Applied Surface Science

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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3721 - 3733 Effect of pretreatment methods and chamber pressure on morphology, quality and adhesion of HFCVD diamond coating on cemented carbide inserts
Sarangi SK, Chattopadhyay A, Chattopadhyay AK
3734 - 3744 Fatigue resistance of plasma-sprayed CrC-NiCr cermet coatings in rolling contact
Zhang XC, Xu BS, Xuan FZ, Tu ST, Wang HD, Wu YX
3745 - 3752 Effect of flexibility of grafted polymer on the morphology and property of nanosilica/PVC composites
Zhu AP, Cai AY, Zhou WD, Shi ZH
3753 - 3757 Direct synthesis and characterization of phenyl-functionalized SBA-15
Wang XM, Du XZ, Li CL, Cao X
3758 - 3761 Fabrication of PECVD-grown fluorinated hydrocarbon nanoparticles and circular nanoring arrays using nanosphere lithography
Sarkar DK, Farzaneh M
3762 - 3766 One-step solvothermal preparation of TiO2/C composites and their visible-light photocatalytic activities
Li M, Zhou SF, Zhang YW, Chen GQ, Hong ZL
3767 - 3773 High surface area thermally stabilized porous iron oxide/silica nanocomposites via a formamide modified sol-gel process
Khalil KMS, Makhlouf SA
3774 - 3779 Lithium electrochemistry of SiO2 thin film electrode for lithium-ion batteries
Sun Q, Zhang B, Fu ZW
3780 - 3786 Fabrication and analysis of ZnO thin film bulk acoustic resonators
Lin YC, Hong CR, Chuang HA
3787 - 3792 Enhanced field emission characteristics of zinc oxide mixed carbon nano-tubes films
Pan JY, Zhu CC, Gao YL
3793 - 3800 Nanostructure of photocatalytic TiO2 films sputtered at temperatures below 200 degrees C
Sicha J, Musil J, Meissner M, Cerstvy R
3801 - 3807 Ionization probability of sputtered particles as a function of their energy - Part II. Positive Si+ ions
Kudriavtsev Y, Gallardo S, Villegas A, Ramirez G, Asomoza R
3808 - 3812 Structure control of Pt-Sn bimetallic catalysts supported on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG)
Yao YX, Fu Q, Zhang Z, Zhang H, Ma T, Tan D, Bao XH
3813 - 3818 Formation of CdO films from chemically deposited Cd(OH)(2) films as a precursor
Gujar TP, Shinde VR, Kim WY, Jung KD, Lokhande CD, Joo OS
3819 - 3828 Electronic and atomic structure computation of disordered low index surfaces of gamma-alumina
Dyan A, Azevedo C, Cenedese P, Dubot P
3829 - 3838 Adsorption and deposition of anthraquinone-2-carboxylic acid on alumina studied by inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy, infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and atomic force microscopy
Higo M, Miake T, Mitsushio M, Yoshidome T, Ozono Y
3839 - 3844 Growth and characterization of ZnO-SDS hybrid thin films prepared by electrochemical self-assembly method
Gan XY, Gao XD, Qiu JJ, Li XM
3845 - 3848 Manipulation of optical properties of Ag/Cu alloy nanowire arrays embedded in anodic alumina membranes
Hu XY, Wang ZY, Zhang TC, Zeng XY, Xu W, Zhang JX, Yan J, Zhang JP, Zhang LD
3849 - 3858 Microstructure and properties of TiB2-containing coatings prepared by arc spraying
Fang JJ, Li ZX, Shi YW
3859 - 3866 Influence of sulfidation treatment on the structure and tribological properties of nitrogen-doped diamond-like carbon films
Zeng QF, Dong GN, Xie YB
3867 - 3872 Substrate and orientation influence on electrical properties of sputtered La-doped PZT thin films
Leclerc G, Poullain G, Yaicle C, Bouregba R, Pautrat A
3873 - 3878 The morphology and optical properties of Cr-doped ZnO films grown using the magnetron co-sputtering method
Hu YM, Chen YT, Zhong ZX, Yu CC, Chen GJ, Huang PZ, Chou WY, Chang J, Wang CR
3879 - 3889 Porosity, mechanical properties, residual stresses of supersonic plasma-sprayed Ni-based alloy coatings prepared at different powder feed rates
Zhang XC, Xu BS, Wu YX, Xuan FZ, Tu ST
3890 - 3895 Synthesis of carbon nanotubes directly over TEM grids aiming the study of nucleation and growth mechanisms
Verissimo C, Gobbi AL, Moshkalev SA
3896 - 3901 Synthesis and tribological behaviors of diamond-like carbon films by electrodeposition from solution of acetonitrile and water
Zhang JS, Huang LN, Yu LG, Zhang PY
3902 - 3908 Fluorocarbon nano-coating of polyester fabrics by atmospheric air plasma with aerosol
Leroux F, Campagne C, Perwuelz A, Gengembre L
3909 - 3914 Characterization of Ti-Zr-N films deposited by cathodic vacuum arc with different substrate bias
Niu EW, Li L, Lv H, Chen H, Li XZ, Yang XZ, Yang SZ
3915 - 3920 Surface modification of the nanoparticles by an atmospheric room-temperature plasma fluidized bed
Chen GL, Chen SH, Feng WR, Chen WX, Yang SZ
3921 - 3924 Effect of annealing on thermal stability and morphology of pulsed laser deposited Ir thin films
Gong YS, Wang CB, Shen Q, Zhang LM
3925 - 3934 Weathering properties of treated southern yellow pine wood examined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and physical characterization
Salaita GN, Ma FMS, Parker TC, Hoflund GB
3935 - 3938 Electrochemical deposition of Co nanowire arrays into self-organized titania nanotubes
Kang YR, Zhao JL, Tao JL, Wang XX, Li YX
3939 - 3942 The magnetoresistance effect in a nanostructure with the periodic magnetic barriers
3943 - 3948 Properties of high-k Ti1-xSixO2 gate dielectric layers prepared at room temperature
Kim S, Ham MH, Lee JW, Lee W, Myoung JM
3949 - 3954 Effect of post-annealing on the properties of copper oxide thin films obtained from the oxidation of evaporated metallic copper
Figueiredo V, Elangovan E, Goncalves G, Barquinha P, Pereira L, Franco N, Alves E, Martins R, Fortunato E
3955 - 3958 Growth of lithium silicate crystals inside porous silicon film and their exploitation for ozone detection
Ben Saad K, Hamzaoui H, Labidi A, Bessais B
3959 - 3963 Thermochromic VO2 thin films synthesized by rf-inverted cylindrical magnetron sputtering
Kana JBK, Ndjaka JM, Ateba PO, Ngom BD, Manyala N, Nemraoui O, Beye AC, Maaza M
3964 - 3970 Study of nanoclusters growth at initial stages of ultrathin film deposition by kinetic modeling
Galdikas A
3971 - 3978 Direct laser sintered WC-10Co/Cu nanocomposites
Gu DD, Shen YF
3979 - 3982 Low temperature deposition and characterization of TiO2 photocatalytic film through cold spray
Yang GJ, Li CJ, Han F, Li WY, Ohmori A
3983 - 3992 Cleaning results of new and fouled nanofiltration membrane characterized by contact angle, updated DSPM, flux and salts rejection
Al-Amoudi A, Williams P, Al-Hobaib AS, Lovitt RW
3993 - 4000 Preparation of Ni-doped carbon nanospheres with different surface chemistry and controlled pore structure
Zubizarreta L, Arenillas A, Pis JJ
4001 - 4006 Low temperature preparation of anatase TiO2-activated carbon composite film
Ao YH, Xu JJ, Fu DG, Shen XW, Yuan CW
4007 - 4012 Ion and photon emission from laser-generated titanium-plasma
Torrisi L, Margarone D, Borrielli A, Caridi F
4013 - 4017 Surface modification of a WTi thin film on Si substrate by nanosecond laser pulses
Petrovic S, Gakovic B, Perusko D, Trtica M, Radak B, Panjan P, Miljanic S
4018 - 4023 Structural, optical and electrical characterization of highly conducting Mo-doped In2O3 thin films
Gupta RK, Ghosh K, Mishra SR, Kahol PK
4024 - 4028 AES, EELS and TRIM investigation of InSb and InP compounds subjected to Ar+ ions bombardment
Abdellaoui A, Ghaffour M, Ouerdane A, Hamaida K, Monteil Y, Berrouachedi N, Lounis Z, Bouslama M
4029 - 4035 Low temperature ageing of silicas Gasil-I and TK800
Collins KE, Goncalves MC, Romero RB, Conz RF, de Camargo VR, Collins CH
4036 - 4043 Investigation on corrosion and wear behaviors of nanoparticles reinforced Ni-based composite alloying layer
Xu J, Tao J, Jiang SY, Xu Z
4044 - 4051 Excimer laser processing as a tool for photocatalytic design of sol-gel TiO2 thin films
Starbova K, Yordanova V, Nihtianova D, Hintz W, Tomas J, Starbov N
4052 - 4055 Green chemistry-mediated synthesis of nanostructures of afterglow phosphor
Sharma P, Haranath D, Chander H, Singh S
4056 - 4062 Electropolymerization of pyrrole on silanized polycrystalline titanium substrates
Mekhalif Z, Cossement D, Hevesi L, Delhalle J
4063 - 4066 Pulsed electron beam deposition of highly oriented thin films of polytetrafluoroethylene
Chandra V, Manoharan SS
4067 - 4074 Effective biaxial modulus and strain energy density of ideally (h k l)-fiber-textured cubic polycrystalline films
Wu HP, Wu LZ, Hui JF, Jin X, Du SY
4075 - 4083 Stabilization of catalytically active gold species in Fe-modified zeolites
Bogdanchikova N, Simakov A, Smolentseva E, Pestryakov A, Farias MH, Diaz JA, Tompos A, Avalos M
4084 - 4091 Growth characteristics of plasma electrolytic oxidation ceramic coatings on Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Yao ZP, Jiang YL, Jia FZ, Jiang ZH, Wang FP
4092 - 4102 Morphological investigation of nanostructured CoMo catalysts
Pawelec B, Castano P, Zepeda TA
4103 - 4110 Development of phosphate inter layered hydroxyapatite coating for stainless steel implants
Shibli SMA, Jayalekshmi AC
4111 - 4117 Effects of hydrogen and oxygen on the electrochemical corrosion and wear-corrosion behavior of diamond films deposited by hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Lee CK
4118 - 4122 Can surface preparation with CVD diamond tip influence on bonding to dental tissues?
Kawaguchi FA, Botta SB, Vieira SN, Steagall W, Matos AB
4123 - 4127 Observing the effect of water vapor on post-irradiated surface morphology of SiO2 and Si3N4 insulators by atomic force microscopy
Wu YL, Lin JJ, Huang CY, Lin ST
4128 - 4133 Calculation of surface energy and simulation of reconstruction for diamond cubic crystals (001) surface
Zhang JM, Li HY, Xu KW, Ji V
4134 - 4138 Ir-based diffusion barriers for Ohmic contacts to p-GaN
Voss LF, Stafford L, Gila BP, Pearton SJ, Ren F
4139 - 4143 Correlation of excitation-wavelength dependent photoluminescence with the fractal microstructures of porous silicon
Huang YM, Zhai BG, Zhou FF
4144 - 4149 A TiB2 metal matrix composite coating enriched with nitrogen: Microstructure and wear properties
Darabara M, Bourithis L, Diplas S, Papadimitriou GD
4150 - 4153 XPS study of the formation of ultrathin GaN film on GaAs(100)
Bideux L, Monier G, Matolin V, Robert-Goumet C, Gruzza B
4154 - 4158 Preparation of TiO2-carbon surface composites with high photoactivity by supercritical pretreatment and sol-gel processing
Li YJ, Ma MY, Sun SG, Yan WB, Ouyang YZ
4159 - 4165 Immobilization of quaternary ammonium salts on grafting particle polystyrene/SiO2 and preliminary study of application performance
Gao BJ, Qi CS, Liu Q
4166 - 4170 Fabrication, morphology, and photoluminescence properties of GaN nanowires and nanorods by ammoniating Ga2O3/V films on Si(111)
Yang ZZ, Xue CS, Zhuang HZ, Qin LX, Chen JH, Li H, Zhang DD
4171 - 4178 Effects of rf power on surface-morphological, structural and electrical properties of aluminium-doped zinc oxide films by magnetron sputtering
Song DY
4179 - 4185 Structural and electrical properties of zinc oxides thin films prepared by thermal oxidation
Girtan M, Rusu GG, Dabos-Seignon S, Rusu M
4186 - 4190 The influence of oxidation temperature on structural, optical and electrical properties of thermally oxidized bismuth oxide films
Gujar TP, Shinde VR, Lokhande CD
4191 - 4200 Surface modification of polystyrene with atomic oxygen radical anions-dissolved solution
Wang L, Yan LF, Zhao PT, Torimoto YF, Sadakata M, Li QX
4201 - 4210 Effects of laser fluence on near-field surface nanostructuring
Feng XH, Wang XW
4211 - 4215 Photonic quantum dots based on Bragg reflectors grown by conformal deposition on patterned substrates
Chen S, Qian B, Chen KJ, Zhang XG, Xu J, Ma ZY, Li W, Huang XF