Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.254, No.20 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6289 - 6293 Synthesis, characterization and mechanism of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide bilayer-encapsulated gold nanosheets and nanocrystals
Wang ZJ, Yuan JH, Zhou M, Niu L, Ivaska A
6294 - 6297 Fluorine-doped zinc oxide transparent and conducting electrode by chemical spray synthesis
Pawar BN, Ham DH, Mane RS, Ganesh T, Cho BW, Han SH
6298 - 6304 Effects of different Ti-doping methods on the structure of pure-silica MCM-41 mesoporous materials
Zhang AJ, Li ZH, Li ZC, Shen Y, Zhu YM
6305 - 6312 Effect of fluoride-ion implantation on the biocompatibility of titanium for dental applications
Liu HY, Wang XJ, Wang LP, Lei FY, Wang XF, Ai HJ
6313 - 6317 Room temperature deposition of crystalline indium tin oxide films by cesium-assisted magnetron sputtering
Lee DY, Baik HK
6318 - 6326 Effect of spraying power on the microstructure and mechanical properties of supersonic plasma-sprayed Ni-based alloy coatings
Zhang XC, Xu BS, Tu ST, Xuan FZ, Wang HD, Wu YX
6327 - 6331 Adsorption of carbon monoxide on Pd(311) and (211) surfaces
Zhang JJ, Zhang XN, Wang ZX, Diao ZY
6332 - 6336 Solvent effect on the formation of self-assembled monolayer on DLC surface between n-hexane and Vertrel XF
Tan ML, Zhang HY, Wang YL, Ma HT, Zhu JQ, Han JC
6337 - 6340 Choline oxidase immobilized into conductive poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) film for choline detection
Zeng HJ, Jiang YD, Yu JS, Xie GZ
6341 - 6345 The optical properties of the blends of CdSe nanocrystals and poly(N-vinylcarbazole)
Teng F, Tang AW, Feng B, Lou ZD
6346 - 6349 Influence of oxygen post-treatment on laser-induced damage of antireflection coatings prepared by electron-beam evaporation and ion beam assisted deposition
Yuan L, Wang CJ, Zhao YN, Shao JD
6350 - 6357 Mechanical properties of Ti(C0.7N0.3) film produced by plasma electrolytic carbonitriding of Ti6Al4V alloy
Li XM, Han Y
6358 - 6361 As-doped p-type ZnO films grown on SiO2/Si by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Fan JC, Xie Z
6362 - 6365 Sol-gel preparation and photoluminescence property of YBO3 : Eu3+/Tb3+ nanocrystalline thin films
Zhu HL, Zhang L, Zuo TT, Gu XY, Wang ZK, Zhu LM, Yao KH
6366 - 6369 Further experimental evidences of thermal spreading of tungsten oxide on zirconia
Fraga MA, Esteves AML, Appel LG
6370 - 6375 Mixed 2D molecular systems: Mechanic, thermodynamic and dielectric properties
Beno J, Weis M, Dobrocka E, Hasko D
6376 - 6379 The dynamics of hydrogen adsorption on polycrystalline uranium
Bazley SG, Nunney TS, Mormiche C, Hayden BE
6380 - 6389 Electrochemical, morphological and microstructural characterization of carbon film resistor electrodes for application in electrochemical sensors
Gouveia-Caridade C, Soares DM, Liess HD, Brett CMA
6390 - 6394 Composition of the sputter deposited W-Ti thin films
Bundaleski N, Petrovic S, Perusko D, Kovac J, Zalar A
6395 - 6399 Self-lubricative coating grown by micro-plasma oxidation on aluminum alloys in the solution of aluminate-graphite
Wu XH, Qin W, Guo Y, Xie ZY
6400 - 6409 X-ray photoelectron and Raman studies of microwave Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD) diamond films
Humbert B, Hellala N, Ehrhardt JJ, Barrat S, Bauer-Grosse E
6410 - 6415 Annealing effects on the optical and structural properties of Al2O3/SiO2 films as UV antireflection coatings on 4H-SiC substrates
Zhang F, Yang WF, Pang AS, Wu ZY, Qi HJ, Yao JK, Fan ZX, Shao JD
6416 - 6421 The effect of Pd addition to Fe as catalysts on growth of carbon nanotubes by TCVD method
Mortazavi SZ, Reyhani A, Zad AI
6422 - 6427 Growth of thin Si oxide in a cyclic oxygen plasma environment below 200 degrees C
Moon J, Kim YH, Chung CH, Lee SJ, Park DJ, Song YH
6428 - 6431 Ferromagnetism of MnxLiyZn1-x-yO films
Zhou XY, Ge SH, Yao DS, Zuo YL, Xiao YH
6432 - 6435 Synthesis and photoluminescence of water-soluble Mn2+-doped ZnS quantum dots
Xiao Q, Xiao C
6436 - 6440 Fabrication and optical properties of SnS thin films by SILAR method
Ghosh B, Das M, Banerjee P, Das S
6441 - 6445 Polymeric like carbon films prepared from liquid gas and the effect of nitrogen
Ghodselahi T, Vesaghi MA
6446 - 6449 Improvement of electrical and optical properties of Ga and N co-doped p-type ZnO thin films with thermal treatment
Kumar M, Lee BT
6450 - 6454 Structure and oil repellency - Textiles with liquid repellency to hexane
Brewer SA, Willis CR
6455 - 6460 Optical inhomogeneity of ZnS films deposited by thermal evaporation
Wu XC, Lai FC, Lin LM, Lv J, Zhuang BP, Yan Q, Huang ZG
6461 - 6466 Effect of aluminum on the morphological and textural properties of CuO-ZnO/H-Ferrierite
Flores JH, Solorzano G, da Silva MIP
6467 - 6477 The influence of repellent coatings on surface free energy of glass plate and cotton fabric
Cerne L, Simoncic B, Zeljko M
6478 - 6482 Study of vacancy on diamond (100) (2x1) surface from first-principles
Long R, Dai Y, Yu L, Jin H, Huang B
6483 - 6488 Synthesis of zinc oxide nanosheet thin films and their improved field emission and photoluminescence properties by annealing processing
Bai W, Zhu X, Zhu ZQ, Chu JH
6489 - 6494 Laser cladding of in situ TiB2/Fe composite coating on steel
Du BS, Zou ZS, Wang XH, Qu SY
6495 - 6503 Interaction of amines with native aluminium oxide layers in non-aqueous environment: Application to the understanding of the formation of epoxy-amine/metal interphases
Mercier D, Rouchaud JC, Barthes-Labrousse MG
6504 - 6508 Simulation of composition modification in ZnSe by nanosecond radiation of excimer laser
Zhvavyi SP, Zykov GL
6509 - 6513 Effect of intrinsic stress on the optical properties of nanostructured ZnO thin films grown by rf magnetron sputtering
Kumar R, Khare N, Kumar V, Bhalla GL
6514 - 6520 First-principles calculations of ethanethiol adsorption and decomposition on GaN (0001) surface
Hu CL, Chen Y, Li JQ, Zhang YF
6521 - 6526 Functional multi-walled carbon nanotube/polysiloxane composite films as supports of PtNi alloy nanoparticles for methanol electro-oxidation
Wang ZC, Ma ZM, Li HL
6527 - 6536 Synergistic effect of silver seeds and organic modifiers on the morphology evolution mechanism of silver nanoparticles
Wang AL, Yin HB, Ren M, Liu YM, Jiang TS
6537 - 6542 Morphological and structural characterizations of different oxides formed on the stainless steel by Nd : YAG pulsed laser irradiation
Cui CY, Hu JD, Liu YH, Gao K, Guo ZX
6543 - 6546 Surface functionalization of carbon nanofibers by sol-gel coating of zinc oxide
Shao DF, Wei QF, Zhang LW, Cai YB, Jiang SD
6547 - 6553 Conducting antimony-doped tin oxide films derived from stannous oxalate by aqueous sol-gel method
Liu TJ, Jin ZG, Feng LR, Wang T
6554 - 6559 High temperature annealing effect on structure, optical property and laser-induced damage threshold of Ta2O5 films
Xu C, Xiao QL, Maa JY, Jin YX, Shao JD, Fan ZX
6560 - 6567 Different dispersion behavior of glucose and sucrose on alumina and silica surfaces
Wang Y, Lin L, Zhu BS, Zhu YX, Xie YC
6568 - 6574 The effect of surface modification by nitrogen plasma on photocatalytic degradation of polyvinyl chloride films
Xiao-Jing L, Guan-Jun Q, Jie-Rong C
6575 - 6579 Study of adsorption of bovine serum albumin to Langmuir-Blodgett film coated surfaces using work of adhesion as a tool
Sandhya S, Lakshmanan M, Dhathathreyan A
6580 - 6585 Application of multivariate analysis of TOF-SIMS spectra for studying the effect of high glucose intake on aortic lipid profile
Magnusson Y, Friberg P, Malmberg P, Chen Y
6586 - 6589 GaN-based light-emitting diode with ZnO nanotexture layer prepared using hydrogen gas
Chen LC, Chung CB
6590 - 6594 Effect of the oxygen flow rate on the structure and the properties of Ag-Cu-O sputtered films deposited using a Ag/Cu target with eutectic composition
Pierson JF, Rolin E, Clement-Gendarme C, Petitjean C, Horwat D
6595 - 6600 Plasma nitriding of low alloy steels at floating and cathodic potentials
Wang L, Li Y, Wu XM
6601 - 6604 Highly thermal stable transparent conducting SnO2 : Sb epitaxial films prepared on alpha-Al2O3 (0001) by MOCVD
Feng XJ, Ma J, Yang F, Ji FJ, Zong F, Luan CN, Ma HL
6605 - 6610 Effects of seed layer on the structure and property of zinc oxide thin films electrochemically deposited on ITO-coated glass
Wei SF, Lian JS, Chen XJ, Jiang Q
6611 - 6618 Ion sputtering rates of W-, Ti- and Cr-carbides studied at different Ar+ ion incidence angles
Zalar A, Kovac J, Pracek B, Panjan P, Ceh M
6619 - 6622 Synthesis and characterization of brookite/anatase complex thin film
Ohara C, Hongo T, Yamazaki A, Nagoya T
6623 - 6627 Pulsed electrodeposition of monocrystalline Ni nanowire array and its magnetic properties
Xu JX, Wang KY
6628 - 6632 Investigating the effects of the interface defects on the gate leakage current in MOSFETs
Mao LF
6633 - 6636 Growth of multi-walled CNTs emitters on an oxygen-free copper substrate by chemical-vapor deposition
Yin XW, Wang QL, Lou CG, Zhang XB, Lei W
6637 - 6641 Quasi-horizontal GaN nanowire array network grown by sublimation sandwich technique
Jian JK, Wang C, Lei M, Zhang ZH, Wang TM, Chen XL
6642 - 6647 Microstructure and corrosion resistance behavior of ceramic coatings on biomedical NiTi alloy prepared by micro-arc oxidation
Xu JL, Liu F, Wang FP, Yu DZ, Zhao LC
6648 - 6652 Comparison of annealing effects on Zn-doped GaMnAs and undoped GaMnAs epilayers
Nakagawa H, Asubar JT, Jinbo Y, Uchitomi N
6653 - 6661 Effect of superficially applied ZrO2 inhibitor on the high temperature corrosion performance of some Fe-, Co- and Ni-base superalloys
Goyal G, Singh H, Prakash S
6662 - 6665 Photoinduced energy transfer in blend films of hole and electron transport materials
Zhang SP, Song WS, Wang YH, Peng YJ, Liu YQ, Yang YQ
6666 - 6670 Effect of surface morphology of lead dioxide particles on their ozone generating performance
Wang JP, Li X, Guo LH, Luo XJ
6671 - 6676 Microstructure and properties of manganese dioxide films prepared by electrodeposition
Jacob GM, Zhitomirsky I
6677 - 6682 Effect of sputtered films on morphology of vertical aligned ZnO nanowires
Kar JP, Lee SW, Lee W, Myoung JM
6683 - 6686 Surface effect on the GSF energy of Al
Wei XM, Zhang JM, Xu KW, Ji V
6687 - 6692 Microstructure and properties of TiC-Fe36Ni cermet coatings by reactive plasma spraying using sucrose as carbonaceous precursor
Zhu JL, Huang JH, Wang HT, Zhang SQ, Zhang H, Zhao XK
6693 - 6696 Preparation of visible-light responsive P-F-codoped TiO2 nanotubes
Chen XQ, Zhang XW, Su YL, Lei LC