ, Zha GQ, Zhang WH, Li PS, Hua H, Fu L
7970 - 7973 Improving the stability of organic light-emitting devices using a solution-processed hole-injecting layer
Zhang XW, Wu ZX, Wang DD, Wang DW, Hou X
7974 - 7980 Fabrication of cyclodextrin-functionalized superparamagnetic Fe3O4/amino-silane core-shell nanoparticles via layer-by-layer method
Cao HN, He J, Deng L, Gao XQ
7981 - 7984 Structure, optical, and magnetic properties of rutile Sn1-xMnxO2 thin films
Xiao YH, Ge SH, Xi L, Zuo YL, Zhou XY, Zhang L, Wang GW, Han XF, Wen ZC
7985 - 7989 Flame synthesis of carbon nanotubes for panel field emission lamp
Liu YX, Liu JH, Zhu CC
7990 - 7994 Preparation and colloidal behaviour of surface-modified EuF3
Safronikhin A, Shcherba T, Ehrlich H, Lisichkin G
7995 - 7998 Optical properties of PMN-PT thin films prepared using pulsed laser deposition
Tong XL, Lin K, Lv DJ, Yang MH, Liu ZX, Zhang DS
7999 - 8002 Electrostatic self-assembly of Fe3O4 nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes
Liu Y, Jiang W, Li S, Li FS
8003 - 8009 Effects of growth temperature modulated by HCl flow rate on the surface and crystal qualities of thick GaN by HVPE
Zhao LB, Wu JJ, Xu K, Yang ZJ, Zhang GY
8010 - 8013 Self-consistent theory for the built-in voltage in metal-organic semiconductor-metal structures
Peng YQ, Meng WM, Wang RS, Ma CZ, Li XS, Xie HW, Li RH, Zhao M, Yuan JT, Wang Y
8014 - 8018 Swift heavy ion induced modifications in cobalt doped ZnO thin films: Structural and optical studies
Kumar S, Kumar R, Singh DP
8019 - 8022 Replication of mold for UV-nanoimprint lithography using AAO membrane
Zhou WM, Zhang J, Li XL, Liu YB, Min GQ, Song ZT, Zhang JP
8023 - 8029 Optical properties of hybrid polymers as barrier materials
Georgiou D, Laskarakis A, Logothetidis S, Amberg-Scwhab S, Weber U, Schmidt M, Noller K
8030 - 8035 Surface modification and submicron structure of carbon fibers through high current pulse
Li LM, Liu L, Wan H, Xu QF, Cheng GX, Wen JC
8036 - 8040 Photodegradation of dye pollutants catalyzed by gamma-Bi2MoO6 nanoplate under visible light irradiation
Zhao X, Xu TG, Yao WQ, Zhu YF
8041 - 8047 Characteristics of sculptured Cu thin films and their optical properties as a function of deposition rate
Savaloni H, Babaei F, Song S, Placido F
8048 - 8053 Effect of natural and magnetic convections on the structure of electrodeposited zinc-nickel alloy
Levesque A, Chouchane S, Douglade J, Rehamnia R, Chopart JP
8054 - 8062 Influence of the OH groups on the photocatalytic activity and photoinduced hydrophilicity of microwave assisted sol-gel TiO2 film
Simonsen ME, Li ZS, Sogaard EG
8063 - 8066 Preparation and photocatalytic properties of silver nanoparticles loaded on CNTs/TiO2 composite
Wang S, Gong QM, Zhu YF, Liang J
8067 - 8075 Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity of surface amino-functionalized water-dispersible multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Vukovic G, Marinkovic A, Obradovic M, Radmilovic V, Colic M, Aleksic R, Uskokovic PS
8076 - 8083 Characterization of nanocrystalline gold/DLC composite films synthesized by plasma CVD technique
Paul R, Hussain S, Pal AK
8084 - 8090 Electrochemical and surface characterisation of carbon-film-coated piezoelectric quartz crystals
Pinto EM, Gouveia-Caridade C, Soares DM, Brett CMA
8091 - 8097 Morphology controlled solvothermal synthesis of Cd(OH)(2) and CdO micro/nanocrystals on Cd foil
Ghoshal T, Kar S, De SK
8098 - 8103 Surface modification and characterization of Jordanian kaolinite: Application for lead removal from aqueous solutions
Al-Harahsheh M, Shawabkeh R, Al-Harahsheh A, Tarawneh K, Batiha MM
8104 - 8109 Structural and electrical transport properties of Nb-doped TiO2 films deposited on LaAlO3 by rf sputtering
Zheng XW, Li ZQ
8110 - 8114 Improved determination of phosphorus contamination during ion implantation by SRP and simulations
Kuruc M, Hulenyi L, Kinder R
8115 - 8121 Surface analysis of long-distance oxygen plasma sterilized PTFE film
Liu HX, Zhang HJ, Chen JR
8122 - 8125 Monte Carlo simulation of hydrogen physisorption in K-doped single walled carbon nanotube array
Yuan XH, Cheng JR, Fang X, Wang Z, Wang X
8126 - 8134 Cladding of titanium/fluorapatite composites onto Ti6Al4V substrate and the in vitro behaviour in the simulated body fluid
Ye HZ, Liu XY, Hong HP
8135 - 8144 Modification of the surface properties of polyimide films using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane deposition and oxygen plasma exposure
Wohl CJ, Belcher MA, Ghose S, Connell JW
8145 - 8152 Structural, electronic properties and stability of the (1 x 1) PbTiO3 (111) polar surfaces by first-principles calculations
Pang Q, Zhang JM, Xu KW, Ji V
8153 - 8157 Ice adhesion on super-hydrophobic surfaces
Kulinich SA, Farzaneh M
8158 - 8163 Growth of nanocrystalline CuIn3Se5 (OVC) thin films by ion exchange reactions at room temperature and their characterization as photo-absorbing layers
Sharma R, Ghule A, Taur V, Joshi R, Mane R, Vyas JC, Cai G, Ganesh T, Min SK, Lee W, Han SH
8164 - 8170 Stress induced preferred orientation and phase transition for ternary WCxNy thin films
Su YD, Hu CQ, Wang C, Wen M, Liu DS, Zheng WT
8171 - 8175 Ablation mechanism study on metallic materials with a 10 ps laser under high fluence
Cheng J, Perrie W, Wu B, Tao S, Edwardson SP, Dearden G, Watkins KG
8176 - 8182 Attachment of linear poly(amido amine) to silica surface and evaluation of metal-binding behavior
Dey RK, Patnaik T, Singh VK, Swain SK, Airoldi C
8183 - 8189 Pyrolysis of cellulose and lignin
Haensel T, Comouth A, Lorenz P, Ahmed SIU, Krischok S, Zydziak N, Kauffmann A, Schaefer JA
8190 - 8193 Interdiffusion reaction in the CrN interlayer in the NiCrAlY/CrN/DSM11 system during thermal treatment
Li WZ, Wang QM, Gong J, Sun C, Jiang X
8194 - 8194 Analysis of XPS spectra of Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions in oxide materials (vol 254, pg 2441, 2008)
Yamashita T, Hayes P
8195 - 8195 Effect of annealing atmosphere on the photoluminescence of ZnO nanospheres (vol 255, pg 4801, 2009)
Zhang YZ, Liu YP, Wu LH, Li H, Han LZ, Wang BC, Xie EQ