Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.13-14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6433 - 6438 Characterization and degradation behavior of AZ31 alloy surface modified by bone-like hydroxyapatite for implant applications
Wen CL, Guan SK, Peng L, Ren CX, Wang X, Hu ZH
6439 - 6442 Development and application of glancing incident X-ray fluorescence spectrometry using parallel polycapillary X-ray lens
Yang J, Zhao DD, Xu Q, Ding XL
6443 - 6450 Defect states in HfO2 on deposited on Ge(111) and Ge(100) substrates
Lucovsky G, Seo H, Long JP, Chung KB, Vasic R, Ulrich M
6451 - 6459 Molecular dynamics simulation of the interface between self-assembled monolayers on Au(111) surface and epoxy resin
Jia J, Huang YD, Long J, He JM, Zhang HX
6460 - 6463 Nb-doped ZnO transparent conducting films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
Lin JM, Zhang YZ, Ye ZZ, Gu XQ, Pan XH, Yang YF, Lu JG, He HP, Zhao BH
6464 - 6467 Optical properties of carbon fiber/SnO2 core-shell structure prepared by surface modification and precipitation process in aqueous solution
Wei RH, Dua K, Gong XY, Chen QD, Tang ZX, You JH, Li LB, Yang HB
6468 - 6478 The role of surface heterogeneity and lateral interactions in the adsorption of volatile organic compounds on rutile surface
Metaxa E, Kolliopoulos A, Agelakopoulou T, Roubani-Kalantzopoulou F
6479 - 6486 Effect of sputtering parameters on surface morphology and catalytic efficiency of thin platinum films
Slavcheva E, Ganske G, Topalov G, Mokwa W, Schnakenberg U
6487 - 6492 Synthesis, optical and field emission properties of ZnO microhair-clasps
Xu Y, Yu K, Wu J, Xu JW, Shang DJ, Zhu ZQ
6493 - 6498 Molecular dynamics investigation into the adsorption of oil-water-surfactant mixture on quartz
Zhang XF, Lu GW, Wen XM, Yang H
6499 - 6503 Surface mechanical behaviour of composite Ni-P-fly ash/zincate coated aluminium alloy
Panagopoulos CN, Georgiou EP
6504 - 6507 Promotion effect of lanthanum addition on the catalytic activity of zirconia supported platinum and tungstophosphoric acid catalyst for n-pentane isomerization
Xu YD, Zhang X, Li HL, Qi YX, Lu GX, Li SB
6508 - 6514 Deposition parameters to improve the fouling-release properties of thin siloxane coatings prepared by PACVD
Akesso L, Navabpour P, Teer D, Pettitt ME, Callow ME, Liu C, Su XJ, Wang S, Zhao Q, Donik C, Kocijan A, Jenko M, Callow JA
6515 - 6524 Effects of N-2 content and thickness on CrNx coatings on Mg alloy by the planar DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Shi YJ, Long SY, Fang L, Pan FS, Liao HM
6525 - 6528 Erbium containing ZnO prepared by ion beam sputtering deposition and thermal annealing mixing
Chao LC, Chang CW, Tsai DY
6529 - 6534 Thin solid europium(III) dye layers as donors in time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer assays
Harma H, Suhonen R, Kololuoma T, Karkkainen A, Hara M, Hanninen P
6535 - 6539 On the origin of aluminum-related cathodoluminescence emissions from sublimation grown 4H-SiC(11(2)over-bar0)
Bishop SM, Reynolds CL, Molstad JC, Stevie FA, Barnhardt DE, Davis RF
6540 - 6544 Effect of NaCl concentration in electrodeposited Co-P alloy thin films
Kim JH, Raja M, Thanikaikarasan S, Kim YD, Srikumar SR, Mahalingam T
6545 - 6550 Behaviour of total surface charge in SiO2-Si system under short-pulsed ultraviolet irradiation cycles characterised by surface photo voltage technique
Kang BH, Lee WP, Yow HK, Tou TY
6551 - 6554 Positron annihilation study on ZnO-based scintillating glasses
Nie JX, Yu RS, Wang BY, Ou YW, Zhong YR, Xia F, Chen GR
6555 - 6560 Aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition of ZnO films on glass with noble metal and p-type dopants; use of dopants to influence preferred orientation
Walters G, Parkin IP
6561 - 6564 Geometric effects on energy states of a hydrogenic impurity in multilayered spherical quantum dot
Boz FK, Aktas S, Bilekkaya A, Okan SE
6565 - 6570 Surface characterization of NCD films as a function of sp(2)/sp(3) carbon and oxygen content
Azevedo AF, Matsushima JT, Vicentin FC, Baldan MR, Ferreira NG
6571 - 6576 DNA immobilization on polymer-modified Si surface by controlling pH
Demirel GB, Caykara T
6577 - 6581 Gold supported iron oxide-hydroxide derived from iron ore tailings for CO oxidation
Sakthivel R, Das B, Satpati B, Mishra BK
6582 - 6588 Fast parallel diffractive multi-beam femtosecond laser surface micro-structuring
Kuang Z, Liu D, Perrie W, Edwardson S, Sharp M, Fearon E, Dearden G, Watkins K
6589 - 6592 Preparation and characterization of carbon nanotubes/monotropic liquid crystal composites
Zhao WF, Wang JJ, He JG, Zhang LW, Wang XY, Li R
6593 - 6597 Surface diffusion of dysprosium on stepped surfaces of tungsten microcrystal
Biernat T, Blaszczyszyn R
6598 - 6606 Bulk and surface plasmon excitations in amorphous carbon measured by core-level photoelectron spectroscopy
Godet C, David D, Sabbah H, Ababou-Girard S, Solal F
6607 - 6611 Structural characterization of a Cu(II) thin-film aging in a Cu-nitrate solution
Mear FO, Essi M, Sistat P, Guimon MF, Gonbeau D, Pradel A
6612 - 6614 A comparison of surface enhanced Raman scattering property between silver electrodes and periodical silver nanowire arrays
Xu W, Zhang LD, Zhang JX, Hu XY, Sun L
6615 - 6619 ZnO thin films fabricated by chemical bath deposition, used as buffer layer in organic solar cells
Lare Y, Godoy A, Cattin L, Jondo K, Abachi T, Diaz FR, Morsli M, Napo K, del Valle MA, Bernede JC
6620 - 6623 Method to determine the sticking coefficient of precursor molecules in atomic layer deposition
Rose M, Bartha JW
6624 - 6628 First-principles study of manganese adsorption on Si(100) surface
Kuang AL, Yuan HK, Chen H
6629 - 6633 Microwave absorption of electroless Ni-Co-P-coated SiO2 powder
Ma Z, Wang JB, Liu QF, Yuan J
6634 - 6640 Spectroscopic ellipsometry of SiO2/CdTe nanocomposite thin films prepared by dc magnetron sputtering
Bera SK, Bhattacharyya D, Ghosh R, Paul GK
6641 - 6646 Investigation of amorphous and crystalline Ni alloys response to machining with micro-second and pico-second lasers
Quintana I, Dobrev T, Aranzabe A, Lalev G, Dimov S
6647 - 6651 Wear performance of the lead free tin bronze matrix composite reinforced by short carbon fibers
Jun Z, Jincheng X, Wei H, Long X, Xiaoyan D, Sen W, Peng T, Xiaoming M, Jing Y, Chao J, Lei L
6652 - 6655 Electroless Ni-Cu-P plating onto open cell stainless steel foam
Aal AA, Aly MS
6656 - 6660 Sn-CeO2 thin films prepared by rf magnetron sputtering: XPS and SIMS study
Masek K, Vaclavu M, Babor P, Matolin V
6661 - 6665 Electronic structure and mechanical properties of plasma nitrided ferrous alloys
Portolan E, Baumvol IJR, Figueroa CA
6666 - 6674 Tribological behaviors of diamond-like carbon coatings on plasma nitrided steel using three BN-containing lubricants
Jia ZF, Wang P, Xia YQ, Zhang HB, Pang XJ, Li B
6675 - 6678 Effect of calcining temperature on electrical and dielectric properties of cadmium stannate
Sawant VS, Shinde SS, Deokate RJ, Bhosale CH, Chougule BK, Rajpure KY
6679 - 6685 Surface coatings of bioactive glasses on high strength ceramic composites
Martorana S, Fedele A, Mazzocchi M, Bellosi A
6686 - 6690 Research on micro-structure and hemo-compatibility of the artificial heart valve surface
Ye X, Shao YL, Zhou M, Li J, Cai L
6691 - 6695 Preparation and characterization of nano-La (S, C)-TiO2 oriented films by template hydrothermal synthesis
Xu KJ, Zhu GQ
6696 - 6704 Novel electroless process for copper coating of flyash using titania/ultraviolet-radiation/metal catalyst-system
Shijitha T, Baiju KV, Shukla S, Patil K, Warrier KGK
6705 - 6709 InGaN nanorod arrays grown by molecular beam epitaxy: Growth mechanism structural and optical properties
Wu KM, Pan Y, Liu C
6710 - 6714 Hydrogen desorption from a diamond-like carbon film by hyperthermal atomic oxygen exposure
Yokota K, Tagawa M, Kitamura A, Matsumoto K, Yoshigoe A, Teraoka Y
6715 - 6720 A mechanism for enhanced hydrophilicity of silver nanoparticles modified TiO2 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
Meng FM, Sun ZQ
6721 - 6723 Microstructure and hardness studies of electron beam melted surface of mild steel
Ahmad M, Haq MA, Ahmed E, Ali G, Akhter JI, Iqbal M
6724 - 6728 Adjustment of the ratio of Ca/P in the ceramic coating on Mg alloy by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Yao ZP, Li LL, Jiang ZH
6729 - 6735 AFM and XPS study of UV-irradiated poly(methyl methacrylate) films on glass and aluminum support
Kaczmarek H, Chaberska H
6736 - 6744 Characterization and corrosion behavior of hydroxyapatite coatings on Ti6Al4V fabricated by electrophoretic deposition
Kwok CT, Wong PK, Cheng FT, Man HC
6745 - 6749 Annealing temperature dependent electrical and optical properties of ZnO and MgZnO films in hydrogen ambient
Liu WW, Yao B, Li YF, Li BH, Zheng CJ, Zhang BY, Shan CX, Zhang ZZ, Zhang JY, Shen DZ