Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5651 - 5655 Novel approach to preparation of LiMn2O4 core/LiNixMn2-xO4 shell composite
Li XF, Xu YL, Wang CL
5656 - 5661 One-step synthesis of nitrogen-doped ZnO nanocrystallites and their properties
Zheng M, Wu JQ
5662 - 5668 Microstructure and wear behavior of gamma/Al4C3/TiC/CaF2 composite coating on gamma-TiAl intermetallic alloy prepared by Nd:YAG laser cladding
Liu XB, Shi SH, Guo J, Fu GY, Wang MD
5669 - 5673 Room-temperature deposition of transparent conducting Al-doped ZnO films by RF magnetron sputtering method
Yang WF, Liu ZG, Peng DL, Zhang F, Huang HL, Xie YN, Wu ZY
5674 - 5681 Atypical grain growth for (211) CdTe films deposited on surface reconstructed (100) SrTiO3 substrates
Neretina S, Hughes RA, Devenyi GA, Sochinskii NV, Preston JS, Mascher P
5682 - 5685 The origination of ill-defined layer in organic spin valves
Lin L, Pang ZY, Wang FG, Lv MS, Yang TL, Ye LN, Han SH
5686 - 5689 Low temperature perovskite phase formation in PCT 90/10 system by modified chemical route
Kumar P, Sonia, Patel RK, Prakash C
5690 - 5697 Inactivation of Escherichia coli and properties of medical poly(vinyl chloride) in remote-oxygen plasma
Hu M, Chen JR
5698 - 5701 Effect of different Ge predeposition amounts on SiC grown on Si (111)
Liu ZL, Ren P, Liu JF, Tang J, Xu PS
5702 - 5708 Molecular dynamics study on surface structure and surface energy of rutile TiO2 (110)
Song DP, Liang YC, Chen MJ, Bai QS
5709 - 5713 ZnS nanorod arrays synthesized by an aqua-solution hydrothermal process upon pulse-plating Zn nanocrystallines
Yu W, Fang PF, Wang SJ
5714 - 5720 Polystyrene/magnesium hydroxide nanocomposite particles prepared by surface-initiated in-situ polymerization
Liu H, Yi JH
5721 - 5728 Effects of half-wave and full-wave power source on the anodic oxidation process on AZ91D magnesium alloy
Wang XM, Zhu LQ, Li WP, Liu HC, Li YH
5729 - 5735 Uniform design and regression analysis of LPCVD boron carbide from BCl3-CH4-H-2 system
Liu YS, Zhang LT, Cheng LF, Zeng QF, Zhang WH, Yang WB, Feng ZD, Li SW, Zeng B
5736 - 5741 Comparative study on structural and optical properties of CdS films fabricated by three different low-cost techniques
Ravichandran K, Philominathan P
5742 - 5745 Initial growth mechanism of atomic layer deposition of ZnO on the hydroxylated Si(100)-2x1: A density functional theory study
Ren J
5746 - 5754 Synthesis and morphological study on the nanocomposite hydrophilic coatings
Ershad-Langroudi A, Gharazi S, Rahimi A, Ghasemi D
5755 - 5759 Preparation and calibration of ultrathin Zn layers on Pd(111)
Kratzer M, Tamtogl A, Killmann J, Schennach R, Winkler A
5760 - 5763 Studies on influence of light on fluorescence of Tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum thin films
Thangaraju K, Amaladass P, Bharathi KS, Mohanakrishnan AK, Narayanan V, Kumar J
5764 - 5769 Infrared spectra and stability of CO and H2O sorption over Ag-exchanged ZSM-5 zeolite: DFT study
Jiang SJ, Huang SP, Tu WX, Zhu JQ
5770 - 5774 Laser surface treatment of screen-printed carbon nanotube emitters for enhanced field emission
Cheng CW, Chen CM, Lee YC
5775 - 5780 Theoretical study on tailoring symmetric and asymmetric thin films of diblock copolymers
Cao DP, Zhang XR, Wang WC
5781 - 5788 Epitaxial growth of Sc-doped ZnO films on Si by sol-gel route
Sharma R, Sehrawat K, Wakahara A, Mehra RM
5789 - 5794 Ethylene glycol reflux synthesis of carbon nanotube/ceria core-shell nanowires
Zhang DS, Yan TT, Shi LY, Pan CS, Zhang JP
5795 - 5801 Electrodeposition of CoWP film V. Structural and morphological characterisations
Dulal SMSI, Yun HJ, Shin CB, Kim CK
5802 - 5805 Temperature-programmed surface reaction (TPSR)of CH4 synthesis by PdxNi100-x nanoparticles
Wang KW, Chung SR, Wei YC, Lee JF, Perng TP
5806 - 5811 Assessing the antimicrobial activity of zinc oxide thin films using disk diffusion and biofilm reactor
Gittard SD, Perfect JR, Monteiro-Riviere NA, Wei W, Jin CM, Narayan RJ
5812 - 5817 The effect of heat treatment on the physical properties of sol-gel derived ZnO thin films
Raoufi D, Raoufi T
5818 - 5826 Chemical modification of silica-gel with diethylenetriamine via an end-group protection approach for adsorption to Hg(II)
Zhang Y, Qu RJ, Sun CM, Wang CH, Ji CN, Chen H, Yin P
5827 - 5830 Synthesis of micron-scale gold nanochains by a modified citrate reduction method
Liu ZG, Zu YG, Guo SL
5831 - 5836 Effects of substrate rotation on the microstructure of metal sheet fabricated by electron beam physical vapor deposition
Sun Y, Lin X, He XD, Zhang JZ, Li MW, Song GP, Li XY, Zhao YJ
5837 - 5842 Fabrication of TiO2 mu-donuts by sol-gel spin coating using a polymer mask
Saleema N, Farzaneh M, Paynter RW
5843 - 5846 Post-treatment of mesoporous material with high temperature for synthesis super-microporous materials with enhanced hydrothermal stability
Song K, Guan JQ, Wang ZQ, Xu C, Kan QB
5847 - 5850 Sliding tribological properties of untreated and PIII-treated PETP
Kalacska G, Zsidai L, Kereszturi K, Mohai M, Toth A
5851 - 5856 Co/Mg/Al hydrotalcite-type precursor, promoted with La and Ce, studied by XPS and applied to methane steam reforming reactions
Lucredio AF, Filho GT, Assaf EM
5857 - 5860 Formation of As enriched layer by steam oxidation of As+-implanted Si
Baghizadeh A, Agha-Aligol D, Fathy D, Lamehi-Rachti M, Moradi M
5861 - 5865 Effects of thermal annealing temperature and duration on hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorod arrays
Zhao XQ, Kim CR, Lee JY, Shin CM, Heo JH, Leem JY, Ryu H, Chang JH, Lee HC, Son CS, Shin BC, Lee WJ, Jung WG, Tan ST, Zhao JL, Sun XW
5866 - 5868 Enhancement of the secondary ion emission induced by fast clusters
Ding FR, Shi P, Nie R, Ma HJ
5869 - 5875 Dopant induced morphology changes in ZnO nanocrystals
Jayanthi K, Chawla S, Sood KN, Chhibara M, Singh S
5876 - 5880 Effects of crystalline quality on the ultraviolet emission and electrical properties of the ZnO films deposited by magnetron sputtering
You JB, Zhang XW, Fan YM, Yin ZG, Cai F, Chen NF
5881 - 5884 Assignment of quantum number for plasmon energies in carbon layer systems
Rowinski E
5885 - 5890 First self-assembly study of large pi-conjugated corrole dimers on solid substrates
Miao XR, Gao AM, Li ZM, Hiroto S, Shinokubo H, Osuka A, Deng WL
5891 - 5895 A Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) study of oleate adsorbed on magnetite nano-particle surface
Roonasi P, Holmgren A
5896 - 5901 Preparation of nanocrystalline Sn-TiO2-X via a rapid and simple stannous chemical reducing route
Xin BF, Ding DD, Gao Y, Jin XH, Fu HG, Wang P
5902 - 5904 Some improvement in Fe/Si multilayered neutron polarizor by modified sputtering geometry
Ashfaq A, Stahn J
5905 - 5909 Direct immobilization and hybridization of DNA on group III nitride semiconductors
Xu XB, Jindal V, Shahedipour-Sandvik F, Bergkvist M, Cady NC
5910 - 5916 Structure and morphology of Cu/Ni film grown by electrodeposition method: A study of neutron reflectivity and AFM
Singh S, Basu S, Ghosh SK
5917 - 5921 Photosensitivity of nanocrystalline ZnO films grown by PLD
Ayouchi R, Bentes L, Casteleiro C, Conde O, Marques CP, Alves E, Moutinho AMC, Marques HP, Teodoro O, Schwarz R
5922 - 5925 Structure, dielectric and ferroelectric properties of highly (100)-oriented BaTiO3 grown under low-temperature conditions
Xu JB, Shen B, Zhai JW
5926 - 5931 New design of nozzle structures and its effect on the surface and crystal qualities of thick GaN using a horizontal HVPE reactor
Wu JJ, Zhao LB, Wen DY, Xu K, Yang ZJ, Zhang GY, Li H, Zuo R
5932 - 5934 Effects of atomic oxygen irradiation on the surface properties of phenolphthalein poly(ether sulfone)
Pei XQ, Li Y, Wang QH, Sun XJ
5935 - 5938 Suspension plasma sprayed composite coating using amorphous powder feedstock
Chen DY, Jordan EH, Gell M
5939 - 5942 Synthesis of the vertically aligned carbon hexagonal nanoprism arrays and their application for field emission
Zhang HX, Feng PX
5943 - 5947 Influence of crystal orientation on copper oxidation failure
Gao J, Hu AM, Li M, Mao DL
5948 - 5951 Dry etching characteristics of GaN for blue/green light-emitting diode fabrication
Baik KH, Pearton SJ
5952 - 5956 On the optical properties of amorphous Ge-Ga-Se-KBr films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Pan RK, Tao HZ, Lin CG, Zang HC, Zhao XJ, Zhang TJ
5957 - 5960 Preparation of nanocone ZnO thin film and its aging effect of photoluminescence
Xu LH, Shi LX, Li XY
5961 - 5970 Surface modification of cobalt-chromium-tungsten-nickel alloy using octadecyltrichlorosilanes
Mani G, Feldman MD, Oh S, Agrawal CM
5971 - 5974 Structure transformations and hydrogen storage properties of co-sputtered MgNi films
Pranevicius L, Wirth E, Milcius D, Lelis M, Pranevicius LL, Bacianskas A
5975 - 5978 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of CeO2/TiO2 interface composite film
Jiang BT, Zhang SY, Guo XZ, Jin BK, Tian YP
5979 - 5983 Preparation, characterization and surface pK(a) values of poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone)/chitosan blend films
Demirci S, Alaslan A, Caykara T
5984 - 5988 Structural and mechanical characteristics of (103) AlN thin films prepared by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Yang PF, Jian SR, Wu S, Lai YS, Wang CT, Chen RS
5989 - 5994 Synthesis, characterization and photodegradation study of mixed-phase titania hollow submicrospheres with rough surface
Zheng RB, Meng XW, Tang FQ
5995 - 5998 Composition influence of SiNx gate insulator fabricated by radio frequency (RF) Magnetron sputtering on characteristics of organic thin-film transistors
Yuan GC, Xu Z, Zhao SL, Zhang FJ, Jia XY, Xu N, Sun QJ, Xu XR
5999 - 6006 Effects of annealing on structural and morphological properties of e-beam evaporated AgGaSe2 thin films
Karaagac H, Parlak M
6007 - 6010 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectra of Methyl Orange in Ag colloids prepared by electrolysis method
Si MZ, Kang YP, Zhang ZG
6011 - 6016 Nanoporous carbon spheres and their application in dispersing silver nanoparticles
Tang SC, Tang YF, Vongehr S, Zhao XN, Meng XK
6017 - 6023 CF4 radio frequency plasma surface modification of silicone rubber for use as outdoor insulations
Gao SH, Lei MK, Liu Y, Wen LS
6024 - 6027 Transparent conducting Sn-doped Ga1.4In0.6O3 films prepared on alpha-Al2O3 (0001) by MOCVD
Yang F, Ma J, Luan CN, Kong LY
6028 - 6032 Growth of carbon nanotubes using nanocrystalline carbon catalyst
Park YS, Choi EC, Hong B
6033 - 6037 Effect of filament biasing on nanocrystalline-Si films deposited by hot wire chemical vapor deposition
Swain BP, Swain BS, Yang SM, Hwang NM
6038 - 6042 Annealing effects on the plasmonic excitations of metal/metal interfaces
Politano A, Formoso V, Chiarello G
6043 - 6047 Effect of thermal annealing on nanoimprinted Cu-Ni alloys using molecular dynamics simulation
Fang TH, Wu CD, Chang WJ, Chi SS
6048 - 6053 Fracture force analysis at the interface of Pd and SrTiO3
Nazarpour S, Zamani C, Cirera A
6054 - 6056 Low-temperature deposition of transparent conducting ZnO:Zr films on PET substrates by DC magnetron sputtering
Zhang HF, Lei CX, Liu HF, Yuan CK