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7115 - 7121 Surface reactions in atomic layer deposition of HfO2, ZrO2 and Al2O3 on hydroxylated and sulfur-passivated GaAs(100) surfaces: A comparative study by density functional theory
Ren J, Zhou GF, Hua YQ, Jiang HC, Zhang DW
7122 - 7126 Optical properties of GaInNAsSb/GaAs/GaAs1-xNx (x approximate to 10%) saturable absorber quantum wells
Ben Bouzid S, Zaghdoudi W, Hamdouni A, Ben Sedrine N, Bousbih F, Harmand JC, Chtourou R
7127 - 7136 XPS study of five fluorinated compounds deposited on calcarenite stone - Part II: Aged samples
Torrisi A
7137 - 7142 Effect of surface physicochemical properties on the lubricating properties of water film
Liu SH, Luo JB, Li G, Zhang CH, Lu XC
7143 - 7148 MAPLE deposition of biomaterial multilayers
Califano V, Bloisi F, Vicari LRM, Colombi P, Bontempi E, Depero LE
7149 - 7154 High-temperature oxidation resistant (Cr, Al)N films synthesized using pulsed bias arc ion plating
Zhang M, Lin GQ, Lu GY, Dong C, Kim KH
7155 - 7158 Phase transition and magnetic properties of Mg-doped hexagonal close-packed Ni nanoparticles
Yang JH, Feng B, Liu Y, Zhang YJ, Yang LL, Wang YX, Wei MB, Lang JH, Wang DD, Liu XY
7159 - 7164 Electron beam physical vapor deposition of YSZ electrolyte coatings for SOFCs
He XD, Meng B, Sun Y, Liu BC, Li MW
7165 - 7172 Surface modification of activated carbons for CO2 capture
Pevida C, Plaza MG, Arias B, Fermoso J, Rubiera F, Pis JJ
7173 - 7177 XPS study of laser fabricated titanium/KaptonFN interfaces
Georgiev GL, Sultana T, Baird RJ, Auner G, Newaz G, Patwa R, Herfurth H
7178 - 7182 Effect of annealing on the properties of N-doped ZnO films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
Wang JZ, Elamurugu E, Sallet V, Jomard F, Lusson A, do Rego AMB, Barquinha P, Goncalves G, Martins R, Fortunato E
7183 - 7186 Total electron yield XANES of zinc-blende MnTe
Iwanowski RJ, Welter E, Janik E
7187 - 7192 Theoretical evaluation of the effective work functions for positive-ionic and electronic emissions from polycrystalline metal surfaces
Kawano H
7193 - 7197 Optical properties of La2O3 doped diamond-like carbon films
Zhang ZY, Huo FW, Jia ZY, Guo DM, Jin ZJ, Kang RK
7198 - 7214 On the combined use of scratch tests and CLA profilometry for the characterization of polyester powder coatings: Influence of scratch load and speed
Barletta M, Gisario A, Lusvarghi L, Bolelli G, Rubino G
7215 - 7218 CdS-ZnO composite nanorods: Synthesis, characterization and application for photocatalytic degradation of 3,4-dihydroxy benzoic acid
Nayak J, Sahu SN, Kasuya J, Nozaki S
7219 - 7222 Formation of aligned silicon-nanowire on silicon in aqueous HF/(AgNO3+Na2S2O8) solution
Douani R, Hadjersi T, Boukherroub R, Adour L, Manseri A
7223 - 7226 Investigation of an efficient YbF3/Al cathode for tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum-based small molecular organic light-emitting diodes
Li Y, Duan L, Liu Q, Zhang R, Zhang DQ, Wang LD, Qiao J, Qiu Y
7227 - 7231 The interfacial structure of plated copper alloy resistance spot welded joint
Wu JW, Zhai GF, Chen Q, Wang JQ, Ren G
7232 - 7236 The tribological chemistry of polysulfides in mineral oil and synthetic diester
Li J, Ma HB, Ren TH, Zhao YD, Zheng L, Ma CY, Han Y
7237 - 7242 Molecular assembly and photophysical properties of Langmuir-Blodgett films with novel lanthanide complexes of long chain para-dodecanoyl and para-myristoyl oxybenzoate
Yan B, Xu B
7243 - 7249 Fabrication of micro-structure on glass surface using micro-indentation and wet etching process
Saito Y, Okamoto S, Miki A, Inomata H, Hidaka T, Kasai H
7250 - 7254 Electron field emission from amorphous carbon with N-doped nanostructures pyrolyzed from polyaniline
Lin L, Niu HJ, Zhang ML, Song W, Wang Z, Bai XD
7255 - 7258 Preparation and characterization of slice-like Cu-2(OH)(3)NO3 superhydrophobic structure on copper foil
Kong LH, Chen XH, Yang GB, Yu LG, Zhang PY
7259 - 7265 The effect of rf power on the growth of InN films by modified activated reactive evaporation
Biju KP, Jain MK
7266 - 7271 Enhanced optical and field emission properties of CTAB-assisted hydrothermal grown ZnO nanorods
Maiti UN, Nandy S, Karan S, Mallik B, Chattopadhyay KK
7272 - 7279 Influence of long-term aqueous exposure on surface properties of plasma sprayed oxides Al2O3, TiO2 and their mixture Al2O3-13TiO(2)
Harju M, Jarn M, Dahlsten P, Rosenholm JB, Mantyla T
7280 - 7284 X-ray photoelectron and X-ray Auger electron spectroscopy studies of heavy ion irradiated C-60 films
Kumar A, Singh F, Govind, Shivaprasad SM, Avasthi DK, Pivin JC
7285 - 7289 Structural, optical and magnetic properties of (ZnO)(1-x)(MnO2)(x) thin films deposited at room temperature
Karamat S, Mahmood S, Lin JJ, Pan ZY, Lee P, Tan TL, Springham SV, Ramanujan RV, Rawat RS
7290 - 7295 Evaluation of nanoscale roughness measurements on a plasma treated SU-8 polymer surface by atomic force microscopy
Walther F, Heckl WM, Stark RW
7296 - 7302 Lanthanide-doped titanium dioxide layers as photocatalysts
Uzunova-Bujnova M, Todorovska R, Dimitrov D, Todorovsky D
7303 - 7305 The optical properties of ZnO/ZnMgO single quantum well grown by P-MBE
Su SC, Lu YM, Zhang ZZ, Shan CX, Yao B, Li BH, Shen DZ, Zhang JY, Zhao DX, Fan XW
7306 - 7313 A displacement sensing nanoindentation study of tribo-mechanical properties of the Ni-Co system
Graca S, Colaco R, Kulik AJ, Vilar R
7314 - 7320 Evolution of TiO2 coating layers on lamellar sericite in the presence of La3+ and the pigmentary properties
Ren M, Yin HB, Wang AL, Ge C, Liu CY, Yu LB, Jiang TS, Liu YM, Hang Y
7321 - 7325 Crystalline morphologies of P(VDF-TrFE) (70/30) copolymer films above melting point
Li WP, Zhu YJ, Hua DY, Wang PQ, Chen XR, Shen J
7326 - 7330 Effect of heat treatment on the structure of incorporated oxalate species and photoluminescent properties of porous alumina films formed in oxalic acid
Vrublevsky I, Jagminas A, Hemeltjen S, Goedel WA
7331 - 7335 Electroless plating of copper on polyimide films modified by surface-initiated atom-transfer radical polymerization of 4-vinylpyridine
Li L, Yan GP, Wu JY, Yu XH, Guo QZ, Kang ET
7336 - 7341 Direct observation of slow morphological transformations and wetting behavior of pulsed laser deposited sub-monolayer gold on (0001) sapphire in atmosphere
Kukreja LM, Koslowski B, Steiner R, Plettl A, Ziemann P
7342 - 7350 Structural and tribological properties of CrTiAlN coatings on Mg alloy by closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering ion plating
Shi YJ, Long SY, Yang SC, Pan FS
7351 - 7355 Growth and real time corrosion resistance monitoring of lead decanoate coatings
Adriaens A, De Bisschop F, Dowsett M, Schotte B
7356 - 7360 Growth, coalescence, and electrical resistivity of thin Pt films grown by dc magnetron sputtering on SiO2
Agustsson JS, Arnalds UB, Ingason AS, Gylfason KB, Johnsen K, Olafsson S, Gudmundsson JT
7361 - 7364 Isothermal decomposition behavior of the high nitrogen concentration gamma-Fe[N] prepared from pure iron
Jiang ZJ, Li XL, Gu JF, Hu MJ, Zhu ZC
7365 - 7369 Synthesis and electronic behaviors of TiO2/carbon clusters/Cr2O3 composite materials
Miyazaki H, Matsui H, Nagano T, Karuppuchamy S, Ito S, Yoshihara M
7370 - 7376 Wetting characteristics of ZnO smooth film and nanowire structure with and without OTS coating
Lin LY, Kim HJ, Kim DE
7377 - 7380 Laser-assisted decontamination - A wavelength dependent study
Nilaya JP, Raote P, Kumar A, Biswas DJ
7381 - 7385 Energy distribution of plasma-assisted electron and ion emission from TGS single crystals
Konieczna B, Wachowiak-Cicha M, Biedrzycki K
7386 - 7393 Investigation of the surface reactivity of a sol-gel derived glass in the ternary system SiO2-CaO-P2O5
Mami M, Lucas-Girot A, Oudadesse H, Dorbez-Sridi R, Mezahi F, Dietrich E
7394 - 7400 Study by EELS and EPES of the stability of InPO4/InP system
Ouerdane A, Bouslama M, Ghaffour M, Abdellaoui A, Hamaida K, Lounis Z, Monteil Y, Berrouachedi N, Ouhaibi A
7401 - 7404 Long-life bismuth liquid metal ion source for focussed ion beam micromachining application
Mazarov P, Melnikov A, Wernhardt R, Wieck AD
7405 - 7409 Characterization and optical properties of nano-ceria synthesized by surfactant-mediated precipitation technique in mixed solvent system
Sujana MG, Chattopadyay KK, Anand S
7410 - 7416 The effect of suspension bath composition on the composition, topography and structure of electrolessly deposited composite four-component Ni-W-P-ZrO2 coatings
Szczygiel B, Turkiewicz A
7417 - 7420 Development and optimisation of FeCoHfN soft magnetic thin films with high-frequency characteristics
Kuo CL, Li SD, Duh JG
7421 - 7426 Numerical investigation on laser-produced microstructure of metal under non-melting condition
Shi YJ, Yao ZQ, Liu F, Qi YG
7427 - 7430 Electroless preparation and characterization of magnetic Ni-P plating on polyurethane foam
Yang WB, Luo SK, Zhang BJ, Huang Z, Tang XH
7431 - 7437 Statistical analysis of paper surface microstructure: A multi-scale approach
Vernhes P, Bloch JF, Mercier C, Blayo A, Pineaux B
7438 - 7445 Hydrophobicity-induced selective covering of carbon nanotubes with sol-gel sheaths achieved by ultrasound assistance
Park KC, Mahiko T, Morimoto S, Takeuchi K, Endo M
7446 - 7452 The comparative study on microstructure and properties of nano-CeO2 and Sm2O3 particulate reinforced nickel-based composites by laser deposition
Zhang S, Li MX, Yoon JH, Cho TY, Lee CG, He YZ
7453 - 7458 Surface characterization on binary nano/micro-domain composed of alkyl-and amino-terminated self-assembled monolayer
Lee SH, Ishizaki T, Saito N, Takai O
7459 - 7463 Room temperature ferromagnetism of Mn-doped SnO2 thin films fabricated by sol-gel method
Xiao YH, Ge SH, Xi L, Zuo YL, Zhou XY, Zhang BM, Zhang L, Li CX, Han XF, Wen ZC
7464 - 7468 Effect of carrier gas species and flow rates on the properties of ZnO thin films prepared by chemical vapor deposition using zinc acetate dihydrate
Chao LC, Hsieh MY, Yang SH
7469 - 7476 Studies on surface grafting of AAc/SSS binary monomers onto polytetrafluoroethylene by dielectric barrier discharge initiation
Xi ZY, Xu YY, Zhu LP, Liu F, Zhu BK
7477 - 7481 Structural and magnetic properties of CuO nanoneedles synthesized by hydrothermal method
Dar MA, Kim YS, Kim WB, Sohn JM, Shin HS
7482 - 7485 Annealing effects on electrical and optical properties of ZnO films deposited on GaAs by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Sun JC, Liang HW, Zhao JZ, Feng QJ, Bian JM, Zhao ZW, Zhang HQ, Luo YM, Hu LZ, Du GT
7486 - 7493 Oxidation of Ni(Pt)Si by molecular vs. atomic oxygen
Manandhar S, Copp B, Kelber JA
7494 - 7497 Porous silicon as efficient surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate
Giorgis F, Descrovi E, Chiodoni A, Froner E, Scarpa M, Venturello A, Geobaldo F
7498 - 7504 Photooxidation of different organic dyes (RB, MO, TB, and BG) using Fe(III)-doped TiO2 nanophotocatalyst prepared by novel chemical method
Ghorai TK, Biswas SK, Pramanik P
7505 - 7511 Impact of laser produced X-rays on the surface of gold
Latif H, Rafique MS, Khaleeq-ur-Rahaman M, Rawat RS, Sattar A, Naseem S, Lee P
7512 - 7515 A study of interface characteristics in HfAlO/p-Si by deep level transient spectroscopy
Zhan N, Xu M, Zhang DW, Lu F
7516 - 7521 Co-B amorphous alloy nanochains with enhanced magnetization and electrochemical activity prepared in a biphasic system
Li H, Wang CZ, Zhao QF, Li HX
7522 - 7526 Investigation of energy band gap and optical properties of cubic CdS epilayers
Kim DJ, Yu YM, Lee JW, Choi YD
7527 - 7530 Fabrication of multilayered Ge nanocrystals embedded in SiOxGeNy films
Gao F, Green MA, Conibeer G, Cho EC, Huang Y, Perez-Wurfl I, Flynn C