Applied Surface Science

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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7471 - 7476 A comparative study between slow electrons and positrons transport in solid thin films
Bentabet A, Fenineche NE, Loucif K
7477 - 7482 A quantification of the interaction and spatial ordering in nano-arrays
Delanty M, Levchenko I, Ostrikov K, Rebic S, Xu S
7483 - 7494 Surface modification of polypropylene and compatibilization of interfaces in incompatible blends of polypropylene with polystyrene by plasma of CO2
Ma GQ, Liu XN, Huang DH, Yuan XB, Sheng J
7495 - 7499 Kinetics of chemical vapor deposition of SiC from methyltrichlorosilane and hydrogen
Lu CY, Cheng LF, Zhao CN, Zhang LT, Xu YD
7500 - 7507 Modeling the mean interaction forces between powder particles. Application to silica gel-magnesium stearate mixtures
Thomas G, Ouabbas Y, Grosseau P, Baron M, Chamayou A, Galet L
7508 - 7511 Bilayer ZnO nanostructure fabricated by chemical bath and its application in quantum dot sensitized solar cell
Chen J, Li C, Song JL, Sun XW, Lei W, Deng WQ
7512 - 7516 First-principles calculations of hydrogen molecule adsorption on Ti (0001)-(2 x 1) surface
Guo JX, Guan L, Bian F, Li Q, Geng B, Wang YL, Zhao QX, Liu BT
7517 - 7523 Magnetic studies on ZnTe:Cr film grown on glass substrate by thermal evaporation method
Soundararajan D, Mangalaraj D, Nataraj D, Dorosinskii L, Santoyo-Salazar J, Jeon HC, Kang TW
7524 - 7528 Two-dimensional'hat-scratch' periodic structures induced by a single femtosecond laser pulse on silica glass
Han YH, Qu SL
7529 - 7531 Controllable synthesis of Ag nanorods using a porous anodic aluminum oxide template
Li XM, Wang DS, Tang LB, Dong K, Wu YJ, Yang PZ, Zhang PX
7532 - 7536 Effects of deposition temperature on the crystallinity of Ga-doped ZnO thin films on glass substrates prepared by sputtering method
Park YJ, Kim HN, Shin HH
7537 - 7541 Surface chemical modification of fullerene by mechanochemical treatment
Markovic BT, Jokanovic V, Jovanovic S, Kleut D, Dramicanin M, Markovic Z
7542 - 7546 Modification of nano-fibriform silica by dimethyldichlorosilane
Wang LJ, Lu AH, Xiao ZY, Ma JH, Li YY
7547 - 7555 CO adsorption on Ni, Pd, Cu and Ag deposited on MgO, CaO, SrO and BaO: Density functional calculations
Halim WSA, Assem MM, Shalabi AS, Soliman KA
7556 - 7560 Surface micro/nanostructuring of titanium under stationary and non-stationary femtosecond laser irradiation
Oliveira V, Ausset S, Vilar R
7561 - 7567 Surface physical-morphological and chemical changes leading to performance enhancement of atmospheric pressure plasma treated polyester fabrics for inkjet printing
Fang KJ, Zhang CM
7568 - 7573 Electron diffraction on graphite nanocrystals in the walls of carbon nanotubes
Kadlecikova M, Breza J, Krizanova Z, Vavra I, Jesenak K, Pastorkova K, Kolmacka M, Ozvoldova M
7574 - 7579 Microstructure and properties of high chrome steel roller after laser surface melting
Li MY, Wang Y, Han B, Zhao WM, Han T
7580 - 7585 Encapsulation of strontium aluminate phosphors to enhance water resistance and luminescence
Zhu Y, Zeng JH, Li WY, Xu L, Guan Q, Liu YL
7586 - 7589 Cesium redeposition artifacts during low energy ToF-SIMS depth profiling
Vitchev RG, Brison J, Houssiau L
7590 - 7600 Surface modification of polypropylene using argon plasma: Statistical optimization of the process variables
Gomathi N, Neogi S
7601 - 7604 Effects of O2+ ions beam irradiation on crystal structure of rare earth sesquioxides
Antic B, Kremenovic A, Draganic I, Colomban P, Vasiljevic-Radovic D, Blanusa J, Tadic M, Mitric M
7605 - 7609 Numerical modeling of ultrashort-pulse laser ablation of silicon
Korfiatis DP, Thoma KAT, Vardaxoglou JC
7610 - 7617 Synthesis, characterization and catalytic oxidation properties of multi-wall carbon nanotubes with a covalently attached copper(II) salen complex
Salavati-Niasari M, Bazarganipour M
7618 - 7622 Field emission properties of electrophoretic deposition carbon nanotubes film
Qin YX, Hu M
7623 - 7626 Functional Ag porous films prepared by electrospinning
Dong GP, Xiao XD, Liu XF, Qian B, Liao Y, Wang C, Chen DP, Qiu JR
7627 - 7634 Tribological characterization of chromium nitride coating deposited by filtered cathodic vacuum arc
Mo JL, Zhu MH
7635 - 7641 Zirconia supported 12-molybdophosphoric acid: Physico-chemical characterization and non-solvent liquid phase oxidation of styrene
Sharma P, Patel A
7642 - 7646 The growth of manganese layers on Si(100) at room temperature: A photoelectron spectroscopy study
Nolph CA, Vescovo E, Reinke P
7647 - 7651 Micropatterning of perfluoroalkyl self-assembled monolayers for arraying proteins and cells on chips
Kira A, Okano K, Hosokawa Y, Naito A, Fuwa K, Yuyama J, Masuhara H
7652 - 7656 Hybrid nanostructured supports for surface enhanced Raman scattering
Froner E, Baschera F, Tessarolo F, Bettotti P, Pavesi L, Rossi B, Scarpa M, Mariotto G, Rigo A
7657 - 7662 Electron emission from MOS electron emitters with clean and cesium covered gold surface
Nielsen G, Thomsen LB, Johansson M, Hansen O, Chorkendorff I
7663 - 7668 Molecular dynamics investigation on the atomic-scale friction behaviors between copper(001) and diamond(111) surfaces
Shen B, Sun FH
7669 - 7671 Compositional analysis of ferroelectric films coated with carbon layer using laser-induced plasmas spectroscopy
Zhang QL, Zhang JP, Liang CY, Li BT, Li X, Guo QL, Fu GS
7672 - 7678 cation of functionalized mesoporous silica on the formation and the catalytic performance of platinum nanocatalysts
Huang TJ, Tu WX
7679 - 7682 Improvement of field emission of graphite flakes using hydrogen thermal processing
Shih WC, Jeng JM, Tsai MH, Lo JT
7683 - 7688 Influence of processing parameters on atmospheric pressure plasma etching of polyamide 6 films
Gao ZQ, Peng SJ, Sun J, Yao L, Qiu YP
7689 - 7694 XPS analysis of sonochemically prepared SbSI ethanogel
Nowak M, Talik E, Szperlich P, Stroz D
7695 - 7699 Synchrotron radiation assistant MOCVD deposition of ZnO films on Si substrate
Yang GT, Zhang GB, Zhou HJ, Qi ZM
7700 - 7702 Effect of annealing temperature on the decomposition of reactively sputtered Ag2Cu2O3 films
Petitjean C, Horwat D, Pierson JF
7703 - 7707 Annealing effect on surface segregation behavior of hydroxypropylcellulose/polyethylenimine blend films
Sengul G, Demirci S, Corekci S, Caykara T
7708 - 7712 Surface properties of silicon oxide films deposited using low-pressure dielectric barrier discharge
Yin YJ, Liu DP, Li DM, Gu JD, Feng ZQ, Niu JH, Benstetter G, Zhang S
7713 - 7718 Growth of patterned and aligned carbon nanotube bundles on micro-structured substrate
Shi YS, Ding YC, Liu HZ, Jiang WT, Lu BH
7719 - 7722 Synthesis and characterization of GaN nanowires
Wang Y, Xue CS, Zhuang HZ, Wang ZP, Zhang DD, Huang YL, Liu WJ
7723 - 7728 A novel graded bioactive high adhesion implant coating
Brohede U, Zhao SX, Lindberg F, Mihranyan A, Forsgren J, Stromme M, Engqvist H
7729 - 7733 Chromium carbide thin films deposited by ultra-short pulse laser deposition
Teghil R, Santagata A, De Bonis A, Galasso A, Villani P
7734 - 7738 Apatite formation on Poly (vinyl alcohol)-coated Poly (epsilon-caprolactone) films by incubation in simulated body fluids
Li LL, Li G, Wang Y, Jiang JM
7739 - 7742 Fabrication and phase variation in annealed Cu3Se2 nanowire arrays
Jagminas A, Tomasiunas R, Krotkus A, Juskenas R, Aleksejenko G
7743 - 7748 Fabrication of high Ge content SiGe-on-insulator with low dislocation density by modified Ge condensation
Ma XB, Liu WL, Chen C, Du XF, Liu XY, Song ZT, Lin CL
7749 - 7752 Preparation of Bi2S3 thin films with a nanoleaf structure by electrodeposition method
Wang Y, Huang JF, Cao LY, Zhu H, He HY, Wu JP
7753 - 7758 Carbon nanotube field emission cathodes fabricated with chemical displacement plating
Fan YC, Liu YM, Chen YC, Sung Y, Ger MD
7759 - 7765 Biomolecular self-assembly of micrometer sized silica beads on patterned glass substrates
Alberti M, Yacoub-George E, Hell W, Landesberger C, Bock K
7766 - 7772 Efficient biomimetic aerobic oxidation of phenylethane catalyzed by P(4VP-co-St)/SiO2-supported metalloporphyrins
Wang RX, Jiao WZ, Gao BJ
7773 - 7779 Studies on influence of zinc immersion and fluoride on nickel electroplating on magnesium alloy AZ91D
Zhang ZP, Yu G, Ouyang YJ, He XM, Hu BN, Zhang J, Wu ZJ
7780 - 7785 Argon-dominated plasma beam generated by filtered vacuum arc and its substrate etching
Tanoue H, Kamiya M, Oke S, Suda Y, Takikawa H, Hasegawa Y, Taki M, Kumagai M, Kano M, Ishikawa T, Yasui H
7786 - 7790 Surface free energy of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene modified by electron and gamma irradiation
Abdul-Kader AM, Turos A, Radwan RM, Kelany AM
7791 - 7793 Characteristics of photoluminescence and Raman spectra of InP doped silica fiber
Wang TY, Zeng XL, Wen JX, Pang FF, Chen ZY
7794 - 7797 The gas response enhancement from ZnO film for H-2 gas detection
Al-Hardan N, Abdullah MJ, Aziz AA
7798 - 7804 Interfacial and adhesional aspects in polyurethane (PUR) membrane coating on Si3N4 surface of ISFET gate for REFET fabrication
Khanna VK, Oelssner W, Guth U
7805 - 7811 ToF-SIMS PCA analysis of Myrtus communis L.
Piras FM, Dettori MF, Magnani A
7812 - 7817 Study of interfacial reactions and phase stabilization of mixed Sc, Dy, Hf high-k oxides by attenuated total reflectance infrared spectroscopy
Hardy A, Adelmann C, Van Elshocht S, Van den Rul H, Van Bael MK, De Gendt S, D'Olieslaeger M, Heyns M, Kittl JA, Mullens J
7818 - 7824 Influence of silica matrix morphology on characteristics of grafted nanozirconia
Sulim IY, Borysenko MV, Korduban OM, Gun'ko VM
7825 - 7830 Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance of Al-MCM-41 mesoporous materials
Gonzalez F, Pesquera C, Perdigon A, Blanco C
7831 - 7833 Room temperature fabrication Oxide TFT with Y2O3 as a gate oxide and Mo contact
Bobade SM, Shin JH, Cho YJ, You JS, Choi DK