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Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6751 - 6756 Chemical etching investigation of polycrystalline p-type 6H-SiC in HF/Na2O2 solutions
Gabouze N, Keffous A, Kerdja T, Belaroussi Y
6757 - 6763 The effect of some triazole derivatives as inhibitors for the corrosion of mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid
Zhang ST, Tao ZH, Li WH, Hou BR
6764 - 6770 Plasma treatment of polypropylene fabric for improved dyeability with soluble textile dyestuff
Yaman N, Ozdogan E, Seventekin N, Ayhan H
6771 - 6780 Self-assembly of silanated poly(ethylene glycol) on silicon and glass surfaces for improved haemocompatibility
Guo Z, Meng S, Zhong W, Du QG, Chou LL
6781 - 6785 Enhancing the crystallinity and surface roughness of sputtered TiO2 thin film by ZnO underlayer
Huang F, Xie B, Wu BJ, Shao L, Li M, Wang HQ, Jiang YS, Song YZ
6786 - 6789 CdS thin films obtained by thermal treatment of cadmium(II) complex precursor deposited by MAPLE technique
Rotaru A, Mietlarek-Kropidlowska A, Constantinescu C, Scarisoreanu N, Dumitru M, Strankowski M, Rotaru P, Ion V, Vasiliu C, Becker B, Dinescu M
6790 - 6794 Argon laser induced changes to the carbonate content of enamel
Ziglo MJ, Nelson AE, Heo G, Major PW
6795 - 6801 Preparation and characterization of poly(lactic acid)-grafted TiO2 nanoparticles with improved dispersions
Luo YB, Wang XL, Xu DY, Wang YZ
6802 - 6805 Epitaxial SiC formation induced by medium energy ions on Si(111) at room temperature
Kumar P, Nair L, Bera S, Mehta BR, Shivaprasad SM
6806 - 6808 Controlling geometric and electronic properties of highly ordered CuPc thin films
Toader T, Gavrila G, Ivanco J, Braun W, Zahn DRT
6809 - 6813 Surface morphology and optical properties of ZnO epilayers grown on Si(111) by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Hung SC, Huang PJ, Chan CE, Uen WY, Ren F, Pearton SJ, Yang TN, Chiang CC, Lan SM, Chi GC
6814 - 6818 Electrodeposition of platinum nanoclusters on type I collagen modified electrode and its electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation
Sun YJ, Sun LL, Xu FG, Guo CL, Liu ZL, Zhang Y, Yang T, Li Z
6819 - 6822 Particulate assisted growth of ZnO nanorods and microrods by pulsed laser deposition
Premkumar T, Manoravi P, Panigrahi K, Baskar K
6823 - 6826 Effects of polyethylenimine on morphology and property of ZnO films grown in aqueous solutions
Hu XL, Masuda Y, Ohji T, Kato K
6827 - 6831 In vitro evaluation of bioactivity of CaO-SiO2-P2O5-Na2O-Fe2O3 glasses
Singh RK, Kothiyal GP, Srinivasan A
6832 - 6839 The effects of strain on STM lithography on HS-ssDNA/Au (111) surface
Chen F, Zhou AH, Yang H
6840 - 6845 Surface modification of polymethyl methacrylate intraocular lenses by plasma for improvement of antithrombogenicity and transmittance
Zhang LH, Wu D, Chen YS, Wang XL, Zhao GW, Wan HY, Huang CZ
6846 - 6850 Generation of a stable surface concentration of amino groups on silica coated onto titanium substrates by the plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition method
Szili EJ, Kumar S, Smart RSC, Voelcker NH
6851 - 6856 The structure and molecular orientation of polytetrafluoroethylene coatings deposited from active gas phase
Rogachev AA, Tamulevicius S, Rogachev AV, Yarmolenko MA, Prosycevas I
6857 - 6861 Patterning on single crystalline silicon by laser scanning and alkaline etching
Hosono T, Tokura H
6862 - 6869 High-temperature oxidation studies of cold-sprayed Ni-20Cr and Ni-50Cr coatings on SAE 213-T22 boiler steel
Bala N, Singh H, Prakash S
6870 - 6874 The unexpected formation of Au delta+-Si delta- by the resonance neutralization of Ar+ during the low energy bombardment of Au nanoparticles on c-Si
Yang DQ, Sacher E
6875 - 6880 Interface adhesion properties of functional coatings on titanium alloy formed by microarc oxidation method
Wang YM, Guo LX, Ouyang JH, Zhou Y, Jia DC
6881 - 6887 Structure, morphology and properties of Fe-doped ZnO films prepared by facing-target magnetron sputtering system
Wang CZ, Chen Z, He Y, Li LY, Zhang D
6888 - 6893 Low-phosporous nickel-coated carbon microcoils: Controlling microstructure through an electroless plating process
Bi H, Kou KC, Rider AE, Ostrikov K, Wu HW, Wang ZC
6894 - 6900 Improving blood-compatibility of titanium by coating collagen-heparin multilayers
Chen JL, Li QL, Chen JY, Chen C, Huang N
6901 - 6906 Vacancy diffusion in Cu Sigma=5[001] twist grain boundary
Wen YN, Zhang JM, Yang WM, Xu KW
6907 - 6913 Effect of titanium powder assisted surface pretreatment process on the nucleation enhancement and surface roughness of ultrananocrystalline diamond thin films
Pradhan D, Lin IN
6914 - 6917 Preparation and characterization of Cobalt Sulfophthalocyanine/TiO2/fly-ash cenospheres photocatalyst and study on degradation activity under visible light
Huo PW, Yan YS, Li ST, Li HM, Huang WH
6918 - 6923 The peculiarities of the low-energy ion scattering by polycrystal targets
Umarov FF, Bazarbaev NN, Djurabekova FG
6924 - 6929 Synthesis of intrinsic fluorescent polypyrrole nanoparticles by atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization
Yang P, Zhang J, Guo Y
6930 - 6938 Emission characteristics, crystalline phase and composition of vapor-transport-equilibrated Er:LiNbO3 crystal codoped with 6 mol% MgO
Zhang DL, Chen B, Liu HL, Cui YM, Pun EYB
6939 - 6944 Kinetic study of interfacial solid state reactions in the Ni/4H-SiC contact
Zhang Z, Teng J, Yuan WX, Zhang FF, Chen GH
6945 - 6952 Investigation of the structure and surface characteristics of Cu-Ni-M(III) mixed oxides (M = Al, Cr and In) prepared from layered double hydroxide precursors
Wang H, Xiang X, Li F, Evans DG, Duan X
6953 - 6962 Optical properties of zinc peroxide and zinc oxide multilayer nanohybrid films
Sebok D, Szabo T, Dekany I
6963 - 6967 DRIFTS study of different gas adsorption for CO selective oxidation on Cu-Zr-Ce-O catalysts
Chen SZ, Zou HB, Liu ZL, Lin WM
6968 - 6977 Corrosion protection of Mg/Al alloys by thermal sprayed aluminium coatings
Pardo A, Casajus P, Mohedano M, Coy AE, Viejo F, Torres B, Matykina E
6978 - 6984 Controlling growth of ZnO rods by polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and their optical properties
Wei SF, Lian JS, Jiang Q
6985 - 6988 Auger and photoluminescence analysis of ZnO nanowires grown on AlN thin film
Yousefi R, Kamaluddin B, Ghoranneviss M, Hajakbari F
6989 - 6994 Engineering the Maxwell-Wagner polarization effect
Prodromakis T, Papavassiliou C
6995 - 6998 Tip-surface interactions at redox responsive poly(ferrocenylsilane) (PFS) interface by AFM-based force spectroscopy
Chung HJ, Song J, Vancso GJ
6999 - 7004 Tribological properties of silicate materials on nano and microscale
Tordjeman P, Morel N, Ramonda M
7005 - 7011 Defect effect on tribological behavior of diamond-like carbon films deposited with hydrogen diluted benzene gas in aqueous environment
Yi JW, Park SJ, Moon MW, Lee KR, Kim SS
7012 - 7016 Characterization of CdTe films with in situ CdCl2 treatment grown by a simple vapor phase deposition technique
Flores AR, Castro-Rodriguez R, Pena JL, Romeo N, Bosio A
7017 - 7020 Effect of substrate annealing on the quality of pulsed laser deposited Zn1-xMgxO thin films
Shukla G, Khare A
7021 - 7027 Synthesis of nearly monodisperse nanoparticles in alcohol: A pressure and solvent-induced low-temperature strategy
Li GZ, Li XY, Peng WC, Fan XB, Zhang GL, Zhang FB
7028 - 7035 Low-temperature growth of polycrystalline Ge thin film on glass by in situ deposition and ex situ solid-phase crystallization for photovoltaic applications
Tsao CY, Weber JW, Campbell P, Widenborg PI, Song DY, Green MA
7036 - 7039 Mineralization of surfactant functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) to prepare hydroxyapatite/MWNTs nanohybrid
Tan QG, Zhang K, Gu SY, Ren J
7040 - 7046 Study on the hydrophobic surfaces prepared by two-step sol-gel process
Huang SI, Shen YJ, Chen H
7047 - 7050 Investigations on Fe3+ doped polyvinyl alcohol films with and without gamma (gamma)-irradiation
Kumar GV, Chandramani R
7051 - 7055 Preparation and properties of electroless Ni-P-SiO2 composite coatings
Dong D, Chen XH, Xiao WT, Yang GB, Zhang PY
7056 - 7061 Initial oxidation of duplex stainless steel
Donik C, Kocijan A, Mandrino D, Paulin I, Jenko M, Pihlar B
7062 - 7069 High temperature corrosion behaviour of some Fe-, Co- and Ni-base superalloys in the presence of Y2O3 as inhibitor
Singh H, Gitanjaly, Singh S, Prakash S
7070 - 7072 Junction characteristics of C-60/polycarbonate blend on Si substrate
Sharma SS, Tripathi B, Singh M, Bhatnagar D, Vijay YK
7073 - 7077 Preparation of superhydrophobic membranes by electrospinning of fluorinated silane functionalized poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Chen YB, Kim H
7078 - 7083 Chemical bond formation during laser bonding of Teflon (R) FEP and titanium
Georgiev GL, Baird RJ, McCullen EF, Newaz G, Auner G, Patwa R, Herfurth H
7084 - 7089 Coating of carbon nanotubes on flexible substrate and its adhesion study
Rahy A, Bajaj P, Musselman IH, Hong SH, Sun YP, Yang DJ
7090 - 7094 Optically active helical polyurethane@attapulgite composites: Effect of optical purity of S-1,1'-binaphthyl-2,2'-diol on infrared emissivity
Wang ZQ, Zhou YM, Sun YQ, Mei ZY, Miao YE
7095 - 7099 One-step preparation of water-soluble single-walled carbon nanotubes
Zhang L, Ni QQ, Fu YQ, Natsuki T
7100 - 7103 Effect of Cu addition on whisker formation in tin-rich solder alloys under thermal shock stress
Skwarek A, Ratajczak J, Czerwinski A, Witek K, Kulawik J
7104 - 7108 Diamond-like phase formation in an amorphous carbon films prepared by periodic pulsed laser deposition and laser irradiation method
Eskusson J, Jaaniso R, Lust E
7109 - 7109 Using a chemical concept for reactivity for the interpretation of STM images of physisorbed molecules (vol 253, pg 9047, 2007)
Gawronski H, Morgenstern K