Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.254, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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425 - 430 The microstructure and specific properties of La/HAP composite powder and its coating
Yang H, Zhang L, Xu KW
431 - 435 Adsorption structure of germanium on the Ru(0001) surface
Lu YH, Jia Y, Zhang HJ, Song B, Li HY, Bao SN, He P
436 - 440 Stress dependence of growth mode change of epitaxial layered cobaltite gamma-Na0.7CoO2
Son JY, Lee HBR, Cho JH
441 - 451 Cu(II) recognition materials: Fluorophores grafted on mesoporous silica supports
Kledzik K, Orlowska M, Patralska D, Gwiazda M, Jezierska J, Pikus S, Ostaszewski R, Klonkowski AM
452 - 458 A novel approach for the preparation of organic-siloxane oligomers and the creation of hydrophobic surface
Zhang BT, Liu BL, Deng XB, Cao SS, Hou XH, Chen HL
459 - 463 Effects of swift heavy ion irradiation on the electrical characteristics of Au/n-GaAs Schottky diodes
Sharma AT, Shahnawaz, Kumar S, Katharria YS, Kanjilal D
464 - 467 Topological and chemical investigation on super-hydrophobicity of PTFE surface caused by ion irradiation
Chen Y, Zhao ZQ, Dai JF, Liu YM
468 - 472 Fabrication of pulsed-laser deposited V-W-Nd mixed-oxide films
Iida Y, Venkatachalam S, Kaneko Y, Kanno Y
473 - 479 Structural study of nanoporous ultra low-k dielectrics using complementary techniques: Ellipsometric porosimetry, X-ray reflectivity and grazing incidence small-angle X-ray scattering
Jousseaume V, Rolland G, Babonneau D, Simon JP
480 - 489 Characterization of thin Zn-Ni alloy coatings electrodeposited on low carbon steel
El Hajjami A, Gigandet MP, De Petris-Wery M, Catonne JC, Duprat JJ, Thiery L, Raulin F, Pommier N, Starck B, Remy P
490 - 493 XPS and LEED study of Pd and Au growth on alumina/Cu-Al surface
Nemsak S, Skala T, Libra J, Hanys P, Masek K, Yoshitake M, Matolin V
494 - 498 Relevant, systematic variation of morphology and magnetism according to annealing in InMnP : Zn
Shon Y, Lee SW, Park CS, Lee S, Jeon HC, Kim DY, Kang TW, Yoon CS, Kim EK, Lee JJ
499 - 505 Morphological and chemical study of the initial growth of US thin films deposited using an ammonia-free chemical process
Mazon-Montijo DA, Sotelo-Lerma M, Quevedo-Lopez M, EI-Bouanani M, Alshareef HN, Espinoza-Beltran FJ, Ramirez-Bon R
506 - 512 Preparation of activated carbons by microwave heating KOH activation
Ji YB, Li TH, Zhu L, Wang XX, Lin Q
513 - 516 Field emission properties of carbon nanotube film using a spray method
Lee YD, Lee KS, Lee YH, Ju BK
517 - 526 Study on impact fusion at particle interfaces and its effect on coating microstructure in cold spraying
Li WY, Zhang C, Guo XP, Li CJ, Liao HL, Coddet C
527 - 531 Ta/Ni/Ta multilayered ohmic contacts on n-type SiC
Yang H, Peng TH, Wang WJ, Zhang DF, Chen XL
532 - 537 Microstructures and electrical properties of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 films synthesized by sol-gel method
Zhu XD, Li SL, Yang XJ, Qiu J
538 - 543 Electrodeposition of nanostructured Pt films from lyotropic liquid crystalline phases on alpha-Al2O3 supported dense Pd membranes
Guo RJ, Zhang BQ, Liu XF
544 - 547 Fabrication and characterization of TS-1 films on alpha-Al2O3 substrates using TiCl3 as titanium source
Wang XD, Zhang PP, Liu XF, Zhang BQ
548 - 551 Thickness dependence on thermal stability of sputtered Ag nanolayer on Ti/Si(100)
Akhavan O, Moshfegh AZ
552 - 556 Influences of oxygen partial pressure on structure and related properties of ZrO2 thin films prepared by electron beam evaporation deposition
Shen YM, Shao SY, Yu H, Fan ZX, He HB, Shao JD
557 - 562 Femtosecond laser-induced fragmentation and cluster formation studies of solid phase trinitrotoluene using time-of-flight mass spectrometry
McEnnis C, Dikmelik Y, Spicer JB
563 - 569 The effect of surface modification with silane coupling agent on suppressing the photo-catalytic activity of fine TiO2 particles as inorganic UV filter
Ukaji E, Furusawa T, Sato M, Suzuki N
570 - 573 Preparation and characterization of n-type conductive (Al, Co) co-doped ZnO thin films deposited by sputtering from aerogel nanopowders
El Mir L, Ben Ayadi Z, Saadoun M, Djessas K, von Bardeleben HJ, Alaya S
574 - 579 High specific surface area TEOS-based aerogels with large pore volume prepared at an ambient pressure
Sarawade PB, Kim JK, Kim HK, Kim HT
580 - 585 The influence of boron concentrations on structural properties in disorder silicon films
Saleh R, Nickel NH
586 - 595 The effect of cerium and lanthanum surface treatments on early stages of oxidation of A361 aluminium alloy at high temperature
Pardo A, Feliu S, Merino AC, Airabal R, Matykina E
596 - 599 Characterization of boron carbon nitride film modified by excimer laser annealing
Aoki H, Ohyama K, Sota H, Seino T, Kimura C, Sugino T
600 - 603 Raman validity for crystallite size L-a determination on reticulated vitreous carbon with different graphitization index
Baldan MR, Almeida EC, Azevedo AF, Goncalves ES, Rezende MC, Ferreira NG
604 - 609 Theoretical study of the cracking mechanisms of linear alpha-olefins catalyzed by zeolites
Guo YH, Pu M, Wu JY, Zhang JY, Chen BH
610 - 615 Effect of temperature on the electron field emission from aligned carbon nanofibers and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Ahmed SE, Das S, Mitra MK, Chattopadhy KK
616 - 620 Aluminum pigment encapsulated by in situ copolymerization of styrene and maleic acid
Liu H, Ye HQ, Tang XD
621 - 626 Positioning of cationic silver nanoparticle by using AFM lithography and electrostatic interaction
Yonezawa T, Itoh T, Shirahata N, Masuda Y, Kournoto K
627 - 632 Transformation of a hydrophilic membrane into semi-super-hydrophobic based on self-assembly of stearic acid monolayer over induced nanostructures on the membrane surface
Madaeni SS, Ghaemi N
633 - 637 Oxide-assisted growth of silicon nanowires by carbothermal evaporation
Hutagalung SD, Yaacob KA, Aziz AFA
638 - 643 Laser-induced forward transfer technique for maskless patterning of amorphous V2O5 thin film
Chakraborty S, Sakata H, Yokoyama E, Wakaki M, Chakravorty D
644 - 652 Metal ion release and surface composition of the Cu-18Ni-20Zn nickel-silver during 30 days immersion in artificial sweat
Milosev I, Kosec T