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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5649 - 5654 Effects of parallel magnetic field on electrocodeposition behavior of Ni/nanoparticle composite electroplating
Wang C, Zhong YB, Ren WL, Lei ZS, Ren ZM, Jia J, Jiang AR
5655 - 5659 Effect of surface modification by thermally oxidization and HF etching on UV photoluminescence emission of porous silicon
Song HB, Li ZW, Chen H, Jiao ZF, Yu Z, Jin Y, Yang ZM, Gong M, Sun XS
5660 - 5663 Infrared optical properties of Ba(Zr0.20Ti0.80)O-3 and Ba(Zr0.30Ti0.70)O-3 thin films prepared by sol-gel method
Liu AY, Xue JQ, Meng XJ, Sun JL, Huang ZM, Chu JH
5664 - 5669 Influence of a controlled oxidation at moderate temperatures on the surface chemistry of nitinol wire
Vojtech D, Joska L, Leitner J
5670 - 5674 Copper diffusion in TaN-based thin layers
Nazon J, Fraisse B, Sarradin J, Fries SG, Tedenac JC, Frety N
5675 - 5682 Catalytic conversion of air-methane flow by nanostructured ruthenium dioxide: FTIR spectroscopy and modeling
Nowakowski P, Villain S, Kopia A, Suliga I, Gavarri JR
5683 - 5690 Investigation of heat-treatment and pre-treatment on microstructure and electrochemical properties of cerium nano-oxide films on AA7020-T6 by sol-gel methods
Hasannejad H, Shahrabi T, Rouhaghdam AS, Aliofkhazraei M, Saebnoori E
5691 - 5694 Comparative study on modification of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by a hydrophilic polymer with different approaches
Qiu J, Wang GJ
5695 - 5699 Light-induced reversible hydrophilicity of ZnO structures grown by aqueous chemical growth
Kenanakis G, Stratakis E, Vlachou K, Vernardou D, Koudoumas E, Katsarakis N
5700 - 5705 Role of reactive gas in atmospheric plasma for cell attachment and proliferation on biocompatible poly epsilon-caprolactone film
Lee HU, Jeong YS, Jeong SY, Park SY, Bae JS, Kim HG, Cho CR
5706 - 5710 Adsorption and dissociation of ammonia on Au(111) surface: A density functional theory study
Liu RQ, Shen W, Zhang JS, Li M
5711 - 5714 Chemical bath-deposited ZnS thin films: Preparation and characterization
Qi L, Mao GB, Ao JP
5715 - 5721 Microstructure characteristics of laser-MIG hybrid welded mild steel
Gao M, Zeng XY, Yan J, Hu QW
5722 - 5726 Fluorination of polymethylmethaacrylate with tetrafluoroethane using DC glow discharge plasma
Guruvenket S, Iyer GRS, Shestakova L, Morgen P, Larsen NB, Rao GM
5727 - 5731 Secondary ion species containing nitrogen atoms from plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited silicon oxide films on silicon
Chiba K, Tsuji Y
5732 - 5735 Structural studies of evaporated CoxCr1-x/Si (100) and CoxC1-x/glass thin films
Kharmouche A, Djouada I
5736 - 5740 Investigation of electrical and ammonia sensing characteristics of Schottky barrier diode based on a single ultra-long ZnO nanorod
Zhang N, Yu K, Li LJ, Zhu ZQ
5741 - 5749 Roughness of pigment coatings and its influence on gloss
Jarnstrom J, Ihalainen P, Backfolk K, Peltonen J
5750 - 5756 Simulation of the transport of sputtered atoms and effects of processing conditions
Settaouti A, Settaouti L
5757 - 5759 Preparation of needle shaped nano-copper by microwave-assisted water system and study on its application of enhanced epoxy resin coating electrical conductivity
Zhang XF, Cheng XN, Yin HB, Yuan J, Xu C
5760 - 5765 Optimization of plasma parameters for high rate deposition of titanium nitride films as protective coating on bell-metal by reactive sputtering in cylindrical magnetron device
Borah SM, Pal AR, Bailung H, Chutia J
5766 - 5771 Electrical conductivity and electromagnetic interference shielding characteristics of multiwalled carbon nanotube filled polyacrylate composite films
Li Y, Chen CX, Zhang S, Ni YW, Huang J
5772 - 5775 Studies on sintering of solid state synthesized Ba1-xKxBiO3-delta superconducting phase
Shaikh FI, Kalubarme RS, Pawar SH
5776 - 5780 Surface analysis of oxygen plasma treated poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) fibers
Zhang CH, Chen P, Sun BL, Li W, Wang BC, Wang J
5781 - 5790 Chemical, energetic, and geometric heterogeneity of device-quality (100) surfaces of single crystalline silicon after HFaq etching
Cerofolini GF, Giussani A, Modelli A, Mascolo D, Ruggiero D, Narducci D, Romano E
5791 - 5795 The crystallization and physical properties of Al-doped ZnO nanoparticles
Chen KJ, Fang TH, Hung FY, Ji LW, Chang SJ, Young SJ, Hsiao YJ
5796 - 5802 Microstructure, porosity and roughness of RF sputtered oxide thin films: Characterization and modelization
Oudrhiri-Hassani F, Presmanes L, Barnabe A, Tailhades P
5803 - 5806 Evolution of InP surfaces under low fluence pulsed UV irradiation
Musaev OR, Kwon OS, Wrobel JM, Zhu DM, Kruger MB
5807 - 5813 Internal stresses and stability of the tetragonal phase in zirconia thin layers deposited by OMCVD
Benali B, Huntz AM, Andrieux M, Ignat M, Poissonnet S
5814 - 5821 Properties of NiO thin films deposited by chemical spray pyrolysis using different precursor solutions
Cattin L, Reguig BA, Khelil A, Morsli M, Benchouk K, Bernede JC
5822 - 5826 Diffusions of small clusters on Pt(111) and Cu(111) surfaces
Jiang JX, Zhang P, Xie YQ, Ning XJ, Zhuang M, Li YF, Zhuang J
5827 - 5830 A DFT study of H adsorption on Pt(111) and Pt-Ru(111) surfaces
Pistonesi C, Pronsato E, Juan A
5831 - 5836 c-C5H5 on a Ni(111) surface: Theoretical study of the adsorption, electronic structure and bonding
German E, Simonetti S, Pronsato E, Juan A, Brizuela G
5837 - 5843 Theoretical study of the influence of cation vacancies on the catalytic properties of vanadium antimonate
Messina S, Juan A, Larrondo S, Irigoyen B, Amadeo N
5844 - 5848 Chemical synthesis of spinel nickel ferrite (NiFe2O4) nano-sheets
Gunjakar JL, More AM, Gurav KV, Lokhande CD
5849 - 5853 From hexagonally arrayed nanorods to ordered porous film through controlling the morphology of ZnO crystals
Lan D, Zhang YM, Wang YR
5854 - 5860 Evaluating the use of laser radiation in cleaning of copper embroidery threads on archaeological Egyptian textiles
Abdel-Kareem O, Harith MA
5861 - 5867 Effect of nitrogen content on the properties of CrNxOyCz coating prepared by DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Shi YJ, Long SY, Fang L, Yang SC, Pan FS
5868 - 5873 Influence of oxygen partial pressure on optoelectrical properties of aluminum-doped CdO thin films
Gupta RK, Ghosh K, Patel R, Mishra SR, Kahol PK
5874 - 5878 Direct laser interference patterning of multi-walled carbon nanotube-based transparent conductive coatings
Castro MRS, Lasagni AF, Schmidt HK, Mucklich F
5879 - 5885 Effect of Ti doping on Ta2O5 stacks with Ru and Al gates
Paskaleva A, Tapajna M, Atanassova E, Frohlich K, Vincze A, Dobrocka E
5886 - 5890 Preparation of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-based polyurethane nanofibers containing silver nanoparticles
Jeon HJ, Kim JS, Kim TG, Kim JH, Yu WR, Youk JH
5891 - 5894 Novel hydrophobic/hydrophilic patterning process by photocatalytic Ag nucleation on TiO2 thin film and electroless Cu deposition
Nishimoto S, Kubo A, Zhang X, Liu Z, Taneichi N, Okui T, Murakami T, Komine T, Fujishima A
5895 - 5898 Structural, optical and electrochromic properties of Nb-doped MoO3 thin films
Mahajan SS, Mujawar SH, Shinde PS, Inamdar AI, Patil PS
5899 - 5904 Fabrication of a superhydrophobic ZnO nanorod array film on cotton fabrics via a wet chemical route and hydrophobic modification
Xu B, Cai ZS
5905 - 5909 A new hydrothermal blackening technology for Fe3O4 coatings of carbon steel
Zhu HL, Cao FH, Zuo D, Zhu LM, Yao KH
5910 - 5916 Effect of pulse electrodeposition parameters on the properties of Ni/nano-SiC composites
Gyftou P, Pavlatou EA, Spyrellis N
5917 - 5920 Fabrication of ZnO/Al2O3 core-shell nanostructures and crystalline Al2O3 nanotube
Huang JY, Liu S, Wang Y, Ye ZZ
5921 - 5926 Langmuir probe investigation of surface contamination effects on metals during femtosecond laser ablation
Williams GO, O'Connor GM, Mannion PT, Glynn TJ
5927 - 5935 Adsorption and kinetic studies of L-leucine as an inhibitor on mild steel in acidic media
Singh P, Bhrara K, Singh G
5936 - 5940 Fabrication of protective tantalum carbide coatings on carbon fibers using a molten salt method
Dong ZJ, Li XK, Yuan GM, Cong Y, Li N, Hu ZJ, Jiang ZY, Westwood A
5941 - 5945 Properties of Zn3N2-doped ZnO films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Erie JM, Li Y, Ivill M, Kim HS, Pearton SJ, Gila B, Norton DP, Ren F
5946 - 5952 Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films of tetrapyridyl metalloporphyrins
Pavinatto FJ, Gameiro AF, Hidalog AA, Dinelli LR, Romualdo LL, Batista AA, Neto NMB, Ferreira M, Oliveira ON
5953 - 5958 Improvement of erosion and erosion-corrosion resistance of AISI420 stainless steel by low temperature plasma nitriding
Xi YT, Liu DX, Han D
5959 - 5966 Atom-sensitive textiles as visual indicators for plasma post-discharges
Canal C, Villeger S, Cousty S, Rouffet B, Sarrette JP, Erra P, Ricard A
5967 - 5974 Facile synthesis and characterization of acid-base bifunctionalized mesoporous silica
Chen Y, Han JY, Zhang HT
5975 - 5980 Structure and infrared emissivity of collagen/SiO2 composite
Ye XY, Zhou YM, Sun YQ, Chen J, Wang ZQ
5981 - 5989 Characterization of water exposed plasma sprayed oxide coating materials using XPS
Harju M, Areva S, Rosenholm JB, Mantyla T
5990 - 5993 Impact of organic contamination on laser-induced damage threshold of high reflectance coatings in vacuum
Cui Y, Zhao YN, Yu H, He HB, Shao J
5994 - 6001 Investigation into the photo-induced change in wettability of hydrophobized TiO2 films
Risse G, Matys S, Boettcher H
6002 - 6006 Separating small amount of water and hydrophobic solvents by novel superhydrophobic copper meshes
Pan QM, Wang M, Wang HB
6007 - 6007 XPS study of five fluorinated compounds deposited on calcarenite stone. Part I: Unaged samples (vol 254, pg 2650, 2008)
Torrisi A