Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5101 - 5106 Laser ablation with short and ultrashort laser pulses: Basic mechanisms from molecular-dynamics simulations
Lewis LJ, Perez D
5107 - 5111 Molecular dynamics study of the role of material properties on nanoparticles formed by rapid expansion of a heated target
Itina TE
5112 - 5115 Modeling of fast phase transitions dynamics in metal target irradiated by pico- and femtosecond pulsed laser
Mazhukin VI, Lobok MG, Chichkov B
5116 - 5119 Molecular dynamics study of nanoparticle evolution in a background gas under laser ablation conditions
Gouriet K, Zhigilei LV, Itina TE
5120 - 5124 Phase transitions in femtosecond laser ablation
Povarnitsyn ME, Khishchenko KV, Levashov PR
5125 - 5129 Near field localization mediated by a single gold nanoparticle embedded in transparent matrix: Application for surface modification
Nedyalkov NN, Imamova SE, Atanasov PA, Obara M
5130 - 5137 Surface plasmon scattering on polymer-bimetal layer covered fused silica gratings generated by laser induced backside wet etching
Tohati H, Sipos A, Szekeres G, Mathesz A, Szalai A, Jojart P, Budai J, Vass C, Kohazi-Kis A, Csete M, Bor Z
5138 - 5145 Plasmonic structure generation by laser illumination of silica colloid spheres deposited onto prepatterned polymer-bimetal films
Sipos A, Tohati H, Szalai A, Mathesz A, Gorbe M, Szabo T, Szekeres M, Hopp B, Csete M, Dekany I
5146 - 5149 Application of Bessel beams to 2D microfabrication
Li XF, Winfield RJ, O'Brien S, Crean GM
5150 - 5153 Laser polymerization-based novel lift-off technique
Bhuian B, Winfield RJ, Crean GM
5154 - 5158 Ultrafast emission of ions during laser ablation of metal for 3D atom probe
Vella A, Houard J, Vurpillot F, Deconihout B
5159 - 5162 Emission spectra investigation of fs induced NPs probed by the ns laser pulse of a fs/ns DP-LIBS orthogonal configuration
Santagata A, Albano G, Spera D, Teghil R, Villani P, Parisi GP, De Bonis A, Sordelet DJ
5163 - 5166 Adaptive control of femtosecond laser ablation plasma emission
Guillermin M, Liebig C, Garrelie F, Stoian R, Loir AS, Audouard E
5167 - 5171 Time resolved Nomarski interferometery of laser produced plasma plumes
Hough P, McLoughlin C, Kelly TJ, Harilal SS, Mosnier JP, Costello JT
5172 - 5176 Characterization of pigments used in painting by means of laser-induced plasma and attenuated total reflectance FTIR spectroscopy
Mateo MP, Ctvrtnickova T, Nicolas G
5177 - 5180 Gas phase kinetic and optical emission spectroscopy studies in plasma-enhanced hot filament catalytic CVD production of carbon nanotubes
Gulas M, Le Normand F, Veis P
5181 - 5185 Numerical simulation of plasma dynamics in laser shock processing experiments
Morales M, Porro JA, Blasco M, Molpeceres C, Ocana JL
5186 - 5190 Influence of direct current plasma magnetron sputtering parameters on the material characteristics of polycrystalline copper films
Chan KY, Luo PQ, Zhou ZB, Tou TY, Teo BS
5191 - 5198 Physical aspects of the pulsed laser deposition technique: The stoichiometric transfer of material from target to film
Schou J
5199 - 5205 Current state-of-the-art of pulsed laser deposition of optical waveguide structures: Existing capabilities and future trends
Eason RW, May-Smith TC, Grivas C, Darby MSB, Shepherd DP, Gazia R
5206 - 5210 Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition of nanostructured TiO2 films
Sanz M, Walczak M, de Nalda R, Oujja M, Marco JF, Rodriguez J, Izquierdo JG, Banares L, Castillejo M
5211 - 5214 Temporally and spectrally resolved analysis of a copper plasma plume produced by ultrafast laser ablation
Wang X, Amoruso S, Xia J
5215 - 5219 Plasma plume photography and spectroscopy of Fe-Oxide materials
Viskup R, Praher B, Stehrer T, Jasik J, Wolfmeir H, Arenholz E, Pedarnig JD, Heitz J
5220 - 5223 Nanostructured thin films obtained by ultra-short pulse laser deposition of vanadium carbide
Teghil R, De Bonis A, Galasso A, Villani P, Santagata A, Ferro D, Barinov SM
5224 - 5227 Ultrafast pulsed laser deposition as a method for the synthesis of innovative magnetic films
Iannotti V, Amoruso S, Ausanio G, Barone AC, Campana C, Wang X, Lanotte L
5228 - 5231 Mg-based photocathodes prepared by ns, ps and fs PLD for the production of high brightness electron beams
Miglietta P, Cultrera L, Cojanu C, Papadopoulou EL, Perrone A
5232 - 5235 On the growth of gadolinia-doped ceria by pulsed laser deposition
Pryds N, Rodrigo K, Linderoth S, Schou J
5236 - 5239 KrF pulsed laser deposition of La5Ca9Cu24O41 thin films on various substrates
Pervolaraki M, Athanasopoulos GI, Saint-Martin R, Revcolevschi A, Giapintzakis J
5240 - 5244 RHEED study of titanium dioxide with pulsed laser deposition
Rasmussen IL, Pryds N, Schou J
5245 - 5247 Thin films of semiconducting lithium ferrite produced by pulsed laser deposition
Gunning RD, Rode K, Sofin SRG, Venkatesan M, Coey JMD, Shvets IV, Lunney JG
5248 - 5251 Nanostructured high valence silver oxide produced by pulsed laser deposition
Dellasega D, Facibeni A, Di Fonzo F, Russo V, Conti C, Ducati C, Casari CS, Bassi AL, Bottani CE
5252 - 5255 Pulsed laser deposition and characterization of nitrogen-substituted SrTiO3 thin films
Marozau I, Shkabko A, Dinescu G, Dobeli M, Lippert T, Logvinovich D, Mallepell M, Schneider CW, Weidenkaff A, Wokaun A
5256 - 5259 Nanostructural pulse laser-deposited Ag(Tl)SbS semiconductor thin films: Growth dynamics, structural and electrical properties
Panchenko L, Khlyap H, Laptev V
5260 - 5263 Chemical composition of ZrC thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Craciun D, Socol G, Stefan N, Bourne G, Craciun V
5264 - 5266 Fabrication of Mg-doped ZnO thin films by laser ablation of Zn:Mg target
Kim TH, Park JJ, Nam SH, Park HS, Cheong NR, Song JK, Park SM
5267 - 5270 Structural and morphological characterization of TiO2 nanostructured films grown by nanosecond pulsed laser deposition
Walczak M, Papadopoulou EL, Sanz M, Manousaki A, Marco JF, Castillejo M
5271 - 5274 AlN:Cr thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition: Studies by X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic ellipsometry
Szekeres A, Bakalova S, Grigorescu S, Cziraki A, Socol G, Ristoscu C, Mihailescu IN
5275 - 5279 Structure and optical anisotropy of pulsed-laser deposited TiO2 films for optical applications
Stankova NE, Dimitrov IG, Stoyanchov TR, Atanasov PA, Kovacheva D
5280 - 5283 Optical study of BST films combining ellipsometry and reflectivity
Zelezny V, Chvostova D, Pajasova L, Jelinek M, Kocourek T, Danis S, Valvoda V
5284 - 5287 Pulsed laser deposited Er3+,Yb3+:YVO4 waveguiding films on MgO/Si substrates
Milev DR, Atanasov PA, Dikovska AO, Dimitrov IG, Petrov KP, Avdeev GV
5288 - 5291 Structural investigations of ITO-ZnO films grown by the combinatorial pulsed laser deposition technique
Craciun D, Socol G, Stefan N, Miroiu M, Mihailescu IN, Galca AC, Craciun V
5292 - 5294 Highly oriented crystalline Er:YAG and Er:YAP layers prepared by PLD and annealing
Remsa J, Jelinek M, Kocourek T, Oswald J, Studnicka V, Cernansky M, Uherek F, Jelinek M
5295 - 5298 Pulsed-laser deposition of smooth thin films of Er, Pr and Nd doped glasses
Epurescu G, Vlad A, Bodea MA, Vasiliu C, Dumitrescu O, Niciu H, Elisa M, Siraj K, Pedarnig JD, Bauerle D, Filipescu M, Nedelcea A, Galca AC, Grigorescu CEA, Dinescu M
5299 - 5302 Morphological and optical properties of silicon thin films by PLD
Ayouchi R, Schwarz R, Melo LV, Ramalho R, Alves E, Marques CP, Santos L, Almeida R, Conde O
5303 - 5306 Influence of the substrate material on the properties of pulsed laser deposited thin Li1+xMn2O4-delta films
Simmen F, Lippert T, Novak P, Neuenschwander B, Dobeli M, Mallepell M, Wokaun A
5307 - 5311 Laser ablation of AsxSe100-x chalcogenide glasses: Plume investigations
Focsa C, Nemec P, Ziskind M, Ursu C, Gurlui S, Nazabal V
5312 - 5317 Shallow hydroxyapatite coatings pulsed laser deposited onto Al2O3 substrates with controlled porosity: correlation of morphological characteristics with in vitro testing results
Sima F, Ristoscu C, Stefan N, Dorcioman G, Mihailescu IN, Sima LE, Petrescu SM, Palcevskis E, Krastins J, Zalite I
5318 - 5321 Characterization of pulsed laser deposited chalcogenide thin layers
Petkova T, Popov C, Hineva T, Petkov P, Socol G, Axente E, Mihailescu CN, Mihailescu IN, Reithmaier JP
5322 - 5328 Foamy coating obtained by laser ablation of glass ceramic substrates at high temperature
Sola D, Pena JI
5329 - 5333 Laser ablation of powdered samples and analysis by means of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Ctvrtnickova T, Cabalin L, Laserna J, Kanicky V, Nicolas G
5334 - 5337 Titanium oxide nanostructured films by reactive pulsed laser deposition
Fusi M, Russo V, Casari CS, Bassi AL, Bottani CE
5338 - 5341 Particle diagnostics of a ZnO laser ablation plume for nanostructured material deposition
McLoughlin C, Hough P, Costello J, Mosnier JP
5342 - 5345 Liquids microprinting through laser-induced forward transfer
Serra P, Duocastella M, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Morenza JL
5346 - 5350 Femtosecond laser writing of nanostructures on bulk Al via its ablation in air and liquids
Stratakis E, Zorba V, Barberoglou M, Fotakis C, Shafeev GA
5351 - 5354 Synthesis and characterization of TiOx nanoparticles prepared by pulsed-laser ablation of Ti target in water
Nikolov AS, Atanasov PA, Milev DR, Stoyanchov TR, Deleva AD, Peshev ZY
5355 - 5358 Formation of ultrathin nanocomposite SiO2:nc-Au structures by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Zenkevich AV, Lebedinskii YY, Timofeyev A, Isayev IA, Tronin VN
5359 - 5362 Fast synthesis of ZnO nanostructures by laser-induced chemical liquid deposition
Fauteux C, Smirani R, Pegna J, El Khakani MA, Therriault D
5363 - 5367 Preparation of ZnO nanopowders by thermal plasma and characterization of photo-catalytic property
Kim SJ, Park DW
5368 - 5372 Lamp-assisted CVD of carbon micro/nano-structures using metal catalysts and CH2I2 precursor
Rashid A, Landstrom L, Brodoceanu D, Piglmayer K
5373 - 5377 Preparation and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanoparticles by the laser pyrolysis of N2O-containing gas mixtures
Alexandrescu R, Scarisoreanu M, Morjan I, Birjega R, Fleaca C, Luculescu C, Soare I, Cretu O, Negrila CC, Lazarescu N, Ciupina V
5378 - 5381 Radiofrequency plasma beam deposition of various forms of carbon based thin films and their characterization
Vizireanu S, Stoica SD, Mitu B, Husanu MA, Galca A, Nistor L, Dinescu G
5382 - 5385 Hydroxylapatite nanoparticles obtained by fiber laser-induced fracture
Boutinguiza M, Lusquinos F, Riveiro A, Comesana R, Pou J
5386 - 5390 Magnetic properties of core-shell catalyst nanoparticles for carbon nanotube growth
Fleaca CT, Morjan I, Alexandrescu R, Dumitrache F, Soare I, Gavrila-Florescu L, Le Normand F, Derory A
5391 - 5395 Nanoscale characterization of single Au nanorods by confocal microscopy
Zuchner T, Wackenhut F, Failla AV, Meixner AJ
5396 - 5400 Role of plasma activation in tailoring the nanostructure of multifunctional oxides thin films
Giangregorio MM, Losurdo M, Capezzuto P, Bruno G
5401 - 5404 Pulsed plasma ion source to create Si nanocrystals in SiO2 substrates
Lorusso A, Nassisi V, Congedo G, Lovergine N, Velardi L, Prete P
5405 - 5408 Time-resolved transmission study of fused silica during laser-induced backside dry etching
Smausz T, Zalatnai Z, Papdi B, Csako T, Bor Z, Hopp B
5409 - 5413 Synthesis of nano-sized antimony-doped tin oxide (ATO) particles using a DC arc plasma jet
Jung DW, Park DW
5414 - 5417 Morphology control and electron field emission properties of high-ordered Si nanoarrays fabricated by modified nanosphere lithography
Xu L, Li W, Xu J, Zhou J, Wu LC, Zhang XG, Ma ZY, Chen KJ
5418 - 5420 Modification of semiconductor materials using laser-produced ion streams additionally accelerated in the electric fields
Rosinski M, Badziak B, Parys P, Wolowski J, Pisarek M
5421 - 5424 Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and iron oxide nanoparticles in MW plasma torch with Fe(CO)(5) in gas feed
Zajickova L, Synek P, Jasek O, Elias M, David B, Bursik J, Pizurova N, Hanzlikova R, Lazar L
5425 - 5429 Bio-inspired water repellent surfaces produced by ultrafast laser structuring of silicon
Barberoglou M, Zorba V, Stratakis E, Spanakis E, Tzanetakis P, Anastasiadis SH, Fotakis C
5430 - 5434 Shadowgraphy investigation of laser-induced forward transfer: Front side and back side ablation of the triazene polymer sacrificial layer
Fardel R, Nagel M, Nuesch F, Lippert T, Wokaun A
5435 - 5438 In situ bioconjugation-Novel laser based approach to pure nanoparticle-conjugates
Petersen S, Jakobi J, Barcikowski S
5439 - 5443 Characterization of organic material micro-structures transferred by laser in nanosecond and picosecond regimes
Rapp L, Cibert C, Alloncle AP, Delaporte P
5444 - 5447 Laser direct writing of combinatorial libraries of idealized cellular constructs: Biomedical applications
Schiele NR, Koppes RA, Corr DT, Ellison KS, Thompson DM, Ligon LA, Lippert TKM, Chrisey DB
5448 - 5452 Small size plasma tools for material processing at atmospheric pressure
Ionita ER, Ionita MD, Stancu EC, Teodorescu M, Dinescu G
5453 - 5457 Laser- and UV-assisted modification of polystyrene surfaces for control of protein adsorption and cell adhesion
Pfleging W, Torge M, Bruns M, Trouillet V, Welle A, Wilson S
5458 - 5460 Pulsed laser ablation of pepsin on an inorganic substrate
Cicco N, Lopizzo T, Marotta V, Morone A, Verrastro M, Viggiano V
5461 - 5465 Fluorocarbon plasmas for nanotexturing of polymers: A route to water-repellent antireflective surfaces
Di Mundo R, De Benedictis V, Palumbo F, d'Agostino R
5466 - 5470 The fabrication of polymer-based evanescent optical waveguide for biosensing
Kwon SW, Yang WS, Lee HM, Kim WK, Son GS, Yoon DH, Lee SD, Lee HY
5471 - 5475 Micro-patterning for polymer electrolyte fuel cells: Single pulse laser ablation of aluminum films from glassy carbon
Seyfang BC, Fardel R, Lippert T, Scherer GG, Wokaun A
5476 - 5479 Bioglass thin films for biomimetic implants
Berbecaru C, Alexandru HV, Ianculescu A, Popescu A, Socol G, Sima F, Mihailescu I
5480 - 5485 Thin films of Cu(II)-o,o'-dihydroxy azobenzene nanoparticle-embedded polyacrylic acid (PAA) for nonlinear optical applications developed by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE)
Constantinescu C, Emandi A, Vasiliu C, Negrila C, Logofatu C, Cotarlan C, Lazarescu M
5486 - 5490 Biocompatible and bioactive nanostructured glass coatings synthesized by pulsed laser deposition: In vitro biological tests
Popescu AC, Sima F, Duta L, Popescu C, Mihailescu IN, Capitanu D, Mustata R, Sima LE, Petrescu SM, Janackovic D
5491 - 5495 Multifunctional thin films of lactoferrin for biochemical use deposited by MAPLE technique
Constantinescu C, Palla-Papavlu A, Rotaru A, Florian P, Chelu F, Icriverzi M, Nedelcea A, Dinca V, Roseanu A, Dinescu M
5496 - 5498 Thin films of polymer mimics of cross-linking mussel adhesive proteins deposited by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Cristescu R, Mihailescu IN, Stamatin I, Doraiswamy A, Narayan RJ, Westwood G, Wilker JJ, Stafslien S, Chisholm B, Chrisey DB
5499 - 5502 Laser fabricated microchannels inside photostructurable glass-ceramic
Fernandez-Pradas JM, Serrano D, Serra P, Morenza JL
5503 - 5506 Radial inhomogeneities induced by fiber diameter in electrically assisted LFZ growth of Bi-2212
Carrasco MF, Silva RA, Silva NJO, Silva RF, Vieira JM, Costa FM
5507 - 5510 Investigation of thermo-mechanical behaviour of diffractive optical elements for CO2 lasers
Neiss E, Flury M, Fontaine J
5511 - 5514 Heterogeneous atoms in laser-induced synthesis of carbon black
Popovici E, Florescu LG, Soare I, Scarisoreanu M, Sandu I, Prodan G, Fleaca CT, Morjan I, Voicu I
5515 - 5518 Growth of titanium oxynitride layers by short pulsed Nd:YAG laser treatment of Ti plates: Influence of the cumulated laser fluence
Lavisse L, Sahour MC, Jouvard JM, Pillon G, de Lucas MCM, Bourgeois S, Grevey D
5519 - 5522 Breakdown limits of optical multimode fibers for the application of nanosecond laser pulses at 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelength
Mann G, Vogel J, Zoheidi M, Eberstein M, Kruger J
5523 - 5527 Manufacturing of fine-structured 3D porous filter elements by selective laser melting
Yadroitsev I, Shishkovsky I, Bertrand P, Smurov I
5528 - 5531 Crystallization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbon films with laser and thermal annealing
Basa DK, Ambrosone G, Coscia U, Setaro A
5532 - 5536 Optimization of a laser mitigation process in damaged fused silica
Palmier S, Gallais L, Commandre M, Cormont P, Courchinoux R, Lamaignere L, Rullier JL, Legros P
5537 - 5541 High-power laser interference lithography process on photoresist: Effect of laser fluence and polarisation
Ellman M, Rodriguez A, Perez N, Echeverria M, Verevkin YK, Peng CS, Berthou T, Wang Z, Olaizola SM, Ayerdi I
5542 - 5545 Complementary use of the Raman and XRF techniques for non-destructive analysis of historical paint layers
Sawczak M, Kaminska A, Rabczuk G, Ferretti M, Jendrzejewski R, Sliwinski G
5546 - 5548 Micro-Raman investigation of stress distribution in laser drilled via structures
Wasyluk J, Adley D, Perova TS, Rodin AM, Callaghan J, Brennan N
5549 - 5552 Direct observation of phase transitions by time-resolved pyro/reflectometry of KrF laser-irradiated metal oxides and metals
Semmar N, Tebib M, Tesar J, Puscas NN, Amin-Chalhoub E
5553 - 5556 Laser cladding of tungsten carbides (Spherotene (R)) hardfacing alloys for the mining and mineral industry
Amado JM, Tobar MJ, Alvarez JC, Lamas J, Yanez A
5557 - 5560 Micromachining of glass by the third harmonic of nanosecond Nd:YVO4 laser
Ramil A, Lamas J, Alvarez JC, Lopez AJ, Saavedra E, Yanez A
5561 - 5564 Photo-thermal effects induced by KrF laser in complex oxides investigated by time resolved pyrometry: Cases of Er-doped ZnO and Y2O3
Amin-Chalhoub E, Semmar N, Mathias J
5565 - 5568 Nanostructural self-organization under selective laser sintering of exothermic powder mixtures
Shishkovsky I, Morozov Y, Smurov I
5569 - 5573 Experimental investigation on laser removal of carbon and tungsten particles
Vatry A, Habib MN, Delaporte P, Sentis M, Grojo D, Grisolia C, Rosanvallon S
5574 - 5578 Study of surface layers and ejected powder formed by oxidation of titanium substrates with a pulsed Nd:YAG laser beam
Shupyk I, Lavisse L, Jouvard JM, de Lucas MCM, Bourgeois S, Herbst F, Piquemal JY, Bozon-Verduraz F, Pilloz M
5579 - 5583 Laser cleaning of varnishes and contaminants on brass
Mateo MP, Ctvrtnickova T, Fernandez E, Ramos JA, Yanez A, Nicolas G
5584 - 5587 Metal matrix composite production by means of laser dispersing of SiC and WC powder in Al alloy
Jendrzejewski R, Van Acker K, Vanhoyweghen D, Sliwinski G
5588 - 5590 Hybrid laser-MIG welding of aluminum alloys: The influence of shielding gases
Campana G, Ascari A, Fortunato A, Tani G
5591 - 5594 Laser structuring of metal surfaces: Micro-mechanical interlocking
Byskov-Nielsen J, Balling P
5595 - 5599 Two-dimensional numerical modelling of radiation transfer in powder beds at selective laser melting
Gusarov AV, Smurov I
5600 - 5604 Functionalized polyvinyl alcohol derivatives thin films for controlled drug release and targeting systems: MAPLE deposition and morphological, chemical and in vitro characterization
Cristescu R, Popescu C, Popescu AC, Grigorescu S, Duta L, Mihailescu IN, Caraene G, Albulescu R, Albulescu L, Andronie A, Stamatin I, Ionescu A, Mihaiescu D, Buruiana T, Chrisey DB
5605 - 5610 Laser processing of polyethylene glycol derivative and block copolymer thin films
Cristescu R, Popescu C, Popescu AC, Grigorescu S, Duta L, Mihailescu IN, Andronie A, Stamatin I, Ionescu OS, Mihaiescu D, Buruiana T, Chrisey DB
5611 - 5614 MAPLE prepared polymeric thin films for non-linear optic applications
Socol G, Mihailescu IN, Albu AM, Antohe S, Stanculescu F, Stanculescu A, Mihut L, Preda N, Socol M, Rasoga O
5615 - 5619 Optical properties of titanium oxycarbide thin film
Marques L, Pinto HM, Fernandes AC, Banakh O, Ramos FVMMD
5620 - 5625 Laser annealing of amorphous carbon films
Cappelli E, Scilletta C, Orlando S, Valentini V, Servidori M
5626 - 5632 Comparative study of grain sizes and orientation in microstructured Au, Pt and W thin films designed by laser interference metallurgy
Gachot C, Catrin R, Lasagni A, Schmid U, Mucklich F
5633 - 5636 Laser shock microforming of thin metal sheets
Ocana JL, Morales M, Garcia-Ballesteros JJ, Porro JA, Garcia O, Molpeceres C
5637 - 5640 Numerical study of melted particles crush metallic substrates and the interaction between particles and a plasma beam in the thermal projection process
Kriba I, Djebaili A
5641 - 5646 Fabrication of sub-wavelength surface ripples and in-volume nanostructures by fs-laser induced selective etching
Gottmann J, Wortmann D, Horstmann-Jungemann M
5647 - 5650 Laser activation of Ultra Shallow Junctions (USJ) doped by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII)
Vervisch V, Larmande Y, Delaporte P, Sarnet T, Sentis M, Etienne H, Torregrosa F, Cristiano F, Fazzini PF