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6009 - 6009 Fifth international symposium on control of semiconductor interfaces -ISCSI-V - Preface
Yasuda Y, Okumura T
6013 - 6016 Base doping and dopant profile control of SiGe npn and pnp HBTs
Tillack B, Heinemann B, Knoll D, Rucker H, Yamamoto Y
6017 - 6020 Effects of high-concentration phosphorus doping on crystal quality and lattice strain in SiGeHBTs
Oda K, Miura M, Shimamoto H, Washio K
6021 - 6024 Behavior of N atoms in atomic-order nitrided Si0.5Ge0.5(100)
Akiyama N, Sakuraba M, Tillack B, Murota J
6025 - 6029 New fabrication of a strained Si/Si1-yGey dual channel on a relaxed Si1-xGex virtual substrate using a Ge-rich layer formed by oxidation
Kim SH, Bae HC, Lee SH
6030 - 6033 Growth and modification of thin a-Si : H/a-Ge : H bi-layers to sacrificial c-SiGe alloys through ArF-Excimer laser assisted processing
Chiussi S, Gontad F, Rodriguez R, Serra C, Serra J, Leon B, Sulima T, Hollt L, Eisele I
6034 - 6036 Low-temperature oxidation of SiGe by liquid-phase deposition
Chen YH, Kung CY, Hwang JD, Lin HY, Chan HJ, Chen PS
6037 - 6039 Selective vapor phase etching of SiGe by HCl in a RPCVD reactor
Yamamoto Y, Kopke K, Kurps R, Tillack B
6040 - 6047 Growth of magnetic materials and structures on Si(001) substrates using Co2Si as a template layer
Mendez SO, Le Thanh V, Ranguis A, Derrien J
6048 - 6051 Scanning tunneling microscopy observation of initial growth of Sn and Ge1-xSnx layers on Ge(001) substrates
Yamazaki M, Takeuchi S, Nakatsuka O, Sakai A, Ogawa M, Zaima S
6052 - 6054 Effects of In and Sb mono-layers to form rotated InSb films on a Si(111) substrate
Saito M, Mori M, Maezawa K
6055 - 6058 Structural characterization of SiGe nanoclusters formed by rapid thermal annealing
dos Anjos AMP, Doi I, Diniz JA
6059 - 6062 Phosphorous doped Ru film for advanced Cu diffusion barriers
Perng DC, Yeh JB, Hsu KC
6063 - 6066 Surface passivation of InGaP/GaAs HBT using silicon-nitride film deposited by ECR-CVD plasma
Manera LT, Zoccal LB, Diniz JA, Tatsch PJ, Doi I
6067 - 6071 45 nm CMOS technology with low temperature selective epitaxy of SiGe
Tamura N, Shimamune Y
6072 - 6075 Low-temperature chemical vapor deposition of highly doped n-type epitaxial Si at high growth rate
Nguyen ND, Loo R, Caymax M
6076 - 6080 Formation of relaxed SiGe on the buffer consists of modified SiGe stacked layers by Si pre-intermixing
Chen PS, Lee SW, Lee MH, Liu CW
6081 - 6085 Low temperature selective epitaxial growth of SiGe layers using various dielectric mask patterns and process conditions
Choi AR, Choi SS, Kim JT, Cho DH, Han TH, Shim KH
6086 - 6089 Heavy atomic-layer doping of B in low-temperature Si epitaxial growth on Si(100) by ultraclean low-pressure chemical vapor deposition
Tanno H, Sakuraba M, Tillack B, Murota J
6090 - 6093 Self-limited growth of Si on B atomic-layer formed Ge(100) by ultraclean low-pressure CVD system
Yokogawa T, Ishibashi K, Sakuraba M, Murota J, Inokuchi Y, Kunii Y, Kurokawa H
6094 - 6099 Interface control of high-k gate dielectrics on Ge
Caymax M, Houssa M, Pourtois G, Bellenger F, Martens K, Delabie A, Van Elshocht S
6100 - 6105 Control of high-k/germanium interface properties through selection of high-k materials and suppression of GeO volatilization
Kita K, Takahashi T, Nomura H, Suzuki S, Nishimura T, Toriumi A
6106 - 6108 Band bending measurement of HfO2/SiO2/Si capacitor with ultra-thin La2O3 insertion by XPS
Kakushima K, Okamoto K, Adachi M, Tachi K, Song J, Sato S, Kawanago T, Ahmet P, Tsutsui K, Sugii N, Hattori T, Iwai H
6109 - 6111 Control of electronic properties of HfO2 with fluorine doping from first-principles
Schimizu T, Koyama M
6112 - 6115 Interface characterization and current conduction in HfO2-gated MOS capacitors
Chen HW, Chiu FC, Liu CH, Chen SY, Huang HS, Juan PC, Hwang L
6116 - 6118 The effects of plasma treatment on the thermal stability of HfO2 thin films
Chang KM, Chen BN, Huang SM
6119 - 6122 Structural optimization of HfTiSiO high-k gate dielectrics by utilizing in-situ PVD-based fabrication method
Arimura H, Horie S, Oku Y, Minami T, Kitano N, Kosuda M, Hosoi T, Shimura T, Watanabe H
6123 - 6126 Metal carbide-induced negative flatband voltage shift in TaCx and HfCx/HfO2 gate stacks
Mizubayashi W, Akiyama K, Wang W, Ikeda M, Iwamoto K, Kamimuta Y, Hirano A, Ota H, Nabatame T, Toriumi A
6127 - 6130 Electrical characterization and carrier transportation in Hf-silicate dielectrics using ALD gate stacks for 90 nm node MOSFETs
Chen HW, Chen SY, Chen KC, Huang HS, Liu CH, Chiu FC, Liu KW, Lin KC, Cheng LW, Lin CT, Ma GH, Sun SW
6131 - 6134 Preparation of ZrO2 ultrathin films as gate dielectrics by limited reaction sputtering - On growth delay time at initial growth stage
Zhou Y, Kojima N, Sugiyama H, Ohara K, Sasaki K
6135 - 6139 Source/drain engineering for MOSFETs with embedded-Si : C technology
Itokawa H, Yasutake N, Kusunoki N, Okamoto S, Aoki N, Mizushima I
6140 - 6143 Leakage current study of Si1-xCx embedded source/drain junctions
Simoen E, Vissouvanadin B, Taleb N, Gonzalez MB, Verheyen P, Loo R, Claeys C, Machkaoutsan V, Bauer M, Thomas S, Lu JP, Wise R
6144 - 6146 Short channel effect improved strained-Si : C-source/drain PMOSFETs
Lee MH, Chang ST, Maikap S, Shen KW, Wang WC
6147 - 6150 Strained-Si with carbon incorporation for MOSFET source/drain engineering
Lee MH, Chang ST, Lee SW, Chen PS, Shen KW, Wang WC
6151 - 6154 Characterization of the low temperature dopant activation behavior at NiSi/silicon interface formed by implant into silicide method
Chang KM, Lin JH, Sun CY
6155 - 6157 Characterization of the low temperature activated N+/P junction formed by implant into silicide method
Chang KM, Lin JH, Yang CH
6158 - 6161 Current topics of silicon germanium devices
Kasper E
6162 - 6164 C-V characterization of Schottky- and MIS-gate SiGe/Si HEMT structures
Onojima N, Kasamatsu A, Hirose N, Mimura T, Matsui T
6165 - 6167 Fabrication of Ge-channel MOSFETs by using replacement gate process and selective epitaxial growth
Terashima K, Tanabe A, Nakagawa T, Mori K, Ikarashi T, Nakatsuru J, Date H, Ikemoto M, Tatsumi T
6168 - 6173 Silicon-on-Nothing MOSFETs: An efficient solution for parasitic substrate coupling suppression in SOI devices
Kilchytska V, Flandre D, Raskin JP
6174 - 6176 New physical model to explain logarithmic time dependence of data retention in flash EEPROM
Kamohara S, Okumura T
6177 - 6181 Exploring the effect of width on performance enhancement in NMOSFETs with a silicon-carbon alloy stressor and a tensile stress silicon nitride liner
Chang ST, Wang WC, Huang J, Liao SH, Lin CY
6182 - 6185 Reduced self-heating by strained silicon substrate engineering
O'Neill A, Agaiby R, Olsen S, Yang Y, Hellstrom PE, Ostling M, Oehme M, Lyutovich K, Kasper E, Eneman G, Verheyen P, Loo R, Claeys C, Fiegna C, Sangiorgi E
6186 - 6189 The switch of the worst case on NBTI and hot-carrier reliability for 0.13 mu m pMOSFETs
Tu CH, Chen SY, Lin MH, Wang MC, Wu SH, Chou S, Ko J, Huang HS
6190 - 6193 Comparative study of low frequency noise and hot-carrier reliability in SiGePD SOI pMOSFETs
Choi SS, Choi AR, Yang JW, Hwang YW, Cho DH, Shim KH
6194 - 6198 Ballistic/quasi-ballistic transport in nanoscale transistor
Natori K
6199 - 6202 Quantum cascade multi-electron injection into Si-quantum-dot floating gates embedded in SiO2 matrices
Takada Y, Muraguchi M, Shiraishi K
6203 - 6207 Theoretical study of electron mobility for silicon-carbon alloys
Chang ST, Lin CY, Liao SH
6208 - 6210 Low-temperature formation of silicon nitride films using pulsed-plasma CVD under near atmospheric pressure
Matsumoto M, Inayoshi Y, Suemitsu M, Miyamoto E, Yara T, Nakajima S, Uehara T, Toyoshima Y
6211 - 6214 Enhanced growth of low-resistivity cobalt silicide by using a Co/Au/Co trilayer film on Si0.8Ge0.2 virtual substrate
Cheng SL, Chen HY, Lee SW
6215 - 6217 Low temperature formation of multi-layered structures of ferromagnetic silicide Fe3Si and Ge
Ueda K, Ando Y, Kumano M, Sadoh T, Maeda Y, Miyao M
6218 - 6221 Dielectric properties of ferroelectric/DMS heterointerface using YMnO3 and Ce doped Si
Shindo D, Yoshimura T, Fujimura N
6222 - 6225 Leakage current and paramagnetic defects in SiCN dielectrics for copper diffusion barriers
Kobayashi K, Yokoyama H, Endoh M
6226 - 6228 Influences of Si pillar geometry on SiN-stressor induced local strain
Tanaka M, Sadoh T, Morioka J, Kitamura T, Miyao M
6229 - 6231 Evaluation of Si3N4/Si interface by UV Raman spectroscopy
Ogura A, Yoshida T, Kosemura D, Kakemura Y, Aratani T, Higuchi M, Sugawa S, Teramoto A, Ohmi T, Hattori T
6232 - 6234 SR-PES and STM observation of metastable chemisorption state of oxygen on Si(110)-16 x 2 surface
Yamamoto Y, Togashi H, Kato A, Takahashi Y, Konno A, Teraoka Y, Yoshigoe A, Asaoka H, Suemitsu M
6235 - 6237 "Temperature oscillation'' as a real-time monitoring of the growth of 3C-SiC on Si substrate
Saito E, Konno A, Ito T, Yasui K, Nakazawa H, Endoh T, Narita Y, Suemitsu M
6238 - 6241 MBE growth of SiGe with high Ge content for optical applications
Oehme M, Werner J, Kirfel O, Kasper E
6242 - 6247 Luminescence properties of beta-FeSi2 and its application to photonics
Maeda Y
6248 - 6251 Effect of electrically degenerated layer on the carrier transport property of ZnO epitaxial thin films
Sakamoto S, Oshio T, Ashida A, Yoshimura T, Fujimura N
6252 - 6256 Charge transport in boron-doped nano MOSFETs: Towards single-dopant electronics
Ono Y, Khalafalla MAH, Nishiguchi K, Takashina K, Fujiwara A, Horiguchi S, Inokawa H, Takahashi Y
6257 - 6260 Carrier gas effects on the SiGe quantum dots formation
Lee CH, Yu CY, Lin CM, Liu CW, Lin H, Chang WH
6261 - 6264 Modified growth of Ge quantum dots using C2H4 mediation by ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor deposition
Lee SW, Chen PS, Cheng SL, Lee MH, Chang HT, Lee CH, Liu CW
6265 - 6267 Electrical characteristics of hole resonant tunneling diodes with high Ge fraction (x > 0.4) Si/strained Si1-xGex/Si(100) heterostructure
Seo T, Sakuraba M, Murota J
6268 - 6272 Metal-diamond semiconductor interface and photodiode application
Koide Y
6273 - 6276 Electric field breakdown of lateral-type Schottky diodes formed on lightly doped homoepitaxial diamond
Teraji T, Koizumi S, Koide Y, Ito T
6277 - 6280 Characterization of soft-X-ray detectors fabricated with high-quality CVD diamond thin films
Iwakaji Y, Kanasugi M, Maida O, Takeda Y, Saitoh Y, Ito T
6281 - 6284 Characterization of phosphorus-doped homoepitaxial (100) diamond films grown using high-power-density MWPCVD method with a conventional quartz-tube chamber
Nakai T, Maida O, Ito T
6285 - 6288 Clarification of band structure at metal-diamond contact using device simulation
Masuzawa T, Shiraki Y, Kudo Y, Saito I, Yamaguchi H, Yamada T, Okano K