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Applied Surface Science, Vol.254, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7531 - 7534 Cooling rate effects on structure and thermodynamics of amorphous nanoparticles
Van Hoang V, Odagaki T, Engel M
7535 - 7538 The adsorption-induced thermal step-bunching on the hexagonal lattice system
Akutsu N, Kakii Y
7539 - 7543 Confocal Raman spectroscopic mapping studies on a single CuO nanowire
Chou MH, Liu SB, Huang CY, Wu SY, Cheng CL
7544 - 7548 Effect of Ge surface termination on oxidation behavior
Lee Y, Park K, Cho YS, Lim S
7549 - 7552 Circular dichroism of forward focusing peaks and diffraction rings in 2 pi steradian Si 2p photoelectron pattern
Inaji K, Matsui F, Kato Y, Sakai C, Narikawa T, Matsushita T, Guo FZ, Daimon H
7553 - 7558 Characterization of PbS with different morphologies produced using a cyclic microwave radiation
Phuruangrat A, Thongtem T, Thongtem S
7559 - 7564 Effects of surface roughness on the electrical characteristics of ZnO nanowire field effect transistors
Hong WK, Song S, Hwang DK, Kwon SS, Jo G, Park SJ, Lee T
7565 - 7568 Influence of initial surface reconstruction on the interface structure of HfO2/GaAs
Yasuda T, Miyata N, Ohtake A
7569 - 7572 Spherical aberration corrected STEM studies of Ge nanodots grown on Si(001) surfaces with an ultrathin SiO2 coverage
Tanaka N, Cho SP, Shklyaev AA, Yamasaki J, Okunishi E, Ichikawa M
7573 - 7575 Stability of the tunneling current across Si nanochain network
Kohno H, Takeda S
7576 - 7580 Two-dimensional structures of pyrimido[5,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives at solid/liquid interface
Kikkawa Y, Taguchi K, Tsuzuki S, Koyama E, Tokuhisa H, Kanesato M
7581 - 7585 Characterization of MeWO4 (Me = Ba, Sr and Ca) nanocrystallines prepared by sonochemical method
Thongtem T, Phuruangrat A, Thongtem S
7586 - 7590 Environmental transmission electron microscopy observations of the growth of carbon nanotubes under nanotube-nanotube and nanotube-substrate interactions
Yoshida H, Uchiyama T, Kohno H, Takeda S
7591 - 7595 Radial breathing modes of single-walled carbon nanotubes in resonance Raman spectra at high temperature and their chiral index assignment
Uchida T, Tazawa M, Sakai H, Yamazaki A, Kobayashi Y
7596 - 7599 Two-dimensional emission patterns of secondary electrons from graphene layers formed on SiC(0001)
Hibino H, Kageshima H, Guo FZ, Maeda F, Kotsugi M, Watanabe Y
7600 - 7603 Contact and phonon scattering effects on quantum transport properties of carbon-nanotube field-effect transistors
Ishii H, Kobayashi N, Hirose K
7604 - 7607 Preparation of nano-sized platinum metal catalyst using photo-assisted deposition method on mesoporous silica including single-site photocatalyst
Shironita S, Mori K, Shimizu T, Ohmichi T, Mimura N, Yamashita H
7608 - 7611 Theoretical investigation of ethylene/1-butene copolymerization process using constrained geometry catalyst (CpSiH2NH)-Ti-Cl-2
Malani H, Hayashi S, Zhong HF, Sahnoun R, Tsuboi H, Koyama M, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Del Carpio CA, Miyamoto A
7612 - 7617 Synthesis and utilization of Mg/Al hydrotalcite for removing dissolved humic acid
Santosa SJ, Kunarti ES, Karmanto
7618 - 7621 Development of a new molecular dynamics method for tribochemical reaction and its application to formation dynamics of MoS2 tribofilm
Morita Y, Onodera T, Suzuki A, Sahnoun R, Koyama M, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Del Carpio CA, Shin-yoshi T, Nishino N, Suzuki A, Miyamoto A
7622 - 7625 The electronic structure and reactivity of the oxygen-modified Mo2C(0001) surface
Edamoto K, Nakadai Y, Abe Y, Ozawa K
7626 - 7629 Pt-induced structures on Si(110) studied by STM
Visikovskiy A, Yoshimura M, Ueda K
7630 - 7632 MOCVD growth of spherical aggregates of SiC nanocrystallites
Takao S, Kohno H, Ichikawa S, Takeda S
7633 - 7637 Formation of multiple nanoscale twin boundaries that emit intense light in indirect-gap AlGaAs epilayers
Ohno Y, Shoda K, Taishi T, Yonenaga I, Takeda S
7638 - 7641 Surface restructuring process on a Ag/Ge(001) surface studied by photoelectron spectroscopy
Nakatsuji K, Iimori T, Takagi Y, Sekiba D, Doi S, Yamada M, Okuda T, Harasawa A, Kinoshita T, Komori F
7642 - 7646 One-dimensional atomic and electronic structures of submonolayer potassium deposited on stepped Ni(755) surface
Ogawa K, Harada S, Nakanishi K, Namba H
7647 - 7650 Magic clusters and (2 x 1) local structure formed in a half-unit cell of the Si(111)-(7 x 7) surface by Tl adsorption
Kocan P, Visikovskiy AV, Ohira Y, Yoshimura M, Ueda K, Tochihara H
7651 - 7654 The characterization of EuO nanocrystals using synchrotron light
Sukveeradachgul P, Pijitrojana W
7655 - 7658 Aluminium adsorption on Ir(111) at a quarter monolayer coverage: A first-principles study
Zhang H, Soon A, Delley B, Stampfl C
7659 - 7662 An ab initio-based approach to phase diagram calculations for GaN(0001) surfaces
Ito T, Nakamura T, Akiyama T, Nakamura K
7663 - 7667 An ab initio-based approach to phase diagram calculations for GaAs(001)-(2x4)gamma surfaces
Ito T, Akiyama T, Nakamura K
7668 - 7671 Theoretical investigations on the formation of wurtzite segments in group III-V semiconductor nanowires
Yamashita T, Sano K, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Ito T
7672 - 7675 Theoretical investigation on structural stability of InN thin films on 3C-SiC(001)
Ito T, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Ito T
7676 - 7678 The coloration of tungsten-oxide film by oxygen deficiency and its mechanism
Sato R, Kawamura N, Tokumaru H
7679 - 7683 Atomic orbitals and photoelectron intensity angular distribution patterns of MoS2 valence band
Janosfalvi Z, Matsui F, Takahashi N, Akasaka M, Namba H, Daimon H
7684 - 7687 Co-induced nano-structures on Si(111) surface
Cui YT, Xie T, Ye M, Kimura A, Qiao S, Namatame H, Taniguchi M
7688 - 7692 Enhanced electrical properties of pentacene-based organic thin-film transistors by modifying the gate insulator surface
Tang JX, Lee CS, Chan MY, Lee ST
7693 - 7696 Mixed layer formation of copper overlayers on Ni(110) surface
Fukuda T, Iwamoto K, Fujimoto Y, Umezawa K, Nakayama H
7697 - 7702 Effect of alcohol sources on synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Oida S, Sakai A, Nakatsuka O, Ogawa M, Zaima S
7703 - 7707 Catalyst formation at various temperatures by hydrogen radical treatment and synthesis of silicon nanowires
Jeon M, Kamisako K
7708 - 7711 X-ray analysis of ZnO nanorods grown by microwave irradiation heating on ZnO films
Ogata K, Koike K, Sasa S, Inoue M, Yano M
7712 - 7717 Intramolecular structures of C-60 and C-84 molecules on Si(111)-7x7 surfaces by scanning tunneling microscopy
Huang CP, Su CC, Ho MS
7718 - 7722 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Ni doped titanate nanotubes for lithium ion storage
Kim DH, Lee KS, Yoon JH, Jang JS, Choi DK, Sun YK, Kim SJ, Lee KS
7723 - 7727 Influence of the vacuum level upon the growth of carbon nanotubes on silicon carbide surface
Yoshida J, Yonekubo Y, Nakanishi T, Okado H, Naitoh M, Sakata T, Mori H
7728 - 7732 Molecular beam epitaxy of GaSb on ZnTe/GaAs: Influence of the chemical composition of ZnTe surface
Lee W, Kim S, Song J, Ko H, Yao T, Cho YR, Lee H, Lee S, Koo B, Chang J
7733 - 7736 Quasi-one-dimensional In atomic chains on Si(111) at low temperature studied by reflection high-energy positron diffraction and scanning tunneling microscopy
Hashimoto M, Fukaya Y, Kawasuso A, Ichimiya A
7737 - 7741 Spatial resolution of imaging contaminations on the GaAs surface by scanning tunneling microscope-cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
Watanabe K, Nakamura Y, Ichikawa M
7742 - 7745 Numerical studies of electron transfers in two-dimensional multiple quantum dots
Kusumoto H, Sakamoto S, Tomiya M
7746 - 7749 Theoretical investigations for zinc blende-wurtzite polytypism in GaAs layers at Au/GaAs(111) interfaces
Haneda Y, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Ito T
7750 - 7754 Hydrogen plasma enhanced alignment on CNT-STM tips grown by liquid catalyst-assisted microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Tung FK, Yoshimura M, Ueda K, Ohira Y, Tanji T
7755 - 7758 Area effect of patterned carbon nanotube bundle on field electron emission characteristics
Weng TW, Lai YH, Lee KY
7759 - 7764 Characterization of sp(3) carbon produced by plasma deposition on gamma-TiAl alloys
Narksitipan S, Thongtem T, Thongtem S
7765 - 7769 Influence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide on the morphology of AWO(4) (A = Ca, Sr) prepared by cyclic microwave irradiation
Thongtem T, Kaowphong S, Thongtem S
7770 - 7773 Structural properties of GaAs nanostructures formed by a supply of intense As-4 flux in droplet epitaxy
Mano T, Mitsuishi K, Nakayama Y, Noda T, Sakoda K
7774 - 7776 Development of porous structure simulator for multi-scale simulation of irregular porous catalysts
Koyama M, Suzuki A, Sahnoun R, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Del Carpio CA, Miyamoto A
7777 - 7780 Fabrication of a complex InAs ring-and-dot structure by droplet epitaxy
Noda T, Mano T
7781 - 7785 Large-scale electronic structure calculation theory and applications to nanostructure materials
Fujiwara T, Hoshi T
7786 - 7789 The high quality ZnO growth on c-Al2O3 substrate with Cr2O3 buffer layer using plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Park JS, Hong SK, Minegishi T, Im IH, Park SH, Hanada T, Chang JH, Cho MW, Yao T
7790 - 7793 Luminescence studies on nitride quaternary alloys double quantum wells
Rodrigues SCP, dos Santos OFP, Scolfaro LMR, Sipahi GM, da Silva EF
7794 - 7796 Magnetic structures of exchange bias Ni/FeF2(110) interface
Ishihama Y, Nakamura K, Akiyama T, Ito T
7797 - 7802 Pd adsorption on Si(113) surface: STM and XPS study
Hara S, Yoshimura M, Ueda K
7803 - 7806 Study of buried Si(111)-5x2-Au by surface X-ray diffraction
Iwasawa Y, Voegeli W, Shirasawa T, Sekiguchi K, Nojima T, Yoshida R, Takahashi T, Matsumoto M, Okano T, Akimoto K, Kawata H, Sugiyama H
7807 - 7811 A Monte Carlo simulation study of H-2 layers on NaCl(001)
Dawoud JN, Sallabi AK, Jack DB
7812 - 7816 Enhancement effect in photon-stimulated ion desorption for benzene adsorbed on silicon surfaces observed using angle-dependent technique
Sekiguchi T, Ikeura-Sekiguchi H, Baba Y
7817 - 7820 A study on electrical and mechanical properties of hybrid-polymer thin films by a controlled TEOS bubbling ratio
Cho SJ, Bae IS, Jeong HD, Boo JH
7821 - 7823 Selective growth of stacked InAs quantum dots by using the templates formed by the Nano-Jet Probe
Ohkouchi S, Sugimoto Y, Ozaki N, Ishikawa H, Asakawa K
7824 - 7826 Surface structure analysis of metal adsorbed Si(111) surfaces by Patterson function with LEED I-V curves
Kuzushita T, Murata A, Yamamoto A, Urano T
7827 - 7830 Surface structure and phase transition of Ge(111)-3x3-Pb studied by reflection high-energy positron diffraction
Fukaya Y, Hashimoto M, Kawasuso A, Ichimiya A
7831 - 7834 Dynamic study of W atoms and clusters on W (111) surfaces
Fu TY, Weng WJ, Tsong TT
7835 - 7837 Adsorption structure and work function of dicarboxylic acid on Cu(110) surface
Yagyu S, Yoshitake M, Chikyow T
7838 - 7842 Atomically controlled surfaces with step and terrace of beta-Ga2O3 single crystal substrates for thin film growth
Ohira S, Arai N, Oshima T, Fujita S
7843 - 7845 Magnetic structures and magnetocrystalline anisotropy in bulk and thin film Fe3Pt
Suzuki H, Nakamura K, Akiyama T, Ito T
7846 - 7850 Chitin-humic acid hybrid as adsorbent for Cr(III) in effluent of tannery wastewater treatment
Santosa SJ, Siswanta D, Sudiono S, Utarianingrum R
7851 - 7854 Photomodulated reflectance study on optical property of InN thin films grown by reactive gas-timing rf magnetron sputtering
Porntheeraphat S, Nukeaw J
7855 - 7857 Phase stability in substitutionally Mn-doped GaAs: Role of lattice constraint
Nakamura K, Akiyama T, Ito T
7858 - 7860 Impact of surface step heights of 6H-SiC (0001) vicinal substrates in heteroepitaxial growth of 2H-AlN
Okumura H, Horita M, Kimoto T, Suda J
7861 - 7863 Modeling tip performance for combined STM-luminescence and aperture-SNOM scanning probe: Spatial resolution and collection efficiency
Sychugov I, Omi H, Murashita T, Kobayashi Y
7864 - 7867 Quasi-one-dimensional structures on the Si(111) surface induced by Ba adsorption
Lee G
7868 - 7871 In situ monitoring of nucleation and evolution of Ge nanodots on faintly oxidized Si(111) surfaces
Cho SP, Kawano S, Tanaka N
7872 - 7876 ARPES measurements on Si(111) hole subband induced by Pb and Ga adsorption
Morita M, Takeda SN, Yoshikawa M, Kuwako A, Kato Y, Daimon H
7877 - 7880 Elastic modulus of suspended purple membrane measured by atomic force microscopy
Siitonen AM, Sumitomo K, Ramanujan CS, Shinozaki Y, Kasai N, Furukawa K, Ryan JF, Torimitsu K
7881 - 7884 Giant fullerenes formed on C-60 films irradiated with electrons field-emitted from scanning tunneling microscope tips
Nakamura Y, Mera Y, Maeda K
7885 - 7888 Structure and morphology of CuPc and F16CuPc pn heterojunction
Ye RB, Baba M, Suzuki K, Mori K
7889 - 7892 Spatial imaging of valence band electronic structures in a GaSb/InAs quantum well
Suzuki K, Kanisawa K, Perraud S, Fujisawa T
7893 - 7896 Waveguide properties and optical switching of prism-coupled Au : SiO2 nanocomposite films
Lee KS, Cho S, Lee S, Lee TS, Kim WM
7897 - 7900 Manipulation and soldering of carbon nanotubes using atomic force microscope
Kashiwase Y, Ikeda T, Oya T, Ogino T
7901 - 7904 Temperature dependence characterization of metal-insulator-nonuniformly-doped semiconductor solar cell
Shaban M, El-Sayed MAG
7905 - 7908 Electrical characteristics of polycrystalline Si layers embedded into high-k Al2O3 gate layers
Park B, Cho K, Kim S
7909 - 7912 Hybrid-DFT study for the initial oxidation steps on silicon cluster surface
Imamura K, Edamoto K, Tokiwa H
7913 - 7917 Growth and characterization of ZnSe/CdSe/ZnSe quantum dots fabricated by using an alternate molecular beam supplying method
Ii M, Ohishi M, Yoneta M, Sato Y, Shintani M, Yoshino K, Saito H
7918 - 7920 Reactive ion etching of FePt using inductively coupled plasma
Kanazawa T, Ono K, Takenaka M, Yamazaki M, Masuda K, Cho S, Wakayama T, Takano F, Akinaga H
7921 - 7924 Surface modification by vacuum annealing for field emission from heavily phosphorus-doped homoepitaxial (111) diamond
Yamada T, Nebel CE, Somu K, Shikata S
7925 - 7928 Effect of H-2 and O-2 plasma etching treatment on the surface of diamond-like carbon thin film
Yun DY, Choi WS, Park YS, Hong B
7929 - 7932 Development of the overpotential simulator for polymer electrolyte fuel cells and application for optimization of cathode structure
Hattori T, Suzuki A, Sahnoun R, Koyama M, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Del Carpio CA, Miyamoto A
7933 - 7937 Elimination of GeO2 and Ge3N4 interfacial transition regions and defects at n-type Ge interfaces: A pathway for formation of n-MOS devices on Ge substrates
Lucovsky G, Lee S, Long JP, Seo H, Luning J
7938 - 7941 Model Eliashberg functions for surface states
Nojima A, Yamashita K, Hellsing B
7942 - 7946 Atomistic nitriding processes of titanium thin films due to nitrogen-implantation
Kasukabe Y, Nishida S, Yamamoto S, Yoshikawa M, Fujino Y
7947 - 7949 Birefringence measurements of MnPc thin film by polarization microscopy
Hashimoto T, Kaito T, Yanagiya S, Mori A, Goto N
7950 - 7954 An extreme change in structural and optical properties of indium oxynitride deposited by reactive gas-timing RF magnetron sputtering
Sungthong A, Porntheeraphat S, Poyai A, Nukeaw J
7955 - 7958 Development of the reaction time accelerating molecular dynamics method for simulation of chemical reaction
Takaba H, Hayashi S, Zhong HF, Malani H, Suzuki A, Sahnoun R, Koyama M, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Kubo M, Del Carrpio CA, Miyamoto A
7959 - 7962 Preparation and electrical properties of Cr2O3 gate insulator embedded with Fe dot
Yokota T, Kuribayashi T, Murata S, Gomi M
7963 - 7967 Molecular beam epitaxy of semiconductor (BaSi2)metal (CoSi2) hybrid structures on Si(111) substrates for photovoltaic application
Ichikawa Y, Kobayashi M, Sasase M, Suemasu T
7968 - 7971 Selective-area-growth of InAs-QDs with different absorption wavelengths via developed metal-mask/MBE method for integrated optical devices
Ozaki N, Takata Y, Ohkouchi S, Sugimoto Y, Ikeda N, Asakawa K
7972 - 7975 Lattice deformation of ZnO films with high nitrogen concentration
Park SH, Chang JH, Ko HJ, Minegishi T, Park JS, Im IH, Ito M, Oh DC, Cho MW, Yao T
7976 - 7979 A theoretical investigation on the abrasive wear prevention mechanism of ZDDP and ZP tribofilms
Onodera T, Morita Y, Suzuki A, Sahnoun R, Koyama M, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Del Carpio CA, Minfray C, Martin JM, Miyamoto A
7980 - 7984 Direct observation of deformation of nafion surfaces induced by methanol treatment by using atomic force microscopy
Umemura K, Kuroda R, Gao YF, Nagai M, Maeda Y
7985 - 7988 Transport properties of iron-porphyrin molecule sandwiched between Au surfaces
Kondo H, Kino H, Nara J, Ohno T
7989 - 7992 Behavior of the reemitted slow positron on hydrogen-adsorbed Ni (1 1 1) surface
Hirota K, Komagata S, Arii S, Kanazawa I, Fukutani K, Nozawa K, Komori F
7993 - 7995 Cr doping in Zn1-xCrxO crystals beyond the solubility limit by the catalytic electric current heating method
Shimoda K, Yasui T, Kuroki Y, Takata M
7996 - 7998 Detection of sulfur from Ni(1 1 0) surface using by electron-stimulated desorption spectroscopy
Ueda K, Yagami T