Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.254, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2563 - 2568 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces with poly(furfuryl alcohol)/multi-walled carbon nanotubes composites
Men XH, Zhang ZZ, Song HJ, Wang K, Jiang W
2569 - 2574 Effect of surface species on Cu-TiO2 photocatalytic activity
Xin BF, Wang P, Ding DD, Liu J, Ren ZY, Fu HG
2575 - 2580 Synthesis and characterization of Co (Ni or Cu)-MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieves with different amount of metal obtained by using microwave irradiation method
Jiang TS, Zhao Q, Chen KM, Tang YJ, Yu LB, Yin HB
2581 - 2587 Aggregation-based growth of silver nanowires at room temperature
Sun LL, Wang L, Song YH, Guo CL, Sun YJ, Peng CY, Liu ZL, Li Z
2588 - 2593 Surface characterisation of carbon fibre recycled using fluidised bed
Jiang G, Pickering SJ, Walker GS, Wong KH, Rudd CD
2594 - 2599 Ultrasonic treatment of aramid fiber surface and its effect on the interface of aramid/epoxy composites
Liu L, Huang YD, Zhang ZQ, Jiang ZX, Wu LN
2600 - 2604 Preparation of well-defined polymer-silicon wafer hybrids via surface-initiated RAFT-mediated process
Li L, Kang E, Neoh K
2605 - 2608 AlCl3-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon thin films
Qi J, Yang Y, He DY
2609 - 2614 Selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde to cinnamyl alcohol with carbon nanotubes supported Pt-Co catalysts
Li Y, Zhu PF, Zhou RX
2615 - 2620 The influence of titanium on the properties of zinc oxide films deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Chung JL, Chen JC, Tseng CJ
2621 - 2628 Measurement of optical and electrical properties of silicon microstructuring induced by ArF excimer laser at SF6 atmosphere
Bassam MA, Parvin P, Sajad B, Moghimi A, Coster H
2629 - 2637 Decomposition of thin titanium deuteride films; thermal desorption kinetics studies combined with microstructure analysis
Lisowski W, Keim EG, Kaszkur Z, Smithers MA
2638 - 2641 PLD of X7R for thin film capacitors
Hino T, Matsumoto N, Nishida M, Araki T
2642 - 2649 Application of laser speckle analysis for the assessment of cementitious surfaces subjected to laser cleaning
Klemm AJ, Sanjeevan P
2650 - 2658 XPS study of five fluorinated compounds deposited on calcarenite stone: Part I. Unaged samples
Torrisi A
2659 - 2665 Wettability modification of pitch-based spherical activated carbon by air oxidation and its effects on phenol adsorption
Liu CJ, Liang XY, Liu XJ, Wang Q, Teng N, Zhan L, Zhang R, Qiao WM, Ling LC
2666 - 2670 New method to calibrate binding energy using Au nanocolloids in X-ray photoelectron analysis of diamondlike carbon films with different electrical resistivities
Takabayashi S, Okamoto K, Motomitsu K, Terayama A, Nakatani T, Sakaue H, Suzuki H, Takahagi T
2671 - 2677 A study on the wet etching behavior of AZO (ZnO : Al) transparent conducting film
Lin YC, Jian YC, Jiang JH
2678 - 2684 Synthesis of molybdenum silicide by both ion implantation and ion beam assisted deposition
Meng QL, Zhang JZ, Li ZP, Li GB, Chen RB
2685 - 2689 Effects of depositing temperatures on structure and optical properties of TiO2 film deposited by ion beam assisted electron beam evaporation
Yang C, Fan HQ, Xi YX, Chen J, Li Z
2690 - 2695 Thermal effect on superhydrophobic performance of stearic acid modified ZnO nanotowers
Saleema N, Farzaneh M
2696 - 2707 Relative roles of acetic acid, dodecyl sulfate and benzotriazole in chemical mechanical and electrochemical mechanical planarization of copper
Goonetilleke PC, Roy D
2708 - 2711 Model study of electron beam charge compensation for positive secondary ion mass spectrometry using a positive primary ion beam
Zhu ZM, Stevie FA, Griffis DP
2712 - 2719 Immobilization of bovine serum albumin on TiO2 film via chemisorption of H3PO4 interface and effects on platelets adhesion
Weng YJ, Hou RX, Li GC, Wang J, Huang N, Liu HQ
2720 - 2724 Impact of O-2 exposure on surface crystallinity of clean and Ba terminated Ge(100) surfaces
Cattoni A, Bertacco R, Cantoni M, Ciccacci F, Von Kaenel H, Norga GJ
2725 - 2729 Two-dimensional dopant profiling of silicon with submicron resolution using near field optics on silicon/electrolyte contacts
Djebbouri M, Bertin F, Kesri N, Bsiesy A
2730 - 2735 Preparation of Gelatin coated hydroxyapatite nanorods and the stability of its aqueous colloidal
Chen MF, Tan JJ, Lian YY, Liu DB
2736 - 2742 Optical properties of sol-gel fabricated Mn/SiO2 nanocomposites: Observation of surface plasmon resonance in Mn nanoparticles
Yeshchenko OA, Dmitruk IM, Alexeenko AA, Dmytruk AM
2743 - 2747 Effect of sol concentration on the properties of ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel technique
Dutta M, Mridha S, Basak D
2748 - 2754 Nanostructure of thin silicon films by combining HRTEM, XRD and Raman spectroscopy measurements and the implication to the optical properties
Gajovic A, Gracin D, Djerdj I, Tomasic N, Juraic K, Su DS
2755 - 2762 Passivating oxide film and growing characteristics of anodic coatings on aluminium alloys
Feliu S, Bartolome MJ, Gonzalez JA, Lopez V, Feliu S
2763 - 2770 Microstructural modification by laser surface remelting and its effect on the corrosion resistance of an Al-9 wt% Si casting alloy
Osorio WR, Cheung N, Spinelli JE, Cruz KS, Gacia A
2771 - 2775 Modeling the influence of the porosity of laser-ablated silicon films on their photoluminescence properties
Meunier M, Bernier JS, Sylvestre JP, Kabashin AV
2776 - 2782 Formation of TiN-Ir particle films using pulsed-laser deposition and their electrolytic properties in producing hypochlorous acid
Deno H, Kamemoto T, Nemoto S, Koshio A, Kokai F
2783 - 2789 MicroRaman study of the effect of oxide layer on nitriding of Ti-6Al-4V
Anandan C, Rajam KS
2790 - 2796 Modified pi-states in ion-irradiated carbon
Kovach G, Karacs A, Radnoczi G, Csorbai H, Guczi L, Veres M, Koos M, Papadimitriou L, Solyom A, Peto G
2797 - 2803 Studies of craters' dimension for long-pulse laser ablation of metal targets at various experimental conditions
Margarone D, Laska L, Torrisi L, Gammino S, Krasa J, Krousky E, Parys P, Pfeifer M, Rohlena K, Rosinski M, Ryc L, Skala J, Ullschmied J, Velyhan A, Wolowski J
2804 - 2808 Structural characterization of nc-Si films grown by low-energy PECVD on different substrates
Le Donne A, Binetti S, Isella G, Pichaud B, Texier M, Acciarri M, Pizzini S
2809 - 2819 Effects of coating parameters on the morphology of SiO2-coated TiO2 and the pigmentary properties
Liu YM, Ge C, Ren M, Yin HB, Wang AL, Zhang DZ, Liu CY, Chen J, Feng H, Yao HP, Jiang TS
2820 - 2824 Chemical synthesis of nano-porous ruthenium oxide (RuO2) zthin films for supercapacitor application
Patake VD, Lokhande CD
2825 - 2830 The role of adsorption of sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate in wetting of glass and poly(methyl methacrylate) surface
Harkot J, Janczuk B
2831 - 2836 Novel silsesquioxane mixture-modified high elongation polyurethane with reduced platelet adhesion
Tao W, Zhou H, Zhang Y, Li G
2837 - 2843 Photo-electrochemical analysis of passive film formed on X80 pipeline steel in bicarbonate/carbonate buffer solution
Li DG, Feng YR, Bai ZQ, Zhu JW, Zheng MS
2844 - 2850 Composition of calcium deficient Na-containing carbonate hydroxyapatite modified with Cu(II) and Zn(II) ions
Li JD, Li YB, Zhang L, Zuo Y
2851 - 2855 Characterization of diamond (100) surface with oxygen termination
Long R, Dai Y, Guo M
2856 - 2860 The characteristic of photoelectric gas sensing to oxygen and water based on ZnO nanoribbons at room temperature
Peng L, Wang DJ, Yang M, Xie TF, Zhao QD
2861 - 2865 Surface characteristics and nanoindentation study of Ni-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory sputtered thin films
Liu C, Gao ZY, An X, Wang HB, Gao LX, Cai W
2866 - 2870 Auger electron spectroscopic study of CO2 adsorption on Zircaloy-4 surfaces
Stojilovic N, Farkas N, Ramsier RD
2871 - 2877 The influence of surface microchemistry in protective film formation on multi-phase magnesium alloys
Gray-Munro JE, Luan B, Huntington L
2878 - 2881 Indium zinc oxide thin films deposited by sputtering at room temperature
Lim W, Wang YL, Ren F, Norton DP, Kravchenko II, Zavada JM, Pearton SJ
2882 - 2888 Studies on surface modification of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) film by remote and direct Ar plasma
Chen W, Jie-Rong C, Ru L
2889 - 2892 Effect of surface preparation technique on the radiation detector performance of CdZnTe
Duff MC, Hunter DB, Burger A, Groza M, Buliga V, Black DR
2893 - 2899 Direct synthesis and characterization of highly ordered functional mesoporous silica thin films with high amino-groups content
Zhang XE, Wu WJ, Wang JF, Tian XZ
2900 - 2904 Optical and electrical properties of p-type ZnO fabricated by NH3 plasma post-treated ZnO thin films
Cao P, Zhao DX, Zhang JY, Shen DZ, Lu YM, Yao B, Li BH, Bai Y, Fan XW
2905 - 2910 Surface evolution of a gradient structured Ti in hydrogen peroxide solution
Wen M, Gu JF, Liu G, Wang ZB, Lu J