Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.254, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4415 - 4420 Quantum size effect of electron density in ultra-thin metal films and its influence on the interlayer relaxation
Ma F, Xu KW
4421 - 4431 A periodic density functional theory study of the dehydrogenation of methanol over CuCl(111) surface
Wang X, Chen WK, Lu CH
4432 - 4438 Synthesis and property of poly(trimethylolpropane triacrylate)/Al nanocomposite particle by in situ solution polymerization
Liu H, Ye HQ
4439 - 4443 Effects of substrates on the structure and dielectric properties of Ba(Sn0.15Ti0.85)O-3 thin films
Song SN, Gao LN, Zhai JW, Yao X, Cheng ZQ
4444 - 4451 Preparation of periodic mesoporous silica-included divacant Keggin units for the catalytic oxidation of styrene to synthesize styrene oxide
Yu XD, Xu LL, Yang X, Guo YN, Li KX, Hu JL, Li W, Ma FY, Guo YH
4452 - 4456 Photocatalytic hydrogen generation over Eosin Y-sensitized TS-1 zeolite
Zhang XJ, Jin ZL, Li YX, Li SB, Lu GX
4457 - 4461 Molecular imprinting and adsorption of metallothionein on nanocrystalline titania membranes
Cai ZF, Dai HJ, Si SH, Ren FL
4462 - 4466 Visible-light photocatalytic behavior of two different N-doped TiO2
Zhang JW, Wang Y, Jin ZS, Wu ZS, Zhang ZJ
4467 - 4470 Chemical vapour etching for double-sided buried metallic contacts in polycrystalline silicon solar cells processing
Ben Rabha M, Boujmil MF, Saadoun M, Ezzaouia H, Bessais B
4471 - 4478 Interphase formation of a resin transfer molded silica-phenolics composites subjected to dynamic impregnation process
Wang BC, Huang YD
4479 - 4482 The reflectivity of Mo/Ag/Au ohmic contacts on p-type GaN for flip-chip light-emitting diode (FCLED) applications
Jeng MJ, Shiue CC, Chang LB
4483 - 4493 Synergistic inhibition effect of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole and Tween-80 on the corrosion of brass in NaCl solution
Ramji K, Cairns DR, Rajeswari S
4494 - 4499 Influence of surface roughness and contact load on friction coefficient and scratch behavior of thermoplastic olefins
Jiang H, Browning R, Fincher J, Gasbarro A, Jones S, Sue HJ
4500 - 4507 Surface nature of nanoparticle zinc-titanium oxide aerogel catalysts
Wang CT, Lin JC
4508 - 4511 Preparation and characteristics of transparent p-type ZnO film by Al and N co-doping method
Tang LD, Zhang Y, Yan XQ, Gu YS, Qin Z, Yang Y
4512 - 4519 Covalent immobilization of Pseudomonas cepacia lipase on semiconducting materials
Fernandez RE, Bhattacharya E, Chadha A
4520 - 4523 Electrospinning method for the preparation of silver chloride nanoparticles in PVP nanofiber
Bai J, Li YX, Li MY, Wang SG, Zhang CQ, Yang QB
4524 - 4530 A study of growth mechanism of KDP and ADP crystals by means of quantum chemistry
Asakuma Y, Li Q, Ang HM, Tade M, Maeda K, Fukui K
4531 - 4538 Growth of fullerene on Ag and hydrogen-passivated Si substrates: Effect of electron beam exposure on growth modes
Rundhe MV, Dev BN
4539 - 4545 Annealing effect on the structural and optical properties of a Cd1-xZnxS thin film for photovoltaic applications
Chavhan SD, Senthilarasu S, Lee SH
4546 - 4551 Use of neural network method to characterize pressure controlled charge density of silicon nitride films deposited by PECVD
Kim B, Kim SY
4552 - 4556 Microstructure and selected properties of hot-work tool steel with PVD coatings after laser surface treatment
Adamiak M, Dobrzanski LA
4557 - 4564 Surface chemistry and catalytic activity of Ni/Al2O3 irradiated with high-energy electron beam
Jun J, Dhayal M, Shin JH, Han YH, Getoff N
4565 - 4571 Investigation of ethene adsorption on Hmordenite and modified Hmordenite by frequency response method
Li FF, Gui XH, Liu DS, Song LJ, Sun ZL
4572 - 4576 Investigation of the Shockley surface state on clean and air-exposed Au (111)
Kowalczyk PJ, Puchalski M, Kozlowski W, Dabrowski P, Klusek Z, Olejniczak W
4577 - 4583 Electrophoreted Zn-TiO2-ZnO nanocomposite coating films for photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol
Aal AA, Barakat MA, Mohamed RM
4584 - 4590 Titanium metallization of alumina ceramics by molten salt reaction
Li JQ, Pan W, Yuan ZF, Chen YF
4591 - 4598 Influence of Si/SiO2 interface properties on electrical performance and breakdown characteristics of ultrathin stacked oxide/nitride dielectric films
Lee YM, Wu YD
4599 - 4605 An XPS study on the attachment of triethoxsilylbutyraldehyde to two titanium surfaces as a way to bond chitosan
Martin HJ, Schulz KH, Bumgardner JD, Walters KB
4606 - 4610 A simple swelling and anchoring method for preparing dense and stable poly( ethylene oxide) layers on polystyrene surfaces
Su YL, Wang LJ, Yang XJ
4611 - 4619 Formation of uniform self-assembly monolayers by choosing the right solvent: OTS on silicon wafer, a case study
Manifar T, Rezaee A, Sheikhzadeh M, Mittler S
4620 - 4625 Visible-light photocatalytic activity of nitrogen-doped TiO2 thin film prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Zhao L, Jiang Q, Lian JS
4626 - 4631 Optical transitions of InAs/In0.36Ga0.64As/GaAs(311B) surface quantum dots clearly identified by the piezoreflectance technique
Wang C, Yang Y, Chen XM, Liu ZL, Cui HY, Zhang S, Chen XS, Lu W
4632 - 4637 Correlation between optical characterization of the plasma in reactive magnetron sputtering deposition of Zr-N on SS 316L and surface and mechanical properties of the deposited films
Fragiel A, Machorro R, Munoz-Saldana J, Salinas J, Cota L
4638 - 4643 The microstructure investigation of GeTi thin film used for non-volatile memory
Shen J, Liu B, Song ZT, Xu C, Liang S, Feng SL, Chen BM
4644 - 4649 Surface characteristics of Ni catalystic films on growth behavior of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Jang HS, Kang SO, Nahm SH, Park BH, Kim YI
4650 - 4654 The effect of electro-annealing on the electrical properties of ITO film on colorless polyimide substrate
Lee DH, Shim SH, Choi JS, Yoon KB
4655 - 4664 Photodegradation of CH3I on mesoporous TiO2-B nanofibers with Au nanoparticles
Li JS, Shieh DL, Li DY, Ho CH, Yang SJ, Lin JL
4665 - 4670 Composition and local bonding in RE-Si-M-O-N (M = Mg, Al; RE = La, Lu) glasses
Fouquet-Parry V, Paumier F, Guittet MJ, Gautier-Soyer M, Satet R, Hoffmann MJ, Becher PF, Painter GS
4671 - 4680 Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy study of the near surface region of the ternary Co-Cr-Mo alloy
Vasylyev MA, Tinkov VA, Gurin PA
4681 - 4687 Temperature and substrate dependence of structure and growth mechanism of carbon nanofiber
Chuang CC, Liu WL, Chen WJ, Huang JH
4688 - 4694 Cobalt sorption properties of MgO prepared by solution combustion
Granados-Correa F, Bonifacio-Martinez J, Lara VH, Bosch P, Bulbulian S
4695 - 4700 Formation of nano-hillocks by impact of swift heavy ions on thin films of TiO2
Thakurdesai M, Kanjilal D, Bhattacharyya V
4701 - 4707 Effects of CeO2-ZrO2 present in Pd/Al2O3 catalysts on the redox behavior of PdOx and their combustion activity
Zhou RX, Zhao B, Yue BH
4708 - 4715 Preparation, characterization and microwave absorption properties of electroless Ni-Co-P-coated SiC powder
Li YJ, Wang R, Qi FM, Wang CM
4716 - 4719 Synthesis of GaN nanowires by Tb catalysis
Chen JH, Xue CS, Zhuang HZ, Qin LX, Li H, Yang ZZ
4720 - 4725 Hydrolysis and stability of thin pulsed plasma polymerised maleic anhydride coatings
Drews J, Launay H, Hansen CM, West K, Hvilsted S, Kingshott P, Almdal K
4726 - 4731 Visible-light-driven titania photocatalyst co-doped with nitrogen and ferrum
Shen XZ, Guo J, Liu ZC, Xie SM
4732 - 4737 Surface-modified mesoporous silica with ferrocene derivatives and its ultrasound-triggered functionality
Kwon EJ, Lee TG
4738 - 4743 Study of the 42CrMo4 steel surface by quantitative XPS electron spectroscopy
Flori M, Gruzza B, Bideux L, Monier G, Robert-Goumet C
4744 - 4749 Enhancement of the hydrophobicity of silk fabrics by SF6 plasma
Hodak SK, Supasai T, Paosawatyanyong B, Kamlangkla K, Pavarajarn V
4750 - 4756 DNA hybridization and phosphinothricin acetyltransferase gene sequence detection based on zirconia/nanogold film modified electrode
Zhang W, Yang T, Jiang C, Jiao K
4757 - 4761 Application of spectroscopic photoemission and low energy electron microscope to high-k gate dielectrics: Relationship between surface morphology and electronic states during Hf-silicide formation
Yasuhara R, Taniuchi T, Kumigashira H, Oshima M, Guo F, Kinoshita T, Ono K, Ikeda K, Liu GL, Liu Z, Usuda K
4762 - 4767 Surface flatness of optical thin films evaluated by gray level co-occurrence matrix and entropy
Tien CL, Lyu YR, Jyu SS
4768 - 4773 Utilization of TXRF analytical technique in order to improve front-end semiconductor processing
Budri T
4774 - 4779 Molecular dynamics simulation of subsurface deformed layers in AFM-based nanometric cutting process
Zhang JJ, Sun T, Yan YD, Liang YC, Dong S
4780 - 4785 Visible-light-induced degradation of formaldehyde over titania photocatalyst co-doped with nitrogen and nickel
Zhang X, Liu QQ
4786 - 4792 Influence of Si-N interlayer on the microstructure and magnetic properties of gamma'-Fe4N films
Ma N, Wang X, Zheng WT, Wang LL, Wang MW, Cao PJ, Ma XC
4793 - 4796 UV-curable nanoimprint resin with enhanced anti-sticking property
Kim JY, Choi DG, Jeong JH, Lee ES
4797 - 4802 Stability and characterization of mesoporous molecular sieve using natural clay as a raw material obtained by microwave irradiation
Jiang TS, Shen W, Tang YJ, Zhao Q, Li M, Yin HB
4803 - 4807 Raman spectroscopic studies of PbxLa1-xTi1-x/4O3 thin films grown on Si substrates by RF magnetron sputtering
Zhu JL, Zhu WL, Li RT, Ge WY, Jiang M, Zhu JG, Xiao DQ, Pezzotti G
4808 - 4812 Surface and transport studies on La0.7Ba0.3MnO3 : SnO2 bilayer
Mona J, Mamgain H, Jejurikar S, Rawat RR, Ganesan V, Choudhary RJ, Phase DM, Kale SN
4813 - 4819 Microstructural effects on the formation and degradation of zinc phosphate coatings on 2024-Al alloy
Akhtar AS, Wong PC, Wong KC, Mitchell KAR
4820 - 4827 Reflectivity modification of polymethylmethacrylate by silicon ion implantation
Hadjichristov GB, Ivanov V, Faulques E
4828 - 4832 Oxidation mechanism of hydrogen-terminated Ge(100) surface
Park K, Lee Y, Lee J, Lim S
4833 - 4839 The effect of chemical treatment on apatite-forming ability of the macroporous zirconia films formed by micro-arc oxidation
Yan YY, Han Y, Lu CG
4840 - 4844 Local field-emission characteristic of individual AlN cone fabricated by focused ion-beam etching method
Li YL, Shi CY, Li JJ, Gu CZ
4845 - 4855 Study of photoexcited plasma in p-doped GaAs beveled structures by micro-Raman spectroscopy
Srnanek R, Irmer G, Donoval D, Novotny I, Sciana B, Radziewicz D, Tlaczala M
4856 - 4863 Removal of scratch on the surface of MgO single crystal substrate in chemical mechanical polishing process
Kang RK, Wang K, Wang J, Guo DM
4864 - 4867 Influence of ZrO2 in HfO2 on reflectance of HfO2/SiO2 multilayer at 248 nm prepared by electron-beam evaporation
Yuan JM, Yuan L, He HB, Yi K, Fan ZX, Shao JD
4868 - 4874 Water vapor adsorption onto activated carbons prepared from cattle manure compost (CMC)
Qian QR, Sunohara S, Kato Y, Zaini MAA, Machida M, Tatsumoto H
4875 - 4878 Optical properties of single-phase beta-FeSi2 films fabricated by electron beam evaporation
Gong DR, Li DS, Yuan ZZ, Wang MH, Yang DR
4879 - 4885 Nd- or Zr-modified CuO-CeO2/Al2O3/FeCrAl monolithic catalysts for preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide in hydrogen-rich gases
Zeng SH, Liu Y
4886 - 4890 Oxygen flux influence on the morphological, structural and optical properties of Zn1-xMgxO thin films grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Su SC, Lu YM, Zhang ZZ, Li BH, Shen DZ, Yao B, Zhang JY, Zhao DX, Fan XW
4891 - 4898 Optical and AFM study of electrostatically assembled films of CdS and ZnS colloid nanoparticles
Suryajaya, Nabok A, Davis F, Hassan A, Higson SPJ, Evans-Freeman J
4899 - 4907 Preparation and surface modification of silicon nanowires under normal conditions
Wan L, Gong W, Jiang K, Li H, Tao B, Zhang J
4908 - 4911 Work function engineering and its applications in ohmic contact fabrication to II-VI semiconductors
Ghosh B
4912 - 4918 Chromium-doped titanium dioxide thin-film photoanodes in visible-light-induced water cleavage
Tsai CC, Teng HS