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Applied Surface Science, Vol.255, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 2 Proceedings of the Eleventh International Workshop on Slow Positron Beam Techniques for Solids and Surfaces - Preface
Barthe MF, Corbel C
3 - 20 The scientific contributions of Karl Frederick Canter (1944-2006)
Mills AP
21 - 21 Energetics of positron states trapped at vacancies in solids
Makkonen I, Puska MJ
22 - 24 Progress of the intense positron beam project EPOS
Krause-Rehberg R, Brauer G, Jungmann M, Krille A, Rogov A, Noack K
25 - 28 Development of the Argonne positron source APosS
Jonah CD, Chemerisov S, Long JD, Gai W, Jean YC, Schrader D
29 - 32 Surface and bulk investigations at the high intensity positron beam facility NEPOMUC
Hugenschmidt C, Dollinger G, Egger W, Kogel G, Lowe B, Mayer J, Pikart P, Piochacz C, Repper R, Schreckenbach K, Sperr P, Stadlbauer M
33 - 34 A scheme to produce a dense positronium plasma for an antihydrogen experiment
Perez P, Liszkay L, Rey JM, Delferrierre O, Blideanu V, Carty M, Curtoni A, Ruiz N, Sauce Y
35 - 38 Status of the pulsed low energy positron beam system (PLEPS) at the Munich Research Reactor FRM-II
Sperr P, Egger W, Kogel G, Dollinger G, Hugenschmidt C, Repper R, Piochacz C
39 - 41 Construction of a positron microbeam in JAEA
Maekawa M, Kawasuso A
42 - 45 Construction and timing system of the EPOS beam system
Jungmann M, Krause-Rehberg R, Muller A, Krille A, Brauer G
46 - 49 Status of an R&D project of a positron gun at "Horia Hulubei'' NIPNE Bucharest
Vasilescu A, Craciun L, Ghita IA, Constantinescu O, Constantin F, Chiojdeanu C, Zoita CN, Kiss A, Bojin D, Racolta PM
50 - 53 Determination of positron beam parameters by various diagnostic techniques
Hugenschmidt C, Brunner T, Mayer J, Piochacz C, Schreckenbach K, Stadlbauer M
54 - 57 Vacancy profiles and clustering in light-ion-implanted GaN and ZnO
Tuomisto F
58 - 62 Defect study in ZnO related structures - A multi-spectroscopic approach
Ling CC, Cheung CK, Gu QL, Dai XM, Xu SJ, Zhu CY, Luo JM, Zhu CY, Tam KH, Djurisic AB, Beling CD, Fung S, Lu LW, Brauer G, Anwand W, Skorupa W, Ong HC
63 - 67 Thermal evolution of defects produced by implantation of H, D and He in Silicon
Simpson PJ, Knights AP, Chicoine M, Dudeck K, Moutanabbir O, Ruffell S, Schiettekatte F, Terreault B
68 - 70 Defect engineering of ZnO
Weber MH, Selim FA, Solodovnikov D, Lynn KG
71 - 74 Useful vacancies: Positron beam interrogation of fluorine-vacancy complexes in semiconductor device structures
Coleman PG, Abdulmalik DA
75 - 77 Modification of silicon waveguide structures using ion implantation induced defects
Knights AP, Dudeck KJ, Walters WD, Coleman PG
78 - 80 Determination of defects in 6H-SiC single crystals irradiated with 20 MeV Au ions
Gentils A, Barthe MF, Thome L, Behar M
81 - 83 Implantation-caused open volume defects in Ge after flash lamp annealing (FLA) probed by slow positron implantation spectroscopy (SPIS)
Anwand W, Skorupa W, Schumann T, Posselt M, Schmidt B, Grotzschel R, Brauer G
84 - 88 High-momentum analysis in Doppler spectroscopy
Haaks M, Staab TEM
89 - 92 Transmission positron images using imaging plates
Doyama M, Kogure A, Inoue M, Kurihara T, Cao X, Matsuya M, Yoshiie T, Hayashi Y, Xu Q, Fujinami M
93 - 95 Digital positron lifetime spectroscopy at EPOS
Krille A, Krause-Rehberg R, Jungmann M, Becvar F, Brauer G
96 - 97 Gas moderation of positrons
Lowe B, Schreckenbach K, Hugenschmidt C
98 - 100 A positron remoderator for the high intensity positron source NEPOMUC
Piochacz C, Kogel G, Egger W, Hugenschmidt C, Mayer J, Schreckenbach K, Sperr P, Stadlbauer M, Dollinger G
101 - 103 Back to the future: Polarised positron beams
Coleman PG, Potter NR
104 - 107 Embedded design based virtual instrument program for positron beam automation
Jayapandian J, Gururaj K, Abhaya S, Parimala J, Amarendra G
108 - 110 Spin-polarization of an electro-static positron beam
Kawasuso A, Maekawa M
111 - 114 High-resolution positron lifetime measurement using ultra fast digitizers Acqiris DC211
Becvar F, Cizek J, Prochazka I
115 - 118 Further search for selectivity of positron annihilation in the skin and cancerous systems
Liu G, Chen H, Chakka L, Cheng ML, Gadzia JE, Suzuki R, Ohdaira T, Oshima N, Jean YC
119 - 121 Performance of the Beijing pulsed variable-energy positron beam
Wang BY, Ma YY, Zhang Z, Yu RS, Wang P
122 - 124 A novel design for a variable energy positron lifetime spectrometer
Chen D, Zhang JD, Cheng CC, Beling CD, Fung S
125 - 127 A magnetic transport Middle Eastern positron beam
Al-Qaradawi IY, Britton DT, Rajaraman R, Abdulmalik D
128 - 131 Positron annihilation in vacancies at grain boundaries in metals
Kuriplach J, Melikhova O, Hou M, Van Petegem S, Zhurkin E, Sob M
132 - 135 Early precipitation stages of aluminum alloys - The role of quenched-in vacancies
Staab TEM, Haaks M, Modrow H
136 - 138 New design of the CDB-spectrometer at NEPOMUC for T-dependent defect spectroscopy in Mg
Stadlbauer M, Hugenschmidt C, Schreckenbach K
139 - 141 Positron beam studies of void swelling in ion irradiated Ti-modified stainless steel
Amarendra G, Panigrahi BK, Abhaya S, David C, Rajaraman R, Nair KGM, Sundar CS, Raj B
142 - 144 Experimental and theoretical positron annihilation studies on bulk nickel silicides
Abhaya S, Rajaraman R, Amarendra G
145 - 148 Study of the effect of annealing on defects in Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni-C alloy by slow positron beam
Mostafa KM, De Baerdemaeker J, Van Caenegem N, Segers D, Houbaert Y
149 - 152 A study of defects in deformed FeSi alloys using positron annihilation techniques
Mostafa KM, De Baerdemaeker J, Calvillo PR, Houbaert Y, Segers D
153 - 156 Application of positron annihilation spectroscopy on the ion implantation damaged Fe-Cr alloys
Krsjak V, Slugen V, Miklos M, Petriska M, Ballo P
157 - 159 Simulation of positron annihilation response to mechanical deformation of nanostructured Ni3Al
Melikhova O, Kuriplach J, Prochazka I, Cizek J, Hou M, Zhurkin E, Pisov S
160 - 163 Behavior of cold-worked AISI-304 steel in stress-corrosion cracking process: Microstructural aspects
Zeman A, Novotny R, Uca O, Krsjak V, Macak J, Debarberis L
164 - 166 Study of Au-Pd core-shell nanoparticles by using slow positron beam
Taguchi N, Hori F, Iwai T, Iwase A, Akita T, Tanaka S
167 - 169 Positron diffusion and restoration of local symmetry breaking induced by positrons in liquid metals
Kitahata H, Matsushita Y, Kanazawa I
170 - 173 Porosity depth profiling of spin-coated silica thin films produced by different precursors sols
Toniutti L, Mariazzi S, Patel N, Checchetto R, Miotello A, Brusa RS
174 - 178 Application of positron beams to the study of positronium-forming solids
Kobayashi Y, Ito K, Oka T, He C, Mohamed HFM, Suzuki R, Ohdaira T
179 - 182 Quantum beats in the 3 gamma annihilation decay of Positronium observed by perturbed angular distribution
Ivanov E, Vata I, Dudu D, Rusen I, Stefan N
183 - 186 Evolution of pores in mesoporous silica films: Porogen loading effect
He C, Oka T, Kobayashi Y, Oshima N, Ohdaira T, Kinomura A, Suzuki R
187 - 190 Orthopositronium annihilation and emission in mesostructured thin silica and silicalite-1 films
Liszkay L, Barthe MF, Corbel C, Crivelli P, Desgardin P, Etienne M, Ohdaira T, Perez P, Suzuki R, Valtchev V, Walcarius A
191 - 193 Formation and escaping of positronium in porous SiO2 films at low temperature
Mariazzi S, Toniutti L, Patel N, Brusa RS
194 - 196 Capillary condensation in porous alumina observed by positronium lifetime spectroscopy
Ivanov E, Vata I, Toderian S, Dudu D, Rusen I, Stefan N
197 - 200 Emission of positronium in a nanometric PMMA film
Palacio CA, De Baerdemaeker J, Van Thourhout D, Dauwe C
201 - 204 Polymeric membrane studied using slow positron beam
Hung WS, Lo CH, Cheng ML, Chen HM, Liu G, Chakka L, Nanda D, Tung KL, Huang SH, Lee KR, Lai JY, Sun YM, Yu CC, Zhang RW, Jean YC
205 - 208 Depth-dependent positronium formation in gamma-irradiated polymers after 30-month aging
Yu RS, Hao XP, Ma YY, Wang P, Qin XB, Zhang Z, Wang BY, Wei L, Suzuki T, Ito Y, Shantarovich VP
209 - 212 Investigations of epoxy-based adhesives with PLEPS
Egger W, Sperr P, Kogel G, Wetzel M, Gudladt HJ
213 - 216 Determination of the positron diffusion length in Kapton by analysing the positronium emission
Palacio CA, De Baerdemaeker J, Dauwe C
217 - 219 Spontaneous emission of positronium negative ions from polycrystalline tungsten surfaces
Nagashima Y, Hakodate T, Sakai T
220 - 222 Study of the surface contamination of copper with the improved positron annihilation-induced Auger electron spectrometer at NEPOMUC
Mayer J, Hugenschmidt C, Schreckenbach K
223 - 226 Secondary electron spectra of gold under bombardment by very low-energy positrons
Mukherjee S, Nadesalingam MP, Guagliardo P, Sergeant AD, Williams JF, Weiss AH
227 - 230 Behavior of adsorbed hydrogen on Ni(111) surface with reemitted slow-positron spectroscopy
Komagata S, Hirota K, Suzuki H, Osawa M, Arii S, Kanazawa I, Fukutani K, Nozawa K, Komori F
231 - 233 GaN - a new material for positron moderation
Jorgensen LV, Schut H
234 - 236 Clusterization of vacancy defects in ZnO irradiated with 2 MeV O+
Zubiaga A, Tuomisto F, Coleman VA, Jagadish C
237 - 240 Positron beam studies of cobalt silicides
Abhaya S, Amarendra G
241 - 244 Hydrogen-induced buckling of Pd films studied by positron annihilation
Cizek J, Prochazka I, Vlach M, Zaludova N, Danis S, Dobron P, Chmelik F, Brauer G, Anwand W, Mucklich A, Nikitin E, Gemma R, Kirchheim R, Pundt A
245 - 247 Depth resolved Doppler broadening measurement of layered Al-Sn samples
Pikart P, Hugenschmidt C, Mayer J, Stadlbauer M, Schreckenbach K
248 - 250 Positron beam studies on polyaniline and Ag-coated polyaniline
Krishna JBM, Abhaya S, Amarendra G, Sundar CS, Saha A, Ghosh B
251 - 253 Defect studies of hydrogen-loaded nanocrystalline Gd films
Cizek J, Prochazka I, Vlach M, Zaludova N, Danis S, Brauer G, Anwand W, Mucklich A, Gemma R, Kirchheim R, Pundt A
254 - 256 On the defect pattern evolution in sapphire irradiated by swift ions in a broad fluence range
Gordo PM, Liszkay L, Kajcsos Z, Havancsak K, Skuratov VA, Kogel G, Sperr P, Egger W, de Lima AP, Marques MFF