Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.254, No.21 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6697 - 6700 Wet chemical etching method for BST thin films annealed at high temperature
Zhang RT, Yang CR, Yu A, Wang B, Tang HJ, Chen HW, Zhang JH
6701 - 6705 Surface modification of pitch-based spherical activated carbon by CVD of NH3 to improve its adsorption to uric acid
Liu CJ, Liang XY, Liu XJ, Wang Q, Zhan L, Zhang R, Qiao WM, Ling LC
6706 - 6709 Surface chemical composition of human maxillary first premolar as assessed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
Lou L, Nelson AE, Heo G, Major PW
6710 - 6714 Individuals, grasses, and forests of single- and multi-walled carbon nanotubes grown by supported Co catalysts of different nominal thicknesses
Kakehi K, Noda S, Maruyama S, Yamaguchi Y
6715 - 6724 Nanocrystallization of CaCO3 at solid/liquid interfaces in magnetic field: A quantum approach
Cefalas AC, Kobe S, Drazic G, Sarantopoulou E, Kollia Z, Strazisar J, Meden A
6725 - 6730 Corrosion and wear properties of laser surface modified NiTi with Mo and ZrO2
Ng KW, Man HC, Yue TM
6731 - 6735 Visible-light-driven titania/silica photocatalyst co-doped with boron and ferrum
Ling QC, Sun JZ, Zhou QY, Ren H, Zhao Q
6736 - 6741 Charge transport diagnosis by: I-V (resistivity), screening and Debye length, mean free path, Mott effect and Bohr radius in InAs, In0.53Ga0.47As and GaAs MBE epitaxial layers
Wolkenberg A, Przeslawski T
6742 - 6748 Effect of substrate morphology on the roughness evolution of ultra thin DLC films
Zhong M, Zhang CH, Luo JB
6749 - 6753 Berkovich indentation-induced deformation behaviors of GaN thin films observed using cathodoluminescence and cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy
Jian SR
6754 - 6761 Surface characteristics of UV-irradiated polyurethane elastomers extended with alpha, omega-alkane diols
Zia KM, Bhatti IA, Barikani M, Zuber M, Islam-ud-Din
6762 - 6765 Microstructures and multiferroic properties of textured Bi0.8La0.2FeO3 thin films
Zhang Y, Pang LH, Lu MH, Gu ZB, Zhang ST, Yuan CS, Chen YF
6766 - 6769 Effects of the sputtering time of ZnO buffer layer on the quality of GaN thin films
Xue SB, Zhang X, Huang R, Zhuang HZ
6770 - 6774 Electron field emission properties of conducting polymer coated multi walled carbon nanotubes
Rakhi RB, Sethupathi K, Ramaprabhu S
6775 - 6778 The key factors in fabrication of high-quality ordered macroporous copper film
Ding L, Wang YR, Ma WJ, He C, Xie TH, Can Y
6779 - 6782 Formation of nano-crystalline and amorphous phases on the surface of stainless steel by Nd : YAG pulsed laser irradiation
Cui CY, Hu JD, Liu YH, Gao K, Guo ZX
6783 - 6792 Study by temperature induced deflection of ageing and damaging of multilayered mirrors for satellites
Huntz AM, Lalo A, Andrieux M, Ignat M, Ravel G
6793 - 6798 Wet cleaning and surface characterization of Si1-xGex virtual substrates after a CMP step
Abbadie A, Hartmann JM, Besson P, Rouchon D, Martinez E, Holliger P, Di Nardo C, Campidelli Y, Billon T
6799 - 6801 Structural and optical characterization of Ce-doped Gd2SiO5 films by sol-gel technique
Wang YZ, Chu BL, He QY, Xu J
6802 - 6809 Surface modi. cation of active metals through atom transfer radical polymerization grafting of acrylics
Gong R, Maclaughlin S, Zhu SP
6810 - 6816 Studies on growth and characterization of ternary CdS1-xSex alloy thin films deposited by chemical bath deposition technique
Chaudhari JB, Deshpande NG, Gudage YG, Ghosh A, Huse VB, Sharma R
6817 - 6819 Field emission property of copper nitride thin film deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Wang T, Pan XJ, Wang XM, Duan HG, Li RS, Li H, Xie EQ
6820 - 6825 Gradients of topographical structure in thin polymer films
Blondiaux N, Morgenthaler S, Pugin R, Spencer ND, Liley M
6826 - 6830 Modeling of reactive kinetics in the metal surface contaminant cleaning using atmospheric pressure plasma arc
Meng JB, Xu WJ, Song WQ
6831 - 6836 Boron and nitrogen co-doped titania with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution
Li YX, Ma GF, Peng SQ, Lu GX, Li SB
6837 - 6841 Structure and micro-mechanical properties of helium-implanted layer on Ti by plasma-based ion implantation
Ma XX, Li JL, Sun MG
6842 - 6848 Thin layer laser bonding using spin-on-glass materials
Kim J, Kim H, Lee JH
6849 - 6853 Thermal treatment effects on the Ru/CeO2 catalysts performance for partial hydrogenation of benzene
Zonetti PD, Landers R, Cobo AJG
6854 - 6859 Alkali adsorption on Ni(111) and their coadsorption with CO and O
Politano A, Formoso V, Chiarello G
6860 - 6864 A photoemission study of the interaction of Ga with CeO2(111) thin films
Skala T, Sutara F, Cabala M, Skoda M, Prince KC, Matolin V
6865 - 6869 Effects of peak current density on the mechanical properties of nanocrystalline Ni-Co alloys produced by pulse electrodeposition
Li YD, Jiang H, Huang WH, Tian H
6870 - 6874 Image analysis of atmospheric corrosion of field exposure high strength aluminium alloys
Tao L, Song SZ, Zhang XY, Zhang Z, Lu F
6875 - 6879 The potential of UV femtosecond laser ablation for varnish removal in the restoration of painted works of art
Pouli P, Paun IA, Bounos G, Georgiou S, Fotakis C
6880 - 6885 Electrodeposited nickel-cobalt composite coating containing MoS2
Shi L, Sun CF, Liu WM
6886 - 6889 Surface control of CdSe nanocrystals by UV-exposure in air and successive thermal treatment under ultra high vacuum
Choi HJ, Wang SJ, Kim H, Park HH, Chang HJ, Jeon H
6890 - 6896 Analogous materials for studying spent nuclear fuel: The influence of particle size distribution on the specific surface area of irradiated nuclear fuel
Iglesias E, Quinones J
6897 - 6901 Effects of the substrate temperature on the bioglass films deposited by pulsed laser
Zhao YF, Song MD, Chen CZ, Liu J
6902 - 6907 Effect of different trimethyl silylating agents on the hydrophobic and physical properties of silica aerogels
Shewale PM, Rao AV, Rao AP
6908 - 6914 Modification of wetting properties of CR39 by plasma source ion implantation
Mireault N, Ross GG
6915 - 6921 Area-selectively sputtering the RuO2 nanorods array
Lee WT, Tsai DS, Chen YM, Huang YS, Chung WH
6922 - 6927 Electron emission characteristics of Al-AlN granular films
Liang HF, Liu CL, Liang ZH, Meng LG
6928 - 6931 Analyzing in-plane magnetic anisotropy from surface morphology for amorphous films
Fan B, Zeng F, Li XW, Lv F, Pan F, Li XY, Cao Y
6932 - 6936 Characteristics improvement of HfO2/Ge gate stack structure by fluorine treatment of germanium surface
Lee H, Lee DH, Kanashima T, Okuyama M
6937 - 6942 AC plasma electrolytic oxidation of magnesium with zirconia nanoparticles
Arrabal R, Matykina E, Viejo F, Skeldon P, Thompson GE, Merino MC
6943 - 6947 Corrosion behaviour of galvanized steel and electroplating steel in aqueous solution: AC impedance study and XPS
Lebrini M, Fontaine G, Gengembre L, Traisnel M, Lerasle O, Genet N
6948 - 6951 STM study of titanium silicide nanostructure growth on Si(111)-(root 19 x root 19) substrate
Cegiel M, Bazarnik M, Biskupski P, Winiarz S, Gutek J, Bos A, Suto S, Mielcarek S, Wawro A, Czajka R
6952 - 6958 Nanoscale morphology for high hydrophobicity of a hard sol-gel thin film
Wu YL, Chen Z, Zeng XT
6959 - 6961 Epitaxial growth La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 thin film by radio frequency sputtering method
Li ZQ, Gao YQ, Jiang EY
6962 - 6966 Rapid thermal annealing induced changes on the contact of Ni/Au to N-doped ZnO
Shan ZP, Gu SL, Zhu SM, Liu W, Tang K, Chen H, Liu JG, Zheng YD
6967 - 6971 The structure and optical properties of evaporated Samarium fluoride films
Su WT, Li B, Liu DQ, Zhang FS
6972 - 6975 Electronic structure studies of the spinel CoFe2O4 by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Zhou ZP, Zhang Y, Wang ZY, Wei W, Tang WF, Shi J, Xiong R
6976 - 6982 Copper oxide particles produced by laser ablation in water
Amikura K, Kimura T, Hamada M, Yokoyama N, Miyazaki J, Yamada Y
6983 - 6986 Theoretical study of structural, optical and electrical properties of zirconium-doped zinc oxide
Wang FG, Lv MS, Pang ZY, Yang TL, Dai Y, Han SG
6987 - 6990 Effect of modifying a methyl siloxane-based dielectric by a polymer thin film for pentacene thin-film transistors
Shin SI, Kwon JH, Seo JH, Ju BK
6991 - 6999 Quantum chemical molecular dynamical investigation of alkyl nitrite photo-dissociated on copper surfaces
Wang XJ, Wang W, Han PL, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
7000 - 7007 Population dynamics of the ions SVI, ClVII and ArVIII interacting with solid surfaces
Nedeljkovic NN, Majkic MD, Galijas SMD, Mitrovic SB
7008 - 7013 Effect of charged deep states in hydrogenated amorphous silicon on the behavior of iron oxides nanoparticles deposited on its surface
Gmucova K, Weis M, Nadazdy V, Capek I, Satka A, Chitu L, Cirak J, Majkova E
7014 - 7017 Formation mechanisms of GaN nanorods grown on Si(111) substrates
Kwon YH, Lee KH, Ryu SY, Kang TW, You CH, Kim TW
7018 - 7021 Fabrication of microelectrodes deeply embedded in LiNbO3 using a femtosecond laser
Liao Y, Xu J, Sun HY, Song J, Wang XS, Cheng Y
7022 - 7028 Tribological behavior of diamond-like carbon film with different tribo-pairs: A size effect study
Xie GX, Zheng BR, Li W, Xue W
7029 - 7034 Comparative study of the photo-discoloration of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel) and two wood species
Wang XQ, Ren HQ
7035 - 7041 Surface modification of carbon nanotubes for enhancing BTEX adsorption from aqueous solutions
Lu C, Su F, Hu S
7042 - 7048 Quenching of photoconductivity in Fe doped CdS thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis technique
Badera N, Godbole B, Srivastava SB, Vishwakarma PN, Chandra LSS, Jain D, Gangrade M, Shripathi T, Sathe VG, Ganesan V
7049 - 7055 Effect of air-jet texturing on adhesion behaviour of polyester yarns to rubber
Koc SK, Hockenberger AS, Wei QF
7056 - 7060 Superhydrophilicity and XPS study of boron-doped TiO2
Masahashi N, Oku M
7061 - 7063 Effect of Ca interlayer thickness on electron injection of lithium quinolate/Ca/Al cathodes
Kim SH, Yoon JH, Jang J, Lee JY
7064 - 7068 Aliphatic dithiocarboxylic acids: New adsorbates for soft lithographic patterning
Lee TC, Chen PC, Lai TY, Tuntiwechapikul W, Kim JH, Lee TR
7069 - 7073 Pulsed laser thin film growth of di-octyl substituted polyfluorene and its co-polymers
Gupta RK, Ghosh K, Kahol PK, Yoon J, Guha S
7074 - 7079 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic investigations on cubic BaTiO3, BaTi0.9Fe0.1O3 and Ba0.9Nd0.1TiO3 systems
Jena H, Mittal VK, Bera S, Narasimhan SV, Kutty KVG, Kutty TRN
7080 - 7086 Preparation and characterization of PES/TiO2 composite membranes
Wu GP, Gan SY, Cui LZ, Xu YY
7087 - 7091 UV assisted low temperature nitridation and post deposition oxidation technique for hafnium oxide gate dielectric
Son SY, Jang JH, Kumar P, Ramani K, Craciun V, Singh RK
7092 - 7097 Microstructure and wear property of carbon nanotube carburizing carbon steel by laser surface remelting
Yao JH, Zhang QL, Gao MX, Zhang W
7098 - 7103 Mesoporous titania-alumina mixed oxide: A preliminary study on synthesis and application in selective catalytic reduction of NOx
Mishra HK, Stanciulescu M, Charland JP, Kelly JF
7104 - 7108 Influence of poly acrylic acid on the dispersion of calcite nano-particles
Liu Q, Wang Q, Xiang L
7109 - 7113 Phase transformation in BN films by nitrogen-protected annealing at atmospheric pressure
Zhang XK, Deng JX, Wang L, Wang XY, Yao Q, Chen GH, He DY