Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7111 - 7114 Surface-defect-states photoluminescence in CdS nanocrystals prepared by one-step aqueous synthesis method
Xiao Q, Xiao C
7115 - 7120 Influence of C3H8O3 in the electrolyte on characteristics and corrosion resistance of the microarc oxidation coatings formed on AZ91D magnesium alloy surface
Wu D, Liu XD, Lu K, Zhang YP, Wang H
7121 - 7125 Passivation of GaSb and InAs by pH-activated thioacetamide
Stine R, Aifer EH, Whitman LJ, Petrovykh DY
7126 - 7135 Microstructural, optical and spectroscopic studies of laser ablated nanostructured tantalum oxide thin films
Krishnan RR, Gopchandran KG, MahadevanPillai VP, Ganesan V, Sathe V
7136 - 7141 Surface reaction mechanism of Y2O3 atomic layer deposition on the hydroxylated Si(100)-2 x 1: A density functional theory study
Ren J, Zhou GF, Hu YQ, Zhang DW
7142 - 7146 Preparation of ZrC nano-particles reinforced amorphous carbon composite coating by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition
Sun W, Xiong X, Huang BY, Li GD, Zhang HB, Xiao P, Chen ZK, Zheng XL
7147 - 7152 Fabrication of silicon pyramid/nanowire binary structure with superhydrophobicity
Li XC, Tay BK, Miele P, Brioude A, Cornu D
7153 - 7157 Electroless deposition of silver on synthesized calcite via surface modification
Srikanth CK, Jeevanandam P
7158 - 7163 Preparation and optical properties of ZnO@PPEGMA nanoparticles
Peng XM, Chen YW, Li F, Zhou WH, Hu YH
7164 - 7171 Codeposition of SiC particles with electrolytic cobalt in the presence of Cs+ ions
Rudnik E, Burzynska L, Jedruch J, Blaz L
7172 - 7178 Influence of transparent coating thickness on thermoelastic force source and laser-generated ultrasound waves
Wang JJ, Xu BQ, Shen ZH, Ni XW, Lu J
7179 - 7182 Effect of modification of S-terminated Ge(100) surface on ALD HfO2 gate stack
Lee Y, Park K, Im KT, Lee JY, Im S, Lee JH, Yi Y, Lim S
7183 - 7187 Enhanced photoelectrochemical properties of F-containing TiO2 sphere thin film induced by its novel hierarchical structure
Dong X, Tao J, Li YY, Zhu H
7188 - 7196 Carbon nanotubes supported Cu-Ni bimetallic catalysts and their properties for the direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from methanol and carbon dioxide
Bian J, Xiao M, Wang SJ, Lu YX, Meng YZ
7197 - 7202 Computer simulations of the adsorption and diffusion processes of 1-butene in MCM-22 zeolite
Zhang G, Zheng QC, Zhang HX, Liu T, Zhu YJ, Fu HG
7203 - 7211 Ellipsometry investigation of the effects of annealing temperature on the optical properties of indium tin oxide thin films studied by Drude-Lorentz model
D'Elia S, Scaramuzza N, Ciuchi F, Versace C, Strangi G, Bartolino R
7212 - 7215 Highly oriented (100) ZnO thin films by spray pyrolysis
Rao TP, Santhoshkumar MC
7216 - 7220 Effects of CPII implantation on the characteristics of diamond-like carbon films
Chen YC, Weng KW, Chao CH, Lien SY, Han S, Chen TL, Lee YC, Shih HC, Wang DY
7221 - 7225 Temperature-controlled growth and photoluminescence of AlN nanowires
Kim HW, Kebede MA, Kim HS
7226 - 7233 The simulation of nanoscale sputter depth profiles using molecular dynamics
Karolewski MA
7234 - 7237 Characterization of ceria-yttria stabilized zirconia plasma-sprayed coatings
Ma B, Li Y, Su K
7238 - 7242 The effect of growth ambient on the structural and optical properties of MgxZn1-xO thin films
Ghosh R, Basak D
7243 - 7250 Detailed profiling of CNTs arrays along the growth window in a floating catalyst reactor
Maghrebi M, Khodadadi AA, Mortazavi Y, Mhaisalkar S
7251 - 7256 Effects of substrate temperature and Zn addition on the properties of Al-doped ZnO films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Kim YH, Lee KS, Lee TS, Cheong B, Seong TY, Kim WM
7257 - 7262 Biological response of stainless steel surface modified by N2O/O-2 glow discharge plasma
Chen M, Osaki S, Zamora PO
7263 - 7267 Superhydrophobicity of polyvinylidene fluoride membrane fabricated by chemical vapor deposition from solution
Zheng ZR, Gu ZY, Huo RT, Ye YH
7268 - 7272 Comparable study on the effect of diluted NH4Cl solution on the postdeposition surface texture of as-deposited aluminum-doped zinc oxide films by direct current pulse and direct current reactive magnetron sputtering
Gao XY, Lin QG, Feng HL, Chen YS, Yang S, Gu JH, Li WQ, Lu JX
7273 - 7278 Hydrophilic modification of polyethersulfone porous membranes via a thermal-induced surface crosslinking approach
Mu LJ, Zhao WZ
7279 - 7285 Polytetrafluoroethylene surface modification by filamentary and homogeneous dielectric barrier discharges in air
Fang Z, Hao LL, Yang H, Xie XQ, Qiu YC, Edmund K
7286 - 7290 Gas barrier properties of diamond-like carbon films coated on PTFE
Ozeki K, Nagashima I, Ohgoe Y, Hirakuri KK, Mukaibayashi H, Masuzawa T
7291 - 7295 Templated growth of smart coatings: Hybrid chemical vapour deposition of vanadyl acetylacetonate with tetraoctyl ammonium bromide
Saeli M, Binions R, Piccirillo C, Parkin IP
7296 - 7301 Reversible surface structural changes in Pt-based bimetallic nanoparticles during oxidation and reduction cycles
Mu RT, Fu Q, Liu HY, Tan DL, Zhai RS, Bao XH
7302 - 7306 Highly reproducible technique for three-dimensional nanostructure fabrication via anodization scanning probe lithography
Lee S, Saito N, Takai O
7307 - 7313 Effect of welding wires on microstructure and mechanical properties of 2A12 aluminum alloy in CO2 laser-MIG hybrid welding
Yan J, Zeng XY, Gao M, Lai J, Lin TX
7314 - 7318 Structural, morphological and photoluminescence properties of W-doped ZnO nanostructures
Ngom BD, Sakho O, Manyala N, Kana JB, Mlungisi N, Guerbous L, Fasasi AY, Maaza M, Beye AC
7319 - 7322 Tunable and reversible surface wettability transition of vertically aligned ZnO nanorod arrays
Das SN, Choi JH, Kar JP, Myoung JM
7323 - 7328 Effect of calcination temperature on the morphology and surface properties of TiO2 nanotube arrays
Li G, Liu ZQ, Lu J, Wang L, Zhang Z
7329 - 7336 Styrene-butadiene rubber/halloysite nanotubes nanocomposites modified by sorbic acid
Guo BC, Chen F, Lei YD, Liu XL, Wan JJ, Jia DM
7337 - 7342 Adsorption of octylamine on titanium dioxide
Siwinska D, Kolodziejczak-Radzimska A, Krysztafkiewicz A, Jesionowski T
7343 - 7347 A novel toluene sensor based on ZnO-SnO2 nanofiber web
Song XF, Zhang DJ, Fan M
7348 - 7350 Effect of the delta-doping on the electron transport in an antiparallel double delta-magnetic-barrier nanostructure
7351 - 7356 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study on surface reaction on titanium by laser irradiation in nitrogen atmosphere
Ohtsu N, Kodama K, Kitagawa K, Wagatsuma K
7357 - 7360 Failure behavior of ITO diffusion barrier between electroplating Cu and Si substrate annealed in a low vacuum
Hsieh SH, Chien CM, Liu WL, Chen WJ
7361 - 7368 Solvothermal synthesis and formation mechanism of chain-like triangular silver nanoplate assemblies: Application to metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF)
He X, Zhao XJ
7369 - 7379 The wettability of polytetrafluoroethylene and polymethylmethacrylate by aqueous solutions of Triton X-100 and short chain alcohol mixtures
Zdziennicka A
7380 - 7384 Formation of Ag-2, Au-2 and AgAu particles on MgO(100): DFT study on the role of support-induced charge transfer in metal-metal interactions
Fuente SA, Belelli PG, Branda MM, Ferullo RM, Castellani NJ
7385 - 7388 Fabrication, characterization and photoelectrochemical properties of Fe2O3 modified TiO2 nanotube arrays
Kuang SY, Yang LX, Luo SL, Cai QY
7389 - 7393 Tracking hydroxyl adsorption on TiO2 (110) through secondary emission changes
Marques HP, Canario AR, Moutinho AMC, Teodoro OMND
7394 - 7402 Studies of the electrochemical reduction processes of Bi3+, HTeO2+ and their mixtures
Li FH, Jia FL, Wang W
7403 - 7407 Deposition of nanostructured crystalline and corrosion resistant alumina film on bell metal at low temperature by rf magnetron sputtering
Kakati H, Pal AR, Bailung H, Chutia J
7408 - 7413 Structure, hardness and corrosion behavior of a gradient CrNx thick coating applied to turbine blades
Chen ZY, Li ZQ, Meng XH
7414 - 7426 Surface roughness and friction coefficient in peened friction stir welded 2195 aluminum alloy
Hatamleh O, Smith J, Cohen D, Bradley R
7427 - 7433 Evolution mechanism of alumina coating layer on rutile TiO2 powders and the pigmentary properties
Liu Y, Zhang YS, Ge C, Yin HB, Wang AL, Ren M, Feng H, Chen J, Jiang TS, Yu LB
7434 - 7438 Effect of defects on the reflectivity of Cr/C multilayer soft X-ray mirror at 4.48 nm
Deng SW, Qi HJ, Yi K, Fan ZX, Shao JD
7439 - 7445 Superhydrophobic surfaces via electroless displacement of nanometric Cu layers by Ag+
Brenier R, Ramos SMM, Montchanin M
7446 - 7450 Impact of Mo and Ce on growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapour deposition using MgO-supported Fe catalysts
El-Hendawy ANA, Andrews RJ, Alexander AJ
7451 - 7454 Room-temperature ferromagnetism and in-plane magnetic anisotropy characteristics of nonpolar GaN:Mn films
Sun LL, Yan FW, Zhang HX, Wang JX, Wang GH, Zeng YP, Li JM
7455 - 7461 Preparation and characterization of modified nano-porous PVDF membrane with high antifouling property using UV photo-grafting
Rahimpour A, Madaeni SS, Zereshki S, Mansourpanah Y
7462 - 7467 Critical behaviour of magnetic thin film with Heisenberg spin-S model
Masrour R, Hamedoun M, Bouslykhane K, Hourmatallah A, Benzakour N, Benyoussef A
7468 - 7470 Decomposition of gaseous toluene on thermally-excited titanium dioxide and its ESR study under high temperatures
Nishikawa H