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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces - (ICSFS 13) - Preface
Zampieri G, Sanchez EA, Guraya M, Asensio MC, Ascolani H
4 - 11 Atomically precise self-assembly of one-dimensional structures on silicon
Barke I, Rugheimer TK, Zheng F, Himpsel FJ
12 - 15 Thermal stability of atomically flat metal nanofilms on metallic substrates
Calleja F, Hinarejos JJ, Passeggi MCG, de Parga ALV, Miranda R
16 - 19 Electron-stimulated desorption of lithium ions from lithium halide thin films
Markowski L
20 - 25 Electronic structure of pristine CuPc: Experiment and calculations
Aristov VY, Molodtsova OV, Maslyuk V, Vyalikh DV, Zhilin VM, Ossipyan YA, Bredow T, Mertig I, Knupfer M
26 - 28 Study of electronic structures for Fe thin films deposited on Si- and C-faces of 4H-SiC substrates by soft X-ray emission spectroscopy
Hirai M, Wakita T, Okazaki H, Koishihara D, Muraoka Y, Yokoya T
29 - 31 Quantum size effects of Pb overlayers at high coverages
Ayuela A, Ogando E, Zabala N
32 - 35 Theoretical modeling of photocatalytic active species on illuminated TiO2
Belelli PG, Ferullo RM, Branda MM, Castellani NJ
36 - 39 The surface of TiO2 gate of 2DEG-FET in contact with electrolytes for bio sensing use
Ozasa K, Nemoto S, Lee Y, Mochitate K, Hara M, Maeda M
40 - 44 Electronic structure and anomalous photoemission line-shape of quasi-2D oxide eta-Mo4O11
Valbuena MA, Avila J, Drouard S, Guyot H, Asensio MC
45 - 49 Electronic properties of (Co, Ag) self-organized nano dots on Au(111) vicinal surfaces
Didiot C, Fagot-Revurat Y, Pons S, Kierren B, Malterre D, Tejeda A, Rousset S
50 - 54 Silicon quantum wires on Ag(110): Fermi surface and quantum well states
Valbuena MA, Avila J, Davila ME, Leandri C, Aufray B, Le Lay G, Asensio MC
55 - 61 Origin of localized states in graphite: Indirect photoemission processes or impurities?
Davila ME, Valbuena MA, Pantin V, Avila J, Esquinazi P, Asensio MC
62 - 64 Experimental and theoretical study of charge transfer in hydrogen ion scattering from a graphite surface
Bonetto F, Garcia EA, Vidal R, Ferron J, Goldberg EC
65 - 68 Influence of the charge concentration on the density of states in a two-dimensional superconducting system
Orozco S, Ortiz MA, Mendez-Moreno RM, Moreno M
69 - 71 Anisotropic ac dissipation at the surface of mesoscopic superconductors
Hernandez AD, Lopez A, Dominguez D
72 - 75 Surface phase transformation induced by the dezincification of a beta Cu-Zn alloy on highly deformed systems
Baruj A, Larochette PA, Sommadossi S, Troiani HE
76 - 81 The role of reconstruction in self-assembly of alkylthiolate monolayers on coinage metal surfaces
Woodruff DP
82 - 86 Comparative study of H-2 adsorption on W(100)-c(2x2) Cu and W(100): Surface alloying effects
Martinez AE, Dong W, Busnengo HF
87 - 91 Monolayer adsorption of water on NaCl(100)
Cabrera-Sanfelix P, Holloway S, Darling GR
92 - 95 Atomistic simulation of Fe deposition and alloy formation on Pt substrates
Pint C, Bozzolo G, Garces JE
96 - 98 A theoretical study of Fe adsorption along Bi-nanolines on the H/Si(001) surface
Miwa RH, Orellana W, Srivastava GP
99 - 102 Silver on copper phthalocyanine: Abrupt and inert interfaces
Molodtsova OV, Aristov VY, Zhilin VM, Ossipyan YA, Vyalikh DV, Doyle BP, Nannarone S, Knupfer M
103 - 107 Growth of pentacene on Ag(111) surface: A NEXAFS study
Pedio M, Doyle B, Mahne N, Giglia A, Borgatti F, Nannarone S, Henze SKM, Temirov R, Tautz FS, Casalis L, Hudej R, Danisman MF, Nickel B
108 - 112 Electronic and geometric structure of methyl oxirane adsorbed on Si(100)2 x 1
Piancastelli MN, Bao Z, Hennies F, Travnikova O, Ceolin D, Kampen T, Horn K
113 - 115 Effects of hyperthermal proton bombardment on alkanethiol self-assembled monolayer on Au(111)
Xi L, Zheng Z, Lam NS, Grizzi O, Lau WM
116 - 119 Optical properties of thiol terminated biphenyloxazole ordered monolayers on gold surface
Kukhta AV, Kukhta IN, Kolesnik EE, Lugovskii AP, Neyra OL, Meza E
120 - 124 Methanol decomposition on the beta-Ga2O3(100) surface: A DFT approach
Branda MM, Garda GR, Rodriguez HA, Castellani NJ
125 - 130 Footprint organization of chiral molecules on metallic surfaces
Unac RO, Rabaza AVG, Vidales AM, Zgrablich G
131 - 134 Study of the influence of the acrylic acid plasma parameters on silicon and polyurethane substrates using XPS and AFM
Vilani C, Weibel DE, Zamora RRM, Habert AC, Achete CA
135 - 138 Tailoring of nickel silicide contacts on silicon carbide
Perez-Garcia SA, Nyborg L
139 - 142 Investigation of Ni/Ta contacts on 4H silicon carbide upon thermal annealing
Cao Y, Perez-Garcia SA, Nyborg L
143 - 147 Solid phase epitaxy of Ge films on CaF2/Si(111)
Rugeramigabo EP, Deiter C, Wollschlager J
148 - 152 Photocatalytic activity of dc magnetron sputter deposited amorphous TiO2 thin films
Eufinger K, Poelman D, Poelman H, De Gryse R, Marin GB
153 - 155 Growth of ultra-thin cerium oxide layers on Cu(111)
Matolin V, Libra J, Matolinova I, Nehasil V, Sedlacek L, Sutara F
156 - 159 Two-step nitridation of photocatalytic TiO2 films by low energy ion irradiation
Okada M, Yamada Y, Jin P, Tazawa M, Yoshimura K
160 - 163 Crystalline orientation of BiMnO3 thin films grown by rf-sputtering
Kaul EE, Haberkorn N, Guimpel J
164 - 166 Photoluminescence properties of nitrogen-doped ZnO films deposited on ZnO single crystal substrates by the plasma-assisted reactive evaporation method
Nakagawa A, Masuoka F, Chiba S, Endo H, Megro K, Kashiwaba Y, Ojima T, Aota K, Niikura I, Kashiwaba Y
167 - 172 Epitaxial growth of Ba8Ga16Ge30 clathrate film on Si substrate by RF helicon magnetron sputtering with evaluation on thermoelectric properties
Miao L, Tanemura S, Watanabe T, Tanemura A, Toh S, Kaneko K, Sugahara Y, Hirayama T
173 - 176 Deposition of polymeric perfluored thin films in proton ionic membranes by plasma processes
Polak PL, Mousinho AP, Ordonez N, da Silva Zambom L, Mansano RD
177 - 180 The approach to diamond growth on levitating seed particles
Shimizu S, Shimizu T, Annaratone BM, Jacob W, Linsmeier C, Lindig S, Stark RW, Jamitzky F, Thomas H, Sato N, Morfill GE
181 - 184 Hard carbon coatings deposited on steel
Reinoso M, Alvarez F, Huck H
185 - 188 Characterization of the laser ablation plasma used for the deposition of amorphous carbon
Camps E, Escobar-Alarcon L, Castrejon-Sanchez VH, Camacho-Lopez MA, Muhl S
189 - 192 Influence of the plasma parameters and nitrogen addition on the electrical characteristics of DLC films deposited by inductively coupled plasma deposition
Mousinho AP, Mansano RD
193 - 196 Crystallization of amorphous zirconium thin film using ion implantation by a plasma focus of 1 kJ
Rico L, Gomez BJ, Feugeas J, de Sanctis O
197 - 200 Effect of high energy ion irradiation on silicon substrate in a pulsed plasma device
Bhuyan H, Favre M, Valderrama E, Avaria G, Guzman F, Chuaqui H, Mitchell I, Wyndham E, Saavedra R, Paulraj M
201 - 206 Damage zone produced by the bombardment of stainless steel using Ti nitride PVD coatings
Colorado HA, Ghilarducci AA, Salva HR, Suarez S
207 - 212 Structural and surface properties of Si1-xGex thin films obtained by reduced pressure CVD
Teixeira RC, Doi I, Diniz JA, Swart JW, Zakia MBP
213 - 218 Microstructural characterization of La0.4Sr0.6Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta films deposited by dip coating
Baque L, Serquis A
219 - 221 Roughness in manganite-based superlattices
Rojas Sanchez JC, Granada M, Steren LB, Mazzaro I, Mosca DH
222 - 224 Hall effect in a GdBa2CU3O7-delta/La0.75Sr0.25MnO3 perovskite bilayer
Haberkorn N, Bridoux G, OsquigUij E, Nieva G, Guimpel J
225 - 235 Magnetic molecular nanostructures: Design of magnetic molecular materials as monolayers, multilayers and thin films
Coronado E, Marti-Gastaldo C, Tatay S
236 - 241 Advance in next Century nanoCMOSFET research
Hwang HL, Chiou YK, Chang CH, Wang CC, Lee KY, Wu TB, Kwo R, Hong M, Chang-Liao KS, Lu CY, Lu CC, Chiu FC, Chen CH, Lee JYM, Chin A
242 - 246 Surface modification of silicon with single ion irradiation
Ohdomari I, Kamioka T
247 - 250 Surface characterization of oxygen-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes by high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and temperature-programmed desorption
Xia W, Wang Y, Bergstrasser R, Kundu S, Muhler M
251 - 256 Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by CVD: Effect of acetylene pressure on nanotubes characteristics
Escobar M, Moreno MS, Candal RJ, Marchi MC, Caso A, Polosecki PI, Rubiolo GH, Goyanes S
257 - 261 High-density and well-aligned carbon nanotubes formed by surface decomposition of SiC
Kusunoki M, Kato H
262 - 265 Carbon nanotubes as reinforcement of styrene-butadiene rubber
De Falco A, Goyanes S, Rubiolo GH, Mondragon I, Marzocca A
266 - 269 Nanostructured cathode thin films with vertically-aligned nanopores for thin film SOFC and their characteristics
Yoon J, Araujo R, Grunbaum N, Baque L, Serquis A, Caneiro A, Zhang XH, Wang HY
270 - 273 Growth, structure and electrical conduction of WO3 nanorods
Gillet M, Delamare R, Gillet E
274 - 277 Order-disorder transformation in FePt nanoparticles studied by ferromagnetic resonance
Vargas JM, Zysler RD, Butera A
278 - 280 Core-level electronic properties of nanostructured NiO coatings
Palacin S, Gutierrez A, Preda I, Hernandez-Velez M, Sanz R, Jimenez JA, Soriano L
281 - 285 Characterization and applications of Ag nanoparticles in waveguides
Roldan MV, Frattini A, de Sanctis O, Troiani H, Pellegri N
286 - 290 Formation of gold nanoparticles in heat-treated reactive co-sputtered Au-SiO2 thin films
Sangpour P, Akhavan O, Moshfegh AZ, Roozbehi A
291 - 294 Quantum confinement in layer-by-layer deposited colloidal HgTe nanocrystals determined by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Rinnerbauer V, Hingerl K, Kovalenko M, Heiss W
295 - 298 Synthesis and characterization of organic/inorganic heterostructure films for hybrid light emitting diode
Toyama T, Ichihara T, Yamaguchi D, Okamoto H
299 - 302 Effects of ZnS : Mn/AlN multilayer structure on luminescent properties of nanostructured thin-film EL device
Adachi D, Takei K, Toyama T, Okamoto H
303 - 307 Low-cost 3D nanocomposite solar cells obtained by electrodeposition of CuInSe2
Valdes M, Frontini MA, Vazquez M, Goossens A
308 - 311 Preparation of five-layered Si/SixGe1-x nano-films by RF helicon magnetron sputtering
Tanemura S, Miao L, Watanabe T, Imaoka M, Tanemura M, Mori Y
312 - 315 Silicon-based thin films as bottom electrodes in chalcogenide nonvolatile memories
Lee SY, Yoon SM, Choi KJ, Lee NY, Park YS, Ryu SO, Yu BG
316 - 320 Nanoscale observations of the operational failure for phase-change-type nonvolatile memory devices using Ge2Sb2Te5 chalcogenide thin films
Yoon SM, Choi KJ, Lee NY, Lee SY, Park YS, Yu BG
321 - 324 Nanoscale intrinsic heterogeneities in Ag-Ge-Se glasses and their correlation with physical properties
Arcondo B, Urena MA, Piarristeguy A, Pradel A, Fontana M
325 - 329 Characterization of Pd-CeOx interaction on alpha-Al2O3 support
Gigola CE, Moreno MS, Costilla I, Sanchez MD
330 - 334 Silicon nanowire and polyethylene superhydrophobic surfaces for discrete magnetic microfluidics
Egatz-Gomez A, Schneider J, Aella P, Yang D, Dominguez-Garcia P, Lindsay S, Picraux ST, Rubio MA, Melle S, Marquez M, Garcia AA
335 - 338 Soft X-ray resonant magnetic scattering study of magnetization reversal in low dimensional magnetic hetero structures
Miguel J, Camarero J, Vogel J, Peters JF, Brookes NB, Goedkoop JB
339 - 342 Magnetization reversal in Gd0.67Ca0.33MnO3: Comparison between epitaxial thin films and bulk
Pena O, Ma Y, Guilloux-Viry M, Moure C
343 - 346 Large phase coherence effects in GaMnAs-based nanostructures: Towards a quantum spintronics
Giraud R, Vila L, Lemaitre A, Faini G
347 - 350 Mossbauer spectroscopy and magnetic properties in thin films of FexNi100-x electroplated on silicon(100)
de Oliveira LS, da Cunha JBM, Spada ER, Hallouche B
351 - 354 Ferromagnetic resonance studies in Co/SiO2 multilayers
Pires MJM, Denardin JC, Dumitru I, Spinu L
355 - 359 Structural and magnetic properties of Ni/Pt multilayers
Quiroga MA, Cabeza GF, Castellani NJ
360 - 364 Influence of V and Mo overlayer on magneto-optical Kerr effect in ultrathin Co films
Postava K, Kurant Z, Maziewski A, Stupakiewic A, Baczewski LT, Wawro A, Aoyama M, Yamaguchi T
365 - 367 Magnetic and structural study of Cu-doped TiO2 thin films
Torres CER, Golmar F, Cabrera AF, Errico L, Navarro AMM, Renteria M, Sanchez FH, Duhalde S
368 - 370 Magnetic interactions in ferromagnetic manganite nanotubes of different diameters
Curiale J, Sanchez RD, Troiani HE, Leyva AG, Levy P
371 - 374 Magnetic characterization of vanadium oxide/polyaniline nanotubes
Saleta ME, Curiale J, Troiani HE, Guevara SR, Sanchez RD, Malta M, Torresi RM
375 - 377 Superconducting behaviour of Nb/Co superlattices
Monton C, Guimpel J, de la Cruz F
378 - 382 A unified model for metal/organic interfaces: IDIS,'pillow' effect and molecular permanent dipoles
Vazquez H, Dappe YJ, Ortega J, Flores F
383 - 386 Dynamics of electrons and holes at surfaces
Chulkov EV, Leonardo A, Sklyadneva IY, Silkin VM
387 - 391 Properties of the Ising magnet confined in a corner geometry
Albano EV, de Virgiliis A, Muller M, Binder K
392 - 396 Modeling of the deposition of Ni and Pd on Mo(110)
Canzian A, Mosca H, Bozzolo G
397 - 400 Structural and electronic properties of PbTe (rocksalt)/CdTe (zinc-blende) interfaces
Leitsmann R, Bechstedt F, Groiss H, Schaeffler F, Heiss W, Koike K, Harada H, Yano M
401 - 404 Neutralization mechanisms in He+-Al surface collisions
Bajales N, Ferron J, Goldberg EC
405 - 411 Inexpensive two-tip nanomanipulator for a SEM
Nakabayashi D, Silva PC, Ugarte D
412 - 415 An alternative procedure for the determination of the optical band gap and thickness of amorphous carbon nitride thin films
Escobar-Alarcon L, Arrieta A, Camps E, Muhl S, Rodil S, Vigueras-Santiago E
416 - 419 Optical measurements of silicon wafer temperature
Postava K, Aoyama M, Mistrik J, Yamaguchi T, Shio K
420 - 424 A method for thin foil thickness determination by transmission electron microscopy
Castro Riglos MV, Tolley A