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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1881 - 1889 Effect of graded interlayer on the mode I edge delamination by residual stresses in multilayer coating-based systems
Zhang XC, Xu BS, Wang HD, Wu YX
1890 - 1894 Characteristics of Co-filled carbon nanotubes
Fang TH, Chen KH, Chang WJ
1895 - 1899 Calculus removal on a root cement surface by ultrashort laser pulses
Kraft JF, Vestentoft K, Christensen BH, Lovschall H, Balling P
1900 - 1903 Nonlinear optical properties of Au/ZnO nanoparticle arrays
Ning TY, Zhou YL, Shen H, Lu H, Sun ZH, Cao LZ, Guan DY, Zhang DX, Yang GZ
1904 - 1908 Synthesis and electron paramagnetic resonance study of a nitroxide free radical covalently bonded on aminopropyl-silica gel
Tudose M, Constantinescu T, Balaban AT, Ionita P
1909 - 1914 Synthesis of FeCo nanoparticles by pulsed laser deposition in a diffusion cloud chamber
Ong PL, Mahmood S, Zhang T, Lin JJ, Ramanujan RV, Lee P, Rawat RS
1915 - 1918 Biological functionalization and fluorescent imaging of carbon nanotubes
Xu ZX, Hu PA, Wang SM, Wang XB
1919 - 1928 Influence of porous morphology on optical dispersion properties of template free mesoporous titanium dioxide (TiO2) films
Sudhagar P, Sathyamoorthy R, Chandramohan S
1929 - 1935 Morphological and surface compositional changes in poly(lactide-co-glycolide) tissue engineering scaffolds upon radio frequency glow discharge plasma treatment
Djordjevic I, Britcher LG, Kumar S
1936 - 1941 Is gold always chemically passive? Study and comparison of the epoxy-amine/metals interphases
Aufray M, Roche AA
1942 - 1946 Preparation and characterization of SiO2/ZrO2/Ag multicoated microspheres
Ye XY, Zhou YM, Sun YQ, Chen J, Wang ZQ
1947 - 1952 Synthesis of GaN nanowires on gold-coated SiC substrates by novel pulsed electron deposition technique
Lei M, Yang H, Li PG, Tang WH
1953 - 1960 Effect of substrate temperature on the structural, optical and electrical properties of dc magnetron sputtered tantalum oxide films
Chandra SVJ, Uthanna S, Rao GM
1961 - 1965 Preparation, structural and photoluminescent properties of CeO2 : Eu3+ films derived by Pechini sol-gel process
Guo H, Qiao YM
1966 - 1971 Nanocrystalline soft ferromagnetic Ni-Co-P thin film on Al alloy by low temperature electroless deposition
Aal AA, Shaaban A, Hamid ZA
1972 - 1976 Scanning probe studies of water nucleation on aluminum oxide and gold surfaces
Missert N, Copeland RG
1977 - 1980 The effect of controlled ion bombardment on the electronic structure of the Si(001) surface
Roos KR, Lozano J, Craig JH
1981 - 1985 Investigation of sol-gel derived HfO2 on 4H-SiC
Wang KJ, Cheong KY
1986 - 1992 Multi-level relief structures in sol-gel and photoresist fabricated by laser ablation and analyzed with coherence probe microscopy
Neiss E, Flury M, Gerard P, Mager L, Rehspringer JL, Fort A, Montgomery P, Fontaine J, Engel T, Benatmane A
1993 - 1996 Effects of growth temperature on Li-N dual-doped p-type ZnO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Zhang YZ, Lu JG, Ye ZZ, He HP, Zhu LP, Zhao BH, Wang L
1997 - 2002 Berkovich nanoindentation and deformation mechanisms in GaN thin films
Tsai CH, Jian SR, Juang JY
2003 - 2008 Stable multilayer thin films composed of gold nanoparticles and lysozyme
Su YL, Li C
2009 - 2012 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on engineering material surfaces with stearic acid
Wang Q, Zhang BW, Qu MN, Zhang JY, He DY
2013 - 2016 Properties of Dy-doped ZnO nanocrystalline thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Huang HM, Ou YJ, Xu S, Fang GJ, Li MY, Zhao XZ
2017 - 2022 Electrochromic properties of nano-structured nickel oxide thin film prepared by spray pyrolysis method
Lin SH, Chen FR, Kai JJ
2023 - 2030 Catalytic decomposition of trichloroethylene over Pt-/Ni-catalyst under microwave heating
Takashima H, Karches M, Kanno Y
2031 - 2036 Nanostructures on SiC surface created by laser microablation
Fedorenko L, Medvid A, Yusupov M, Yukhimchuck V, Krylyuk S, Evtukh A
2037 - 2042 Effect of hydroxylamine hydrochloride on the floral decoration of zinc oxide synthesized by solution method
Wahab R, Ansari SG, Kim YS, Khang G, Shin HS
2043 - 2047 Spectral studies of thin films based on poly(N-vinylcarzole) and red dopant
Tang A, Teng F, Xiong S, Hou YB
2048 - 2053 Liquid crystal deposition on poled, single crystalline lithium niobate
Bharath SC, Pimputkar KR, Pronschinske AM, Pearl TP
2054 - 2058 Enhanced diamond nucleation on copper substrates by graphite seeding and CO2 laser irradiation
Han YX, Ling H, Sun J, Zhao M, Gebre T, Lu YF
2059 - 2066 Probability of ionization of sputtered particles as a function of their energy - Part I: Negative Si- ions
Kudriavtsev Y, Villegas A, Gallardo S, Asomoza R
2067 - 2071 Age-induced oxide on cleaved surface of layered GaSe single crystals
Drapak SI, Gavrylyuk SV, Kovalyuk ZD, Lytvyn OS
2072 - 2076 Self-assembled InAs island formation on GaAs (110) by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
Aierken A, Hakkarainen T, Sopanen M, Riikonen J, Sormunen J, Mattila M, Lipsanen H
2077 - 2080 Influence of hydrothermally modified gamma-Al2O3 on the properties of NiMo/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst
Li JC, Xiang L, Feng X, Wang ZW
2081 - 2084 Properties of ZnO thin films grown on Si substrates by Photo-assisted MOCVD
Li XP, Zhang BL, Zhu HC, Dong X, Xia XC, Cui YG, Huang K, Du GT
2085 - 2089 Thin films prepared from tungstate glass matrix
Montanari B, Ribeiro SU, Messaddeq Y, Li MS, Poirier G
2090 - 2095 Characterization of laser-generated silicon plasma
Torrisi L, Caridi F, Margarone D, Borielli A
2096 - 2101 Influence of charge deposition in a field-emission display panel
Wei L, Zhang XB, Lou CG, Zhu ZY
2102 - 2109 Synthesis of bimetallic systems using replacement reactions
Wang SR, He J, Xie JL, Zhu YX, Xie YC, Chen JGG
2110 - 2113 The effect of contamination of dielectric target surfaces under electron irradiation
Rau EI
2114 - 2119 Bottom and top AF/FM interfaces of NiFe/FeMn/NiFe trilayers
Nascimento VP, Passamani EC, Alvarenga AD, Biondo A, Pelegrini F, Saitovitch EB
2120 - 2123 Effect of erbium interlayer on nickel silicide formation on Si(100)
Huang W, Min YL, Ru GP, Jiang YL, Qu XP, Li BZ
2124 - 2130 The role of strain in controlling the surface morphology of AlxGa1-xN following in situ treatment with SiH4 and NH3
Ketteniss N, Oliver RA, McAleese C, Kappers MJ, Zhang Y, Humphreys CJ
2131 - 2135 Superhydrophobic surfaces prepared from water glass and non-fluorinated alkylsilane on cotton substrates
Li ZX, Xing YJ, Dai JJ
2136 - 2145 A computational analysis and suitability assessment of cold-gas dynamic spraying of glass-fiber-reinforced poly-amide 6 for use in direct-adhesion polymer metal hybrid components
Grujicic M, Pandurangan B, Bell WC, Daqaq M, Ma L, Seyr N, Erdmann M, Holzleitner J
2146 - 2149 Properties of MgxZn1-xO thin films sputtered in different gases
Jiang DY, Zhang JY, Liu KW, Shan CX, Zhao YM, Yang T, Yao B, Lu YM, Shen DZ
2150 - 2157 Investigation of the interaction between electrical discharges and low resistivity silicon substrates
Soldera F, Burdiles G, Schmid U, Seidel H, Mucklich F
2158 - 2161 Stable superhydrophobic surfaces over a wide pH range
Guo L, Yuan WF, Li JP, Zhang ZJ, Xie ZM
2162 - 2167 Real time investigation of the growth of silicon carbide nanocrystals on Si(100) using synchrotron X-ray diffraction
Milita S, De Santis M, Jones D, Parisini A, Palermo V
2168 - 2173 Multifractal analysis of ITO thin films prepared by electron beam deposition method
Raoufi D, Fallah HR, Kiasatpour A, Rozatian ASH
2174 - 2178 Analyses of surface coloration on TiO2 film irradiated with excimer laser
Zheng HY, Qian HX, Zhou W
2179 - 2186 Nanostructural and surface morphological evolution of chemically sprayed SnO2 thin films
Chacko S, Philip NS, Gopchandran KG, Koshy P, Vaidyan VK
2187 - 2195 Spray deposition of highly transparent fluorine doped cadmium oxide thin films
Deokate RJ, Pawar SM, Moholkar AV, Sawant VS, Pawar CA, Bhosale CH, Rajpure KY
2196 - 2202 Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles using nanosecond pulsed laser ablation in aqueous media and their self-assembly towards spindle-like ZnO aggregates
He C, Sasaki T, Shimizu Y, Koshizaki N
2203 - 2206 Textured A12024 alloy surface for super-hydrophobicity investigation
Chen L, Chen M, Zhou H, Chen J
2207 - 2210 Unidirectional variation of lattice constants of Al-N-codoped ZnO films by RF magnetron sputtering
Jin HJ, Oh SH, Park CB