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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6057 - 6060 Effects of cap layer on ohmic Ti/Al contacts to Si+ implanted GaN
Placidi M, Perez-Tomas A, Constant A, Rius G, Mestres N, Millan J, Godignon P
6061 - 6066 Preparation and recognition of surface molecularly imprinted core-shell microbeads for protein in aqueous solutions
Lu Y, Yan CL, Gao SY
6067 - 6072 Fabrication of hydrophobic surface of titanium dioxide films by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method
More AM, Gunjakar JL, Lokhande CD, Joo OS
6073 - 6076 The instant-direct-templating synthesis of phenyl-functionalized HOM-type mesoporous silica materials
Wang XM, Du XZ, Rao HH, Chen H
6077 - 6081 Low infrared emissivity of polyurethane/Cu composite coatings
Yu HJ, Xu GY, Shen XM, Yan XX, Cheng CW
6082 - 6086 Fabrication and characterization of a Cu seed layer on a 60-nm trench-patterned SiO2 substrate by a self-assembled-monolayer (SAM) process
Han WK, Hwang GH, Hong SJ, Yoon CS, Park JS, Cho JK, Kang SG
6087 - 6091 Degradation and biocompatibility of porous nano-hydroxyapatite/polyurethane composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering
Dong ZH, Li YB, Zou Q
6092 - 6096 Effect of surface property of polyimide substrate on the formation of pentacene thin-film
Yu CJ, Choi Y, Pyo S, Yi M, Kim JS, Cho K, Lee DR
6097 - 6102 Dislocation evolution in titanium during surface severe plastic deformation
Wen M, Liu G, Gu JF, Guan WM, Lu J
6103 - 6106 Surface modification of the polyethyleneimine layer on silicone oxide film via UV radiation
Hong H, Lee S, Kim T, Chung M, Choi C
6107 - 6114 Removal of organic contaminants from aqueous solution by cattle manure compost (CMC) derived activated carbons
Qian QR, Chen QH, Machida M, Tatsumoto H, Mochidzuki K, Sakoda A
6115 - 6120 Structural, optical and photoelectrochemical characterization of CdS nanowire synthesized by chemical bath deposition and wet chemical etching
Dongre JK, Nogriya V, Ramrakhiani M
6121 - 6124 Investigation of GaN layer grown on different low misoriented sapphire by MOCVD
Xing YH, Han J, Deng J, Li JJ, Xu C, Shen GD
6125 - 6131 Microstructure evolution and magnetic properties of Co-B coatings electrolessly plated on hollow microspheres
Li XA, Han XJ, Xu P
6132 - 6140 Synthesis of nano-crystalline zirconium aluminium oxynitride (ZrAlON) composite films by dense plasma Focus device
Khan IA, Hassan M, Hussain T, Ahmad R, Zakaullah M, Rawat RS
6141 - 6144 Electrical characterization of p-ZnO/p-Si heterojunction
Majumdar S, Chattopadhyay S, Banerji P
6145 - 6148 Preparation and infrared emissivity of ZnO: Al (AZO) thin films
Zhu DM, Li K, Luo F, Zhou WC
6149 - 6154 Investigation of Fe/Al interface as a function of annealing temperature using XPS
Brajpuriya R, Shripathi T
6155 - 6158 High reflective p-GaN/Ni/Ag/Ti/Au Ohmic contacts for flip-chip light-emitting diode (FCLED) applications
Chang LB, Shiue CC, Jeng MJ
6159 - 6163 The preparation and tribological characteristics of phosphorylated 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane self-assembled film
Li J, Li XZ
6164 - 6167 Conductive properties of foam and cluster structures created from hexanthiol-passivated gold nanoparticles
Plaza JL, Carcelen V
6168 - 6172 Effect of the Eley-Rideal step on catalytic oxidation of CO under periodic external pressure
Mukherjee AK, Sinha I
6173 - 6178 Effect of Cr on the magnetic properties of evaporated CoxCr1-x/Si(100) and CoxCr1-x/glass thin films
Kharmouche A, Cherif SM, Roussigne Y, Schmerber G
6179 - 6182 Investigation of oxidation resistance of Ni-Ti film used as oxygen diffusion barrier layer
Liu BT, Yan XB, Zhang X, Zhou Y, Guo YN, Bian F, Zhang XY
6183 - 6189 A note on TiN/Si (100) contacts
Pelleg J, Goldman R
6190 - 6194 Ellipsometric study of a-Be3N2 thin films prepared by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Khoshman JM, Jennings WD, Kordesch ME
6195 - 6200 Dependence of film thickness on the structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films
Tuzemen ES, Eker S, Kavak H, Esen R
6201 - 6204 Temperature effect on the electrical, structural and optical properties of N-doped ZnO films by plasma-free metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Zhu Y, Lin SS, Zhang YZ, Ye ZZ, Lu YF, Lu JG, Zhao BH
6205 - 6209 Assessment of surface acidity in mesoporous materials containing aluminum and titanium
Araujo RS, Maia DAS, Azevedo DCS, Cavalcante CL, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Jimenez-Lopez A
6210 - 6216 Au-assisted electroless etching of silicon in aqueous HF/H2O2 solution
Megouda N, Hadjersi T, Piret G, Boukherroub R, Elkechai O
6217 - 6220 Study on electron scattering in solid targets using accurate transport cross-sections
Rouabah Z, Bouarissa N, Champion C, Bouaouadja N
6221 - 6225 TiO2-based superhydrophobic-superhydrophilic patterns: Fabrication via an ink-jet technique and application in offset printing
Nishimoto S, Kubo A, Nohara K, Zhang X, Taneichi N, Okui T, Liu Z, Nakata K, Sakai H, Murakami T, Abe M, Komine T, Fujishima A
6226 - 6231 Characteristics of Ni films deposited on SiO2/Si(100) and MgO(001) by direct current magnetron sputtering system with the oblique target
Yang Y, Qiu H, Chen XB, Yu MP
6232 - 6239 Characteristic and biocompatibility of the TiO2-based coatings containing amorphous calcium phosphate before and after heat treatment
Wei D, Zhou Y
6240 - 6243 In situ formation of low friction ceramic coatings on carbon steel by plasma electrolytic oxidation in two types of electrolytes
Wang YL, Jiang ZH
6244 - 6251 Examination of the oxidation resistance of high-alloyed tool steels at elevated temperatures
Chaliampalias D, Vourlias G, Pavlidou E, Stergioudis G, Chrissafis K
6252 - 6255 Highly conducting and transparent Ti-doped CdO films by pulsed laser deposition
Gupta RK, Ghosh K, Patel R, Kahol PK
6256 - 6261 Tuning of surface properties of thin polymer films by electron beam treatment
Burkert S, Kuntzsch M, Bellmann C, Uhlmann P, Stamm M
6262 - 6265 Numerical analysis of the transport processes in manganite-titanate Schottky junctions
Han P, Jia JF, He M
6266 - 6273 Effect of medium on friction and wear properties of compacted graphite cast iron processed by biomimetic coupling laser remelting process
Guo QC, Zhou H, Wang CT, Zhang W, Lin PY, Sun N, Ren LQ
6274 - 6278 Photocatalytic activity enhancement of TiO2 films by micro and nano-structured surface modification
Bizarro M, Tapia-Rodriguez MA, Ojeda ML, Alonso JC, Ortiz A
6279 - 6284 Versatile synthesis of rectangular shaped nanobat-like CuO nanostructures by hydrothermal method; structural properties and growth mechanism
Li F, Tao K, Wentuan BA, Li DC, Li Z, Huang XT
6285 - 6289 Synthesis and optical properties of CuS nanoplate-based architectures by a solvothermal method
Li F, Kong T, Bi WT, Li DC, Li Z, Huang XT
6290 - 6296 Effect of surface fluorination on the photocatalytic and photo-induced hydrophilic properties of porous TiO2 films
Chen YM, Chen F, Zhang JL
6297 - 6302 UV laser irradiation of IR laser generated particles ablated from nitrobenzyl alcohol
Fan X, Murray KK
6303 - 6307 Kinetic electron emission due to perpendicular impact of carbon ions on tungsten surfaces
Lorincik J, Sroubek Z, Brunmayr M, Kowarik G, Aumayr F
6308 - 6312 Microstructures, optical and electrical properties of In-doped ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel method
Chen KJ, Hung FY, Chang SJ, Hu ZS
6313 - 6317 The structure and optical characters of the ZnO film grown on GaAs/Al2O3 substrate
Xia XC, Zhao W, Jian YT, Li XP, Dong X, Cui YG, Zhang YT, Fang XJ, Li GX, Zhu HC, Maa Y, Zhang BL, Du GT
6318 - 6324 Localization and attempted quantification of various functional groups on pulpwood fibres
Klash A, Ncube E, Meincken M
6325 - 6334 Growth of multiwalled carbon nanotube arrays by chemical vapour deposition over iron catalyst and the effect of growth parameters
Radhakrishnan JK, Pandian PS, Padaki VC, Bhusan H, Rao KUB, Xie J, Abraham JK, Varadan VK
6335 - 6337 Nitrogen plasma cleaning of Ge(100) surfaces
Kutsuki K, Okamoto G, Hosoi T, Shimura T, Watanabe H
6338 - 6344 Density functional theory study of hydrogenation mechanism in Fe-doped Mg(0001) surface
Wu GX, Zhang JY, Wu YQ, Li Q, Chou KC, Bao XH
6345 - 6354 Growth of hydrogel nano- and microlayers covalently bounded onto PE surface
Silva R, Muniz EC, Rubira AF
6355 - 6358 Preparation, characterization and properties of N-rich Zr-N thin film with Th3P4 structure
Sui YR, Xu Y, Yao B, Xiao L, Liu B
6359 - 6366 Comparative study on modification of single wall carbon nanotubes by sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate and melamine sulfonate superplasticiser
Markovic Z, Jovanovic S, Kleut D, Romcevic N, Jokanovic V, Trajkovic V, Todorovic-Markovic B
6367 - 6371 Surface analysis for catalyst layer (PT/PTFE/C) and diffusion layer (PTFE/C) for proton exchange membrane fuel cells systems (PEMFCs)
Chebbi R, Beicha A, Daud WRW, Zaamouche R
6372 - 6377 Structural and morphological transformations of Zn-Al layered double hydroxides through hydrothermal treatment
Sun YQ, Zhou YM, Wang ZQ, Ye XY
6378 - 6385 Dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy on artistic bronze and copper artificial patinas
Balta IZ, Pederzoli S, Iacob E, Bersani M
6386 - 6390 Analysis of hydrolysis process of gamma-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane and its influence on the formation of silane coatings on 6063 aluminum alloy
Pantoja M, Diaz-Benito B, Velasco F, Abenojar J, del Real JC
6391 - 6396 Electron beam initiated grafting of methacryloxypropyl-trimethoxysilane to fused silica glass
Shmykov AY, Mjakin SV, Vasiljeva IV, Filippov VN, Vylegzhanina ME, Sukhanova TE, Kurochkin VE
6397 - 6403 Effect of the thermal and hydrothermal treatment on textural properties of Zr-MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieve
Zhao Q, Zhou XP, Li YH, Li M, Jiang TS, Yin HB, Li CS
6404 - 6407 Fabrication of aligned carbon nanotubes on Cu catalyst by dc plasma-enhanced catalytic decomposition
Zhang ZJ, Shakerzadeh M, Tay BK, Li XC, Tan CW, Lin LF, Guo PS, Feng T, Sun Z
6408 - 6414 Investigation of the running-in process and friction coefficient under the lubrication of ionic liquid/water mixture
Xie GX, Liu SH, Guo D, Wang Q, Luo JB
6415 - 6420 Growth of ZnO nanorods by aqueous solution method with electrodeposited ZnO seed layers
Liu ZF, E L, Ya J, Xin Y
6421 - 6425 On the short-range order of the SiOx (0 <= x <= 2) surface
Bondarchuk O, Goysa S, Koval I, Melnik P, Nakhodkin M
6426 - 6428 Enhancing accuracy to Stoney equation
Pureza JM, Lacerda MM, De Oliveira AL, Fragalli JF, Zanon RAS
6429 - 6431 Revealing of water surface pollution with liquid marbles
Bormashenko E, Musin A