Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.254, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3249 - 3254 Two-dimensional magnetic cluster growth with a power-law interaction
Xu XJ, Wu YQ, Ye GX
3255 - 3261 Interactions at tetraphenyl-porphyrin/InP interfaces observed by surface photovoltage spectroscopy
Zidon Y, Shapira Y, Shaim H, Dittrich T
3262 - 3268 Low temperature ITO thin film deposition on PES substrate using pulse magnetron sputtering
Lin YC, Li JY, Yen WT
3269 - 3273 Room temperature synthesis and characterization of CdO nanowires by chemical bath deposition (CBD) method
Dhawale DS, More AM, Latthe SS, Rajpure KY, Lokhande CD
3274 - 3276 Noise in boron doped amorphous/microcrystallization silicon films
Li SB, Wu ZM, Jiang YD, Li W, Liao NM, Yu JS
3277 - 3281 Inhomogeneities in 130 MeV Au12+ ion irradiated Au/n-Si(100) Schottky structure
Kumar S, Katharria YS, Baranwal V, Batra Y, Kanjilal D
3282 - 3287 Electroless deposition of copper and fabrication of copper micropatterns on CVD diamond film surfaces
Zhao J, Tian R, Zhi J
3288 - 3294 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies on initial oxidation of iron and manganese mono-silicides
Ohtsu N, Oku M, Nomura A, Sugawara T, Shishido T, Wagatsuma K
3295 - 3305 Influence of absorption mechanisms on laser-induced plasma plume
Rozman R, Grabec I, Govekar E
3306 - 3312 Structural investigation of n-hexadecanoic acid multilayers on mica surface: Atomic force microscopy study
Song Y, Yao Y, Chen C, Cui K, Wang L
3313 - 3317 Characterization and field emission characteristics of carbon nanotubes modified by titanium carbide
Qin YX, Hu M
3318 - 3323 Electrochemical elaboration of adherent poly (3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene) films and hybride nanowires on nickel
Lallemand F, Plumier F, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
3324 - 3330 The influence of Fermi energy on structural and electrical properties of laser crystallized P-doped amorphous silicon
Saleh R, Nickel NH
3331 - 3338 S180 cell growth on low ion energy plasma treated TiO2 thin films
Dhayal M, Cho SI, Moon JY, Cho SJ, Zykova A
3339 - 3346 Large-quantity synthesis of ZnO hollow objects by thermal evaporation: Growth mechanism, structural and optical properties
Umar A, Hahn YB
3347 - 3356 Characterization of ion beam sputter deposited W and Si films and W/Si interfaces by grazing incidence X-ray reflectivity, atomic force microscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry
Biswas A, Poswal AK, Tokas RB, Bhattacharyya D
3357 - 3363 Electrochromic properties of nano-composite nickel oxide film
Lin SH, Chen FR, Kai JJ
3364 - 3369 A comparative study of gadolinium gallium garnet growth by femtosecond and nanosecond pulsed laser deposition
Darby MSB, May-Smith TC, Eason RW, Donnelly T, Lunney JG, Rogers KD
3370 - 3375 In situ observation of photo-bleaching in human single living cell excited by a NIR femtosecond laser
Cho SH, Chang WS, Kim JG, Whang KH, Choi KS, Sohn SH
3376 - 3379 Enhanced infrared response of Si base p-n diode with self-assembled Ge quantum dots by thermal annealing
Cai Q, Zhou H, Lu F
3380 - 3384 Influence of nano-SiO2 on dilational viscoelasticity of liquid/air interface of cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide
Wang HR, Gong Y, Lu WC, Chen BL
3385 - 3390 Optical probe of InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots grown using low growth rate and growth interruptions
Lachab M, Sakaki H
3391 - 3396 Titania surface modification and photovoltaic characteristics with tungsten oxide
Cheng P, Deng CS, Liu DN, Dai XM
3397 - 3402 Tribochemical investigation of DLC coating in water using stable isotopic tracers
Wu X, Ohana T, Tanaka A, Kubo T, Nanao H, Minami I, Mori S
3403 - 3407 Study on successively preparation of nano-TiO2 ethanol colloids by pulsed laser ablation and fluorescence property
Huang XX, Zhang WG
3408 - 3411 Variable morphology of PTFE-like polymer nanocrystals fabricated by oriented plasma polymerization at atmospheric pressure
Guo Y, Zhang J, Xu JZ, Yu JY
3412 - 3419 Milling and dispersion of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in texanol
Darsono N, Yoon DH, Kim JY
3420 - 3424 Electrical resistivity due to electron scattering with magnetic domain walls and magnetic properties of Ni-Fe alloy thin films
Yeh YC, Huang CW, Lue JT
3425 - 3430 Influence of complexing agent on the electrodeposited Co-Pt-W magnetic thin films
Wei GY, Ge HL, Huang LH, Wu Q, Wang XQ, Huang LM
3431 - 3435 Synthesis and characterization of Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95 thin films by spray pyrolysis technique
Chourashiya MG, Pawar SH, Jadhav LD
3436 - 3441 Molecular dynamics and experimental studies on deposition mechanisms of ion beam sputtering
Fang TH, Chang WJ, Lin CM, Lien WC
3442 - 3448 Microstructure evolution on the surface of stainless steel by Nd : YAG pulsed laser irradiation
Cui CY, Hu JD, Liu YH, Guo ZX
3449 - 3458 Comparison of fractal and profilometric methods for surface topography characterization
Poljacek SM, Risovic D, Furic K, Gojo M
3459 - 3468 Understanding barium sulfate precipitation onto stainless steel
Jones F, Jones P, De Marco R, Pejcic B, Rohl AL
3469 - 3478 Origin of grey spots on the surface of metallic glasses under Ar+ ion irradiation: The surface and volume properties
Okunev VD, Samoilenko ZA, D'yachenko TA, Pushenko EI, Baran M, Szymczak R, Szymczak H, Gierlowski P, Khmelevskaya VS, Antoshina IA
3479 - 3483 Hydrostatic pressure effects on impurity states in InAs/GaAs quantum dot
Xia CX, Liu YM, Wei SY
3484 - 3488 Optical characterization of PLD grown nitrogen-doped TiO2 thin films
Farkas B, Budai J, Kabalci I, Heszler P, Geretovszky Z
3489 - 3496 Nucleation and growth mechanisms during electropolymerization of substituted 3-alkylthiophenes
Soto JP, Diaz FR, del Valle MA, Velez JH, East GA
3497 - 3503 Adsorption of aromatic compounds from the biodegradation of azo dyes on activated carbon
Faria PCC, Orfao JJM, Figueiredo JL, Pereira MFR
3504 - 3508 Thickness dependence of structural, electrical and optical properties of indium tin oxide (ITO) films deposited on PET substrates
Hao L, Diao XG, Xu HZ, Gu BX, Wang TM
3509 - 3516 Gas barrier properties of titanium oxynitride films deposited on polyethylene terephthalate substrates by reactive magnetron sputtering
Lin MC, Chang LS, Lin HC
3517 - 3521 Porous ZnO nanobelts evolved from layered basic zinc acetate nanobelts
Cui QY, Yu K, Zhang N, Zhu ZQ
3522 - 3530 Engineering and characterization of mesoporous silica-coated magnetic particles for mercury removal from industrial effluents
Dong J, Xu ZH, Wang F
3531 - 3539 Finite element modeling of the mechanical effects of the UV laser ablation of polymer coatings
Koukoulis IN, Provatidis CG, Georgiou S
3540 - 3547 Synthesis of n-type boron phosphide films and formation of Schottky diode: Al/n-BP/Sb
Dalui S, Pal AK
3548 - 3552 Exciplex emission in the blend of two blue luminescent materials
Zhao DW, Zhang FJ, Xu C, Sun JY, Song SF, Xu Z, Sun XW
3553 - 3557 Growth of nanofilaments on carbon-based materials from microwave-assisted decomposition of CH4
Fidalgo B, Fernandez Y, Zubizarreta L, Arenillas A, Dominguez A, Pis JJ, Menendez JA
3558 - 3561 Determination of the laterally homogeneous barrier height of thermally annealed and unannealed Au/p-InP/Zn-Au Schottky barrier diodes
Asubay S, Gullu O, Turut A
3562 - 3575 Non-chromate deoxidation of AA2024-T3: Sodium bromate-nitric acid (20-60 degrees C)
Harvey TG, Hughes AE, Hardin SG, Nikpour T, Toh SK, Boag A, McCulloch D, Horne M
3576 - 3584 Properties of deep etched trenches in silicon: Role of the angular dependence of the sputtering yield and the etched species redeposition
Marcos G, Rhallabi A, Ranson P
3585 - 3590 Gold coatings on polyethyleneterephthalate nano-patterned by F-2 laser irradiation
Slepicka P, Rebollar E, Heitz J, Svorcik VS
3591 - 3600 Polymer adsorption on the surface of highly dispersed silica
Siwinska-Stefanska K, Walkowiak J, Krysztafkiewicz A, Jesionowski T
3601 - 3605 Enhanced field emission from LaB6 thin films with nanoprotrusions grown by pulsed laser deposition on Zr foil
Late DJ, Date KS, More MA, Misra P, Singh BN, Kukreja LM, Dharmadhikari CV, Joag DS
3606 - 3612 Investigation of the adsorption mechanism of water nanocluster on the substrate: The size and interaction strength effect
Chen HL, Chang JG, Fnag KC, Ju SP, Chang CY, Lee WJ, Yang SH, Chao CH, Huang JY